Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 87

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 87

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It was a strange phenomenon.
The more the footsteps heard from the other side, the closer the hunters sound.

“Hand …”
“…”There was a static in the area.
I’m sorry.
Jinwoo’s auricle moved.
With the quietness of the surroundings, Jinwoo gauged the number of the boys with the sound of the footsteps.
It’s a jerk.
It’s a jerk.
Thanks to the developed hearing and high sense stats, we were able to distinguish each footstep.

’48, 49, 50, 51. ‘

All 51 footsteps.
It was like the footsteps of the High Orc warriors.
Jin looked around.

‘…’The hunter’s face was nervous.
They also noticed the approximate size of their enemies.
It is an attack that has just won a brilliant victory against 22 High Orc warriors.
But now 51 dogs.
More than double the number.

‘…There is no odds. ‘

These, for the raids.
Suddenly Jinwoo looked at his shadow.
The shadows seemed to shrivel.
Uwoo – It seemed to hear the origin of the shadow soldiers who wanted to see blood.
Jinwoo turned his head again.
Boom, Boom, Boom. The heart that had been silent until now began to fluctuate.


It is not yet time.
Jinwoo, who was so self-conscious, stared quietly ahead.
Finally, they showed up.
chuck. The high orcs stood in front of the hunters at a distance.


The high orcs growling as if they are rushing at once.
The overpression of over fifty high orc warriors could not be expressed in words.
Even without fighting, the result was obvious.

“driving me crazy.”
“If this does not make sense …”
“Uh …”

The hunters groaned.
I was stunned by the pressure, but I was sadly trapped.
What will you do now?
Everyone finished preparing for the fight a long time ago, but no one was able to step out and watched only the leader, Son Ki-hoon.
Son gi-hoon asked his mouth with his mouth.

‘Damn it…’

Even if there was only one of them, either the last person in charge or the person in charge, Hunter …
His hair was wrinkled.
For the S class, there was a powerful force that could overturn the unfavorable situation.
If they had them, it would be nothing like these high orcs.

‘Why is it so when …’

Is not there a couple of them?
Sohn, who had always fought with them, was now feeling desperate how helpless he was.
The absence of class S was so painful.
But I could not hate it forever.
Now I had to make a decision.

‘Fighting here is a lump.’

But as the back was blocked, there was no room for choice.
When I decided to become a hunter, when I first danced in a dungeon, and when I lost consciousness when I was seriously injured. Maybe someday such a day would come, but I had no idea.

‘Yes, it was.’

Son Ki-hoon, who was determined to die, pulled out his sword.
Soon-hoon turned around and the hunters nodded, waiting for the leader’s instructions.
Sohn’s head turned to the front again.
With his shield up to his chin, he stared at the high orcs, which still do not seem to move.

‘Have you finally decided?’

Jinwoo is ready.
“Baruka’s dagger” appeared on the right hand behind the back.
And I closed my eyes.
The heart that had been beating like crazy went to sit down slowly before the battle.
Throbbing, throbbing, throbbing.
Exhausting unnecessary strength, breathing evenly.


In the eyes of Jinwoo, the sharp eyes were bright.
It’s black.
The Hunters forcibly swallowed the dry saliva that they could not overcome. Their forehead had a cold sweat.
Jinwoo, on the other hand, swallowed the mouth.

‘How much will these guys get experience?’

A light smile spread over Jinu’s mouth.
But then.
One High Oak came forward.
He hurried out of the Orcs, and walked around looking at the Hunters with their two eyes, like the beasts.

“Grrrr …”

He’s bigger and bigger than the others.

“Is he the boss?”

Jin-woo’s eyes narrowed.
Would not it be easier to fight if I take him right now?
What should I do?
While Jinu was worrying about touching the handle of “Baruka’s Dagger”, the mouth of Hi-oak was opened.

“Krelactu Shina Wigdu Araunaca.”

A wild voice.
High-oak’s gaze was fixed at the head of the raid.

“Kreraktu Shina Wigdu Araunaka!”

Male breeding.
The hunters’ eyes became busy.

“Are you talking to us now?”
“What are you saying?”

That moment.
High-oak facial muscles began to shiver.
And when the tremor stopped, there was a completely different voice in his mouth.

“Humans …”

Like someone else is talking about borrowing his mouth.

“People …”

As you can see, his eyes were blurry as old fish died.
The hunters were astonished to be hit hard by their backs.
Orc speaks in human language!

‘How do you say orc?’
‘Magic? Is it magic? ”

The Hunters did not close their mouths in unexpected circumstances.
The voice of Captain Hi-oak followed.

“I… Cargalan … you… Human beings … To meet … want… this… The guy … Follow me. ”

May you want to talk to people?
It has never been reported before.
In the unprecedented situation, Son Ki-hoon and all of the raids were very confused.

“I do not believe in what you say.”
“Ignore it.”
“This is a trap. Whether it is killed or cooked, let’s just see the end here. ”
“Orc if the word goes through …”
“You, dude, in and out of the dungeon, and still do not know the masters?”

In a short period of time, their opinions were different.
Sohn Ki-hoon, who kept silence, responded to his voice.

“Kgaraghan, is it you who stopped the cave?”
“Yes… I… Pride … High… Orc … Great sorcerer … of mine… The magic is … you… human’s… With power … Scratch … Number… none.”
“Is there a stronger presence in this cave than you?”
“Who… dare… this… To me… The enemy … Speak! ”

The voices rang and the hunters hit their eardrums.
Many Hunters used to impress or block their ears, but only Son Soo – hoon nodded calmly.
The forecast was right.
The person who is talking about borrowing the mouth of the high oak now must have been the boss of this dungeon.
Until the dungeon breaks you can not get out of the boss room, so bring the hunters to their place.

