Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 242

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 242

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I am a staff member of the Hunter Association. Anyone who is walking down the street should ask anybody.

What kind of job do you want to have in the future?

One hundred bags. One of three comes out.

Famous Hunter, large guild staff, and Hunter association staff.

A little less distant child will waste time each day, wishing to become a famous Hunter with no possibility.

A better child will want to be employed in a large guild that is salaried in proportion to his abilities.

The brightest kid will choose Hunter Association employees who are less likely to be cut off because they are treated as quasi – government officials, even though their pay is not as large as a large guild.

I was a smart kid.

It is also fairly.

So when I first said that I would go into the Hunter Society, my father and mother were slightly saddened, unlike my other parents.

My father said that he wanted a judge, and that his mother wanted to be a doctor.

Of course, I was not unaware of my parents’ desire to continue my career as my only son.

But I had a dream, and that dream made the biggest contribution to being a staff member of the Hunter Association.

– Why do you want to be part of the Hunter Association?

I am sitting at the office with a stiff, firm face.

I was nervous when I answered the question of the other interviewers in a mess and the question that brought back my mind that I was self-righteous came to my ear.

My eyes changed.

At least I remember that I gave myself as much power as I could see.

– Now, in many places, the Hunters are taking their lives and guarding civilians. if so… Where are the people who take their lives for the Hunters?

I wanted to be a part of the Hunter Association and stand on the side of protecting the Hunters, and I raised my voice.

Was the little elasticity that I was hearing from my side, and what I had heard in front of me was my nervousness?

However, I remember clearly the smile that had slipped into the mouth of the president of the association.

So I could be an employee of the Hunter Society, which I hope others will not be able to.

The first step in my dream of being a Hunter Association employee to keep the Hunters was successful.

I was excited.

I had a vague expectation that maybe everything would go as I wanted.

But on the first day of work, the fantasy of the Hunter Society was destroyed.

The idea that there was still something I could do for the Hunters was misleading.

It’s been 9 years since the awakeners, the gates, and the masques began to appear in the world.

A society that has already undergone numerous failures and trial and error has been entering a stabilization period, and it has not been possible for the staff of the association, which was just starting out as a member of society, to intervene there.

According to my hope that I would like to help the Hunters, the things that were waiting for me to be assigned to the “Support” section were all kinds of chores.

It is also a good thing to say that, unfortunately, the Hunters in the association was nothing but a quagmire.

– No, in the neighboring town, he gave the hunters coffee or snacks before the raid. What do we do?

– I have something to write urgently, but can not I just spend some money on this month’s prepayment?

– I did not have anyone to bring my kid to if I stuck to the raid today. Could you spare your work today?

It’s like this every time.

Some low-grade gates that do not have money should be handled by someone, but the number of hunters is limited and they have to adjust their moods.

If one of the hunters gets a claim, the worst day is awaited, and if Hunter, who made the claim, goes out of the Duckuk Association …

While running around in the field to prevent such a situation.

I was getting tired slowly and differently, and I was adapting as surely as I was exhausted.

Then one day. I had a helpless time and a call came to me.

Tilorro – Tilorro – Looking at the ringing call, this time was when some Hunter tried to make a complaint and called up so hard, lifting the receiver with a sigh.

As soon as I received the call, an excited voice burst out of the receiver.

– I told you not to let her go, why do not you keep saying it!

I do not know what the story is, but it’s all about apology.

“I’m sorry, Hunter. I think there was something wrong in the process of creating a raid team. Can you tell me slowly what is going on? “- No, slow down, this guy. I do not want to remove the invoice from my team? If you are a weak person and you are a hunter and you push your falling guy into our team, what are you doing back there? Next time I’ll just hit you!

One-sided phone call.

Having put the receiver on his head and put the receiver down, I started looking for Hunter’s data that he mentioned to prevent subsequent claims.

I refuse to follow the leader ‘s instructions, I do not feel well, I can not fight better than I thought.

The demand to change the team members was as common as the reasons for the diversity, and until then, I was thinking that it was not that easy.


‘Sung, Sung … Did you say your name is Jin? ”

When I saw the personal records of Sung Jin Hunter, I realized that something was going wrong.


Rank is E grade.

The horsepower figures are the lowest among the E-class hunters.

“If you look at the figures, this is just like ordinary people?”

Obviously, his record had a very serious injury date.

“Oh My God.”

I wrapped his file in surprise and my heart began to run wild.

This… This is wrong.

If I pretend not to see his situation here, he may soon die.

Suddenly I recalled the aspirations I said at the interview.

The hunters are putting their lives for the citizens, who lives and works for the hunters?

I nodded.

For the first time.

About a year after I came to the Hunter Society, I had my first job to do.

