Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 260

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 260

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Abduction 19 finalization. Twelve years later (1) There is a detective called ‘ghost’ in the Central police station homicide.

Lee Se-hwan, a new detective Lee Se-hwan, who applied to the criminal department through the public subscription this year, has always heard such rumors since he worked as a police officer.

The arrest rate is 200 percent.

In front of the ‘ghosts’ of catching the criminals of the past events that had been left as well as the events of his own, no tyrannical or gangsters would become innocent sheep.

For the cops in the vicinity, he was a subject of longing and a legend.

Even if you can get promoted, are you going to rumor that you refused promotion to concentrate on your work?

‘Of course, no one really refuses to be promoted.’

But even if half of the rumors are truthful, it must be a great detective. In the envy of the copycat motives, Lee Se-hwan, who came to the Central Jilin Homicide, swallowed his dry spit as he looked around his office, who would be the detective of the rumor.

Men with intense impressions, such as powerful criminals and criminal detectives living together as an army, have sent a keen eye toward unfamiliar visitors.

Some of them will not be awkward to be called ‘ghosts’.

‘Everyone’s eyes …’

I was troubled by the veterans’ gaze, but I was worried that they would be able to stay here well.

“uh… You’re new to coming here? ”

Lee Sawhwan, who jumped into the voice heard from behind without a warning, rushed and saluted.


“Ah, you do not have to be so nervous. Now everyone is a family. ”

A middle – aged man holding two cups of coffee with coffee served one of them to Lee.

“It’s a service.”

“Thank you!”

Lee has bowed his head and accepted coffee.

The warmth seemed to come from the phone call of the family who lived alone in an isolated place and wanted to see.

Is it because I feel a little easier with a cup of warm coffee?

Lee Sawhwan, who had noticed the coffee while sipping it, asked the senior who had just given out the coffee.

“that… I greeted the boss and told me that I will be moving with you later … ”

“Ah, the ‘ghost’?”


Lee was able to barely cope with the coffee that was pouring out into his mouth and nose.

“It was a nickname we attached to it because it was a new escape, and we knew it from another day. Have you heard that? ”

“Yes, yes.”

I saw Lee Sawhwan nodding his head repeatedly and laughed.

“Actually, the coffee I gave him was for him.”

The elderly man who was poking out of the corridor laughed as he laughed in the far direction.

“The tiger came to me, too. Here comes. ”

Lee, who did not win curiosity, rushed to the corridor in an urgent way and turned his head toward the senior.

Then, at the end of the corridor, I saw a man slowly approaching this way.

‘That man …’

His opponent was not in a hurry, but when he was in his mind, he was already standing before his eyes.


Lee Se-hwan looked up at one of the bigger detectives and felt a strange sense of pressure as if his breath was blocked.

‘The ghost of the central government …’

The nickname is not because he is outdated.

Lee was convinced that he met the man of the rumor.


“Oh, yes. Work out? ”

“Work. Is this the new guy? ”

“Yes, it is. This is Lee.

Jin-woo bowed briefly to his elder sister, Lee Se-hwan, and turned the frozen Lee Sae-hwan and raised his hand on his shoulder.

“I’ll come and teach you this guy.”

The man who looks good, nodded his head with a single single smile.

“Oh. Go, go. ”

It was horrible that the seniors’ greetings dropped, and Jinwoo went outside with a new chick who was entrusted to him.

‘Do not you mean I’m not angry that you drank your coffee?’

When such an idea slipped into my head, Lee asked me everything urgently.

“Stand up, you! Where are you going now? ”

But the question came back instead.

“Why are you a cop?”

“Ah… I am…”

Lee hesitated and remembers his dream that he had forgotten about wrestling with the audience in the earth for several years.

“I want to grab bad guys …”


While exchanging conversation with the newcomer, Jin-woo, who led him somewhere, finally stopped.

“I’m going to do it now.”

When Lee raised his head, Jinwu made a distinctive smile.

Each. A smile that puts your heart just by looking.

Jinwoo looked at the new enthusiast and laughed.

“So I became a police officer.”

The heart of Lee So – hwan swung to a word.


It was the first time I heard that it was not too much for me to live near the end of the year.

The ‘ghost’ learns to catch criminals.

How can a proper cop fail to breed?

“Are you going?”

Lee answered with an excited face.

“Of course, sir!”

* * * Lee Se-hwan, who was in a state of exhaustion as he was going to catch all the day-long prisoners, fell asleep on his desk.

Originally, he was going to leave the records of the criminals he took.


Jin stopped his hand writing down the letter and looked at Lee Sahwan, who was sleeping hard.

‘I had a burglar with my bare hands, and I have a taste to teach.’

After a long time a pretty usable guy came in and smiled naturally.

