Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 83

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 83

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In the episode of the episode 83, Jin-woo felt the feeling of his chest falling down.

‘When did you come?’

I was sold to the boss and did not know who was coming.

‘I have forgotten you.’

Jinwoo was tired of regret.
“©. However, since the witness was there, he could no longer look at the boss.
Since the Hunters bought the gate permission, the boss of the dungeon was also the Hunters’ property.
Also, if the boss is caught, the gate will be closed, so the damage from the hunters is not so much.

‘It was a big day.’

I was blinded by my level-up greed and nearly reached out to others.
As soon as Jin-woo, who had just begun to wake up, sighs with relief, the owner of the voice approaches.

“I asked what you are doing.”

Jinwoo turned around smiling with a smile.

“I lost my way so I came here.”
“You’re lost?”

That’s absurd.
Jinwoo was able to identify the owner of the voice.

‘uh? This woman …?

The face I saw before entering the dungeon.
S grade female Hunter was a car hail.
Cha Haein slowly narrowed the distance and looked at both hands of Jinwoo.

“I saw you holding a weapon, obviously?”

Have you been wrong?
Whatever it was, it suddenly disappeared.
Cha Hae ‘s gaze sweeps up and down Jinwoo.

‘Safety cap and work clothes … Is our mining team a hunter? ”

It was not a lie that I was lost.
I do not know how it happened, but the boss room is a dangerous place.
The second reason is that it is the first time to send this man back to Cha Hae.

“This is where the boss is.”

Cha Hae – nun stopped his nose with his handkerchief as usual and stood in front of Jin – woo.

“Come on out. If you jump, you can die all the people in the dungeon. ”
“Oh, I’m sorry.”

Fortunately, the smoke seems to have been eaten.
Jinwoo passed the car Haein with a satisfactory face.


Cha Hye – in turned his head to Jinwoo.
What can not be done. The car Hain, whose eyes are circled, called Jinwoo without knowing me.

“Hey, wait a minute.”
“Look at me for a second.”

Why is she doing this?
The thief struck my foot, but Jin Woo did not like the car Haein approaching.
But Cha Haein was standing right in front of Jinwoo nose.

“Why… Right? ”

I asked Jinwu with a sullen look, but Cha Haein breathed lightly in the neighborhood of Jinwoo without any response.
The handkerchief that covered my nose had already been removed.


Jinwoo could not understand English.

‘Why do you smell it?’

I am confused.
But the embarrassment of Cha Haein was several times larger than Jin – woo.

‘The stench is … Anna.’

It was the first time I met Hunter, who does not smell bad.
Cha Hae looked at Jinwoo with surprised eyes.
A question mark appeared on the face of Jinwoo.

“Is there any problem?”
“you… Hunter is right? ”

Do you need words?
Jinwoo had a hunter certificate that was hanging on his neck.
Car Hae took the certificate of Hunter and looked at the picture of Jinwoo ‘s face and the certificate alternately.

‘E grade … Sung Jin Woo … ‘

Is the rating too low?
Jin did not smell anything.
No, it smelled good.
Jinwoo pulled out a license from the car Haenin ‘s hand.

“Can I see it?”

Cha Hae-in called Jinwoo, but realized that there was no more saying, no excuse to grab.

“…no. Carefully turn around. The dungeon is wide. ”
“Oh, yes.”

Jinwoo eyes turned and turned to work site.
His rear view quickly disappeared beyond the cave.
However, Cha Haein ‘s gaze has not fallen on the road where Jin – woo disappeared for a long time.

‘I smelled good.’

*** After the meal, the team hunters were returning to work on one or two occasions.
After picking it up, Mr. Bae, who was walking, was surprised to find Jinwoo coming from inside the dungeon.

“Oh, huh? Why does Mr. Sung come out from there? ”
“Oh, well …”

Jin looked at the direction of the boss for a moment.

‘A grade dungeon boss, I wonder what it looks like, I can not say I’m gone?’

