Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 74

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 74

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74 Episode ‘The upper layer is different in dimension.’

Jinwoo recalls the first and last boss-sized monster we encountered in The Devil, ‘The Greedy Volcano.’
The title of the boy is “the ruler of the lower story.”
When he got out of the 50th floor, the difficulty rose sharply like a lie.
More than 10 floors per day, more than 20 floors, the speed at which you were able to climb was reduced significantly, making it difficult to climb the 7th and 8th floors a day.
The 74th floor where I stand now.
The top-level demon or the occasional high-level demon that comes out as a regular monster is different from the demons that were seen from the bottom down.
The top-level demon, a two-story building, slowly collapsed with a dagger in his chest.

[We have defeated the best demon.]
[Earn 1,700 experience points.]
[Obtain one demon’s soul.]

Jinwoo pulled out a “dagger of Baruka” embedded in the fallen demon’s chest.
The one you just caught is the last one.
Another battle is over.
Shadow soldiers who won the battle gathered around the Jin Woo.
Jinwoo looked at the soldiers.
Undead legions, it is unlikely, but somehow the soldiers seemed exhausted.
That level of monsters was high.
This battle was rather easy because the high demon was not involved.

‘One horse meets the boss.’

It was not a rhetorical thing to say without justification.
The ball of greed that grabbed the volcano.
The beads were described as items made by hardening the blood of a high-ranking demon volcano.
If the term “demon” refers to the level of the Volcano, it is no different from the monsters above.
From the 70th floor onwards, the senior demon appeared intimately.

‘I just do not know if the monster level is higher …’

There was a bigger problem.
The background that began to change from the upper level.
All the cities from the 51st floor were burning. And the fireworks grew more and more steadily toward the upper floors.
I went beyond the 70th floor and I was standing still, but it was getting hot enough to get out of my stamina. Even a little movement of the body filled the fatigue quickly.
It is not ‘demonic’ but ‘burning tower’.
The feeling I felt before coming here was correct.

‘…Let’s go down. ‘

This is the strategy.
Measures to stop the fire were urgent.

‘I’ll have to get artifacts to defend the spoils of magic.’

The equipment used by the higher Hunters is very expensive. There is no need to say if you have a protective spell. I had seen the news that it cost tens of billions of dollars.
I spent quite a lot of money while I was working with Yu Jin-ho, but I was a little worried about whether I could afford the artifact price.
So I needed insurance.

‘It’ll be enough to sell it.’

Jinwu smiled as he watched the ‘beads of greed’ that he had put in his warehouse.
Anyone who was a magic series hunter would be shed items.
If you sell a bead of greed in an auction, how much will it cost?
If you can just prove the performance, the magical high hunters seemed to stand up to the line.
Jinwoo closed the warehouse.
Before entering the dungeon, I succeeded in raising as many levels as I had intended.
So it was not unfortunate to postpone Dungeon Clear to the next.
But I only got one.
The gaze of Jinwoo turned upside down.

[Number of Souls Collected: 9,624] ‘Four hundred remaining souls.’

I could finish the quest by collecting a little more demon souls.
Finish Today is the 6th day.
A day or so was enough to complete the quest.
The only advantage of the upper layer was that you could get multiple souls even if you hold one of the demons.
About four hundred were just around the corner.

‘Let’s just finish the quest.’

Jin-woo, who was so committed, turned around.
A clear goal was set up, and it became more forceful.

[It is open from the 1st floor to the 74th floor.]
[Where do you want to go?]

Jin-woo said in the middle of the magic elevator, no floor-moving magic.

“The 75th floor.”

*** What is this?
Jinwoo smiled while looking at the monster that was guarding the far-away, layer-by-layer movement magic.

[Specter’s Guide to Metus] Boss-grade monster in name.
The guy in the black robe was wearing silver necklaces and it was obvious.

‘That would be the necklace of the devil monarch.’

Quests to complete the set item to collect one more piece was created.
But the reason why Jinwoo is smiling is not the item.
No matter how good a monster can give you an item, it’s no use. Jin took two daggers in his hand.
And I ran forward.
Soon, a skull wizard wore a black robe and found Jinwoo.

[The specter’s leader Metus found an intruder!]

He was a boss-sized monster and completed the order in an instant.
There was a bloody magic circle in the foot of the man.

[Specter’s Guide to Metus uses Skills: ‘Cursed Voices’.]

The undead army, called Metus, rose from the ground at once.
That’s how many thousands!
It was a terrible army that was barely breathable even if it was an ordinary person, but the Jinwoo surrounded by them was not at all embarrassed.

‘I knew it…’

It was as expected.
Oddly toxic black smoke was only coming up in the vicinity. It was not difficult to predict what type of monsters Metus was.

‘The leader of the specter.’

The titles that he had made convincing the prediction.
just as expected.
Metus summoned a powerful undead legion.
And Jinwoo had the best job in that field.

“Get up!”

Oh ah ah ah ah!
The soldiers climbed in the shadow of the undead with painful screams.
That number is hundreds!
Compared to Metus’ s army, it was inadequate, but that was enough.
The real thing was apart.

“Drill the road!”

Black soldiers from the shadow of Jinwoo.
This was real.
Jinwoo’s direct troops, who had grown steadily after entering hundreds of soldiers made of shadow extracts, entered the demons and made their way.
One destination!
The lead grit and irons began to crush the undead at an alarming rate.
The distance to Metus was narrowed in an instant.

‘This is enough.’

Jinwoo hit out in the future.


[The level of ‘Sprinting’ skill has been increased!]

As I jumped into the wide evil spirit, I saw one more level of streaking skill level.


