Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 241

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 241

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The struggle of two monarchs left a trail in the sky.

In the aftermath of the fight, ashes that had skyrocketed to the sky fell quietly like snow.

Jin-woo, who was looking at the ashes that had begun to sit down on his shoulders one by one, lifted his head.

Far away, from above.

The soldiers of the rulers who were over the sky were moving through myriad gates.

The scene in which tens of millions of soldiers move in unison according to the direction of the rulers was an overwhelming spectacle.

Their purpose is to eliminate all remaining soldiers’ soldiers. At the present time when many monarchs, including the solvent, had been killed, there was no victory for the monarch’s soldiers.


The heavenly soldiers were going to tell them that this long, long war was over.

Jinwoo felt their breasts grow tired of seeing their shows.

In front of such Jin-woo, the most brilliant brilliance that came back from conducting the soldiers came down.

The six wings that were spread out by beautiful living creatures that were difficult to express even in any ritual were folded at once.

The other rulers, one by two, stood behind the ‘brilliant brilliance’.

Gwangwi saw Jinwoo.

At first glance, humans can not be ordinary.

‘But one man ended the war of us and the monarchs.’

Who would have imagined?

That the war that had begun from the Absolute, whose end was invisible, would come to an end at the fingertips of this faraway world.

At least I could not think of myself.


The surprise was honored and returned to Jinwoo.

[You have finished our war. I do not know how to thank you.]

“…”Looking up at the ashes from the sky, Jinwoo turned his head and looked at the brightness.

“I have a favor to say instead, but I have a favor.”


Gwanghwu made a little strange face.

The powers of Shadow Monarchs may already be the same as theirs, or more.

Is he like that?

As if to alleviate the confusion of the brilliance, Jinwoo answered before the opponent asked.

“It is something you can not enter.”

The glow nods his head.

[I will help you as much as I can within my reach.]

It was a difficult grace to wash the shadowy monarch who set up a big ball to catch the solvent.

There was no reason not to ask for favor.

By the way.

In the mouth of Jinwoo, a difficult request that he could not hear came out.

“one more time… Would you like to use the “cup of reincarnation”?

He felt a shock like he hit the back of his head. The rulers behind him were astonished.

On behalf of them, the brilliance confirmed.

[Did I ask you to turn around time now using the “cup of reincarnation”?]


Jin-woo nods his head. The explanation was.

“And after turning around, I want you to send nothing to Earth. I will deal with the monarchs and their armies in the gap of the dimension. ”

Hearing the reason to turn the time, the brilliance could not speak to the shock.

‘alone… Do you want to take over this war alone? ”

Jinwoo heard the explanation of the cup of reincarnation to the former Shadow monarch.

Even if we use the tools of God to turn our time, the consciousness of the upper beings like the rulers and the monarchs remains.

if so.

It is unlikely that the power of the shadow monarch, who has been brought into his hands by the combination of Ashbourne and his consciousness, will disappear.

Jinwoo intends to get into the gap of the dimension with its strength and memory.

[Do you want to deal with all of the corps alone?]

The brilliance was said to be unbelievable.

[Why do you want to do that? We have repeatedly used the “cup of reincarnation” but have never obtained more than that.]

‘…’Jin-woo, who looked down at his father’s dagger in hand, replied calmly.

“This fight has lost so many people. I want to get them back. ”

If you can save them time back.

Jinwoo was determined to resume his fight with them.

Closing his eyes, he had time to think for a moment, and Shinyu agreed with his answer. But returning time was too dangerous.

[‘The cup of reincarnation’ almost died. If only one of you fails, you will no longer be able to turn around.]

That means a far more harsh and terrible future can come. Perhaps the current situation may be the best.

[You can stay in people’s memories forever as a hero who has prevented the aggression of monarchs if you wish. But…]

There was a grief that was easy to understand in the expression of the brightness.

No one can remember the fight you are about to begin. If losing, destruction awaits, and if you win, no one will delight in victory.]

Gwangwi once again confirmed Jinwoo’s will.

[But do you really want to turn back time?]

Prior to the answer.

Jinwoo closed his eyes and reminded his people.

The eyes of the shadow soldiers, which had been planted in their shadows, shone their present appearance.

My mother and brother held each other ‘s hands and were anxiously watching the news from Japan.

The car Hae – in, who closed his eyes, was praying to someone eagerly.

Their heart was conveyed and Jinwu felt warm on the side of his chest.

When I opened my eyes. Jin made a decision of heart.

“I will return.”

Those who are left to me, those who have not.

