Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 253

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 253

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Deciding on an abduction war 12 ‘It’ suddenly appeared.

One day in April, when it was close to May, a call came to the US emergency call center.

– Oh, I’m a traveler across the desert.

It is common for travelers to get lost.

This phone was also a poor traveler wandering the streets in the middle of the desert.

“Have you been distressed?” -no. It is not.

“Then what’s wrong with you?” – No, no. I did not call because I had a problem, but I wanted to report what I saw.

The agent prepared to connect the telephone to the Emergency Response Center and responded as calm as possible so that the complainant would not panic.

“Is it an emergency? Do you want to send someone? “- Emergency … Should I? I honestly do not know how to explain this.

The agent confirmed the identity of the complainant in the voice of the complainant who seemed to hesitate a lot.

I did not see him as a funny phone caller when I saw his career, his family relations, and his report history.

“Teacher. If you explain what is happening, we can do the right thing for you. “-…

“Could you explain slowly to me?”

Then I heard a breathing sound like breathing through the receiver.

– Something is breaking. It’s a lot of gold.

Do you have buildings in the desert?

The counselor, who had a headache, asked again.

“Where are you going to crack now?” – I mean …

The voice, hesitating for a long time, came out as if he could not believe what he had seen.

– The sky … The sky is breaking!

* * * April.

The students are all in a busy season, but Jin-woo, especially ahead of the mid-term and track meet, was especially busy.

Jin-a brought a melon for a genie studying until late.

“Brother, my mom will eat this.”

Jin-woo, who was concentrating under the light of the stand, lifted his head.

“My father?”

“Dad is a night watch from this week again.”

Jin took a plate of melons, and nodded his head.

Then he quietly pounded the footsteps and immediately snatched the head of his brother’s horses trying to get out of the room.



Jin asked the younger brother who turned his eyes round.

“Why are the parts of the middle guys gone?”

“I do not know …”

“The melon sticks on the lips.”


The face of his younger brother was cute because he was disturbed by the fact that he was caught, and he burst into laughter.

Jin-woo, who had put his thumb on the tip of the lips of Jin-a, scratched the playfully.

“One more time in the future to eat scraped apples, all day long, I will eat only the hard part of the melon instead.”

“Hiding … Okay. ”

Jin-woo turned around and stroked his brother’s head and sent Jin-a.

Jinha is now in the sixth grade of elementary school.

Jin-woo, who has already watched Jin-a’s growth process all along, has been only cute when he does anything.

It’s arching.

She touched the melon and she turned to the problem book again.

Then this Grit, who is always worried about his grades, has also sent his remarks.

[Lord, 24th issue is not that approaching …]

‘Check your answer sheet?’

[Let me think a little more, sir.]

‘…’I am very concerned about the owner.

‘Well, thanks to you, I do not bored while studying …’

It’s arching.

The more melancholy, the less the melancholy problem became.

Click, click.

How much time has passed?


Jinu sensed the creepy feeling and lifted his head.

‘What, where are you?’

Jin-woo, who had stood up from his seat, closed his eyes in the direction in which the abnormality was detected and focused his mind. …It was not an illusion.

The face of Jinwoo, who had come up with the worst family, got stuck.

‘The business card I received before …’

Jinwoo pulled out a business card that had been laid inside the school uniform bag.

It was the business card that the agent of the rulers left.

As soon as Jinwoo entered the number, he pressed the call button and the call was connected.

– Long time no see, Lord Shadow.

To the agent who would like to greet him with a nice voice, Jinwoo said the location of some place without emotion.

And added a word.

“Are you doing?”

Surprised agent replied quickly in an unexpected atmosphere.

– What do you mean … Let me check for a moment.

“…”The momentary moment was broken with the voice of the embarrassing agent.

– Well, not us. We just got to know you from the monarch’s contact. As you may know, the way you move with us is no different.

I knew it.

Fortunately, it was not the worst.

But that did not mean that the situation itself improved.

‘To the earth … Someone, or somebody, is coming. ‘

There is no way of knowing now whether they are in favor or hostile.

So, you have to prepare without excluding any possibility.

Jinwoo, who was holding onto his cell phone and was pondering, said.

“Will you come to me?”

At the end of the interview, Jinho answered that there was a story to meet.

– I’ll see you tomorrow.

* * * The place decided on the cafe where Yu Jin-ho first met personally.

Jinwoo arrived just in time for the appointment and arrived at the cafe to find an agent waiting for him.

Jinwoo entered the cafe and sat across the agent without sound.

