Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 81

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 81

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81 Cleverly.

“This is the file you requested.”
“Come in.”

Woojin chul entered the president’s office.
Kun-hee welcomed Woo Jin-chul with a bright face as if she was waiting. When I opened the file folder that Woojin Chul handed to me, a familiar face came into my eyes.
It was Jinwoo.
The picture in the photo proved that Jin-woo was a bitter, so the atmosphere was much different now, but it was not enough to recognize him.


His eyes glowed as he read down on his activities.

‘Do you work as a hunter for 4 years while being in the lowest level among E class?’

This is nothing more than suicide.
Even if the level of the gates that the association is responsible for is lower than that of the guilds or individuals, it is a level of breathing for the E class!
just as expected.
Jinwoo spent as much time in the hospital as his career as Hunter.

“I have been injured so often, but I was able to use it.”
“I can not stop the association because of my mother’s medical expenses.”
“…It’s a rare young man these days. ”

It was in the eyes of Kun-hee.

‘On behalf of my missing father, I am taking care of my sick mother and student brother,

When I heard that Sung Jin-woo was re-awakening, I opened his file as a half interesting.
The more I watched, the better I was.

‘It’s a hell of a hunter to hand over to the guild.’

Looking at the data, it became more and more difficult to attract Jinwoo to the association.
“©. The last page came out soon after passing the next chapter again.
Ko Kun-hee covered the file with a delightful face.

“Thank you.”

Woojinchul, who got the file back, turned around and pulled out a difficult word.

“there… President of the association. ”

Kun-hee lifted his head.
Woo Jin-cheol’s face seemed embarrassed.

‘I do not think I’ll get a bloom even if I stab you,

Is there a story that is hard to say?
It stimulated Kun-hee’s curiosity.

“What’s going on?”

I hesitated, Woojin answered.

“I think I should give you a word … In fact, there was a report that Sung Jin Hunter, who I just mentioned, entered the Raid team.
“already? So which team? ”
“Hunters Guild Raid Team.”
“Hmm … Hunters. ”

Sung Jin-woo chose Hunter.
It’s a day too.
Kang-hee’s face hardened.

‘Do you really want to make a lot of money, in fact, the large amount of money suggested by the Hunters?

Then it was disappointing.
I was really thrilled to have met Hunter Hunter for a long time.
But when I thought of yesterday ‘s attitude or the data of that time, Jin – woo did not seem to be a person to change his words like that.
There must be something else.
for example.

“If you want to fight against strong players, the Hunters are the best.”

Koge hee tried to convince.
But Woo Jin-chul has been tackling fast.

“I do not think so. President of the association. ”
“Have you heard anything?”
“Verified that … Sungjin Hunter went into the mining team, not the raid. ”

Koge hee got up briskly.

“What? S-class Hunter supported the miners? ”

It was a voice that I could not believe.
Actually, it was Woojin Railway.
So I checked it several times and it did not change the result.

‘This is why I should not have to say that I was worried …’

What do you think of a replacement adult cry?
Woo Jin-cheol answered with a cold sweat.

“Yes, it is.”

Kanghee sat down on the chair and laughed and laughed.

“I can not really catch the boss.”

*** Jinwoo was wearing a helmet and work clothes that were paid, followed by Bae Yoon-suk.
There was a bunch of hunters with helmets near the gate.
About 20 people?
Everybody’s eyes gathered to the leader team leader.
The team leader introduced Jinwoo.

“This is the surname I worked with today.”

Jinwu put his head lightly lifted and looked at the overall atmosphere of the team members.

“…”Everyone was reactionary.
Understanding went.

‘Do it.’

This is a daily worker who may or may not be able to see you again tomorrow, and those are hunters hired as mining teams through formal contracts with the guild.
There was no reason to be kind to the mining team.

“I know. With people … I still have a colleague to work with. ”

The team leader laughed awkwardly and pointed to the rugged man in the impression at the end.

“Mr. Sung is right there beside his neck and learns if he does not know anything. I can not tell you much about Mr. Mok. He’s the best veteran in the world. ”

Jinwoo went to the side of a man named Mok, without standing.
Mok said with a voice that seemed to be heard when he met with Jinwoo.

“The necklace.”
“It’s called Sung Jin-woo.”

The introduction ends with it. Her eyes were moved to the team leader.

‘You are very kind.’

Jinwoo also turned his gaze.
The team leader was having a conversation with a public person who seemed to be a guild employee at a distance.
I concentrated a little and I could hear all of the conversation between the two people.

“…Are you still on the team? How many minutes is it now that it’s over? ”
“There is not much left now. This is all for your teammates and your team’s safety, so please wait a little while until all the battalions are cleared up. ”
“I’ve already heard that three times.”
“Oh, Tim. You know that when you get out of the way, you’re all in trouble.

As a boy and his wife, who were just like his son, laughed and fascinated, Bae, the team leader, turned his head and laughed as if he could not get angry.

“All right, all right.”
“What? Team Manager, have you relaxed now? ”
“I understand. Come on. ”
“Yep, I will not breathe if I come out of the team and I will bounce right here. Oh, and after work today, you all have a drink, you know? ”
“Gosh. I see, I can not see it, this is my friend. ”

Fortunately, it seemed that the story ended without any major friction.
Staff response was good.

‘I know everyone is shouting aloud everywhere if they go to a large guild …’

The guild office workers are ordinary people, and the hunters who play in the field are awakeners.
There are many things that awakeners have to do, but the number of awakeners is limited.
The athletes were freed as if they were replacing the machine parts of the factory. So the employees have to look at the Hunters’
In the eyes of others, a large guild staff who showed up as a successor had their own mother.
By the way.