Jin-woo’s eyes moved back to the team leader.

“I lost my way to find the bathroom.”
“Oh, be careful! The inside of the dungeon is like there, so it is not easy to get there if you get lost. But you’ve come to the right place? ”
“I came to see Hunter, who was coming from the …”
“Oh, tea hunter? I was going to keep it because I thought the boss would come out. I’m worried that the girl is as good as the surname. ”

The manager of the ship laughed and spoke very well.
The figure of Jinwoo who worried about the boss was deeply embedded in the mind.
Jinwoo laughed bitterly.

‘You can smile like this because you do not know how scary the boss is.’

It was the difference between the working group hunters and the raid hunters.
Cha Hae – in knows how terrible Masu is, so he will be preparing for what he does not care about.

‘There was another face like this with a flat face.’

When the boss comes out, it is not the raid that is dangerous.
The people who are working while the raid is missing.
For those on the site of the nursery, she returned for a sweet break and went to guard the entrance to the boss room.

‘…A great woman. ‘

It was Jinwoo ‘s honest impression of Cha Haein.
Then, in her mind, Jinwoo’s unique habits came to mind.

‘Why are you covering your nose with a handkerchief?’

So, I did not put the handkerchief at all without taking a moment.


I have to be annoyed, but the boss team leader kindly treated me every time I called Jinwoo.

‘When I work, I have a good reaction.’

I also work well and see things. With the help of Jinwoo could comfortably ask this one.
Rather, the team leader has been urged.

“Sung, why do not you talk about calling people?”

Jinwoo said with a smile.

“It’s not different … Do you know why the chartered Hunter carries a handkerchief? ”
“Ah? that? It is because tea hunter is different. ”

What does that mean?
Even without asking, the team leader kindly explained.

“The car hunter can only smell it from the hunters, and it feels so nasty.”
“Do you smell the hunters?”
“There was a story about a specific constitution and something.”

Unusual constitution.
Jinwoo had something similar.
Excellent hearing.
Originally, it was not a bad ear, but it became even better after being awakened.

‘Car Hain’s smell is also on the extension.’

So it was understandable to some extent.

“Is it true?”

Jin Boo focused on listening to the listened to the liking, the team leader continued to explain.

“Because of the smell, when the hunters are next to me they say it’s hard to breathe.”
“…”So was it?

‘I asked if I was a hunter.’

Unlike other hunters, I did not smell like me?
The captain of the Leprechaun who had met at the Red Gate had been talking about that kind of thing.

– There is a constant voice in our minds. Kill human beings. But you can not hear the voice in front of you.

Is that context similar to what he said?
I do not even have the smell of a Hunter, and I do not hear a voice to kill.

‘Because I am a player …’

The only thing that benefits from the system.
What is a player?
For a moment, Jinwoo questioned his identity and shook his head.

‘I do not have any answer now.’

Jinwoo was out of my head.
I am only tired because I have a problem in my head that I can not solve because of my anxieties.
“_±! “_±!
At that time, my colleagues heard a resumption of work.
Jin picked up his pick again.

‘A grade boss … I wanted to catch it. ‘

What if the car Haen had not come at that time?
I was sorry it did not work.

*** Thanks to Jinwoo’s remarkable performance, the mining team work ended before the evening.
The team leader said it was two hours earlier than planned.
At that time, the eyes of the mining teammates changed.

“Good job, Mr. Sung!”
“Well done?”
“I thought I was pulling an excavator where I saw a mane stone falling.”

The hunters surrounding Jinwoo praised a word.
There were no cold spots that struck before entering the gate.
Jinwoo was not a bad face either.
The experience as a dungeon miner was also interesting, and I also achieved the goal of class A dungeon.

“Let’s go now.”
“let’s go!”

According to the instructions of the team leader, the mining team moved in a blind spot.

“one two.”

The picking team hunters still working on their backs, and the mining team who had escaped from the gate, gathered together again after the reunion.
Unlike other members of the team, Jinwoo came straight out of cash as a regular employee.