The president of Koguryo Association, Adam White, and his father’s face passed. In addition, many people were victims of the war. Now no one will lose it again, Jinwoo promised.

Jin-woo’s determination was clearly visible in the eyes of brilliance.

[…]It was because the rulers wanted to save this world by writing ‘the tools of God that they should never use’, because this was a place that was not related to their war.

By the way.

One of the inhabitants of this world, and the savior of the world, made his own decision.

I want to save all of the world, not a part of the world, by my own strength.

I will carry the load by myself.


In the face of Jinwoo, the face of the former Shadow monarch overlapped.

To keep the owner, the Absolute, he is an old colleague who did not step back in front of the soldiers in the sky that covered the whole sky.

He was a scary enemy, but he was respectful.

‘…He resembles him. ‘

The light smile on the face of the brilliance reminiscent of Asborn was young.

[I know. I wish you good luck.]


Jin asked.

“What happens to shadow soldiers who do not exist in past times?”

For example.

Originally, the soldiers of Asborn would remain in the shadows as they were, but Berna, who did not exist ten years ago, then what would happen to a grid that would have been a human being with a “brass”?

He explained what he knew.

[The existence that overlaps the past time axis will disappear, and the non-overlapping beings will remain.]

In short, Berr remains, and there is no grid.

Then, in the shadows, the sound of the soldiers was heard.

Jinwoo, who had said goodbye to his soldiers who had to be separated, laughed with his head.


In the space, a glowing light nods his head.

[Surely your courage can save your world.]

Soon the light enveloped the world.

There was a small article about a missing middle school student in the local newspaper, leaving a note saying “I have something to do.”

Two years from now. The world, which had been buzzing with news that the missing junior high school student had returned home as a lie, remained silent as always.

And the time went quietly without incident.

No more hunters hunting gates, marshals, and hunters.

Yu Jin – ho attending the welcome party for freshmen was stiff.

I was not appetite because of the tension even though the smell of the pork belly was swinging here and there.

But why?

Although I am now hiding my identity, I was strangely familiar with this frozen pork belly specialty store to myself, who lived without being nude to the chaebol ‘s son.


One of your seniors came to the shoulder to Yujin-ho.

“Jean-ho, open your face. If anyone sees you, I will eat you. ”

The embarrassed voice of Yu Jin-ho went up.

“Oh, no, sir!”

“So do not do that now.”

The old man who laughed mischievously laughed smile grinily.

“Oh, but I do not know. There is one real scary senior in our department. ”


Yu Jin-ho’s face got hardened.

“Why are you here? It is not a style to give joy to just the juniors, but just being next to it is not a joke about charisma … ”

If you are such a person, there is one person nearby …

Yoo Jin-ho remembers the face of his father, who is called CEO of Hae-Blood, in his head for a moment.

He was excited about the horrible senior, whether he was starting to get dizzy.

“Do you know a player who is a minor?”

“That… Are you the player who was famous for the idol of the land world just recently? ”

“Yes, the player who is in the car is your senior girl. Oh, come over there. ”

When I saw a man going into the store, he got up and leaned back.

“Did you come to seniors?”



Yoo Jin-ho was able to feel that his explanation was not a bluff. The atmosphere of the welcome party for new students who were hungry with the appearance of one person changed.

The dry spit was passed through the throat with difficulty.

It’s black.

However, the guy who does not have a bad luck breaks his nose even when he falls back, and he dares to sit next to Yoo Jin-ho, who is afraid of daring and unable to reach his head.

‘Ah… Sir, why do you sit next to me with so many seats? ”

Yoo Jin-ho, who is sighing with his head bent down, leaned over the glass cup full of something terrible.

“Take a drink.”

A cup recommended to a freshman is not a cup of shochu, but a glass cup.

I think you are not a joke, but Yoo Jin-ho took the cup carefully to make sure there was no mistake.

‘I do not have the liquor …’

Yu Jin-ho, who kept sucking his eyes and forced him to swallow the liquid inside his face, soon opened his eyes and asked.

“Stand, sir, is this a cider?”


The horrible senior waved the cider bottle in his hand, making no expression at all.

“Let’s drink or be with you.”

Why is it that you have been seeing a nice person again after a long time.

“And Jean-ho, what’s wrong with you? Your seniors. ”

The senior filled the empty cup with cider and said it intimately.

“Call me brother in the future.”


“Why, do not you?”

Yin Jinho, who instinctively set his waist straight, replied vigorously as his senior eyes gained seriousness.

“Oh, no, brother!”


