Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 261

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 261

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Abroad 20. Twelve years after the finalization, (2) a shadows of a woman who has not yet taken off her daughter ‘s tea from a crowded puddle have risen sharply.

The shadow of a woman dropping a drop of blood from the end of a long hair is a painful moan about the situation as it is confused.

[Ah… Ah…!]

It will be painful for me to remember my memory when I die.

Jinwoo once calmed the shadows with the authority of the Shadow Monarch.

“Do not be afraid.”

You are now away from the bridges of life and pain.

In the warm voice of the king, women gradually came to rest.

For the shadow of a woman who died when she died, Jinwu made clothes to cover with darkness and wrapped her around.


She carefully grabbed the clothes on her shoulders.

Her name is Seo Jin.

Jin-woo, who resurrected her original name to the shadows, started asking questions.

“you are… Have you cut off your life? ”

No shadow, no nodding, nodded his head.

Jin-woo, who was putting one knee on the floor in line with her eye level, looked at her face and nagged.

“The reason is?”


Her lips, which were firmly closed like a freeze, opened.

[I am….]

* * * Ding Dong.

At the sound of a doorbell ringing late at night, the middle – aged man returned the tabletop frame with a picture of her daughter in place.

‘Who is this time …?’

He stood in front of the interphone.

On the screen shining outside the door was a man dressed up neatly dressed.

If you are looking for a strange thing, are you wearing black gloves on your left hand?

Middle-aged men pressed the call button without any doubt.

Beep. Then the man took out his ID and showed it.

– It is Sung Jin-woo of the Chungbuk Dojo. I have to ask you about your daughter. Can you give me some time now?

The photo of the ID card and the face on the screen matched.

In the words of the detective, the middle – aged man opened the door hastily, forgetting that it was too late for the guest to arrive.

“Did you get the results? How did your daughter die? ”

Seo Jin, the father of Seo Jin, looked down at Seo Gyu-nam’s face and shook his head.

“There is nothing yet to be revealed. I just want to ask you some questions about your daughter. ”

To the father of the deceased who became a little disappointed expression to say that nothing was revealed.

Jinwu asked quietly.

“Will you come with me?”

Seo Gyu-nam, who seemed to be having trouble for a while.

“It should. If I can help her to reveal her daughter’s death, that should be true. ”

He went out and locked the door and turned to Jinwoo.

“let’s go.”

A short nod, Jin-woo turned.


* * * Unlike the expectation of Seo Gyu-soo, who thought he was going to the police station, the two went into a nearby cafe.

When asked why it was a cafe, the detective had only an ambiguous answer: “I need a place to talk quietly.”

like that.

Jinwoo and Seokgyu sat in the middle of the table.

He asked a heavy expression of Seung-nam.

“What kind of student was Seo Jin Lee usually?”


“Is there anyone who might have a grudge against your daughter …?”

Seo Gyu-nam, who grasped the purpose of the question late, greatly out of hand.

“No, it is not. It is not a child who would never do something that would be a shame to someone else. How nice and pure a child … ”

Seo Gyu, who answered all the questions there, began to feel his nose bowing.

How long has it been?

Seo Gyu Nam, whose shoulder trembling stopped, slowly looked up.

“I’m sorry, Detective. I still can not believe that my daughter had gone that way … ”

“Jean saved a lot of sheep.”

“of course. You may know, but Jin is not my own. So, like his own daughter, he is a daughter who loved and loved more than his own daughter. ”

He dropped his gaze and squeezed his sadness and swallowed him.

“If it hurts, it hurts.

Unlike Seo Gyu-nam, who showed a strong emotional expression, Jinwoo, who was staring at him from the beginning to the end, took out his cellphone in his arms.

“I discovered one voice file while I was investigating your daughter’s remains.”


“Let’s hear it.”

Jinwoo gave me the voice of the shadow I had recorded by pressing the play button.

-I am…

It was evidence of terrible abuse she had received from her stepfather since she was a child.

Throughout the testimony.

Seo – kyun ‘s pupil, who had been acting like a sad father who had lost his daughter just before, was constantly shaken.

She was deliberately involved in a university in a distant area and believed she had escaped her father’s harassment.

Whenever I started to fly again saying ‘I want to see you’ I finally decided to die because I contacted my stepfather.

She took her own life.

There was a man who drove her into such a position.

Tick. When the playback of the voice file was finished, the rest of the voice heard the hardened face.

“This … Why are you telling me? ”

It was a person who was more conspicuous than others.


If it was the purpose of arresting yourself, it would be enough if you had handcuffed some more police officers. But the detective came into the cafe, saying that instead of taking each other, I needed a place to talk quietly.

Obviously, the detective in front of me had a purpose for something else.

And finally, the detective who was expressionless as if he was answering his intuition finally smiled.

“You have two choices.”

There is an option!

In the crisis of desperation, he grabbed his fist with a word like “Dongjaeul” that heaven gave.


The detective was speaking.

“One is acknowledging all the sins and embroidering with each other.”

