Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 239

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 239

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The round shadow which started from the foot of the 241 fireball spreads to swallow to the foot of the solvent.

The face of the solvent stiffened.

‘He is from the beginning for this moment …?’

It appeared alone on the battlefield, turning the shadow corps backward, arranging the west side, and even bringing myself to here.

Was it all for this moment?

Though it is an enemy.

The solvent for a moment admired the dignity of the shadow monarch.

I made myself unable to move, and I was distracted by the seemingly obvious masterpieces.

‘…I do not want to use a dragon peer there. ‘

The solvent became a face of eating.

Looking at the expression, Jinwoo gave more power to the hand holding the solvent’s arm.


There was no mistake.

Now, just a few more steps forward …

Soon the shadow swallowed Jinwoo and the solvent.

The darkness that swept over the two of them for a moment passed quickly, and the two escaped to the designated exit.

Jin-woo, who succeeded in inviting the solvent to his real battlefield, quickly moved away from the solvent.

As a result, the soldiers who had fallen far away from their soldiers looked around with a sense of wonder.

[here is…?]

“The other side of where you were.”

There are a few errors in the exact opposite, but the place is so far away.

It was Japan.

The land where the giants’ kings died and the enormous amount of mana intensively penetrated. Mana – reinforced land and air will be able to withstand the enormous impact that will arise from the fight against the monarch of destruction.

With the efforts of the Shadow Soldiers, only the desolate fields continued endlessly in the shore area where all the trees were shattered.

One of the most remarkable is the huge white castle built on the hill.

The solvent pointed to a white castle with a black flag.

[Is that your adult?]


[Shadow monarch’s castle is bad size.]


Wait a second, but I feel sorry for BER.


There was no need to match him.

Jinwoo seriously warned the solvent, who was strangely waiting for the guest or the bravado.

“I think it’s just the right size for a building that celebrates your death.”

Finally, the gaze of the solvent was fixed to Jinwoo.

Jinwoo did not avoid the gaze.

[…]The solvent, which was looking at Jinwoo, closed his eyes for a while and tried to contact the soldiers.

No, I did not get any signal.

The spell of someone who borrowed the power of the shadow monarch was interfering with the contact.

Solta realized that the Shadow Monarch was preparing everything to isolate himself from the beginning.

Let’s slip the eyes closed.

In front of the eyes all the shadows were around him.

Obviously, the fight that would have been 10 million jobs was about 200,000 jobs, with the subject changed.

The solvent was surrounded.

[is it… I can not stand until my soldiers find me.

However, the expression of the solvent was not dark compared to the situation.

I like the fight to overwhelm the enemy with an overwhelming number, but the fight against the enemy in the opposite situation is also fun.

In short, you are born for war.

Blood and screams, insanity, destruction for the wars of the wrecking, the destruction of the destruction that will not even perish.


The Lord of Destruction laughed.

[I’ll show you the real thing.]

The smile disappeared from the face of the horse-bearing solvent.

Jinwoo also felt something.

A warning of sensation far beyond the limits of man continued.


My spine became cool, and my body became creepy.


Something like an unreal scene.

In the mouth of the solvent, just as hearing, a ghastly roar bursting out as if his heart had stopped.

Kyaaaaa – the ruler of the dragons, the dragon’s peer of the solvent.

Fear that I had never heard before was shattered like a strong shock wave.


The ground shook.

In an earthquake like this, Jinwoo senses the fear, pain, and confusion that the soldiers are feeling.

Aaaa -!

In the process.

Jinwoo felt a dizzy dizziness and staggered for a moment.

The solvent that finished the roar saw the pale pink of the pale color and raised one side of the mouth.

[This is real.]

The real dragon peer.

In order to shake off the terrible shock, Jinwu shook his head sharply.

The solvent was speaking slowly.

[When you held your arm, I could shed its arm.]

But I did not do that.

Said the solvent.

[Because I admired you who drove me so far.]

Jinwoo saw the praise of the complaints about him. However, there was no sign of ridicule in the eyes of the solvent.

[From the same monarch’s point of view, I wanted to talk quietly with you.]

Jin-woo, who had returned to normal with the swinging breathing of the dragon peer, immediately paused and did not slow down the boundaries.

Jinwoo still clutching his mouth, and the words of the solvent continued.

[If you have inherited the memory of the Shadow Monarch, you may know … Our real enemy is beyond the earth, beyond the sky.

The armies of rulers.

Their first and last mission is to annihilate monarchs born in the dark. Of course, the shadow monarch can not be an exception.

[I thought I would remove you and prepare for them. But when I saw your fight, my mind changed. You have a different talent from Asborn. I saw our great victory in that talent.]

The solvent reached out to Jinwoo.

[If you hold this hand, I will do what you want.]

Jin-woo’s eyes went down with the hands of the solvent.

If you want to save your family, I will. If you want to save your country, I will. If I want to leave this land, good. Me and my soldiers will leave quietly.]

Jin-woo’s gaze, which had stayed in the hands of the solvent for a while, climbed up and stopped at the face of the solvent.

He was full of charity.

[You become the master of this land. It is not a small castle on that hill but a master of the whole planet. You deserve it. You just.]

A soft smile came up at the mouth of the solvent.

[Just grab this hand.]

If you join forces to defeat the soldiers of the ruler.

You and your family, your country.

Furthermore, everyone on this earth will gain peace and freedom.

The solvent promised so.

How is it? Shadow monarch.]

Are you attracted to the proposal?

A pale smile flowed over the face of the Shadow Monarch who quietly listened to his words.