Jinwoo laughed.
Jin-woo, who had escaped the siege of the undead corps, stood in front of Metus in a blink of an eye.
At that time, the eyes of Jinwoo and Metus met.

‘You did not know this would happen?’

Jinwoo had a look of victory, but Metus shrugged his shoulders.
No, it seemed like a shoulder.

‘Do monsters feel fear?’

I thought about it for a while.
Jinwoo’s dagger made dozens of afterimages.
The boss-grade monster has collapsed.
Experiences already know how weak the wizard-type monsters who control the hero become when they face a 1: 1 confrontation.
When I first saw Metus, the situation was drawn in my mind.
Jinwoo sent the dagger back to the warehouse.
Soon there was a message.

[We have defeated Meteus, the leader of the Specter.]
[Gain 200,000 experience.]
[I found the souls of the demons that were sealed in the pendant of Metus.]
[Obtain 220 evil spirits.]
[Level up!]
[Level up!]

Jinwoo grabbed his fist.
220 souls at a time.
It was a result that I could not think of.

[Number of Souls Collected: 9,971] A smile came to the mouth of Jin-woo.

‘There is not much left yet.’

There are only about 30 remaining souls.
It was enough to fill a few demons.
Jin-woo, who wanted to finish soon after the quest, hurriedly grabbed the items and went into the moving circle.

[Where would you like to go?]

“76th floor.”

*** East of the United States.
The number of brass that twisted the body like a nightmare rose suddenly.

‘…?’The first white ceiling came into my eyes.
On a strange background, the brass number looked up.


Was not it a dream?
Hwangsu wiped his sweat away from his chin with his hand. And I found it at the same time. The patient wears himself and the ringer that is in the forearm.
The impression of Hwangsu-soo was terribly hardened.
Then a cold voice came out of his mouth.

“If you have anything to say, go ahead and go.”

Deputy Director of the Hunter Bureau.
A middle – aged white man with more gray hair than black hair slowly approached the brass.

“I was waiting for you to ask me directly.”

What do you want to ask?
The brass number lifted his head.
The deputy director asked his gaze straight.

“A man named Sung Il Hwan … Was he really hit? ”
“Then I attacked a good person?”
“I do not believe you. I just wanted to see what I saw with my eyes. ”

The deputy chief handed his phone to Hwang.
Some images were playing on the phone.

“It’s a video shot by a nearby surveillance camera that day.”

Inside the video, the Oriental man was saving his staff from a bureau building collapsing.
He did not have to ask who the man was.
How can I forget?
The face I saw last before I lost my memory.
The man was Sung Il Hwan.
The deputy director said with a dark face.

“I… I’ve never heard of a man who helped humans ever again. Do you still think that he thinks that you are a master? ”
“…It’s a must-have. ”
“I know.”

The deputy chief took the phone and said.

“When treatment is over, let me tell the bureau. I have some papers to write. ”

I turned around and asked the deputy chief.

“What happened to the man?”
“I disappeared shortly after I fought with you. A man who is following the bureau but has the ability to knock you down can not be caught … ”

Just before leaving the room, the deputy chief had difficulty licking his lips.

“Do you have any idea where he goes?”
“…”The deputy chief escaped the room after seeing that the brass had no more words to say.
As soon as the deputy director came out, Hwangsun pulled out a rough ringer.

“Damn it!”

It was a humiliating defeat.
Before he realized what had happened, he was trampled on his feet.
It lay on the floor, too.
Sungkwang said to himself.

– Never put your feet in Korea. Not for my son, but for you. You will not be able to detect your eyes when you die.

There was no memory after that.
I lost my consciousness and opened my eyes to this place.

‘Even if I die, I can not detect my eyes?’

What does that mean?
Is it a threat of killing your eyes too badly?

‘dare… Are you threatening me? ‘

The fist of the brass was shivering.
I do not have enough to go to Masu so I have a shame that I can not wash.

‘I know where he goes.’

I grab him again.
But how?
I could not deny the fact that the identity of the guy was strong or not.

‘I need equipment to catch him.’

Fortunately, it is not difficult to get equipment.

‘Let’s call the guild.’

The scavenger to which the brass number belonged was one of the world’s leading guilds.
Even if the price of the artifacts owned by Skebyne was enough, it was ridiculous that the budget of the small country was lightly exceeded.

‘No problem if you only have artifacts.’

The two eyes of Hwang – soo bundled into madness.
to Korea.
Hwang has chosen the destination.

*** [We have defeated the high-ranking demon]
[Earn 2,200 experience points.]
[Obtain one demon’s soul.]
[Slave acquires three demons’ souls.]


Jinwu could not hide the color.
Luckily I got four souls from the last monster I caught. As a result, we were able to achieve the quest target.

[Number of souls possessed: 10,001] Banding.

[General Quest: Collect the Devil’s Soul! 1] has been completed.
[Completion has arrived]
[Are you sure you want to check the reward?] (Y / N) ‘Of course not.’

When the answer was over, the list of compensation came up.

[The following compensation is prepared.]
Compensation 1. Choose from all items 1 Reward 2. Bonus Stats + 20 Compensation 3. Unreleased rewards [Accept all?]

Other rewards are noticeable, but at the moment, Jinwoo’s biggest concern was once.
It was no exaggeration to say that I finished the quest for number one.

‘Accept Reward 1.’


[You can choose one of all items.]
[Do you have any items?]

I want items.
Of course there was.
From the first time I saw the quest, Jinwoo had items that I thought about.
What would have happened if you made another choice?
I have always wondered since that day.
I do not know if it will be treated as an item, but it is a main event.

[You can choose one of all items.]
[Do you have any items?]

The system prompted me again.
After worrying, Jinwoo replied.

“Cursed Random Box.”

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