* * * The first thing I did was to visit my boss.

But from my predecessor to the boss of the boss, to the boss of the boss.

No one was willing to relate to the nuisance.

In the end, I had to go to the vice president of “support”.

“Sir, this is a matter of life for one person. It is not a problem to be solved by avoiding. ”

It was the expression that the exaggeration was disgusting to the appearance of the youngest who heard the usual words well and worked well.

But I did not stop talking.

“If the Hunter dies during the raid, how are you going to tell your family?”

“Huh, this man is an ominous …”

“That’s why Sung Jin Hun Hunter is in danger. Try. His hospital records. It is almost like a miracle that he is safe now. ”

“…”When I was looking through the materials that I pulled out for a while, the manager heard his head.

“Then you have to take action at the association level so that Mr.

“Yes, it is.”

Otherwise, if he continues to be a hunter, he will eventually die.

“You know what Hunter’s all about now?”

I nodded.

He knew that his mother was in the ICU and could not live a single day without life support.

He is also a member of the association, so you can get support for the treatment.

“However, the person who has suffered from waxing does not open his eyes again. Can not the living person die for the dead? ”

Many of them were still dying of ripe persimmon.

It was a pity, but he could not put him into limbo for his mother forever.

I have to live.

I was never willing to persuade the manager.

The chief finally nodded.


As soon as the face becomes bright, the manager added words to me.

“But if you persuade Sung Jin Hunter directly. If he says he will quit, he will. ”

The sea that was ready.

I did not even think of forcing him out without his consent.

The most difficult process ahead.


I nodded with a spirited face to the chief.

* * * Did I ever really do something so hard while I was alive?

I prepared a lot of data so I thought.

Not to make tremendous presentations in front of the high people, or to pass the tough exam.

Sung Jin Hunter To persuade a single person.

‘Twenty years old … He is six years younger than me. ”

Thanks to thorough preparation, I was somewhat confident.

Because there were a lot of grounds and materials in front of him to rebuke his recklessness that is bringing himself to death.

I listened to them one by one and thought to tell him why I should quit Hunter.

It is accompanied by admonition that I should value my own life as much as my mother’s life.

The little girl.

The door of the cafe opened and the face of the profile only came into the cafe.

As soon as I saw him I was stiff.

He looked up at me in the cafe and immediately found me and sat down slowly in my seat.


I could not get any words that I had prepared for him to say hello to me.

* * * “We did not do it.”

The manager shouted at me at once, and I frowned.

Whether it was because of Suzhou, or because my heart was heavy. The crumpled impression did not spread easily.

“still… Sir, is not it? You can not do that. The eyes of a 23-year-old young man should not be so. ”

I at least.

At least Hunter named Sung Jin-woo was confident that he would survive, or, on the contrary, knew that he would appear to be looking for someone to dry himself up.

No matter where he stands, I was confident to persuade him.

However, Sungjin was different.

He seems to be aware of his situation. While he was trembling in fear, he barely smiled as if he was overcoming it.


How do you push the back of a person who is beyond his fear to the edge of the cliff?

I could not.

And I realized that I could not blame the bosses for not doing what I could not do.

The manager, who was silently replenishing the soju, asked me.

“Why did you come to the Hunter Association?”

“I am…”

It was the first time I wanted to help the Hunters.

I dropped my head and remembered the incident of the day.

“I saw some news when I was young. It was an article about a Hunter who got trapped in the gate after finding his coworkers trapped at the gate. ”

A video of Hunters lying in the wet and lying beneath the amusement park where everyone should laugh and enjoy.

I was curious.

– Those people shed their blood like that and saved people, who are they saving?

My parents did not answer my question, and then I decided.

If no one can help them, let me help them.

Let me put my strength to prevent the hunters from being hurt or killed.

“But eventually I am the same.”

I have not been able to give any power to Sungjin Hunter who is facing the crisis of survival.

There was nothing I could do.

The manager who looked at me who was so self-inflicted put down the glass.

“But what if I still have something to do?”


I raised my head.

The manager gave me one of the senior awakening files I had in my bag.

“There are some people who have been classified as senior athletes, but who are not interested in matter and are not Hunter.”

“…?””What if you persuade these people to help Hunters in the association?”

When I was feeling sick, I looked down at the file that the manager had exported.

“B-class healer Hunter Lee Ju-hee …”

Greater Healer!

If this person works as a member of the association, it can prevent the death or serious injury. Even a weak hunter can fight without worrying about dying.

Suddenly, Sung Jin Hunter’s face, which I saw that day, rubbed past his mind.

I was smiling with my eyes, the manager said with a smile.

“What do you think? Do you want to try it? ”

Looking at the file I nodded vigorously.

“Yes, let’s do it!”

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