Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 77

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 77

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77 B, the whole of the B-dong has calmed down as if the rat died.

‘It just can not be measured clearly …’
“Then he is S grade?”
‘I only heard it in words.

It’s black.
The recruiters from the guild swallowed the dry spit with a look at Jinwu, who turned to their own direction.
But nobody tried to talk.

“…””…”C grade, somehow to get to the guild somehow nervous war is going on, a word to stick a long line.
What is class B?
Guaranteed guild position. And distribution of shares of guilds and so on.
From the side, there is no war.
It was not unusual to think of the value of the B class, a higher-class hunter, and the preference to receive when you succeed in recruiting.
Sometimes B-class people who want to be a snake’s head rather than a dragon’s tail may be persuaded.
However, the story is different from grade A.
Class A is not a small guild, but a large guild is treated with special treatment.
The elite raid members are natural, and the rewards are also enormous as the main source of elite income is the advanced dungeon.
Where is it?
If you do not have the right guild, you can become a master yourself.
It’s a small guild, but if you make yourself, are you going to enter the guild?
A grade is such a level.
By the way.
That guy who just finished measuring horsepower is called S-class.
S grade, S grade is easy It was awakeners that there are only nine people in Korea.

“If I go to that guy, are you 10 now?”
’10 th S Hunter … ‘

It was not an opponent who could see how the recruiters of the small and medium guilds could see it.
Everyone keeps swallowing silently without sound. It was indeed rice cake of picture.
But then.

‘Is not this a chance?’

One of the few scarlet scouts has a brilliant idea in their head.
How about connecting the S class awakening to the large guild?
The S class has a down payment surpassing at least tens of billions.
Even if I eat only 1 percent of the money with incentives, there is no reason to beat my job right now. Then, luckily, if you get into the man’s eyes and become a personal manager, then life is really bleeding.
Did the S-Class Hunter’s personal manager say he received a Porsche gift for his birthday?
It is scouting, but it was imagination that it was mouth-watering in most of D class.

‘…Let’s do it? ‘
‘I do not want to be able to eat anywhere …’
‘Just close your eyes and try it?’

A lot of thoughts came to the scouts’ mind in a short time.
The ridicule of failure is only a moment, but the sweetness of success is a lifetime.
When scouts look at each other and are about to go forward.
Someone opened their mouths.

“uh? That person …? ”

Are they all nervous?
No one, first of all, looked at the point where the person who first opened the mouth pointed at the same time.
The eyes of the scouts grew.


A man in a stylish suit going into B East.
None of these people knew the name of the man.

“Choi … The last person? ”
“Why is the president of the Hunters here?”

just as expected.
The last man arranged his dress lightly as if he was conscious of his gaze and walked straight to Jinwoo.

‘Is it too early to come in contact with you?’
‘Surely that man was already scheduled to enter the Hunters?’
‘Was there a hunter and a kite? The best guilds are different. ‘

Then it is.
Scouts easily accepted the natural consequences of course.
I was fortunate not to speak.
How ridiculous would it be if I had to cross the line and meet the final man?

‘I’m …’
‘The final man appears and it becomes a picture.’
‘The representative of Hunters … S-class treatment is also different.

Everyone was slightly sorry for their own reasons, but they stared at the meeting with the best guild representatives and awakeningers who received the highest ratings with a warm look.
The last man stood in front of Jin-woo.

‘thank God.’

Too much attention was given to how to do it. Jin-woo, who had been worried for a moment, was grateful for the temporarily dispersed gaze and tried to pass the final man.

‘uh? This is not it? ”

The last person hastily called Jinwoo.

“Let me see for a moment.”

Jin stopped the pace and went back.

‘This man is the tenth …’

Looking at Jinwoo’s face, his eyes shone.
I knew what he was going to do with the manager, but he actually knew what was happening here.

“I can not measure it so loudly, I can not hear you because I’m talking about a device error.”

Thanks to this great opportunity.
What is S grade, S grade?
If you bring this guy, Hunters will be able to line up with the best guilds in the world, not having South Korea, which has three S-Classes.
How can it not turn around?

‘You do not even have to borrow a meter.’

I was able to feel the strength of my opponent when I encountered only the eyes.
Definitely the best hunter.
There was no room to wait three days later.
The finalist, who kept up his voice, spoke with a distinctive smile.

“I am the final representative of the Hunters.”

Jinwoo knew about that too.
If you turn on the TV, you can watch it in the news.
I was wondering why such a famous person would come to the association, but I could not afford to ask each one.
The gaze of Jinwu turned to the clock on the wall.

‘It’s 5:50 now.’

I thought it was time to go.
I was introduced to it, and I had a face to say to you soon, but the final man was a bit embarrassed and speechless.

“Oh, not the difference … I think you’ve just been given a wake-up call. ”
“Have you ever thought about a guild?”

When I heard the answer, I saw a bright smile on the face of the last man.

‘That’s it.’

One of the world’s three guilds, ‘Hunters’.
What a sweet word?

‘You are mine.’

The last man held a swollen chest and pulled out a word that might be recorded in history.

“I’d like to talk to you about that, but can you give me a minute?”
“There is not. Sorry.”

Jinwoo was short-lived and immediately went out of the association.

“…”It happened so quickly that the last man could not even think about it and sent Jinwoo.
The staff of the association and the scouts were also alarmed at the situation late.