Yoo Jin-ho was wondering if the word “Brother” she had spoken to herself was clinging to her mouth.

‘And… Did I ever mention a name to you? ”

Yoo Jin-ho, who is heading for his head, has hit the cup.


With the feeling that the smile was unfamiliar to what was happening, Yoo Jin-ho, who had a blushing eye, banged her again.


* * * Beyond the receiver, Yu Jin-ho’s voice mixed with complaints.

– Oh, brother. Why did not you come out today?

Jinwoo answered with a smile.

“I have a little something to do today. Yes, Jin-ho? “- Yes, brother?

“I have an important matter, so I would like to have an attendance class for afternoon classes.” -Yeah? brother? brother?

Jeu turned down the voice calling himself angrily, and Jin stopped the phone.

Bull. I saw the name of the big hospital in front of Jin-woo who lifted his head.

Seoul Ilshin General Hospital.

There was a man to meet here today.

It was when Jinwoo stopped and stood up to the hospital.

One familiar face passed by on the side.

I did not mean to throw a tee.

Because she had stayed for a while, she turned to Jinwoo.

“……?”It was Zhu Xi.

B-class healers who were terrified, but did their best to enter the association to avoid being thrown away by the power that was given to them.

She was now facing all the other female students.

Hunter looked so good that he looked so good that he smiled at his mouth without even knowing it.

Zhuhei, who looked at Jinwoo, looked at it hard.

“There we … Have not you met anywhere? ”

A welcome greeting sprang up to just below the throat.

But Jinwoo shook his head.


And I turned around without a fuss.

Zhuhei, who was looking at the back of Jinwoo for a while, looked up at her head and walked back the way.

She listened to her moving footsteps and smiled a grin on her face.

It is what you have protected yourself.

Peaceful routine.

The calm times they had to have originally.

When confronting the evidence of calmness made with his own sacrifices, Jinwu felt the unbelievable reward of being rewarded for all his troubles.


‘It’s done.’

That’s what happened.

Jinwoo, who was standing in front of the hospital for a while, looked down at his left palm, which had burned down and could not be erased, slowly entered the hospital.

One day, if someone asks about this wound, I will answer.

It was a wound that I wore to save the world.

* * * When the doctor came into the room, the patient beckoned.

“I have to … Will you raise me up? ”

The physician who rushed hastily allowed him to sit up carefully and raise his upper body.

“Thank you.”

By the way.

There was a wooden bottle on the tabletop next to the patient’s bedside that the doctor had not seen before.

“What is this, sir?”

A patient who twisted like a dead tree said with a painful cough.

“A young man just came and gave it to me.”

His doctor looked embarrassed.

This is the hospital VIP room, and the door of the room is guarded by two sturdy guards at all times and could not come into the room without permission from the doctor.

But how did they stop here to leave their sickness?

“It’s a strange thing … But the explanation that the young man gave me was more incredible. ”

In the time that disappeared now, he fought against monsters with the young man, and the young man came back with such a present in return.

“And then it just disappeared. Like a mirage. Like someone who was not there from the beginning. ”

Without proof, the doctor could not easily believe it.

But the gift that the young man gave to him remained intact.

While the doctor was troubled about how to react, the patient pointed to the wooden bottle with his shaky fingertips.

“Wolf… To me. ”

The doctor delivered a wooden bottle to the patient’s hand.

The patient looked down at the bottle and laughed.

“If you drink this thing inside, it will be as if your bottle is very washed. haha.”

“President, I do not believe that word …”

“I’m tired.”

The chairman said cut it off.

“I only ask one thing. If I do not drink this, how much longer can I live? ”

“…”My doctor could not answer.

Even today, only modern medicine has been used for life. Living was a stage that could be called a miracle.

When I saw my doctor who could not speak, the president said he was going to drag his tongue out.

“If I drink this and go wrong … Let me inscribe it in my gravestone. Chairman Ko Kun-hee said, “We did not give up until the end, and we were buried here to fight the illness.”


As a doctor, you should stop.

His doctor could not stop President Ko Kun-hee from opening his cap with his spirited face.

Kun-hee lifted the bottle and swallowed the liquid in it.

It’s a bitch.

He shook it up in his mouth until the last remaining drop, and he recalled the young man who had left this illness.

I recreated his eyes.

Anyone who listens to any words is worth seeing.

Kanghee decided so.


Let’s drink all the medicine.


Throbbing, throbbing, throbbing.

The dying heart began to run again.

The heart ran.

[Only me alone level up] Abduction continues.

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