“then… The other one? ”

“Instead of acknowledging sin, you have to pay a reasonable price.”

Seo-gyu had to endure the laughter that was going to burst out intensely from the deepest part of his heart.

Oh my gosh.

Even if the sky collapses, there is a hole to rise.

The detective who unleashed his ugly crime was so grateful that he was the sort of human being!

He was a doctor who had never lived a life of his own.

There was an economical margin to pay the police enough, no matter how much they wanted.

Seo Gyu stayed up trying to hide his tongue climbing up and down.

“How much will it be?”

“That’s enough.”

Jinwoo laughed and laughed his cell phone in his cell phone.

For Jin-woo, who knows how many people have just regretted this choice, it was only a man who had a laugh in front of him now.

Jinwoo’s expression changed in an instant.


Jinwoo’s smile disappeared from the face of Jinwoo, and a huge amount of exhaustion arose.

“In fact, this is not the world you live in. I am a different world that I decorated like the outside world for a while. ”

The land of the dead who can not lift their feet without the permission of their masters. The area of rest.

From now on, it is the name of a prison that will imprison you, Jinwoo added a calmly explained explanation.

Suddenly, Jeong ‘s attitude and unexplainable explanation made him look embarrassed.

“No, Detective, what the …?”

“Think carefully.”

In the bloody eyes of Jin-woo, Seo-gyu’s breath began to close.

“Can you remember how I got here?”

Come to think of it.

Along with the creeping spine, he noticed the disturbance.


Why do not you see any people in this cafe where the fire is on, except for yourself and the detective who does not know this identity?

If the guest is so, and the owner, or the owner, may not exist, should not there be a traveler in the street?

However, there was no trace of man anywhere beyond the glass wall of the building.


When he noticed the slightest thing that happened to him. All is gone and the darkness is left.

What remains in the dark darkness is two tables and chairs. And just yourself and the criminal sitting on the chair.

“Uh, uh ah!”

Seo Gyu-gyu, who woke up from his chair, fell back with his tired face.

“Da, what are you! Is this a dream? Is it a dream? ”

Seo Gyu, the rest of Jin-woo, shivered and wrote evil.

However, his backward stance did not last long.

Took. He hit something hard on the wall and turned his head, feeling a horrible creep.

Then the wall moved.

No, the huge ant that stood firm like a wall moved.

The ant was putting his face on Seo Gyunnam and quietly put his index finger in front of his mouth.

[Shh -] That moment.

“town! Wow …! ”

The dozens of ant arms stretched out in the dark grabbed him and dragged him somewhere.

He would probably have suffered horribly enough to die, but he could not close his eyes easily.

The shadow of his punishment is both the best soldier and the best healer.


Berga bowed loosely to his lord and returned to the darkness.

‘…’Seo Gyu, who was gazing at the disappearance of the disappearance of the character, slowly got up.

This time from the back, not the front.

Another person hiding in the dark and watching everything walked out.

It was Jin.

She knew about the fact that the victim ‘s suffering did not disappear even if she gave any pain to the perpetrator.

But if this can be a comfort to your heart a little …

As she approached her, Jin put her fingers on her head and erased her memory of her stepfather.

[Thank you. Thank you, Lord.]

The shadow shook his head several times.

She was reborn as a shadow, and instinctively knew what Jinwu was, but Jinwoo had no intention of writing her as a new shadow soldier.

So now it is time to send her back to the world of radish.

Before the moment of farewell, Jinwu asked affectionately.

“Do not you want to say more?”

Oh, the shadow that stood across the top of my head.

[Perhaps… Can I ask you a favor if it does not work?]

* * * next day. Jin-woo called Jin-yi’s friend who came to the office from the morning to the corridor outside the office.

“In terms of circumstance, there is little chance of being hit. The investigation will end soon. ”

The friend who looked at Jinwoo with the expression that it is hard to believe asked again with the feeling that it is grabbed even if it is straw.

“Really… Is not there another 1 percent chance? ”

Jinwoo moved his head up and down silently instead of the answer.

My friend’s head fell off.

She had a lot of stories to say, but swallowed her face with a gloomy face as if she did not come out of her mouth.

“Then Jin is …”

Jinwoo looked at her for a moment and put out a gift wrapped in cute wrapping paper.


“That’s your friend’s name, right?”


A gift that the victim carefully prepared for his birthday. A gift that would not have been able to enter the owner ‘s hand came to his place.

“This is Jane …?”

“Yes, I think it would be nice to have a gift to transfer to the owner.”

“Ah… Thank you.”

My friend was tearful and thankful to Jinwoo.

An hour before Jin draws his wrist. If her father ‘s black – and – white characters did not arrive at her cell phone, could they enjoy her birthday party as planned?

With a lot of thoughts in mind, Jin-woo turned his gaze to a distant place and felt the vibration of his pocket.

“for a bit.”

As soon as Jinwu turns around and answers the call to his friend.


I heard a nice voice over the receiver.

– Yes, Yu Jin Ho!

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