Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 263

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 263

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I only level up after you. In the memory of Ber’s memory.

Before being born, Beres, surrounded by thick shells, listened to the queen’s voice.

[For the kingdom.]

‘For the kingdom.’

[Prevent us from making enemies afraid.]

‘Stop our enemies from fearing them.’

It must be strong.

It must be strong.

It was the first mission to Vere who fell asleep in embryo.

And the queen’s commitment to thrive in the kingdom finally created a terrible monster.

[Kie ee eek!]

The young battle ants that broke the eggs and spit out the roar was unmatched by any ants from the fierce life of their eyes.


The Queen was thrilled with the masterpiece she had created.

‘If this child is a human being,

Just before the queen, who shined her eyes, gave her first command to the strongest soldier who just broke her eggs.

Feeling hunger, Bere did what he wanted.


A worker who had been helping hatching was caught by BER.

‘……?’Before he realized what the worker had done, he chewed him from the head.

Waga, Waga.

[……!]Even the queen even flirted with unexpected behavior of Beres, but he was overwhelmed by Berth’s power and could not think of drying it.

In an instant, he stood in front of the Queen of Bergha, who had erased one trace of the other from the world.

His body fluids dripping from his mouth were trembling.

‘Fear of the enemy ……’

However, the object of a powerful fear gives fear to the friend.

The queen, who realized it later, looked around.

The soldiers of the brave kingdom were trembling in fear.

The emotions they feel have been handed down to the queen, who can command them all.

It was accepted.

The strongest soldier he produced was a masterpiece.

[Get stronger.]

The Queen gave the following instructions to Bere to break the land of the humans.

[No one can stop you.]

* * * Berr went out to eat everything on the island.

When it was not enough to eat, I did not hesitate to eat my family.

From small creatures such as earthworms and caterpillars to huge fish and mammals in the sea.

There was a fact that I realized one thing by eating all the life before my eyes.

Creatures with deadly poisons, and creatures with massive masses, were all terrified when they saw themselves.

Survival is the minimum and maximum goal that all life has.

In front of the absolute being able to shake the root of the goal, the eyes of life were all similar.

‘……’BER came to the conclusion after countless reaffirming himself at the apex of the food chain.


I was made as a top predator from the beginning.

if so.

Berga, who was locked in the seawater, extended his face out of the water.

The land is visible at the far end of the sea.

There is another wide world unlike the sea.

‘How strong is the strength of the strong human beings that your mother is guarding?’

I’m curious.

I wonder if there are enemies that are so strong as to be the top predator I have to live in.

How powerful my strength will be for them.

I have looked at the land a few times.

[It is early yet.]

The queen’s resolute voice, which allows him to look into Ber’s mind, keeps curiosity.

I have no choice.

The gaze of Beres, who was just gazing at the land, was sinking under the seawater.

Yes, you will know when the time comes.

‘……’According to the queen ‘s command, he waited for a moment to breathe.

And finally.

They set foot on this land.

For the first time, Berr had the opportunity to test his true strength.

that is…..

“What are you, you?”

“Ah, ah!”

It was not a fight.

It was just a one-sided hunt.

Familiar everyday.

BERR could not hide his disappointment when he found ‘fear’ in the eyes of the dying Hunters.

‘Only to fight these things ……’

Was I waiting for such a long time?

The smell of extreme fear from the whole body of the fishermen.

Berth once again confirmed that he was at the top of his food chain through the Hunters.

It’s crazy.

The moment when the creatures at the top of the ecosystem tried to establish justice for humans in their own minds.


For the first time, I saw a man who was not afraid even when he was in front of himself.

In a situation that has never been experienced before, the heart that started to bump up.

‘human…… Are you not afraid of me? ‘

Because it was somehow uncomfortable to take off his neck at once, he berthed.

“Are you the king of humans?”

Then he answered.

“The worm is talking.”

* * * Maybe it’s the first time since then.

A living creature is looking at itself with eyes other than fear.


‘……’Bere sweated as he watched the young lord, the Lord, who was sending a hot eye toward himself.

Even if you want to move away from the burdensome atmosphere.

“Gyami! Gyemi! ”

I can not stand it even if I fly to the sky.

“Gyami! Gyemi! ”

Looking back, the Lord of the Sovets stands there.

‘……’Of course, if you run out of mind, you may be the one to drop a baby. The problem is, is not the baby a child of the lieutenant?

If you try to get away from the Lord, you will run away.


In the end, naturally protecting the patron saint and helping the patron became one of the three armies.

“……”Berga confirmed that the guard slept quietly and returned to the ‘area of rest.’

The world of unlimited darkness unfolded as it slipped into the shadow.

Some say it is scary, but Berth was comfortable in the power of the Lieutenant.

While heading for the Ant Corps residence, Berr fell in thought.

‘Why is the Lord always looking for me?’ ……I do not know.

I have always been a subject of fear, and the fact is that I feel like nothing else.

When the question that came to mind suddenly was not easily solved, Bern turned.

Is there anything as helpful as human advice to know the human mind?