When Jin-woo came into sight, the agent who learned late that Jin-woo had come was cautious.

As time has passed, Jinwoo went straight to the point.

“Things that are coming now … Do you have any idea what kind of people they are? ”

“Gentiles who have set foot in our world a while ago. I am kicked out of the army of heaven and they seem to have turned the rider here. ”

“Why are you coming here?”

“They are giant tribes that live on rocks of the stars that life can live in, and in their world they are called” giant tribes. ” It’s a reason to come to Earth. ”

Jinu nodded with his back on his chair.

“…It’s not a friend. ”

“That’s right.”

Their purpose was determined, and their direction was decided.

However, there were questions that were not solved yet.

“You did not have to use the cup of reincarnation before?”

There were gates and marshals in Jin-woo’s memory, but there was no raid by an alien race eating stars.

The agent who hesitated to answer the answer firmly admitted it.

“Yes, it is. In fact, the time I told you was not long ago was about the time when it was gone. ”

“In the past, the enemies who had to pursue your world turned to the earth?”


It is an agent to look at the way Jinwu is saying.

Jinwoo could see the reason immediately.

“I am the cause.”

“I’ve been following the trail of a monarch with a mighty force …” At least the rulers think so. ”

Just as one can see the light of a lighthouse on an ocean in front of the sea, the giants have come to this little planet following the enormous power of the Shadow Monarch.

The power that Jinwoo’s power should not exist in this world.

The part that the rulers worried about was revealed on the surface.

But the rulers who thought they had a big debt to Jinwoo had no intention of watching the earth crisis.

The agent made it clear.

“The rulers have begun the armies of heaven”

Jinwu shook his head.

“No, it’s too late.”

Even if it pierces the gate that connects this side and this side for at least a few years now. By that time, probably after everything is over.


“I will.”

It is my and my soldiers who stop them.

Jeon had confidence that he could do enough if enemies of the sky had defeated the enemy.

In the voice of the shadowy monarch, who pushed the shoulder hard, the agent swallowed the dry spit.

No power will want to put enemies in front of enemies.

The agent was sorry for the guys who were the ‘giant’.

By the way.

If this is not the case, why would this place be?

She looked as though she looked into the agent ‘s mind.

“What you asked me before … It was like when I had to answer. ”

“Alas. That’s right. ”

The rulers’ suggestion that they would provide a place where the mighty powers of Shadow Monarchs would not affect.

I was able to make a decision this time.

Looking at the expression of Jin-woo, who was determined, the agent nodded his head.

“I knew the Lord’s will well. As soon as this work is sorted out … ”

“I will stay here.”


The agent ‘s eyes grew in a decision that was completely different from what was expected.

But Jin-woo said with a light smile on his mouth.

“I also want to live here.”

I want to spend time in this world of family, friends, and people I want to meet.

Wu Jin-chul, president of the association, no, now I met him who became a detective Wu Jinchul certainly realized.

‘It’s a bit annoying to call me to eat together.’

It is still a good person.

Maybe the young detective who was pulled out together could have such a happy face.

I want to be with them.

Jinwoo thought that they wanted to laugh together in their gaps.

The agent who looked at Jinwoo ‘s smile laughed hysterically.

“Actually … It was a little boring to stay here. Fortunately, the. Now we can go back to our world. ”

1 year.

Short if short, long if long time.

His mission to remain in the land and wait for the decision of the Shadow Monarch is over.

Looking at the shadow monarch’s look, his decision seemed completely unlikely to be overturned.


The attorney rose from the spot with an unassuming face.

Then he leaned toward Jinwoo, the best hero who had finished the war of the two worlds.

“I would like to thank you for this world.”

* * * Jin-woo rummaging through the closet and scratching his side head.

“I’m in trouble …”

I could not see any clothes to cover my face.

Do it.

Hoodies and hats that I wore to cover the wounds of the face that I worked with as a low – grade hunter.

Jin-woo has created the desired clothes without many.

The black smoke surrounding his body became thick like a liquid, but it became a jacket with a hood that he used to wear before.

I pressed the hood down and stood in front of the mirror in the room.

‘How long is it, this …’

I felt like I was seeing myself in the past.

Soon, the lips under the hood smiled.


Preparation is over.

Jinwoo slowly slipped into the shadows of his feet.

* * * Desert zone in the western United States.

The US government, which thoroughly blocked neighboring areas, gathered randomly those who could be experts, but did not get a sharp answer.

“Well, this is …”

“I’ve been studying the weather for 30 years, but this is the first time I’ve seen it.”

