Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 91

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 91

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Episode 91

Cha Haein first saw the shadow soldiers and recalled the pet.
But that number was too much to be a pet.
The magic hunter magic of the summoning magic is the number of the pet that the hunters can handle.
I could not find a summoner who deals with three, but treats me differently.
By the way.
What is that number?

‘Is that what you mean?’

There were more than 100 petals that one person called.
It also did not take long to summon it.
Called dozens of petals at once.

‘I would not have believed it unless I saw it with my own eyes.’

As a ten-fingered hunter in Korea, she could not talk about other Hunter’s abilities.

‘It’s not the time to do it.’

Her gaze passed over the shadow soldiers and headed to the raid.
Everyone did good complexion.
Some even sat down to see if their legs were free.
Regardless of the identity of the man named Sung Jin-woo, whatever his abilities, he had to help him to clean up the Sibari High orcs.
Thinking is simple, action is fast.
Cha Haein held up his weapon with both hands and stepped down toward the high orcs.
But then.
Sung – woo and his eyes met.
His eyes were strong.
I do not need it.
Do not interfere, just watch.
Cha Hae – in could not understand.


I know that Sung Jin-woo can deal with a lot of pets.
However, there were still high numbers of high orcs and bosses who had strong strength.
I’ve summoned a lot of petals and kept it, so I’m already running out of horsepower or I’m getting lost.

‘What am I supposed to do alone?’

I was wondering, but the car Haein eventually dragged his weapon.
The weapon was not a pickaxe borrowed from the mining team.
That man, Hunter Sung Jin-woo, wanted to see what he was going to do against the high orcs.
Expectations were overwhelming in the confrontation between rational judgment and expectation.
My heart was pounding without knowing why.

‘Huh, I’m glad.’

Jinwoo took a sigh of relief in the report of Cha Haein ‘s reaction.
From now on, it ‘s real, but you should not have a cracker.
Soon-gi, who was attacked by the boss to occupy the players alone, abandoned him until the last minute.

‘If I had the chance to fight with somehow, he was a man.’

So it was only when Sogeonhun’s hand fell off his sword.
I want to run away and blow up the shit of the fucking shaman.
For this very moment.

‘I’m a good girl too.’

I was fortunate to notice that the car Haen was fast.
I did not need to raise my voice.
Jinwoo turned around with a smile.


In the cry of Jinwoo, the shadows are ready for battle without any deviation.
For a short moment the static sat down.
It was a word that Jinwoo threw at the High Oak Shaman as he broke the static.


Then, over one hundred shadow soldiers began their assault toward the fierce high-orch warriors.
Two headed heads -!
In the rush of the soldiers, the earth, the cave, and the eyes of the watchers shook unceasingly.

*** Woo Jin-cheol came to the hoorelove.

“Huck, huck, huck.”

I was in the mood to see how I was playing.
Shortly after taking a breath and raising her upper body, a short-haired woman standing near the entrance came into view.
I knew at a glance who it was.

‘Cha Seung-in …’

Where is the female hunter, who has the energy of his own?

‘But why do not you stay still?’

Woo Jin-chul did not participate in the battle, but she wondered about her watching.
Then the situation inside was clear.

“This, this is …?”

Soldiers armed with black armor were unilaterally slaughtering the powerful hawks of Hi Okra.

“C’ke, c’mon!”
“Kue eek!”

The screams of the high orcs were making me deaf.
It might be a little less surprising if there were only soldiers in the shape of a person.
But what about high-orcs with black bears and black armor that go up to smoke and ignorant over there?

“It’s been a long time, Chief Woo Jin-chul.”
“Oh, yes, it’s been a while. But what are they all? I do not think it’s like … ”
“That’s the pet that the man called.”

The car Haen, who first gave a greeting to Woo Jinchul, pointed to Jinwoo.
Woo Jin Chul took his sunglasses off and saw Jinwoo standing at the center of the soldiers.
He was disrupting the formation of the High Orcs at the forefront while holding two swords.

‘Is not it the best battle series hunter you see?’

But can you use it to summon magic?
just as expected.
As his lips moved, dozens of petals came up from the floor.

“Oh My God!”

Woojinchul’s mouth opened wide.
How many pomposers can you use?

‘This is the power of Sung Jin Hunter …’

I could not keep my mouth open.
Has the Koganeh President had already recognized the talent of Sungjin Hunter?
Then I could fully understand his high interest in Sungjin Hunter.
Cha Hae who had not been able to take his eyes off Jinwoo for a long time looked back at Woo Jincheol and asked.

“But how does Wu …? Have you already been contacted by the surveillance department? ”

In the question of Cha Haein, Woo Jin-chul answered the surprised emotion with barely moving thoughts.

“It is not. I accidentally passed this neighborhood and found an anomaly on the gate here and I tried to escape the raid … ”

The head of Woo Jin-cheol who continued the horse turned to Jinwoo again.

“But I do not need to do that.”

For the first time, I saw the skill of Sung Jin Hunter.
A scene where he is clearing the A-class dungeon by himself.
There seemed to be no need for help.

“Yes, I think it’s the right answer.”

Negotiators also agreed.
I did not even see a gap in his fight that would have interfered with himself even as an S class person.

