Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 76

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 76

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What happened?
Regular veteran ended his conversation with Baek Yoon – ho.
It is no surprise that the E-class Hunter is going to be re-examined, and the representative of the Baekho guild instantly informs Hunter’s reevaluation results.

‘What is the real thing?’

I think that there is really something that Baek Yoon-ho talked seriously, not others.
But soon he shook his head.

‘Oh, no way.’

Arousal after awakening was not a phenomenon that could be easily seen.
A few months ago?
There was a suspicion of re-awakening that the whole association was upset. Of course that ended with a happening.
In fact, the real case is considered in the hand, and misunderstandings are frequent re-awakening.

‘I have come to mistake that he is a re-awakening,

It looks like he was mistaken in a backhoe guild.
Still, considering the relationship with the Guild of Baekho, Baek Yoon-ho could not refuse the president’s request.

“I’ll go somewhere.”
“Yes? Where are you going, dear? ”
“I remember now that there was a cave in B-dong.”

B was a kind of swing pointing to the building with the magic measuring room among the association staff.

“Yes sir.”
“If something happens, I’ll get in touch.”

Regular number in the ‘re-awakening what,’ but with a determined, now think about the face of Baek Yoon-ho and headed to the B-East.

Jinwoo puts his butt on the end of the waiting seat.
There are currently three waiters. All were nervous faces.
Jinwoo was able to fully understand their feelings.

‘Judging results will determine the future life.’

When I first found the association, Jin-woo had the same idea.
If I get A grade, no B grade, then this is not the S grade?
It is wet with a happy elbow It is shock when it is judged as E class.
Suddenly, four years ago, Jinwoo laughed at the figurine.

‘What are you laughing at?’
‘Is laughter coming out now?’

The waiters at the side sent a glance that was strange, but Jinwu was still pretty.

‘Is it a natural strength?’
‘I do not seem to be nervous.’

Waiters waiting for a response were turning their heads toward each other.

‘There is not much difference with that time.’

This was also Jinwoo’s memory.
I was worried about the people sitting next to me, and I wondered how other people’s grades would come out.
Jinwoo, who was smiling, looked around inside the building.
There was no difference in people’s building as well.
The Hunter Association itself has been around for less than 10 years, so the building was as clean as it was new.
The inside was almost like a memory.
But if there is one difference.

‘Those people.’

Looking at the man and woman in the neat outfit, which Jinwoo is on the opposite side, the man in the next room talked.

“They are all from the guild.”
“In the guild?”
“Yes, a small guild is a small number of hunters to visit, so I sit down and then sit down and get rid of the athletes are graded.”

Somehow there was a cold air between them.

‘I’m looking at this side too.’

There was a good reason.

“I do not know, I tell you, I do not like to go to the guild.”
“I heard that the small guilds are dangerous raids and Hunters are also high mortality rate.”

Jinwoo nodded his head.
Small guilds, of course, are bound to be ambiguous.
Like individual raids, it is unlikely to be able to enter lower dungeons, but the Hunters lack the ability to attack higher dungeons.
So the accident happens frequently.

‘So it would be important to recruit the hunters.’

In the end, it seemed to have reached the level required to go to the association building and look for newcomers.


The man who was tapping the swollen drops on his forehead with a towel gently handed his hand to Jinwoo.

“This is the end of the meeting, do you want to greet each other? I’m Yun Jung Hoon. ”
“It is Sung Jin Woo.”

After a brief briefing, the two of them quietly waited for their turn.

“Next minute.”

The place of measurement was confusing, so we were able to read the expression of the person who had measured the horsepower and the response of the staff.
The face of the awakened person who just finished the measurement was not good.

‘D or E I see.’

The people who came out of the guild did not show any interest even though they had the same idea as Jinwoo, or when the awakening person passed.
Could it be an honest reaction?
I have even heard the idea that maybe there is a way to know the results separately.

“Come to the next one.”

Another result came out.
This time, it was not good news either. The walk of the awakening toward the outside was heavy.
It was a matter of course.

‘If a senior Hunter came out so often, the high salary would not have been guaranteed.’

It was a big hit even for C people.
I could get big money even if I enter private institute, and I was able to see a large guild when I was lucky.
Among the new guilds of the Baekho Guild, there were four C-level.
If you succeed in getting into a large guild, you can earn unbelievable income from doctors and lawyers.
The uncle next to him put the horse again.

“If you go into a large guild, you’ll pay a down payment, right?”

The uncle who held the handkerchief was shaking lightly.

“Actually, I have some debts. That’s why I’m living away from my daughter now. So I’m more nervous. ”

The uncle who murmured was amazed and bowed to Jinwo.

“Oh, what do you say … A tremendous plan? When I’m nervous, I get a lot of words. ”

Jinwu laughed and bowed his head.
Uncle was deeply wondering if it was an idle thing to be nervous.
Another awakening goes out.

“Please come the next minute.”

It was your turn.
But the uncle who sweated shook Jinwoo ‘s sleeve carefully.
Where is he sick?

“Do you have an ill?”

Jin asked anxiously.
He shook his head.

“No, it’s not like that … Would you like it first? I am so nervous now. ”

Your eyes were eager.
Do you have a reason to speculate that you will give up your turn?
Jinwoo readily accepted.
I wonder if somebody will be able to influence the rest of this life for a few minutes.
Jin-woo, who ran on behalf of his uncle, went to his staff.
The staff asked in an office tone.

“What’s your name?”
“It is Sung Jin Woo.”
“Sung Jin Woo … Yes, you can lay your hands on the black board over there and wait. ”

Jinwoo walked to the meter as instructed by the staff and put his hand on the black plate.