‘I do not know why …’

Soon-hoon’s reply was delayed, and Captain Hi-oak raised his ax over his head.

“Choose … here… of mine… Soldiers … It’s dead … if not…of mine… Soldiers … Follow it. ”
“I will go.”

The Hunters’ eyes grew bigger in the instant of Son Ki-hoon’s answer.

“Huh, brother!”
“Mr. Chi-hoon!”

Sohn Ki-hoon, who stopped his colleagues, watched Hiok’s reaction.

“Come along … human.”

At the end of that speech, the blind eye of Captain Hi-oak regained its original color.
Two beastly eyes.
The guy said.


In a word, the high orc warriors who were burning their enemies just before they began to withdraw like lies.
High-orc, the captain who was left without withdrawing, hand gestured as if to come to Son Ki-hoon.

“We’ll go.”

Sohn was the first to walk and the hesitant hunters soon followed the one and two.

‘What are you thinking?’

Jinwoo had wondered eyes.
There will be more high orcs in the boss room than this, including the boss, and of course the probability of fighting is lower.
Still, I could not guess the intention of Son Ki-hoon to follow them.

‘Is he trying to negotiate with the boss? To go back to life? ”

The possibility of success seems low …
Maybe it was a good thing.
I was able to meet the boss in this raid, which I thought would end up grabbing some mobs.
Jinwoo sent the dagger that he was holding back to the warehouse.
And slowly I followed the party.
How long did he walk?
Sang – hoon, who slowed down slowly, had come to the side.
He called Jinwoo with a low voice.


Jinwoo looked ahead and replied.
Sohn Hyeon-hun also did not take his eyes off the back of the high orcs walking ahead in front of him.

“We are… When you meet the boss, he will raid him. Then, whether the surprise is successful or not, he will not be able to maintain the magic that was blocking the way. ”

The home seemed plausible.
Unless you are cursed, you have to concentrate your mind to keep magic.
Especially, the higher the level of magic, the higher the concentration required.
But what is it?
Even if you succeed in killing the boss or stop the enchantment of the boss, you will soon be surrounded by high orc warriors and you will not be able to get in the boss room.
The possibility that the raid is still alive is rare.
As if trying to solve Jinu ‘s curiosity, Sohn Ki – hoon said with a spit face.

“Hunters are running away from the boss room as their eyes are sold to us. Please exit the dungeon and contact the main raid. ”

By the time the raid with the S-Class Hunter arrives here, it’s all over. Sohn was determined to die.

“Are you going to die with the boss?”

Jinwoo peeked over the complexion of Sohn Ki-hoon.
His expression was solid, but his eyes were not shaky.

“Our job is not to live in the dungeon, but to close the gate. Many people are paying big money for it. ”

Son Gee – hoon gave me strength.

“We will be doing our jobs the way we have been learning. But you are not. You do not have to die here. Please come out and live here. ”

I felt a strong conviction in his voice.
I was prepared for a mortal decision.
Anything here would not help Son Ki-hoon.
So Jin-woo replied by nodding his head.

*** Cha Haein arrived at the scene.
It was very rare for people to wear their hats and wear them.
She moved to find the mining team hunters.
A few hunters passed by her side, but they did not pay much attention to the fact that they were guild-related.
I saw the team leader in the distance.
There are mining team hunters gathered near him.
Pounding, pounding.
The heart began to run.
She took a look at the faces of the mining team hunters from a step away.

‘Is he …?’

Jinwoo was not seen.
What do you say?
It felt like a Mac.

“Did you quit mining?”

Let’s wait one more minute.
Maybe you’ve been away for a while.
Three more minutes. No, five more minutes. I waited 15 minutes, but I did not see Jinwoo at all.

“After-” The car Haen turned with a long sigh.
But within a few seconds I was able to return to where I was standing.
She took off her hat and took a deep breath.
The mining team hunters’ gaze turned to her.
Fortunately, all of the mining teams were low-rank hunters, and the smell was not that bad.


The team leader who came to know Cha Hae – in ran coldly.

“Tea Hunter, did not you rest today?”

The car Haein, who briefly exchanged greetings, carefully asked who was listening.

“If you are here … Is there a Sungjin Hunter? ”
“Your surname?”

In the unexpected name, the team leader made a strange look.

“If you’re a surname, I went into the pitta …”
“A porter?”

Cha Hae was surprised.

“Are you talking to the gate?”

In fact, the team leader nodded strongly as if he had no talent.

“It is.”

Class E Hunter volunteered for class A dungeon and went into the porter?
I do not have dozens of lives.

‘What do you think?’

I see that he was standing in the boss room yesterday with a weapon.
I did not see it wrong either.
There was another questionable thing.
Yesterday I wanted to be able to do it, but I was just passing through, but when I thought about it, it was strange enough that the 4 year career of Hunter was lost in the dungeon.

‘I have to find out.’

I thought I would have to check with my own eyes what the alternative Sung Jin-woo is doing in the Hunters Guild.
You have to go directly into the dungeon to find out.
He was a vice president of Hunters, and an incumbent class S Hunter.
If Hunters’ Reid is going to enter the dungeon for a long time, there will be no one to dry it. The car Ha Hin, who had been bothering to bite the tip of his thumb nail, made the decision.

“I have to go into the gate.”

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