Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 97

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 97

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As soon as he heard the sound, Baek Yoon – ho made a right attitude.

‘Did you open your eyes that day?’ – Oh, it is said that it woke up exactly the day before.

Ahn Sang-min corrected the answer within a short time, but Baek Yoon-ho thought that the time difference of one day was not very important.
What really matters is the fact that the person who posted this article did not disappear.

“…Okay. That’s enough. Thanks for your efforts.”

After he disconnected the call, he opened a document in search of the folder where the report files were stored.
It was a report that investigated Sung Jin Woo in the second management department.
Click, click.
Baek Yoon – ho carefully watched Jinwoo ‘s recent activities.
Until then, he did not look much.
He was living a typical E-class Hunter who was hurt and did not have much income.
By the way.

‘Double dungeon accident …’

On that day, Baek Yoon-ho was on the scene.
The association urgently urged the large Guild Backhoe, which is the closest distance, to help, and Baek Yoon-ho was willing to find it with an elite raid.
Yuan, Yuan!
There he saw a man who was lost in unconsciousness and carried to an ambulance.

‘At that time I did not know the guy was Sung-jin …’

What happened in that place?
Before and after this time, Sung Jin-woo was completely different.
When he went into the general raids, which helped him to a good job, he suddenly started clearing a few C class gates a day.
Something changed inside him.
Baek Yoon-ho was convinced.

‘It is not an ordinary reawakening.’

Ahn made the hypothesis that he tested the power of the re-awakened Sungjin Hunter in Eugene Construction.


Then there was no way to explain his power that had grown up even after re-awakening.
So really.

‘…If you have a hunter that can grow your strength? ”

What if the growth rate is so fast that you can raise your E-class ability to S-level in just a few months?

“…”Baek Yoon-ho sneaked without knowing me.
It was a creepy thing.
Of course, there was no evidence that the person who wrote the unidentified post and the Sungjin Hunter were the same person.
However, if the Sungjin Hunter can raise his stamina as in the article, it would be hard to imagine how much higher he would get here.
At the same time.

‘I was foolish.’

I was able to understand why Sung Jin Hunter was not interested in guilds.

‘If you think about changing your position …’

If you are given the ability to continue to grow without limit yourself, would you like to enter the guild of others?
Baek Yunho shook his head.

‘Do not make a guild.’

What is the point of the domestic first and second guilds?
The place where you are will be the best anyway.

‘This is the final representative, I was totally in vain.

I still think about Choi, who is going to swim on his soles in search of Seongjin Hunter.

‘If my family is true, it’s not just about laughing.’

In the near future, he will be able to control the Korean hunter system.
No, Hunters from all over the world may notice him.
It was time to completely rewrite the plan for Sungjin Hunter.
But before that.

‘Once I meet him, I’ll have to check it out.’

Baekyunho nodded his head.
No matter how you think about it, it was the most urgent task to meet Sung Jin Hunter.
By the way.

‘…How do you ask me for some time? ”

Baek Yunho grabbed his head.

“…”I have been thinking that I should meet someone who has not responded to the requests I’ve spent so many times, and I have already started to get tired of my head.

*** The appraiser asked with a surprised voice.

“You picked it up in the dungeon?”

Jinwoo nodded his head.
In the demonic ‘Dungeon’ I grabbed the greedy volcano and ‘picked it up’.
It was not a lie.

‘Can you pick that up in the dungeon?’
‘I can not make things with the technology I’m making right now …’

It was difficult to believe both of the emotional teams who responded with the emotions you asked, but you must know that the parties are so.
In fact, it was not a matter of where the red spell came from now.

‘It’s important what Hunter will do next.’

The team leader stepped forward.

“You sure are authentic.”

His gaze turned toward the beads in the hands of Jinwoo.

“Would you like to conduct an auction on our side? I’ll help you get the best value. ”

What should I do?
Before deciding what to do with the beads of greed, Jinwu asked for other things that were introduced here.

“Could you buy some kind of defensive artifacts?”

Team leader and Kim Jung-ki looked at each other. The two looked at Jinwoo with a little awkward expression.
Jin woke up.

“Did I ask if I could not ask?”
“So, it is very difficult to find a rogue armor?”

The team leader laughed and said.

“The opposite is true. It’s too easy to save. ”
“Not on the Internet?”
“Attached weapons and armor are so hard to get out on the internet. Still, it is a thing to save immediately to obtain. The magic of poisoning is most common in attacking magic. ”

Do it.
The magical series of hunters I have met so far has usually treated fire or light.
Hunter, the finalist in S class, was also told that the flaming magic was a specialty.
Even the shadow magic bottles that Jinou himself covers have also burned, and his molars have even blown directly into his mouth.
It is that common.

‘I’m glad you’re easy to get.’

Though the word overpayment has caught my heart, my mother’s treatment depends on it.
I was willing to pay any price if I could get it soon.
I can sell greed balls if I have to.

“Would you please look at it?”
“Yes sir.”

The team leader did not want to leave the emotional room and looked around.

“Mr. Jung, what are you doing here to make me wait for you to show auction to Hunter?”
“Oh, I will.”

Kim Jung – ki has taken the lead.

