Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 250

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 250

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(4) After the rain, did the land harden?

Though the original fighting and reconciliation will make the streets more intense, the boys’ perseverance with sweat and enthusiasm is much hotter and more sticky than the old saying.

“Unsorted, unblocked!”

At the dawn of the playground where the fog was littered all over the land.

“Jin-woo, are you sure?”

Jin Woo, who ran from beside Choi Tae-woong, replied coolly.

“I do!”

“Come on! Unsatisfied!

Choi Tae – woong shouted with a loud voice as he speeded up a little.

“Our goal is to win the national championship!”

“Our goal is nationwide …”

Officers who followed the voices of the allegations unwittingly questioned the slogan that was different from yesterday.

“opinion! Was not our goal winning regional competitions? ”

“Enough! The goal in front of the new ace is only a tune! again! Our goal is to win the national championship! ”

“National championship!”

“National championship!”


The captain squinted at the idol running behind him.

“Merchant, are you crying?”

“Oh, no!”

“Do not get mad, Ace in the second grade! Even though the aces on the track are changed, how will we be able to take over the whole country without you? ”

“hard… I will work hard, claim! ”

“Come on! National championship, national championship! ”

“National championship, national championship!”

“National championship, national championship!”

The face of Oh Young-gil, who had been admitted to Jinwoo along with Jinwoo in the middle of the race on the ground, was gradually becoming more speculative.

“Wow, wow, wow.”

I heard the rough breathing of the lonely road that I was breathing to the chin, and Jinwoo dragged his tongue into me.

I did not refuse to join the one-on-one won-on-one contest to raise the strength of the weak slang road.

It seemed like a matter of time to catch a person like this.

However, it is not easy to get out of the way of the soul among the seniors raised as the fraud is heightened. Jinwoo collected mana at his fingertips and poured it backward.

Mana chunks fly like a dandelion seed in the wind and went into the nose and mouth of the lane.

“…?”The effect of the mana that Jinwoo shed is instantaneous recovery of physical strength, temporary increase of muscular endurance, increase of power, increase of flexibility, increase of physical strength, etc …

It was a comprehensive buff gift set full of friendship.

In effect, this effect is enormous as it is a buff set of Lord Shadow monarchs, who have almost reigned in this area.

“uh? What? ”

The eyes of the slang road which sucked the buff increased.

‘Why, why? body… My body is hot! ”

The legs of Sang-gil, whose tendons rose, pushed the ground firmly.

Pod, Pot, Pot!

One, two, and the ones who were in the front pushed to the back of the sword.

“Oh oh-!”

Soon Sung-gil’s solo began.

‘Anit …?’

Choi Tae Woong, who was impressed when he saw the road that had gone far ahead, shouted.

“The new enthusiasts are burning like that, but what should be the things that seniors are so beautiful?”

“It’s not possible!”

“It’s not possible!”

“I chase a freshman with electricity, I carry it!”



He gave too much power to Sung-gil, and he worried about Jin-woo.

Today, the fireworks of the foot soldiers swept the playground.

* * * “Viper”, who was teaching life by the side of the school gate, looked up at the head and shoulders that were eager for morning training.

Unlike worry, Seong Jin-woo seemed to be adapting well to track and field activities without any problems.

I heard a thank you to the principal.

– The head supervisor told me that Mr. Park is always watching the student.

-Ah… Yes. – Is not that the problematic boy is so quiet, thanks to you? I am really sure because there is Mr. Park.


So far, Park Ki-sho-sensei, who had just fallen out of sight of Sung Jin-woo’s student or lost consciousness, wanted to become a bounty where the principal was giving water to the rest of the moment.

That’s what happened this morning. Park Ki-suk has been overwhelmed by the expectation the principal is putting on himself and his own situation that he can not even look at the student.

It is because.

Because of such circumstances, I had to make a loud noise to a person who was drunk and drunk and had no face.

‘Why did I …’

When that day came to mind, Park wanted to squeeze all his hair.

A few days ago, in the house of a goblet I felt frustrated.

“He, the ant monster, is it a monster that looks like a person, though the head is an ant?”

When the two men who were interrupted by the conversation looked at themselves at the same time, the spirit became clear.

“Ah… What did I say … Sorry, I took a lot. Two, share the story. ”

Park technology that bowed to the head and greeted politely and was going to return to the seat.

But Woo Jin Chul called him.


Woo Jin-cheol, who had just happened to be behind his back face to face, was put on his table with a chair next to him.

“That ant story … Could you tell me a little bit? ”

When I look at a student, where can I say that things seem strange?

Go to a psychiatric hospital?

Which parents would like a teacher in and out of psychiatry?

Park, who had not been able to speak to anyone anywhere and was suffering from his own troubles, tears his tears and confesses his position.

“I am a person who has taught students with this charismatic one. But where do you go? ”

I still have to say what I wanted to do, but it was cool.

I could afford to look around.

The two detectives on the side were listening earnestly to such low quality jokes.

Suddenly, Park Ki-Sik was curious about their circumstances.