Your master did not like to write a man as a shadow soldier, so there are few soldiers from the human race …

Fortunately, there was one man, a man from Berg, who knew.

The commander was a grit.

I explained this to Grit, and the answer came soon.

“I can not hate it.”

[……?]He nodded and added quickly.

“An ant bigger than a man can walk and even say that he can fly. What kid can hate it?”

[……]It was a fresh perspective that I had never thought of before.

Bert went back to the territory of the Ant Corps and chewed his answer to this grit.

Because I am bigger than a man, can fly, and speaks, he loves me.

If you can love something for such a simple reason, why not simply hate it for simple reasons?

I heard that there are very few humans who love bugs until they become adults.

I felt my mind soaked when I got there.

It is a bit bitter when I think that the eyes of disconcerting are already familiar, but that the Lord of the Soviets changes to such an eye.

‘……’Berga, who was flying without words, changed his direction again.

The place that arrived this time was construction site.

According to the plan of BERR, the bearded dwarves and ants, who were making a gigantic statue of the Lieutenant in the area of “rest,” bowed their heads at the same time.

An elder who was on-site supervisor ran out and hit him.

“Commander, are you here?”

Nod nod.

I asked Elder Berga, who was watching the progress of the work.

[I want to change my plan.]


The elders were frightened and suddenly withdrawn, though it was not enough to do the hard work until now.

“This ‘Sacred Day Lord’s Army’ has been planned for a few months before the Commandant to commemorate his 32nd birthday.”

[No, I do not intend to withdraw the plan,

The elder who listened to the explanation was right and nodded his head.

“Of course it’s possible. I think you’ll get a lot better results, Commander. ”

[Kekek, good.]

The atmosphere that seemed to be frozen for a while changed into a cheerful atmosphere.

“So right now …”

When the dear Elder was about to speak with a loud voice, Berga put his index finger on his mouth.

[Let’s handle it for a while.]

* * * “Brother, are you really doing that?”

“This cub … Are you scared now? ”

“Oh, no, brother.”

The man who was looking at the man behind the passenger seat was looking back at the house.

It is a two-story private residence built in a remote place, just as it was intended to avoid people.

That’s the house of Detective Sung Jin-woo.

It must be the way I’ve come to check it several times.

“Seong Jin-woo, the young one, caused our organization to be air-resolved. If we had enough of that, we’d have to leave a footstool to the kitten.

“Right, brother.”

The answer came from the three men ‘s mouth.


“We are a four-member burglary, and the detective’s wife and the bitch were killed by a robber who had shattered the house in broad daylight. Everybody know? ”

“Yes, brother.”

There was a mean smile in the mouth of a man called his brother.

There is no crime prevention system in that wide house, and at this point, it was nothing but throwing a throat at me.

What has not been touched until now is useless.

“Do not be shaken and make mistakes.”

When the men looked back at the men, the men nodded.


Tak, Tak, Tak, Tak. Carefully closing the car door, your man walking down the street looked around, approached the house, and rushed up the wall.

After several rehearsals, I was able to overcome the fence.

By the way.


There were four legs on the floor.

‘……The other two? ‘

The man faced the loader next to him.

The load shook his head.

There were four who climbed the wall.

This ghost is a song.

When a man looking back and forth and looking at his side looked back, his load was gone.

‘These cubs are real ……!’

Just before an angry man forgets his position and yells.

Suddenly the hand that came up closed the man ‘s mouth.


Now the Lord of the Soviet Union is napping.

I could not be disturbed by the uninvited.

Luckily, the sound of the lord ‘s submerged breath was heard in my ears.

Beres looked down at the side with a satisfying eye.

The man holding him was trembling like a sapling.

“town…… Eup, Eup! ”

Familiar eyes.

Familiar feelings.

The trust of the Lord’s Army and the favor of the Lord of the Soviet Union are also good …… This is not bad either.

The expression of the prey in front of the predator is always such a law.


Bergha, who enjoyed the horror of the man’s eyes, disappeared with a man.

The scream just faded away.

* * * “How are you?”

The Elder proudly presented the “Sacred Lord Military”.

The stone statue of the main army was huge enough to see the top.

All beard dwarves as well as ant soldiers were mobilized to complete the deadline.

[Key kick.]

I was able to confirm the changes I had made to Berga, who was looking at the main castle with his satisfied eyes.

“On your left shoulder, as the captain said …”

As explained by the elders, the Lord of the Soviets with a clear face rested on his left shoulder.

Father and son.

You must be glad to see this magnificent and beautiful statue.


If the Lord of the Soviets can come to this place in the distant future, it will surely be a meaningful gift.

That conviction, Berga, laughed a big smile.

[Kieheheheheet ~!]

Along with the bearded dwarves and ant soldiers laughed.

Come on!

“What a shame!”

When the baby ‘s cheer mixed in with the laughter. [……?]

Looking back, Berle found a baby in his back.



Did he call his father his son?

Watching the patron who was able to access the area of ‘rest,’ the head of the child care unit Berr grabbed his head.

[Chi Hak!]

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