Jinwoo who listened to the conversation between the head of the team and the staff came to hear the sound of grief.

“Did you hear that? I’m a rookie E class today? ”
‘I’m talking about it again.’

Jinwoo was often resentful of superior hearing.

‘Well, you can not keep your ears at all …’

The cautious talk of the hunters, who were laughing, continued.

“What? E grade? ”
“Have you pulled E-class?”

I could feel the tingling gaze flying in the back of my head.

“No, what did the team leader think he picked up E grade?”
“E-class power or right?”
“I do not know if I will be able to finish my work today.”

Worried voices coming out here and there.
However, I think that it is a matter of concern and lowers the sound as much as possible, but such a trouble was also pointless to Jinwoo.
Jinwoo swallowed the laughing.

‘There was one more reason that I could not see it.’

E grade was also a good place to go anywhere.
It was so familiar and it was nothing new anymore.

‘It’s not long to see you anyway.’

But then.
Male breeding.
Suddenly the front of the gate was noisy.

“The team came out.”
“I think it’s finally over.”

The mining team hunter’s tired expression grew a little bit.
The boat manager who watched the situation beckons the Hunters.

“Let’s go, let’s move.”

The mining team hunters took their gear and moved slowly. Jinwoo also mixed with the hunters.

“Thank you.”
“Thanks for your efforts.”
“Thank you everyone!”

In front of the gate, the Hunters Guild staff members were pleased with the members of the raid who had just finished the raid and slipped out of the gate.
The intentional team in the field seemed to mean the members of the raid.

‘These are … The best raid in Korea. ‘

The eyes of Jin-woo, who is looking over the faces of the rewarded, no-best hunters, are sharpened.
There was also a face he knew.

‘…The final man. ‘

Hunters’ s representative, the magic S – class Hunter.
Jin-woo pressed his helmet deeply because Jun-in seemed annoyed when he knew himself.
Fortunately, there were many hunters in similar clothes. Jinwoo could naturally melt into the background.
Jin-woo’s feeling of standing quietly next to the dungeon miners and watching the members of the domestic elite raid group.

‘…This is the real Hunters ‘elite?’

I was surprised.
It was hard to find a Hunter with a stronger energy than I thought.
The final man felt a tremendous horsepower not to be ashamed of his nickname as the final weapon, but there was nothing else to see.

‘Are they weak?’

Sounds nonsense.
Jinwu shook his head.
Guilds with the title of the best in Korea are also members of the 1st group who have picked and selected elites.

‘The master has joined the raid, but he did not make the members poorly.’

The weakest word was the word most distant from them.
If so, one conclusion.

‘I am stronger.’

There was a smile on his mouth.
Strength is relative. A few months of effort did not betray the results.
The attack value of the A-level dungeon was just so weak that the attack level was leaping up.
He was able to recognize his strength through the difference with his opponent.
Throbbing, throbbing, throbbing.
It was heartbreaking.
But at that moment.
Nobody did, and there was no sound, Jin-woo’s head naturally returned to the gate.
And then I was amazed.


A short-haired woman walking out of the gate leisurely.
The first thing that stood out in a completely unfamiliar room was the big, clear two eyes. The white skin and the distinctive eyebrows attracted attention.
If there are 100 men, about 99 people were not hesitant to look at them.
But most of all, it was not her appearance but the inside of her that caught her eye.
The power in her. It was a tremendous amount of magical power constantly pouring out from a woman with a flat face.

‘At least the last person.’

Maybe more than that.
It was a woman with an aura that overwhelmed her surroundings.
When the surprise was calmed down and Reason succeeded in driving the emotions out of my mind, Jinwoo recalled the woman ‘s name.

‘That woman is right …’

Korea’s only female S-class car.
It was the highest-ranking hunter who was with the last man in charge of the Hunters.

‘I can not think of anyone else.’

How many women in Korea can have such a strong aura?
Compared to such a rarity, Cha’s face was not known.
It was because she was quite reluctant to be exposed to broadcasting on her own. So Jin Woo saw the face of the car Haein for the first time today.

‘Why is it that you do not like the camera because it’s not as strange as a rumor?’

Most of the women in their early twenties are enjoying standing in front of the camera.
Of course, it’s about the phone.
The gaze of Cha Hae – in turned his gaze to the direction that Jin – woo had.

‘Hide … You do not need it until? ”

Jin hid lightly, and Cha Hyun, who was looking around the place where Jinwoo was, often stumbled over his head.

‘What? I just felt strong energy? ”

Was it misleading?
At first, I knew that the president of the Koganei Association had come to the scene.
But now, as a lie, the perfect energy has disappeared.

‘The president of the association does not have a busy schedule to visit without notice.’

The price of illusion was great.
Because I had been feeling a little bit of chasing the traces of a strong aura, the stench stuck my nose several times more than usual.


Car Hae, as usual, pulled out his handkerchief, blocked his nose, and went out of the gap between the Beetle Butler Hunters.

‘A woman with a better sense than you think.’

Jin took a sigh of relief when he saw that the car was moving away.
This led to a full withdrawal from the gate.
The team leader of the mining team, who was only waiting for this moment, turned toward his teammates. He shouted in a bright voice, clapping with both hands.

“Now, it’s our turn, so let’s all get together!”

Due to the nature of the work, the picking team first entered the gate, followed by the mining team.
Jin stopped in front of the gate.

‘…’When I stood still and watched the majesty of the A-level gate I saw for the first time, Bae Yun-seok approached.

“Sung, what are you doing? We should go in. ”

As a short answer, Jinwu stepped into the gate just like any other hunter.
Then a familiar message popped up.

[I entered the dungeon.]

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