Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 82

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 82

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Episode 82 ‘Is the wind blowing in the dungeon?’
Jinwu lifted his head.
As soon as I got inside I was able to feel the breeze blowing from the depths of the cave.
Suddenly, my back was cool.
At the same time, Jinwu realized what the wind was like.

‘It’s not just a wind.’

Waves of horsepower.
The strong power that the boss of the A class dungeon exhales becomes reality, and it touches the body of Jinwoo.
When I think of the fact that S-class dungeons are uncommon all over the world, the master of this magic was the highest level of genius that Jin-woo can actually meet.

‘The boss of the A-class dungeon …’

I wanted to see him with his own eyes.
And if you have a chance …
Jinwoo could not hide his smile on the other hand, although he struggled with the astonishment that his hair would come out forever.
I guess it’s the hunter’s instinct.
If you are in front of a strong beast, it’s Hunter’s hunter’s willingness to take a shotgun.
Took. The younger man hit the shoulder with Jinwoo.

“Oh, let’s go quickly in front of you.”

Lee Sung-koo frowned and made a bullhorn sound.
Class A dungeons are wide.
There was enough room to get around the front man.
But the young man who did not seem to move and stand in front of him did not like the spirit.
So I bumped into it once again to see if it was embarrassing …

‘What the fuck is this. What kind of pillar is it? ”

It was not a newcomer, but a surprise.
The irritation must escalate.

‘What is this E-grade guy so hard?’

It’s E grade.
Self C grade.
Even among the C-class hunters, they are being used for mining because they are not good enough.
But the newcomer did not have much.
The eyes of Lee Seong-gu were tapered.

‘Do not tell me, are you?’

Lee Sung-gug, who started to climb up his eyes, blinked and gave strength to his neck.

“Hey, do you think you should apologize if you bump?”

“_´. Jinwoo looked around.
Lee Seong-gu, who was surprised and surprised, stepped back.


In Jinwoo ‘s eyes, the radiance seemed to flourish.
When she was feeling embarrassed by the feeling of breathlessness, Jinwoo’s mouth was opened.

“Oh, no …”

Lee Seong-gu, who was grumbling, barely squeezed his voice.

“Things like that happen, too… Yo.”

Lee Seung-koo, who had been putting up the honorable mention of not thinking about it, leaned over his face and quickly passed by Jin-woo.

“Wow -” Lee Seong-guk was a little distant from the newcomer and was able to sweep his chest.

‘What’s that look? And why are you laughing? ”

It was just a short while, but my body was stiff and stiff and my voice did not come out properly.
It was the least self-respect that did not lay down.

‘…Is that really E grade? ”

When I bumped into it, so did the bloody glance and what happened.
Ela, I do not know.
Lee Seong-gu, who was hurriedly caressing his head, seemed to be trying to give his thought away.


Jinwoo scratched his side head when he saw Lee Seong-gu, who had gone ahead of himself in an instant.

‘Because the nose is sensitive to the boss …’

It was as if I was scared.
There is a lack of training, training.
Jinwoo reacted sensitively to herself and chased after leading mining team members.
Joining was just around the corner.
Jinwoo stuck to the end of the procession and walked in line with the team members.

‘If you walk at my speed, nobody will follow you.’

I had to adjust myself.
By the way.
The more you enter, the greater the wave of horsepower flowing out of the boss-class mage.

‘The sensation stats are rising a lot.’

The innermost part of the dungeon. I can feel the energy of the mars in the boss room vividly even in this remote place.
Thanks to my heart beating faster.

‘Could it be that I can concentrate on my work?’

It seemed like an answer to the consultation.

“Hey! Wow! ”

The collection team that came into the dungeon one step ahead of the mining team had already been in the works.
I was tugging the carcass of a giant masseuse with a rope.

“one two!”

Combat Hunters’ strength is so good that the work was done without the help of any other organization.
Jinwoo had one step in the process of exploiting the advanced dungeons.

‘Once the attacking team is in front of you, it will kill all of the athletes except the boss.’