“Come along.”

The two went to the exhibition room.
It was a VIP-only showcase of high-end artifacts auctioned or not yet seen by buyers.
Weapons, armor, runstones, etc. were displayed in transparent boxes.
Jinwoo is one of them.
I stopped at the glass box containing the long sword.
Kim Jung Ki is approaching.

“Do you have anything you like?”
“No, not that.”

Jin-wook hit the glass box as if knocking.

“Can you keep artifacts in one such thin box? There seems to be no security. ”

Then Kim Jung-ki made a confident look.

“Even though it looks the best producers are powered glass with horsepower. Class A combat Hunter is a good thing to beat the power of the thing. ”
“Even if A grade …?”

Jin – woo said that he was in a dubious class and laughed.

“Would you mind if you did not believe me? If only one of them breaks, I can give the artifact inside to Hunter. ”

Is it really that sturdy glass?

‘I can feel magic.’

Curious Jinwoo gave strength to his right arm.
Huhuuk – instantly swollen shoulders and forearms, the surrounding air was heavily submerged.

“Now, wait a minute!”

Kim junggi hurriedly blocked.

“That’s right. It’s not really about kicking. ”
“Oh, yes.”
“Even if it is really broken, the elite of the Hunters run. Our auction and Hunters have signed a protection contract. ”

I’m just kidding.
Jinwoo scored strength.
Kim Jung-ki gave a sigh of relief when the pressure from Jinwoo disappeared.

‘But this man, the magic Hunter, did not you say?’

What magical series of hunter’s momentum is going on here …
Actually, it was not a joke.
S-class Hunter is a magic series, but I think it’s great to have great muscle strength.
However, when Jinwoo concentrates, I felt intuition that I had to stop him instinctively because my hair was struggling.
Fortunately, Jinwoo was backed up.

‘Well, if wrong, Hunter’s hand might have been hurt.’

Kim Jong – gi comforted and guided other artifacts.
She looked around the inside and asked.

“Do you have any weapons you can touch? Dagger type. ”

It was not a weapon – dependent type, so I did not pay much attention to it.
Kim Jung-ki’s face has turned bright.
Seeing the artifacts to the hunters is not for other reasons.
It is for this moment.
Hunter is a seller, but it is also a precious customer.

“Yes, of course.”

After that, I called the micro-weapons officer attached to my neck.
I wanted to change my mind, the rep rushed quickly.

“this person?”

Kim Jung – ki nodded his head when a representative sent his eyes.

“Oh, nice to meet you. I am in charge of the weapons. Let’s go together. ”

The representative took Jinwoo out of the VIP exhibition room.
Kim Jung – ki, who sent two people, sighed again.

‘Sungjin Hunter, you have a talent that makes people startled by surprise.’

Kim Jung-ki, who found some stability, looked around without thinking, and stood in front of the long sword that Jin-woo was interested in.
Jinwoo and the window window were too close to him, so he looked up at his head as he watched the fingerprints.


Top of the box.


At one corner of the top of the box, there was a portion that was not sufficiently visible to be visible.

“When did this happen again?”

I pulled out the handkerchief and rubbed it, but it was not erased. It was not the time, but the crack was right.

“what the.”

Kim Jonggi frowned.
How disappointed was Sung Jin Hunter, who might be a major customer, to see this?
I was glad to be near the corner not seen well.
Kim Jeong-gi, who had called the management team with his tongue tipped out, walked out of the VIP exhibition room along Jin-woo.

*** Jinwoo listened to the dagger that the person in charge showed.
To be honest, it was terrible.

‘It’s worse than B-class night killers.’

The attack power was not half of ‘Night Killer’.
Jinwu asked the dagger with a disappointing face.

“How much is this?”
“It’s 30 million won.”

Jinwoo’s eyes grew bigger.
How much is this?

“How much?”
“It’s 30 million won, Mr. Hunter.”

Jinwoo turned and showed a night killer pretending to rub his biceps.

“How much is this?”

The staff flashed their eyes.

“Hunter’s goods? It’s a dagger with a touch of delicate craftsmanship! ”

No, that’s a store ticket …
A slightly hesitant employee laughed and said.

“I’m not a professional appraiser, but it’s hard to make an accurate assessment.

Jinwoo’s face was hardened.

‘Did you buy these three million gold in the store?’

Was exactly 2.8 million?
The employee who checked the expression of Jin-wook was scratching the back of the head.

“Was I wrong? I’ve been talking about weapons because I’m a professional. ”
“It’s not like that.”

I was just surprised at the ridiculously expensive artifact prices.
Do it.
I heard that there are three hundred steel kendo in Kim Sang-shik’s attack power of 10, which I held in my first hand.
It was not surprising that high-performance items sold in system stores could be traded at high prices.

‘I did not care.’

I did not have much interest in money.

‘Wait a minute…’

Now the gold was piled up in the warehouse.
But what if you can sell a gold item in a shop like this?
Jin-woo’s head began to move quickly.

‘I do not think you can sell a bead of greed?’

When your thoughts are crazy up there. Wowah – Is it a feeling?
In the shadows of the foot, it seemed to hear the cheers of the magic bottles.

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