‘what? You’re the one who got the E-Class arousal? ”

The staff looking into the documents sent a wonder that it was amazing.
The hunters who come to me for a reevaluation are all E-class. The employee, who had a pathetic look, turned around the meter late.
Woong Woong – The horsepower gauging machine, which made noise for a while, soon stopped working.
The results appeared on the monitor.

‘uh? Why is this?

The employee said to Jin-woo, who is taking his head and is taking his hand off.

“I’ll try it again.”

Jin put his hands again.


This is not like this.
The expression of the staff got harder and harder.
Why is the meter in trouble when this happens?
The staff asked Jinu once more for understanding.

“Sorry. One more time again. ”
“…”Jinwoo decided to wait without taking his hand at the repeated re-measurement demand.
Cute. Cute.

‘Why is this really?’

The sweat of the staff went down on the forehead.
At this point, others began to notice that something was strange.

‘What? What’s going on? ”
‘How many times are you running the meter already?’
‘Something’s wrong with you?’

When the gaze was poured out, the staff’s feeling became more sweaty.

‘Oh, really, what am I looking for?’

Then I’m rolling my feet.

“what? Where is Changsik and where are you doing this alone? ”

The staff looked back.
There was a regular representative of receptionist in there.

“Jung, please!”

I was relieved in the face of the employee in the appearance of the support group which I could not think of.

“You went to the bathroom for a while.”
“This guy is now out of time at work and time …”

The regular number could not speak.

‘…I am the same. ‘

Anyway, it seemed to come in time well. Is not the new employee sweating while the senior is away now?
A veteran should do this.

“what? What’s up?”

The regular number showed interest.

“The meter is a little strange.”
“A meter?”
“Look. I keep getting errors. ”

Instead of staff, the regular number stood in front of the monitor displaying the measurement results.
Regular vet’s face was stiff.

“…How long have you been working here? ”
“It’s about half a year. What am I doing wrong? ”
“no. Just call Changsik and get him to come quickly. ”
“Now the toilet is not important, so please call me!”

The voices of regular voices have increased.
The employee was surprised and asked.

“Why, what is it, dear?”
“This is not an error, it can not be measured! Do not you know what it means to not be able to measure? ”
“Yes? Is not that an error message? ”

How did all of the newcomers come together?
Regular number of eyes looked at the measurement object leaving the new entry.

‘How does this happen …’

Sung Jin Woo.
The man whom the backgammon guildmaster asked for the results.
Regular water said to the new entrant without looking at Sung Jin-woo.

“This means we can not measure the target’s horsepower, you idiot.”
“Yes? He, is not he? ”

Did he say that he worked half a year?
What half a year. It was not strange that the newcomer did not know that he had not appeared in the last two years.
The regular number was speaking with a trembling voice.

“Yes… S grade. ”

It is widely used and it means a grade that seems to be a formal grade but in fact it can not be measured.

“So quickly come to the window.”
“I’ll call you right away.”

Kim Chang – sik, who came in contact with me, pushed his breathing pants down.

“Huck, Huck, look here.”

The monitor of Kim Chang Sik’s face turned white.
Soon there was an earthquake in the pupil of Kim Chang-sik who headed to Jinwoo.

‘This man is the tenth in Korea …’

Kim went to Jinwoo.
Then Jin-woo’s hand fell on the meter.

“that… Sung Jin-woo is the device. ”

Kim Chang-sik soon recalled that Jin-woo was a licensed hunter and changed his title.

“No, it is impossible to measure the horsepower of Sung Jin Hun Hunter. If you want to use the precision meter, please get permission from the upper part. Would you please visit the association again in three days? ”

Kim Chang – sik noticed the procedure. How long have you been trying to say this? Memory was also a tangible thing.
As a Hunter, Jinwoo, who has a career, knew immediately what the word means.


Measurement hold determination.
In other words, it was said that if it can not be measured even in precision measurement that will be three days later, it becomes S grade.

‘Good job.’

If I had a grade A grade, I would have to raise my stats and come back to the association.
But if you say that you awoke after awakening in a rare yard where you awaken?
I was fortunate to be re-awakened, but I was not sure that I would be suspicious from the third awakening. I wanted to speculate that I was wasting time involved in the nuisance.

Jin-woo sighs relievedly in the ‘Huh-‘ fortunate result.
And then he turned.


The eyes of everyone in the association were facing him.

*** “I am busy, and what are you going to do again?”
“Oh, I’ll see you at the Hunter Association Park, but will you be on the phone? I have to face him directly. ”

When the last man talked to me with a sincere gesture, Park, who overturned his hesitation, laughed and laughed.
Who is the man in front of you?
It is the man leading the ‘Hunters’, the best guild in Korea.
Final weapon, finalist.
If he says a word, the strongest elite raid in the country will move in a hurry.
How can that feel bad if a man like that pisses me off?
The last man asked me with a cigarette.

“Are you okay with a cigarette?”
“Oh, of course.”
“Even the manager?”
“No, I’m fine.”

The fireman put a cigarette in his mouth. Son Jae – in was overflowing with a man ‘s full of everything at a young age.

‘Is this charismatic?’

Suddenly, the finalist asked the manager, who looked at himself as if he had been hired.

“But today I am a little bit louder on the east side?”
“B Dong?”

The director looked to the east of B.
In fact, the manager did not hear anything.
But the final man was a S-class Hunter.
The five senses were not comparable to the general public.
If the finalist said it was loud, maybe it really happened. What a disgrace this is when you have a precious guest.
The manager frowned and said.

“I’ll see you once.”

The last man threw the cigarette on the floor and rubbed it off.

“I wonder what’s going on.”

The eyes of the last man with his head flowed. At the same time, a strange smile came into his mouth.

“Let’s go together.”

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