How do the scholars in the first place explain the phenomenon that gold and gold in the atmosphere are gathering?

Kwajjik – At that moment, the air was breaking a little bit.

The US troops, once surrounded by the region, were nervous about preparing for one.

To add a little exaggeration, there was a troop capable of harvesting a country.

The commander replied confidently to the president ‘s call.

“Even if there is anything out there, we will take care of it. Yes, yes. It is bigger than the initial discovery … ”

The commander looking unintentionally toward the cracks found a man approaching.

The man who could not recognize his face because of the hood was walking straight toward this side.

“What’s that kid? How did you get in here? “- Any problems?

“no. I will contact you again soon. ”

The commander rushed to his office with his supporters.

“Hey, what are you?”

In the area completely blocked by the soldier, the ordinary citizen appears to be defenseless.

The commander’s face was annoyed by the annoyed situation.

By the way.

The man surrounded by armed soldiers was not afraid at all.

An uninvited person who came to the commander, Jinwoo told the commander.

“Please withdraw from here. This is dangerous. ”

Unfamiliar pronunciation.

‘Is it a foreigner?’

The commander, who frowned upon Mongan, gave strength to the neck with the requisite amount of scarecrow.

“Do you want to die? I do not know where the real danger is? ”

Where are you, long way.

Knowing that words are difficult to persuade, Jinwu has opened up his powers a little.

Then the soldiers who were watching the commander, his superiors, and Jinwu came to heaven at once.

“Uh, huh?”

The embarrassed commander rushed around.

There is only one man in the world who does not fall down and is on the ground.

Even the vehicle, mechanical equipment, and heavy tank were floated to the air for over a meter.

The eyes of the commander who witnessed things that could not be done were severely shaken.

“Uh, how?”

Jin-woo, who decided to do so, put them down on the ground.

But the commander pulled the gun as soon as he left. His excited voices ranged in the desert.

“What the hell are you?”

Jinwoo made it clear that he had no intention of fighting both hands under his shoulders and explained it carefully.

“Enemies with these powers will pour out of there. And…”

Jinwoo used the mana to take the pistol from the commander and lift it up next to his head.

When the pistol moved to Jin-woo, nervous soldiers were ready to launch, but the commander rushed up and dried them.


As the commander calmed down his men, Jin pulled the trigger of the pistol towards his head with the ‘invisible hand’.

Tang, Tang, Tang!

The bullets that could not reach Jinwoo’s body fell off the floor.

The eyes of the soldiers who were relying on one gun turned to the surprise.

I felt that their heart was freezing.

Jin-wook explains his eyes, amazed at their amazement.

“They do not have these weapons.”


Jinwoo’s gaze has been fixed to the hardened commander for a long time.

“Are you going to watch your men die without meaning?”

“I… What shall I do? ”

“As far as possible, defeat the soldiers. I’ll stay here. ”

“You alone … Do you mean to stop them from being enemies? ”

Alone …

Jin-woo nodded, unable to find a reason to explain it.

“…”The commander, clutching his mouth in his mouth, suddenly pulled out the extra pistol that he had been wearing in his back dancing and shot him to Jinwoo.

Tang, Tang, Tang, Tang!

The bullets fired from the commander’s fingertips also fell on the floor as soon as they reached Jinwoo.


No, is not that a monster?

The commander saw the miracle repeated several times and dropped the gun.

Soon he turned to the soldiers and made a loud voice to hear them all.

“Power withdraw! Move as fast as you can! ”

The officers informed the whole army of the commander ‘s will.



A well-trained army quickly disappeared into the battlefield.

Jinwoo, who watched them move away, turned toward a crack in the air.

I feel it.

The strong desire of the enemies who want to take this land and swallow it.

Their breathing was felt from far away.

The black heart that started to shake for a long time predicted the appearance of the enemy.

Jinu laughed and called out the daggers in the space.

soon. Bye – bye!

Giant rocks with rocks breaking the atmosphere with the impact of rocking the atmosphere took their feet to the ground.

They found a small creature that was spewing enemy from behind their feet at a late hour, and they snorted.

[What? Do you think that one of you will stop us?

This feeling.

Jinwoo closed his eyes and enjoyed the silence before the battle.

Throbbing, throbbing, throbbing, throbbing.

The heart is jumping.

Jinwoo said, releasing all his strength.

“Do I look alone?”

Then the shadow of the shadow of the shadow of the shadow of the land which had dyed the back ground suddenly rose.

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