Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 262

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 262

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Abduction 21 finalization. Twelve years later (Wan) that evening.

Jinwoo headed to Yoo Jin-ho and Gyo-cheon.

-brother! I have something to tell my brother.

Unlike usual, I feel confident in the voice of Yu Jin-ho to meet Jinwoo also decided to meet.

Let’s go inside the Kikuti.

Yoo Jin-ho, who was waiting with an irritated face, shook his hand at the place where the entrance was well visible.


After graduating from college, Yu Jin-ho, who is studying management class at his father’s famous president, did not know about his new life.


He was still a younger sister to Jinwoo.


Jinwoo who laughed and answered, sat on the opposite side of Yoo Jin-ho.

“What happened suddenly without saying so?”

Jin-woo’s gaze, saying so, swiped through the cup of Suzu-jan and half-empty Suzu-ji in the hands of Yu Jin-ho for a moment.

‘I can not drink …’

I did not know what I had in mind, but it seemed like Jinho needed a great deal of preparation.

Yu Jin – ho, hesitant, pulled out a small box in his arms and opened it.

There was a luxurious ring inside.



“I’m going to propose to you this time!”


‘That was the story.’

Also, Jin-a is confused because he is confused, and he will laid out a lot of complaints.

Yoo Jin-ho, who misunderstood the intention of the smile, gave strength to the eyes that had become dizzy.

“brother! I’m really serious. I will confess today. by the way… Do you think this ring, Jin-ah, would you like? ”

If you think that Jinah is going to confess when she thinks that she was grunting alone at home, she would surely be happy.

For the exhilaration after confession, Jinwoo purposely answered ambiguously.

“Well… I’m a little out of the way. ”


Yoo Jin-ho tilted his head as if it was painful and then lifted his face again.

“It’s okay, though. brother. In fact, I do not know what to do, so I have a lot of gifts. ”

I mean, is not it that you take out a big envelope of paper?

What came out of the envelope was the bird’s eye view of the building.

“Actually, I’m building a building on our premises. When Jin-ah finishes the course of specialization, I have a hospital here …”


Jinwoo cut the words of Yoo Jin-ho on the bird’s eye view that I saw many times.

“Have you ever … The estimated price is 30 billion? ”

Yoo Jin-ho, surprised at the beauty, circled his eyes.

“No, how did you …”

Of course, it was the same.

It is a bird’s eye view of the building that Yoo Jin-ho proposed in exchange for making himself a guild master in the disappearing time zone.

Jin-woo pushed aside the laughing effort.

Yoo Jin-ho, who had seen her face and made a quick excuse.

“Brother, I’m still in the position to learn about my father, so I can only do this to Mr. Jin …”

“No, it is not. Jin Ho. ”


Jinwoo said seriously that Yujin no longer misunderstood.

“You do not have to struggle to have so many. You’re a good guy, you just have to show him what he is. ”

“…..”Yoo Jin-ho, who had become a dumb-nosed dick in a word of Jin-woo, began to cry.


One beat late.

Jinwoo, who remembered Yu Jin-ho’s drinking habits, felt ominous.

just as expected.

“Could I have a hug, brother?”

“Can not be done.”

I knew it.

Yu Jin-ho, who was reddened to the tip of his nose, was tearfully touched.


However, Yoo Jin – ho, who could not reach Jin – woo because of his skillful defenses reaching out with one hand, calmed down the barely – armed feelings and returned to his place.

“It’s awful.”

Watching Yu Jin-ho smile, Jin-woo laughed.

He is a little bit of a brother, but he still knew.

Yu Jin-ho’s shows at the moment his life depended on the stance.

When you were forced to make a choice in a Class C dungeon with a scammer, even when you were tortured by a S-class Hunter who was blinded by revenge.

Yoo Jin-ho always chose righteousness rather than his comfort.

nice guy.

That was the evaluation of Jinwoo who watched Yu Jin for a long time.

Jinu followed his drink to his empty cup.

“Would you like to pray for success?”


Yoo Jin-ho looked up and came out with a cup.

“If the proposal succeeds, we become a real family. How about a toast and a wish for success? ”

“Brother and real family …”

Yoo Jin-ho, who had a wet face for a while, lifted the cup and gazed at Jin-woo’s left hand.

Yujin knows well what is in the black glove that covers his left hand.

“that… brother.”


“If you do not mind, can I ask you one?”

“However much.”

Yu Jin-ho, who was tearing Jinwoo’s left hand, gave courage.

“The wound in his hand … What have you done to such a bad wound? ”

A terrible wound that reminds me of severe pain at a glance.

It is not usually an accident that caused such a burn.

So the question that I could not easily ask in the meantime, Yoo Jin-ho took a hard time to borrow the technique.


Jinwoo looked at his left hand for a while and laughed.

“Save the world.”