“That’s right.”

Jinwoo smiled as he saw the smile on his face and misunderstood that he was getting better.

Then Jin-wook’s face hardened.

“…Why are you laughing? ”

“Sin, I’m sorry.”

“Then the next …”

The moment Jinwoo’s finger goes back to the keyboard.

[Lord, that shit is to be given to our soldiers …]

I heard the voice of this grit in the shadow.

It is easy to write soldiers.

If you teach criminals to unleash criminals by unleashing thousands of soldiers, you can clean all of Korea at once.

But what about confusion and fear to follow?

Everything must be balanced.

So Jinwoo was using his power as much as possible so that he would not be shocked by society.

By the time the arrangement of the officers is almost finished.

However, the newcomer is still out of the dream room.

She listened to the voices coming from one side of the office.

“Detective, Jin is not a child who will never commit suicide.”

“No, I know your heart, but I explained it to you! All the evidence … ”

“Look, this character here! Do you see this as a character you can send someone to commit suicide in three hours? ”

“Ha …”

Was the name of the deceased similar to his brother’s name?

Jinwoo was concerned about the reason why the conversation of two people which did not lead at all before.

The detective, tired of overwork, reacted nervously.

“Hey, buddy! Originally, suicide is improvisational rather than planned … ”

“Can I see it?”

The detective was amazed at Jinwoo, who came from behind, without any hesitation.

It is the criminals who are able to see whether or not the person has committed a crime, even if they meet with their eyes only once.

Even such detectives can not recognize access at all, so ghosts are bound to get a nickname.

“Sex detective …”

The detective moved his eyes again rather than turn around with an embarrassed face, and saw the hope that appeared on the face of his deceased friend.


The detective who instinctively felt that his position would become difficult quietly summoned Jin-woo.

He handed Jinwoo a related file and pulled out a cigarette.

“Sex detective … Do not make me difficult. ”

“……”However, Jinwoo ‘s gaze on turning the file around without asking for his favor was gradually getting worn out.

The detective tried to ignite the cigarette and stood astonishingly at the energy that felt from Jinwoo.

‘When you concentrate on this, you seem like a completely different person …’

Seeking to calm the trembling chest, the detective sucked the smoke of a red – lighted cigarette.

A woman found in a bathtub died of bleeding from a large wound on her wrist.

The knife that was used to draw the wrist was found in the bathroom and, of course, if it was natural, there was only the fingerprint of the person without the fingerprint of the other person.

The deceased, who was usually seen as a bright person, was actually depressed.

It is not uncommon for criminals to look at these results and to think of other results without suicide.

Jinwu handed the file to the landlord.

“There is no strange thing.”

“Is not that right?”

Somehow the detective accepted the file with pleasure.



I was serious about the face of the senior who is questioned by the feeling of not understanding.

“I’ll check it out once.”


The ghost smelled.

Looking at the back of Jinwoo who is walking toward a friend of the deceased who is anxiously waiting.

The detective scratched the back of his head and grunted.

‘Is not he really tired?’

A friend of the deceased who was dropping his gaze to the floor listened to his voice.

“This is Detective Sung Jin Woo. Would you like to see me for a moment? ”

A friend nodded with a spooky face where hope and sorrow seemed to intersect.


In a quiet house empty without a master.

One black shadow rose.

It was Jinwoo.

The apartment looks a little big for a woman to live alone.

There was still warmth throughout her apartment when she was still alive.

Late at night.

The surroundings were dark as black, but there was no need to turn on the lights.

There was no difference in Jinwoo from daylight.

Jinwoo went to the bathroom where she had come to the last.

The unpleasant dark smell of blood stuck his nose.

Standing in front of the place where the deceased was ready to die, Jin watched the bathtub quietly.

The blood was full of blood around him, so he felt the pain of death.


I can only imagine the pain, I can not feel the pain. How the death of the dead chose death, and how painful the moment of death was.

The remnant does not know.

Usually …

She looked down at the blood and looked at the blood, and she remembered the last letter she sent to her friend.

The letter was filled with anticipation of a meeting with a friend soon.

I did not see it as a message from a person who would soon die like a friend.

Maybe a friend wanted to believe. She would not have chosen death without a word of goodbye.


The remnant does not know what the dead person wanted to say.

Mostly, usually.


Jinwoo had a way to hear the voice of the dead.

‘I used to need a body before …’

Let Jinwoo give instructions.

The blood that was black and solid turned into sword-red liquid and began to flow around.

The bloodstains that were just traces were gathered and gathered and became a boiling deep blood pool.

As if it were alive, the blood moved itself and multiplied the proliferation.

Towards the trail of the dead, the King of the Dead, the Shadow Monarch, gave an absolute command that could not be rebelled.

“Get up.”

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