The solvent smiled as well.

[Will you be with me?]

But Jin-woo just said cut off.

“Do not be ridiculous.”

Jinwoo tugged at the solvent, which hardened his face.

“I want to kill me, so I do not know what to do.”

[haha… Ha ha ha ha ha ha!]

The solvent broke the forehead for a while.

Every time he laughed, his heart was pounding.

When he touches his forehead. Reptilian eyes were shining in his eyes.

[That can not hide.]

Conviction failed.

If you can not trick it, the only way to do it is to destroy it with all its power.

The solvent revealed the true intent that was hidden.

His malice could not be concealed from his whole body.

[Bring me all yours, shadows!]

Jinwoo’s eyes grew bigger.

There was a moment of choking heat. I saw Jinwoo, who was leaping away from the distance.

There was a burning mountain in front of me.

If the lava that boils up has vitality and becomes a form of dragon on its own, does it look like this?

Looking at the constantly burning dragon, Jinwu recalled the appearance of “evil spirit”, which was always burning.

Live sex and human fight.

Although I am sick and tired of the staging of the bin, Jinwoo slowly grasped the anger of Kamish.

Kuwoong -!

As the solvent rolled one foot, the whole ground shook.


Jin-woo ran out of the gap to get rid of the solvent to kill him, and called out the drayong ‘Kai-shell’.


The dying dragon, who was already preparing for me, flashed as soon as he came out of the shadow.

Jinwoo rises on it.

Jinwoo turned the direction of the chisel, which elevated the altitude at full speed, toward the solvent side.

It seemed as if she was waiting for that.


Almost at the same time as the flash of glow from the mouth of the solvent burst out, Kisel tried to dive.

A flame that erases everything.

A creepy, white light passed over the top of Jinwoo ‘s head.

Quaaaa – Breathing away the pouring breath away, Caesells proceeded to the solvent according to his master’s instructions.

After the rain …

When the breath ceased, Cassell was close to the forehead of the solvent. Jinwoo pulled all the mana from the dyke.

“Good work, kyisel.”

Mana was flowing into the anger of Camisch, right-handed.

The last one room, the black one, was all over.

As hard as he could – Jinwoo put all the power he had and wielded a dagger against the solvent.


The black auras, which had been swept away at any moment, were scattered like animal claws, slapping the head of the solvent.

Kwagga Kagawa Kagawa is the place to be!

By the way.


The eyes of Jinwoo gleamed.

The solvent, which did not even scratch the thick scales that burned, was lifting a fine face toward himself.

Jinwoo’s hair was wrinkled.

‘Is it Breath again?’

I heard a terrible roar, like tearing my ears to Jinwoo who prepared for a dive in preparation for the destruction of his life.


Dragon Peer!

Unlike Jin-woo, who was somewhat tolerant of his first experience, Drake was stiff without being able to withstand the roar of solvent.

Without the time for Jinwoo to pick up the missing chisel, the merciless flame spewed by the solvent came over.

– That’s it!

Caixel twisted his body in the midst of falling down, dropping Genu to the other side, and taking the breath of destruction pouring out of his face into his body.


In an instant, Jin-yang cried out to Caesar, who was scattered without being left behind. However, in spite of the wind of Jinwoo, the chisel was erased without trace.


Jin Kwon, a man with a licking mouth, fired Mana and flew to the breast of the solvent in an instant.

Then he held the scale of the solvent tight so that it did not fall.

Chi profit!

Jinwoo’s palm began to burn at high temperature.


I heard the wrath of Camish, which Jin-woo holds in the other hand, over his head.

At the end of the dagger with the inverse number, the black aura fluttered.


The dagger came down through the scales.

But that’s it.

Quiz! Quiz! Quiz!

No matter how small it is, it only leaves a small wound on the skin of the dragon in the scales.


Jinwoo felt a creepy feeling behind his neck and looked back.

‘…!’A huge arm of solvent was approaching.

Jinu jumped down to avoid it.

There was no impact when mana hit the ground, but again, the breath of destruction poured over it.


Once again, Jinu escaped the breath of destruction and breathed his breath away.

“Ha, ha, ha …”

He attacked several times, but the solvent remained intact, just like Taesan.

Unrivaled defense and attack power with giants.

The solvent could not be used in the same way as they.

‘A stronger force …’

Strong force is needed.

The power to knock down a giant with a bare hand.

Just as small-sized insects that can not be seen easily can not help a man, he must become a mountain to catch a mountain.

By the way.

‘awhile… armor?’

In Jinwoo ‘s head something went like a lightning bolt.

If you can create armor of normal size with the power of darkness, can not it make the armor much bigger and thicker?

When your thoughts are crazy up there. Shadow began to spread at the foot of Jinwoo.

[…?]The solvent also felt a change.

Like black liquids coming up from the shadows, the body of the shadow monarch was wrapped in layers, and the size was suddenly called out.

‘What else did this guy do?’

But instinct was first rather than curiosity.

As soon as the solvent is ready to shoot the breath of destruction towards the unidentified black lump.

I felt something touching in the back.

‘…?’I looked back.

For molting, molars that were hiding in the corner were shooting fire pits on the backs of solvents.

The beads of greed fell from the hands of molar teeth facing the solvent.


The molasses of the solvent was poured into the molar which shivered.

[I dare you …]

The solvent turned.

Of course, the direction of the breath also moved to the molars.

Just before the breath of the solvent is shot.

Suddenly, a huge black shadow rose up to the sky.

Toukou -!

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