Jinwoo’s gaze has already been toward Yu Jin-ho.

Jin-woo laughed lightly in the answer of Jin-woo, who was saying nothing.

“My brother is true, I am also joking …”

Jinwoo also laughed without further explanation.

Yoo Jin-ho, who soon realized that Jin-woo’s hand held the cup for a long time, lifted his cup high.

“For a successful proposal!”

Jinwoo brought his cup to him and gave him good luck.

“For a successful proposal.”

Clan. The two who struck the cup emptied their cups.

Unlike Yu Jin-ho, who is frowning in the bitter taste of Suzhou, Jin-woo smiles bitterly and puts an empty cup on the table.

‘I want to take some good days …’

Absolute power was not just good.


‘Oh yeah.”

Yoo Jin-ho made a speech about whether Jin-woo’s family reminded him of the word “family.”

“Your brother is well?”

“Yes, I do.”

“What is the guardian? I have to go to see the guard. Are you just walking around? ”

Jinwoo smiled and shook his head.

“no. I’m still crawling for six months. ”

“It’s strange. My brother and my sister-in-law seemed to be able to run as soon as I was born. ”

“What did you think of our married couple?”


Yoo Jin-ho laughed and laughed as he laughed at the back of his head.

Then, when the child was young, it was very hard to tell where the child heard the story.

“So you’re going to have to go soon?”

“Well… Would that be? ”

Jin-woo also wanted to see Haein and his son Suho waiting for him in the words “family”.

* * * Houses located outside the city.

Jinwoo arrived at home and parked his car near by.

Sake. It was a big house that could not be saved by the salary of the detective.

Because the person living in the house was a sports idol who never once knew in the Republic of Korea, he could not have any doubt.

In fact, the fact that those who built the house were not people was the secret of Jinwoo and Hainin.

As Jinwoo entered the house, I could see the two army chiefs firing from the entrance.

Belion and Eritt did not leave each other face to face without making concessions.

Soon Hain came out holding his son ‘s guard.


Jinwoo laughed, shook the guard from the Hainan and shook it.


“Bar -!”

Suho laughed and laughed at him.

Jinwoo, who embraced his patience with one shoulder, pointed to the officers.

“Why are they?”


Jin was hesitant to answer with a laugh trying to escape, but Jinwoo could understand the situation immediately.

Belion shot this grit and said.

[You should not teach a sword man how to write a sword. Do you think that’s a word, Grit?]

However, this grit’s opponent against Vellion was also tremendous.

[In this world, sexuality is a skill, Belleon.]

I was listening to a study book for infants when I ordered one of these grit hands.

The fighting of two tight soldiers has been overwhelming.

Jin-woo, who watched the two with his face, said one step closer.


When the officers learned that Jinwoo was approaching his nose, he suddenly turned to Jinwoo and knelt down.

[Lord!] [Lord!]

“I like swordsmanship and study, so why do not you worry after you have a chance to walk a little?”

Bellion and Lee Grit looked at each other for a moment and immediately bowed to Jun-woo.

[Good luck.] [That’s right, lord.]


As he held up his guard, he laughed, and his patron laughed.


I did not know who was rich, I smiled like a pigeon laughing at a smile like a picture taken from a factory.

This was a quiet day for the Jinwoo family.

* * * Lee Sohwahn, who came in as his successor, also began to get used to the criminal offense. Jinwoo was called to the chief.

Looking at the senior detective who walked from the chief room and sent an unbelievable eye, it seemed that it was never a good idea.

Jin-woo went completely out of the room and closed the door to the chief.

“Did you call?”

The chief who looked out the window did not look back and said Najik.

“There are still rumors going around that other criminal cases …”

I knew it.

Somehow I smelled the smell from your eyes.

Jinwoo swallowed her cock into her.

Soon the chief turned to Jinwoo and sent a grinning smile.

“Only on the line that does not buy the cause of other detectives properly, Sir Hunter.”

It was Woo Jin-cheol who was the youngest ever.


There was a lot of Jin-woo’s efforts that helped Woo Jin-chul in many cases.

Jinwoo laughed and corrected Woo Jin Chul’s words.

“It’s not Hunter anymore, Chief.”

“Still, I am still comfortable calling Hunter as Hunter.”

Woo Jin-cheol, who was looking at the documents on the desk, said that.

“Do you know that a few days ago, the father who was the protector of the suicidal woman suddenly disappeared?”

“…Is that so.”

“And coincidentally, all the CCTV around the house where he lives caused all the errors.”

“Such a coincidence.”

Jin-woo burst into laughter and Woojin-chul throws the documents into the trash.

“No matter what St. Hunter does, I believe in Hunter.”

Jinwoo showed his gratitude to him for a moment of gratitude for the trust that Woo Jin-cheol sends.