“Do you know that man?”

The car Haen asked.
Woo Jin Chul was not curious about Sung Jin-woo’s identity but admired his ability.
He was also part of an association that blocked Sung Jin-woo’s information.

‘Maybe Woo Jin-cheol knows about him?’

The forecast was right.

“I know a little bit.”
“He … What is the alternative identity? ”

Wujin answered again with sunglasses.

“I can not tell you.”

*** The shaman was angry.
When I opened my eyes here, I heard only one command in my head.

– Hunt the humans!

What is this now?
Is not the whole tribe hunted for only one human being?
It is impossible.
No, it should not be.
The eyes of the sorcerer who saw the slaughtered men began to blink.

‘Worms, I’ll kill you!’

If the enemy is not cursed, you can bless yourself and deal with it.

“Song of anger, song of strengthening, song of a giant, song of a dragon.”

It was completed, and the body of the shaman was big enough to reach 10 meters. Strength, agility, strength, confidence increased, and the whole body was full of strength.
Soon the shamrock blew up the shadow soldiers with a huge arm and drank deeply.

“Foo Wook -!”

When the shaman blew his breath away, a dark red flame spewed out of his mouth.
The soldiers who were directly hit by the flames evaporated in an instant and disappeared. It was not an exception for a soldier who was just a skater. Even though it was not part of the body, the battle was impossible.
The flame did not end once.
Two flames poured out of his mouth.
The sharpshooter, who reduced the number of soldiers by a few seconds, showed confidence and burst into silence.

“This is why this Kargallan looks funny!”

The answer came from above.


The shaman was amazed and at the same time hugging his defensive spell while lifting his head.
But Jin-woo was one step faster.
Jinwoo ‘s fist pulled down his crown.
Toukou -!
The shaman ‘s head stuck on the floor.
Gold cracks on the floor like a spider web.
Volkhan, who was already much bigger than the shaman, was also a jinu who had a blown experience.

[We have killed the master of the dungeon.]

. The moment I landed on the floor lightly, a pleasant message emerged in succession.

[Level up!}


Jinwu grabbed his fist.
1 up when fighting with a steal, 1 up here to beat orcs, and just hold the boss and up one.
I cleared the A-level dungeon and raised three levels.
It was more than expected.
Yesterday, I was thankful for the team leader who suggested that I would work together tomorrow.

‘That was great.’

Jinwoo joyfully approached the boss.
The shaman, who raised his body with a buff, had just returned to its original size.
I saw a thick barb of stalks stuck in a necklace, but I was not greedy.

‘It’s enough to get experience.’

This is Hunters’ dungeon.
If you need a marine rock of A grade dungeon, you can get it from a mountain dungeon instead of a dungeon.
Jinwoo was aiming separately.
The black smoke that has just begun to rise from the body of the boss.
Jinwu swallowed the mouth.
Baruca’s body was missed by Red Gate.

‘It’s not like that.’

At that time, he had more stats than now.
It was not easy to catch him.
I could barely catch it with the help of the article grade Grit and Iron.
But this shaman was able to catch it relatively easily.
A week in the evil.
It was evidence that the seven-day process was not in vain.
Jinwoo gave orders to the creeping black steam.

“Get up.”

At the same time, a gusty wind passed over the two cheeks.
I could sense instinctively.

‘That’s good!’

Jinwoo’s face smiled.
Aaa aa great!
With a screeching scream, a black wizard wiped out the robe in the shadow of the shaman.


Jinwoo felt the skepticism and confirmed his information window.

[?? Lv.1] Elite Article Rating ‘Elite Articles?’

The shadow soldiers we have identified so far are all three.
General rating.
Elite rating.
Article rating.
But this time for the first time the elite article rating came out.
I think that it is a higher grade than this grit or iron, considering that the existing article grade has the expression of elite.

‘The horsepower that is felt clearly is stronger than the two articles.’

It was indeed a shadow soldier made with the boss of A class dungeon.

[Please specify the soldier’s name.]

Since the article is over grade, a system message is displayed asking you to give the name as expected.

‘The name is …’

Now I can not see my face because I’m covered by a robe, but if I’m high orc, is it a big, long molar?

‘Let’s have molasses.’

The name of the man was decided by thought alone without having to give instructions separately.

[Moly Lv.1] Elite Knight Ranking A name was created instead of a question mark.
It’s a faint name for a shaman who was arrogant until he died, but what can I do?
He’s already dead.
Jinwoo grabbed the shadow soldiers with a delightful face.
The number of storable shadows is about 130.
Unfortunately, the rest of it was sent back to nothing.

‘That’s it.’

As they laughed down the altar, many people flocked to Jinwoo.
The hunters of the raids, the car hunters, the men in black suits.
One of the suits had a face that I knew.

‘When did Woo Jin-cheol come again?’

Looking at Woo Jin Chul’s look, he also saw Shadow soldiers.

“Mr. Sung Jin-woo.”
“Sung Jin Hun Hunter.”
“Mr. Porter?”

At the same time, those who called Jinwoo looked at each other.
I have no reason to conceal my strength anyway.

‘How do you get out of here now?’

Jin looked at the people around him and scratched the back of his head.

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