“But … Why did the two detectives talk about monsters in these places? ”

Woo Jin-cheol, who exchanged his gaze with the youngest detective for a while, explained the situation.

Except for his experience of seeing real monsters.

“…So I ordered an investigation at the top, but it was not hard to catch clues. Now I really want to grab a straw. ”

Woojin chul took the business card out of his arms and said.

“I want to stop by the inquiry once, is it okay?”

“Oh, sure. Of course we should cooperate. Please come back anytime. ”

So the drink ended up being cheerful.

I think that after a while, I am worried about whether I have made a big job unnecessarily.

‘What kind of student is involved with embroidery cases …?’

It is also the boy who is out of school at dawn and is selling out for the activities.

I could not see the strange things in my eyes and I could not see them.

Then he told the teacher who was keeping the gatekeeper together.

“Yun, I’m sorry, but I was overcharged yesterday …”

“Haha, Mr. Park is also true. Come in and take a break. I’ll be here. ”

“Yes, thank you.”

Before entering, once again, Parke, who squinted to Jin, walked into the teacher ‘s teacher.

Until then Jinwoo, who did not show any interest in Park technology, moved his gaze to that side.

‘…’Nowadays a teacher ‘s gaze is becoming quite blatant.

That is something I can not help but mind.

In the dark.

The voice of the General Commander Belion came quietly.

[Lord … Would not it be better to erase that human memory and take away the power?

When I first came back from the gap in dimension after the war ended. The representative of the rulers advised Jinwoo, who had been touched by the emotion of stepping on his hometown for a long time.

The power of your master can have a tremendous impact on the world in very little.

So Jin-woo has avoided direct interference as much as possible except for the necessary work.

‘yet… Let’s watch it a little more. ‘

[Yes, sir.]

Jin-woo, who was gazing at the teacher’s entrance where the silent teacher was gone, turned around.

First, the landowners who started from the insane were beckoning to Jinwoo.

* * * In front of the gate, Wujin hesitated several times.

It was already a week ago that I received some unexpected information from the giblet house. From that time on, many thoughts have crossed.

I could just get rid of it as a nonsense teacher.

Sometimes, however, when there are sudden connections between things that seem to have nothing to do with, the clues that never seemed to be solved are released.

‘The monsters of the students who are seen only in the eyes of the embroiderers who met the monster and the teachers …’

Woojin Chul discovered a subtle connection between the two.

It was a criminal offense that could not be explained theoretically.

the problem is.

This is the biggest difficulty.

If so, what should I ask the student?

I could not ask a student named Sung Jin-woo for a monster.

But the question was too broad to ask.

– Do you know anything about Shadow Monsters? About ants standing like a person?

I could not figure out how to practice.

Looking at the notebook containing the diary of the investigation, Wujin took a sigh of relief.

‘It is a greed that I will not be treated as a crazy person while asking such a thing …’

Finally, after a long disturbance, Woojinchul turned his foot.

I do not know if it’s time to come up with another excuse next time.

So I turned around and woojincheul seemed to look at the floor unintentionally.

“_´. Among the detectives, the move that would have been missed if it was not Woo Jin-chul who had been evaluated as a staple.

The shadow just moved from this side of the tree to the school ‘s wall.

I saw clearly.

Woo Jin-chul turned his head toward the school with a feeling of goose spreading all over his body.

‘Something … There is something real! ‘

Woo Jin Chul decided hard.

You can be pointed out that you are out of your mind.

If you can see what the identity of this emptiness that sometimes comes to you.

Why do not you see the ant monsters for a while, if you can find out the exact reason why your mind is at ease.

Wu Jinchul stepped toward the inside of the door with his firm face.

* * * Same time.

Jinwoo was spinning around Sharp, listening to the geography lessons that several people were already nodding.

‘Have you seen the sentry?’

Woo Jin-cheol, president of the Hunter Association.

I do not remember my old memories, but one of my eyes was still visible.

Jinwoo closed his eyes and reminded him of his last look.

When I told him I was going to take the war with the monarchs alone, Wu Jinchul, who was crying and crying, was still alive.

When the president of the Koguryo Association was involved in the accident, his voice, which asked for his revenge, remained in his mind.

Is that so?

It would certainly be an uncomfortable visit to maintain the present life of living in impersonation.

Strangely, the smile that came to the mouth of Jinwoo was not easily erased.

Soon after, the voice of the teacher was surprised with the sound of knocking on the door of the classroom.

“Tongue, Detective?”

“It’s not a big deal. I just have a few questions to ask Sung Jin-woo. ”

Oh oh-!

The voice of the detective came and the elasticity flowed out of the mouths of the children, and everyone’s gaze turned to Jin-woo.

I came to come.

Until then, Jinwoo, who was closing his eyes, laughed and opened his eyes.

That moment.

Beyond the threshold of the classroom, Woo Jincheol faced one student.

Even if the geography teacher does not call out separately, at a glance, the student can recognize that it is Sungjin.

Throbbing, throbbing, throbbing.

Woo Jin-cheol’s heart began to beat.

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