“Actually, I did not call Hunter because of this …”

Woo Jinchul put out a note that I had put on one side of my desk.

There was a hospital name and a lake in the room.

“…I think you want to know. ”

“What is this?”

When Jin-woo asked, he said as if Woo-chul waited.

“It is the president of Kun-hee association, not Mr. Kun-hee who is critical.”

This is the second time that Jinwoo visited Kanghee’s ward.

About ten years ago. Jinwoo saved the life of Kun-hee, who was lying in bed with the ‘new life of life’ she used to save her mother’s life.

Again, facing face to face with death, I was confronted.

As a second visit, Kogane was not surprised at this time.

He touched the oxygen respirator blocking his mouth.

Jin-hee carefully took off his respiratory system and Kun-hee breathed a sigh of relief and carried on the words with difficulty.

“Again, I was given a young man … In fact, I’ve been looking for you for a long, long time. ”

I asked Jinwoo, who was gazing at the image.

“If the President wants treatment of the disease.”

Before I could say that I was going to treat the illness once more, Koge Hee shook his head.

“I… I lived a long time. I’ve done everything I have to do for the past ten years you’ve given me. That’s enough. ”

Goh Kun-hee, who became a president of the Hunter Society after organizing his own business in a time zone that disappeared, has been working as an exemplary entrepreneur in the current philanthropic business.

And now he did not want his life any longer.

What he wanted was totally different from what people thought.

“To you … There is one favor. ”

Jinwoo nodded his head.

Then Kanghee looked at Jinwoo with earnest eyes and said.

“Did you say there was a world I fought with you?”

Jinwoo once again silently nodded “Can you show me that time? I want to know. What I was like, and what you were like … ”

“It may be that you do not want to be reminded.”

“It’s all right. I just want to regain lost memory. ”

Jin Woo, who confirmed his enthusiasm in the face of Ko Kun-hee, caught his hand.


The memories of the disappearing time zone flowed into the mind of Kun-hee like a tsunami.


Tears flowed from the eyes of the president of Koguryo.

I slowly pulled out the hood I was using to press Jinwoo and showed a face to the president of Kun-hee.

Jin-hee’s president, who was firmly in the hands of Jin-woo, shed tears when he saw his face.

“Hunter and I … I’ll meet again. ”

Jinwoo gently wrapped the hand of the president of Kun-hee, panting his breath hard.

Phenomena – Katsu – kou – kun ‘s head turned back to the ceiling of the room.

“really… I am with young heroes like you … ”

Satisfactory voice.

He was delighted with the emotions rising from the bottom of his chest, and Kanghee was quietly breathing with tears.

A little tears came from Jinwoo and Kanghee’s eyelids were wrapped around him.

Soon the machine announced the patient’s dying.

Pirate – When surprised doctors came into the room, it was after a suspicious visitor had disappeared.

While Jinwu was walking down the street, the bulletin board of the street was followed by breaking news of President Ko Kun-hee’s obituary.

The light of mourning passed on the face of many who saw the breaking news.

Previously, still now.

Ko Kun-hee was loved by many, and his death was remembered by many.

Jinwoo said good-bye to the image of Chairman Kang Hee.

‘Bye… You were also a hero who was dedicated to many. ‘

After a crowded streets, Jinwoo walked in a rare direction.

Every time the wind passed, the fallen leaves fell off the water.

Winter is coming soon.

‘And spring will come again.’

Looking at the scattering leaves, the thoughtful Jin-wook lifted the phone ringing hard.

It was Hin’s phone.


There was a horribly urgent voice calling her.

– Wow, honey! Guardian! Our patron!

What happened to the house the two captains guarded?

In an unbelievable situation, the voice of Jin-woo also grew.

“Why the guard?”


Hain also cried out as unbelievable.

– I’m flying now!

“What?” – Suho is flying home now!


A few days ago, the words I heard from Yu Jin – ho passed me through my head.

– It’s strange. My brother and my sister seemed to be able to run as soon as I was born.

Jinwoo, who came up with a word, stopped talking and stopped.

– Uh, what do we do?

I heard the voice of my wife, who was upset, so it seemed strange that laughter would burst.

Jinwoo once tried to calm down from the sea.

“OK. Do not worry. “- Yeah?

“I’ll teach the guard from the beginning to fly.” -you…… Could it be me?

Ah. Did not you say that yet?

When I was traveling with Hain in the disappearing time zone, I was not accustomed to flying as much as I used to, so I was usually riding in a dyke ‘Kai-shell’.

After all, the back of the crowd laughed.

Autumnal leaves, shaken by the wind, once again fell on the floodgates.

When autumn comes, winter comes, and spring comes.

Everything has a beginning and an end, and there is another beginning at the end.


– Su, Suh, that’s not it!


The winter of Jinwoo House was still far away.

[I alone level up, abduction]

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