Then the collection team pulls out the bodies of the marshals, and finally the mining team picks out the ores on the wall of the cave.
To maximize profits, we could not afford to do anything.
As well as marble and marble, the carcass of the senior marbles used for various purposes is also big money.

‘Bones, leathers, flesh, etc.

That was the difference between the Masquers in lower dungeons and the Masquers in higher dungeons.
After scraping off all the spoils in the dungeon that would be money.

‘Kill the boss and close the gate.’

I can tell you that these four courses were completely cleared of the Advanced Dungeon after the first round.
At least for the guild position.
By the way.

‘If it was simple labor, would not my soldiers be enough?’

As he passed by the collection team hunters, who sweat away, Jinwoo suddenly came up with the idea.
The power of the Shadow soldiers who were actually doing well was far superior to those of the collection team hunters with less than Class C power.
If you split the soldiers, hunting one side, collecting one side and mining one side …

‘Maybe I’ll be able to attack the advanced dungeon alone really.’

Jin made a smile with a happy face.
The purpose here is to explore.
I thought it was good to look at it in time.

“Sung, do you have any good things?”

The head of the team put a horse next to it.
I do not know why the E-class Hunter is laughing quietly with no advanced dungeon experience.

“It was too much of a great deal for the athletes than I thought.”

Whether he was satisfied with the answer of the rough-tempered Jin-woo, the team leader stroked his memory and gave a warning.

“Was it that? When I first came in, my mouth was wide open and did not shut up. ”

As soon as the word came out, she asked a few questions.

“Even if you have removed all the usual boss, is not it still living here?”
“right. If you kill the boss, the gate closes. ”

It was the answer that the boss could not be caught until all the collection and mining work was done.

“What if the boss comes out of the boss room?”
“There are few cases like that … Then all the people who were left inside would die. ”

Of course it was a natural sound.
The raid that leaves the dungeon will come to rest until the boss raid, and there will be no power to deal with the A class dungeon boss to the mining team or the picking team hunters.
But before the dungeon break began, it was common knowledge that the boss would stay in the boss room.
So the face of the team leader did not show any signs of fear.

“Are not you afraid of such a horrible man behind his back?”
“Not at all.”

The team leader was determined.

“I have never had an accident like that in three years since I worked at Hunters. Do not worry too much about Sung. ”

Jin-woo tries his shoulder and smiles at him.

‘Sometimes I do not know about drugs.’

Even though it is quiet, the level of the boss is trembling at the wave of power.
Anyone who can detect the energy of the boss seemed to be the only person here.

“Oh, from here!”

The team leader was pleased to find a manstone field on the wall of the cave.
Expert mining team hunters have settled near the marble in turn, without anyone being able to feed them.
Took, Took. I dropped my luggage and lifted my pick.
Jinwoo also went to the edge of the marshland field and stood.

‘Do you just hit this down?’

Unconditionally, it is a manstone that has been struck down by force, and the anxiety that the pickaxe is going to be broken is ahead.

‘What shall I do?’

Jinwoo hesitated to start work immediately.
In his eyes, the appearance of a veteran mining team member called Mr. Jae Jin-soo came in from the team leader.
Whistle! “_±! Whistle! “_±!
The necklace was rhythmically carving a manstone.
Every time he hits the wall, a crushing sound is heard, and the mane stone falls to the floor.


It was a skill that could be called a veteran.
He was more than twice as fast as his peers.
Jinwoo’s eyes shone.
In a slow time, Jinwoo learned his posture, breathing, and muscle movements.
The efficient operation of the necklace was repeatedly reproduced in Jinhe’s head several times.

‘I know.’

I was caught.
Jin picked up a pickaxe.
It was as if the necklace was reflected in the mirror.
Whistle! Cajun! Whistle! Cajun!
Even with the same action, Jin-woo’s strength is at a level that can not be tolerated.
Every time Jinwu hit the wall, the magmatons fell off the lump.
Whistle! Cajun! Whistle! Cajun!
A cool sound from the end.
The mining team began to realize that the hunters were strange.

