Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 75

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 75

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When I stood at the crossroads before the 75th episode, Jinwoo picked ‘Blessed Random Box’ instead of ‘Cursed Random Box’.
The outcome of the choice is the key to the evil.
Thanks to that, I came into the Dungeon of the Devil and got a lot. Levels have increased, items have also increased, Gold is …
Now I have earned enough to worry about having to write a little bit.

‘If you give me another chance, I will make the same choice without hesitation.’

That did not mean that I was not curious about the different outcomes of the choices.
‘Blessed Random Box’ and ‘Cursed Random Box’, which gave me what I wanted.
What was on the other side?

‘There was definitely something I wanted in the blessed random box.’

Now I have come to the best chance to solve the curiosity.

‘…’Jin woke up and waited for the system ‘s answer. Unlike usual, the system seemed to slow down the answer.
After a while, the system responded that the worries were just a reflection.

[Item: ‘Cursed Random Box’ is selected.]
[Selected items will be provided.]

A small box appeared at the feet.


Jinwoo picked up the box with trembling heart. However, the weight of the box received a strong sense of familiarity.
Jinwoo opened the box and confirmed the inside.


*** Jin-woo came out of the house and went straight home.
I wanted to wash it once.
I could not wash it while I was in the dungeon. I can get it from the water shop, but there was no room or time to wash it.

‘There are monsters all over the place, but I can afford to have a leisurely shower …’

Shoot Aak – Arriving at home and leaving the body to the hot water, I felt like I was out of the real dungeon.

‘I like the house too.’

Jinwu, wearing a new cloth, put a towel on his wet head and sat on the bed.
It was time to do some cleanup.
I first called up the status window.

‘Status window.’

My head caught my eyes long and dizzy.
Jinwoo’s gaze stopped at the stats window.

[Ability to distribute points: 20] Completion of quests The ability points received as compensation remained intact.
Of course, everything was intelligent.

[Stats] Strength: 178 Stamina: 137 Dexterity: 147 Intelligence: 149 Sensation: 119 Now the intelligence has barely beat the other stat.
Although it is not yet strong enough, I could not help thinking about the situation until a while ago when I did not even take a look at intelligence.
Strength, Stamina, Agility, Intelligence, Sensation.
It was being balanced.

‘I did not have a stats to get one.’

I have noticed that all of the stats have their own strengths and strengths.


What happens is that instead of focusing on one stat, why not raise all the stats equally?
All stats player.
Suddenly I was greedy.
It was a happy annoyance that I could not do because I do not have any stats that I feel is lacking.

‘When intelligence is higher than muscle strength, let’s adjust other stats.’

Jinwoo conclusively turned his eyes to the skill window.
There was a third reward.

[Compensation 3. Unreleased Compensation] In fact, I did not pay much attention to the third reward because I thought that the first reward, the desired item, and the second reward, the bonus stat, were enough.
Just curious enough?
But after receiving compensation, I could not keep my mouth shut.

[Compensation 3 will be paid.]

It appeared in the hand with the message that it was a scroll document similar in size to the ‘Entry Permit’.


In an unexpected way of reward, Jinwo spread his scroll with surprised eyes.

[Design: Goddess of Life] You can learn how to make the item ‘Goddess of Life’.

Jinwoo’s eyes grew bigger.

‘Can you make an item yourself?’

I thought that magical weapons could only be made by magic series awakeners. I thought that myself was a magical series too.

‘Still, if you only have a pattern, you know how to make an item …’

Jin-woo’s heart began to run.
At the same time, doubts arose.
What can be made?

‘What is the life of life?’

Jinwoo read the information on the ‘life of life’ item on the map.

[Item: Soul of Life] Difficulty: S Type: Consumables A mysterious potion that heals all diseases with strong magical power. Only when you have used all of the bottles you get a full effect.

‘All the bottles … Can you cure? ‘

As soon as Jinwoo reads the explanation, she recalled her mother in the hospital.
The fact that the effect of the item also applies to others has already been confirmed several times through Yu Jin-ho.
I can save my mother if I can really make a ‘life soul’. The fingertips holding the scroll trembled with excitement.
The material was also simple.

‘Fragments of the world’s water.’

I got it by killing Volkan on the 50th floor.

‘Spring water in echo forest.’

It took the 75th floor Necromancer Metus.
And the last one.

‘…The purified blood of the devil king. ‘

It has not come out yet.
But given the fact that the two previous gems were from the bosses, I could easily guess where to find the ‘blood of the devil king’.

‘Maybe it’s the final boss of the demonic being at the top.’