“Is not the final man’s representative?”
“Am I not ignored, even if I am?”

Male breeding.
The intestines became disturbed.
The last man tried to keep his calm and looked around.

“Park manager.”

The manager replied with an awkward face.

“Have you just missed my introduction?”
“That… I do not know. I’m fine too. ”

Of course, the manager heard everything from beginning to end.
But now is not the time to talk straight away?
When the manager turned his mouth shut, the finalist, who was afraid, scratched his side head with his index finger.

‘I tried to eat too much …’

But I did not have to be disappointed.
Obviously, it is a situation far ahead of other guilds.

‘I am the only person who knows the appearance of S class.’

After 3 days of re-measurement. There was still time until official announcement.

‘I’d like to get a seat somehow again …’

Is there any good way?
Someone came to the association looking toward the association in the gaze of the last man who was troubled.

“Uh, that guy?”

A familiar face.
When the man pushes the glass door, the final man shakes his lips as if surprised.

“How would the white boss …?”

Baek Yoon-ho also circled his eyes when he saw the final man.


The final man quickly read Baek Yoon-ho’s expression.

‘The face that caught something …’

I have not been contacted by the intelligence agency. The arrival time did not seem right.

‘The distance from the Whitehall building to the Hunter Association is …’

Baek Yoon-ho had known from the beginning.
What will happen here.

‘Did you just know that man existed?’

No, if you did, you would not have sent me to the grading process.

‘If it was me, I would have taken the contract from the seal and then graded it.’

At that moment, the puzzle pieces scattered in Jongin ‘s head began to fit together.


Backhoe guild. Accidents that occurred during training, Red Gate, questions of help, and a new emerging S-Class awakening.

– I’ve been helped by someone who does not want to know from the backyard side.
– A rookie who has not yet been given an awakening? Or a criminal who can not reveal his identity?

Everything is right. …found.

‘You were the man.’

Baek Yoon-ho pausing to see how quickly he ran.
Jong-in made a smile looking at Baek Yoon-ho.

‘You missed it.’

I’m different from you.

‘Thank you for the opportunity.’

Jong-in passed the side without hesitating to say a word to Baek Yoon-ho.
Baek Yoon-ho looked around.
Jinwoo was not seen.

‘Are you too late?’

Baek Yoon-ho looked at the backward view of the last man in the distance and sighs.

“Huh -” I guess there was a Master of Hunters at this time here.
Baekyunho was scratching his back.

“Things are twisted.”

*** The time allowed to visit patients at Seoul Il Shin Hospital was until 8 PM.

“Are you the guardian of Park Kyung-hye?”
“It is possible to visit. You know when you can visit? ”
“Yes, I know.”

Jinwoo walked to the room where the mother was. Thanks to the hurry, I was able to arrive very soon.
Jinwoo, who opened the door, sat next to her sleeping mother.

‘If you look at it quietly, it looks like you’ve opened your eyes …’

Sleep that can not wake up.
It was a disease that had arisen since the gate was opened.

‘Do you have more than 10 patients with the same symptoms in this hospital?’

Jinwoo gently took her hand.


Fortunately, the life support system using marble stones prevented her mother’s hands from getting too rough even for a long sleep close to a few years.
But marble is expensive.
There are only over five hundred spikes to run the machine for one month.
It was a hospital that could never afford a young man in his 20s if he had not worked for the association’s hunter and received medical expenses.
I was able to catch my mother ‘s hand even though I had so much trouble.
But now it is different.
I’m not just satisfied with the breath, but I can really make my mother better.
The lifeblood of life.
The remedy given by the system.
It was later than believing. It was the first thing to make it now.

“I’ll save you.”

The mother who led the weak body instead of the missing father and was responsible for the family.
There is not much time left to see my mother again.

‘Wait till then.’

How long did she stay with her?
After a while, Jinwu stood up.
After a short visit, Jinwu walked out of the room without sound and closed the door.
When I turned so carefully, I could find a familiar face.

“That day too … Was it you who removed the double dungeons? ”

Low and thick voice.
Barking eyes.
It was Woo Jin-cheol, the supervisor of the monitoring department.
Jinwoo did not answer. There was no reason to answer, and I had no desire to answer.
Instead, I asked if I wanted to ask.

“How did you know I was here?”
“Hunter predicted several places to go. I contacted the hospital and told them I was here. ”

It is the association where the mother’s hospital expenses were paid.

‘not now but.’

Perhaps it was the hospital that was the first to check with the association.

“Did you come here to ask me that day?”
“What then?”
“There is someone who wants to see Hunter. Would you come with me for a minute? ”

Association surveillance.
The main task of the oversight department is to monitor and crack down on critical hunters and punish Hunter for breaking the law.
In Hunter’s position, they are not very welcoming beings.
Jin-woo’s gaze did not improve.

“Is that an order?”

Woojin took off his sunglasses.
And he said politely, leaning close to the right angle.

“I’ll give you a favor.”
“…”I did not even think that a man named Woojin Chul, who seemed to be so strict, would come out like this author.
I decided to try to find out who Jinwoo had been a little worried about.

“Who wants to meet me?”

Then Woojinchul heard his head.

“Hunter Association President Kang Hee.”

Wu Jinchul’s palm pointed beyond his back corner.

“Here is the president of the association.”

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