“uh… Hey.”
“Look over there.”
“What is that?”

The mining team hunters stopped their hands one by one and gazed blankly at Jinwoo.
Stopped by the restless hands of Mr.

‘…’Everybody has lost a word.
Dungeon miner’s work is the first E-class Hunter is smashing a manstone field with skillful action!

“No, these people! When I came to work, everyone would be so sad! ”

The team leader who wrote down the size of the manastone field on the ledge came to the surprise of all the mining team.

“Tim, look at that.”

The head of the ship came out of his head.
His eyes grew bigger.


The same goes for the team leader.
I could not take my eyes off the speed of Jinwoo, which is three times faster than others.

“Tim, did not you say it was the first time today?”
“…I did. ”

Lee Seong-gu, who was wondering about Jin-woo’s identity, broke into it.

“Is that E grade right?”
“Of course I checked the license. I do not think I got Hunter as a team and I did not even get my ID. ”
“Then what happened to that?”
“…”The team leader who watched Jinwoo silently swallowed his saliva with his face.

“For sure… Sung is a miner with the sky. ”

Somehow I had a solid chest muscle in my eyes when I interviewed.

‘I see one person well.’

There was a smile on his face.

*** Pivic, Pivic, Pivic.
An alarm sounded on the wrist watch of the ship manager. The team leader picked up his wrist and checked the watch.

‘Oh, I already have time …’

It was lunch time.

“Let’s eat everybody.”

Everyone put their equipment and shook their hands.
Even though the team members made a couple of pairs, when Jin-woo did not show any signs of moving, the leader of the team approached and asked.

“Do not you go to the castle?”
“I have no idea.”
“But do not eat rice, how do you work?”
“Fine. I ate breakfast late. ”
“Yes? Then I can not help it. ”

I wanted to share a lot of serious stories about each other’s future while eating rice, but can not you drag me to the force?
The team leader was sad and turned toward the gate.
At that moment, his mouth tongue went up.
Jinwoo smiled, looking at the back of the team members who were moving away.

‘I can not miss this great opportunity.’

I was left alone.
Both the mining team and the collecting team passed through the dungeon.
About 1 hour of freedom in the future.
It was a perfect chance to visit the boss-level mage who was hiding inside the dungeon.
Jin put down the pickaxe.
Then I turned my gaze toward the boss room.
Masu’s energy was felt to be intact.

‘Let’s just watch it.’

It was not what I was going to do.
I just wanted to see the boss.
Throbbing, throbbing, throbbing.
I was already heartbroken because I thought I could see the boss.
Jinwoo paced her trembling heart. I walked toward the inside of the cave along the boss’ s energy.
How long did he walk?
I walked for a while and soon a huge room came out.
It was the boss room.
The cave passage was also gigantic, and the boss room was much bigger than that.
Does the upper dungeon have a larger scale like this?
By the time of doubt.
I found the boss, and this dungeon was bound to be big, I was automatically convinced.

‘If that guy goes out …’

A giant humanoid man with only one eye stood in the corner of the innermost corner.
Jinwoo’s eyes shone like a child who had the toy he wanted to have.

‘The giant dolls.’

This is the first time I’ve ever seen a real thing.
It was impossible to move the carcass because the body size of the giant doll was so large that there was no opportunity to see it except for the dungeon break.
I am standing in front of such a person, and my heart grows.

‘It’s a strong man.’

I do not have hair.
But I did not think it was impossible to catch why.

‘If I am now.’

That was enough.
When I thought so, the saliva ran through my throat.
It’s black.
How much experience do you get when you take this guy?
He suffered from the devil and raised about 15 levels for a week.
But if you can raise two or three levels with one boss …

‘You can not do this.’

While he regretted that he could not do it, Jinwoo had both hands of ‘Baruka’s Dagger’ and ‘Night Killer’ summoned.
It was not a face that conflicted in front of what should not be done.
Just throw it away?
There was a little excitement in my mouth.
By the way.
Jin-woo’s laughing, back-to-back woman’s voice popped out.

“What are you doing right now?”

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