In other words, if you clear the evil dungeons, you will be able to collect one piece of material that can be used to make the ‘life of life’.


I do not know the sound of spitting out of my mouth.
Jinwoo was surprised that much.
perhaps… In the blessed random box, what was the item I wanted to say that was not the lifeblood of my life?


Jinwoo’s eyes flashed with the thought that she might meet her healthy mother again.
Then the message came up.

[You can learn the production skills through ‘Design: Life’s good old’]
[Do you want to acquire production skills?]

The mind of the machine sounded.
In order to produce life-saving water, it was necessary to succeed in attacking the demonic dungeon.
To do so, you need to get your equipment back on track at once.
There was no time to get wet in appreciation.

“…I learn. ”

[‘Items: I learned the skill of making new life ‘]

‘This is not a dream, is it?’

At the end of the skill window, however, the [Making Skills] column appeared as if you were telling you that your memory was not wrong.

[Creature Skills] Consumables: The Number of Life Spirits (2/3) The number behind it probably means that there are two of the three material items, the Fragments of the World’s Water and the Spring Water of the Echo Forest.

‘Oh yeah.’

Jinwoo opened the warehouse and pulled out one item next to the spring water. It was like a necklace made by weaving a small animal’s head bones.

[Item: Demon Lord’s Necklace] Difficulty: S Type: Accessory Dexterity +20, Intellect +20 When worn with the Devil Lord’s Earring and Demon Lord’s Ring, the set effect is opened.
Set effect 1. (Not open) Set effect 2. (Not open) The ghost leader’s item from Metus was not just one of the ‘Spring Water of Echo Forest’.
There was also a necklace of disgusting design that felt this scent.

‘What about the necklaces?’

Jinwoo, who remembers the dog collar being worn and made an impression on him, brought a necklace of the devil monster to his neck.

[Would you like to replace ‘Keeper’s Necklace’ with ‘Demon Lord’s Necklace’?]

Keeper or Demon Lord or option is similar. Two stats +20 each. But the demon monarch had a set option.



[‘Item: Demon Lord’s Necklace’ is worn.]

The skull necklace disappeared, and instead a dog collar appeared on the spot.
Jin-woo, who squeezed a dog collar into a storehouse, confirmed the option of the Demon Lord’s Ornament series.

[Item: Demon Lord’s Necklace] Set effect 1. All stats + 5 sets effect 2. (Not open) ‘The stat has been increased by five.’

Only one set effect was open, but the effect was raised to 5 levels.
There was still the effect of collecting all of the series.

‘The Ring of the Demon Lord …’

The usual set option was a tremendous performance given the fact that it’s bigger than when you collect all the parts.
However, the S-class ornaments were only some of the achievements of getting into the demonic world.
The real income level is leaping.
Jinwoo made a proud smile when he saw his level up to 77.

‘I got 16 levels in a week.’

In the class C dungeon, it was a level up that I could not dream of.
I have been taking care of the trouble for seven days.
Despite the fact that there are still many things to be done, the quest for this demonic dungeon was successful.


There is only one thing that I do not understand. Jinwoo saw the item from the cursed random box in the fluorescent light.

‘What is this?’

Like a black key that absorbs all of the light.
No information appeared.

‘I have never seen an item that never gets information …’

It’s kind of key item. It’s just as common in random boxes as it sometimes pops out, but this guy was the first.

‘Where do you write it?’

It was an item from the cursed random box, and the ominous aura seemed to hover.
It is hard to get it but I can not get rid of it.

‘Someday there will be a time when you need it.’

Cursed Randomboxes provide the necessary items.
Jin, who sent the key to the warehouse, raised himself.
There were artifacts that had to be found in order to fully exploit the demons.

‘I have some arms.’

But the problem is that E-class Hunter is hard to buy and sell top-class artifacts.
Hunter is a lesser kind of valuable things that are hard to find even for the higher hunters. Would not anyone doubt if the bottom-most hunter brought it?
The same is true of living.
It is difficult to uncover the source of the money, which is tagged as E grade.

‘I can not even answer the question of where to use expensive artifacts.’

In many cases, the situation was embarrassed.

“And now …”

Stop pretending to be an E class.
Rating review.
Now is the time to get a grade that matches your real ability.
Jinwoo’s face became serious.

‘If you lift the level up to this level, you will not be overwhelmed by the other.’

The purpose in the first place is it.
I have been living in grade E since I have been somewhat uncomfortable to avoid situations that are dominated by greater power.
But now?
It was not shaken in front of Baek Yoon-ho of the Baekho guild. No, it was not Baek Yoon-ho but I was confident to be able to stand up even if someone else came.
There is no reason to hide your skills anymore.
Throbbing, throbbing, throbbing.
The heartbeat began to grow a little bit, as I took off the E-class tag that I was following in the background.