“Here’s your surname.”
“Thank you.”

The ship manager gave me a bag containing a piece of paper and sank.

“We are going to have a meal now, do you want to go with you, too?”

The tone was light, but the eyes of the team leader were serious.

‘I think I have something to say …’

I felt sincere.
But Jin-woo carefully ordered it.

“Well… Yes?”

The team leader was scratching his chin.

‘This is a story I should do after I get some alcohol …’

He rushed to change the operation.

“I’ve been doing this for a few years and I’ve met many people.”
“People like you are really the first one. You have a very good character to be a miner. ”

The team leader, Jin-woo, seemed to be in a good mood.

‘haha… This is true. ‘

Jinwoo was laughing awkwardly, unable to deny himself.
The team leader, who judged the smile as a good watch, pulled out with confidence.

“I do not do this well until I tell you this. Do not you think you should work for me? I’ll take care of it. ”

A young man named Sungjin.
From the first day of the mining day, three or four times more than a veteran miner showed how much work is being done.
If you can not catch such a treasure talent, is not it disqualified as a team leader?
Even if I persuaded the person in charge and paid the performance fee separately, I had a desire to get Seong Jin-woo.
Jinwu was determined.

“Thank you for saying that … I have something to prepare. ”

In a word of Jinwoo, the head of the ship became a sad face as if he had lost his country.

“That… Yes?”

Jinwoo swallowed the laughter inside.

‘It’s funny.’

The emotions are so exposed in the face.
Perhaps Mr. Bae thought he had found a jewel hidden in E-class.
The head of the ship, who was worried, asked carefully.

“How about tomorrow? Can you give me tomorrow? ”
“Tomorrow, hmm …”

In fact, I was free until tomorrow.
The day after tomorrow.
But I also thought that I need to support it with the miners.
I have figured out the approximate course of action, and I’ve also seen a Class B boss.
But then.

‘Wait a minute.’

There was a question that quickly ran into the mind of Jinwoo who had opened his mouth to refuse.

“So, is tomorrow’s Hunter’s Reid?”
“Yes. It’s also a class A gate. ”
“Is that possible? Today’s raid is over. ”

I usually lay a raid on a raid for a week or so.

“This raid started yesterday afternoon.”

Then the elite of the Hunters have raided yesterday and today for two consecutive days.
Maybe it will be dawn after killing the boss after collecting. I did not understand that the word “raid tomorrow” was clearly understood.
When Jinwoo showed interest, the team leader also got excited.

“Tomorrow, instead of Team A, Team B will be attacking.”

B attack team?
Do you mean you’re going to clear the A-class dungeon with the 2nd group?

“This is the power of the Hunters Guild. The Hunters are the only guilds that can divide their A-class gates into two teams in Korea. ”

The team leader said proudly.

“Was Hunter’s Reid like this?”
“no no. I usually do not have a team to share. But this time the schedule seems to overlap. ”

Hunter ‘s charge in the area at the same time because of the A – class gates, the two gates at the same time to win the end of the boss is said to have sweated.

‘Oh, I met Choi at the association yesterday …’

A busy person like the last person could not have found the association without any reason.
Jinwoo nodded his head.

“Then you are the first to try raids in the second group, right?”
“right. But Hunters’ second group is not second group. It is better than a large group of guilds. ”
“But it is much more dangerous than today?”

The team leader was blocked from speaking.
It was a natural story.
Today, there were two S-Class riders.
On the other hand, tomorrow will be under A grade.
I heard that the gate to hit tomorrow is smaller than today, but it was a big blow that two class Ss are still missing.
He is the one who was worried about the boss’

‘But you can not lie to me.’

The team leader, who was trying to work with me tomorrow, had an unpleasant smile because he thought he was wrong.

“It’s much more dangerous. If it is wrong, it may fail the raid itself. ”

Then Jin-woo’s eyes changed.

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