There was one thing to check first.
Jinwoo turned on the Hunter phone.
I contacted him about a week later, and there was a lot of contact.
Numbers that most do not know.
Unfortunately for the parties, I did not have enough to check each one.

‘If you hurry, I’ll contact you again.’

Jinwoo, who was down the list with such a cool mind, searched for the number he wanted in the call and pressed the call.

[Follow it ~ ‰ª»] Before the two songs came out, the other person was called like a knife.


Are you in the dungeon too long?
There are times when this guy’s voice is nice.
Jinwoo smiles and lips his lips.

“Have you talked well with your father?” -Yeah! Good, bro!

It was nice to hear it.
Yoo Jin-ho and his father did not finish the deal, so I was not able to get a grade review.
But when the problem was over, I really could not get away.
I had guessed from the time when the voice beyond the receiver was excited, but I got the confirmation directly from myself, and Jinwoo also felt better.

-brother! I do not see you because of that. Bull. ‘What?’

The phone was strangely disconnected and the battery was exhausted.

‘Well … Before I entered the devil, I had a good battery. ”

I was glad to confirm all of them.
Jin took clothes.
Hunter Association headquarters is not far from here. I was able to finish the review process soon.

“Aka Cha.”

Jinwoo, who was about to leave the door, came back in haste.
It was because of my brother.
I left a brief note on the table for my sister because I might be worried if my brother returned home after another week.

– My brother is coming.

Jin turned back with a satisfactory smile.

*** Acknowledgment rating review receipt has been a real long time.

‘Is that already four years ago?’

Or about five years?
Jinwoo stood in front of an employee in charge of the reception desk with a wet face.
The employee said without a face.

“ID card, please write your contact.”

Jin Woo, who had been in the process of remembering the rough procedure, was able to prove his identity and contacts well prepared.


The staff looked up at Jin-woo’s identification card.

“This is a Hunter certificate?”

The employee made an impression that he did not know English.

“If you are dissatisfied with the ratings, it’s not our department.”
“no. I want to be re-examined. ”

The employee, who looked at Jinwoo ‘s face and Hunter’ s picture alternately, lifted his finger.

“Well, wait a minute.”

The employee ran to a nervous, middle-aged man in the back seat.

“Dear Sir. Why did Hunter want to be reevaluated? ”
“Re-examination? What’s the rating now? ”
“It’s E grade.”

The agent came out of his head and looked at the face of Jin-woo, waiting at the reception desk.

“Sometimes. Hunters who are not satisfied with their self-reality and fall into a delusion and come back to see it. ”
“So that man too?”

The deputy nodded.

“Re-awakening is what … Others earn a lot of money while hunting, and they announce their names, but because they are not that, they escape reality. ”
“If you are tired of seeing someone like that, let them know you’re being charged for the review and send them to the measuring room roughly.”

The employee returned to his office with a face that seemed to have a stomachache.
The agent looked at the employee and Jin-woo and dragged his tongue and turned his eyes to the monitor again.
By the way.
My agent’s finger stopped.
The name I wrote in Hunter … I feel like I’ve heard somewhere.

‘Where was it?’

The surrogate, after disappearing into the measurement room building, approached the staff and asked.

“That E class Hunter, what’s your name?”
“It says Sung Jin-woo. Do you know anyone? ”
“No, it’s not like that.”

It ‘s the same name I’ve seen everywhere.
The agent who tried to recall the memory suddenly opened his eyes to the thought that he had struck his mind.


That guy asked me!
Please contact me if Hunter named Sungjin is here.
Why did not I remember it?
The agent moved to a quiet place and listened to the bureaucratic phone.
A tourer, a tourer.

– Yes.
“Ah, White. It was not Hunter who spoke the other day. That Hunter named Sung Jin-woo. I have come real. No, how did you know that he was coming here? “- Mr. Sungjun was there?
“Yes, I just came back and asked for a review.” -…

Suddenly the conversation was interrupted and the static turned. But it was not long before the voices of the urgent voice came out of the receiver.

– Can I delay the re-measurement time for a moment? I will go there immediately.

The prosecutor slapped his head.
Is it a mistake?
The Guild Master of the Underworld of the Underworld was making an impatient voice.

‘There is a lot of work.’

But apart from that, the review process had already left his hands.
The deputy scratched his side head and replied.

“He already went to the measurement room building?”

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