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Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 236

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If we move the image of 238 Hell as it is, will it look like this?

The sky was filled with dark clouds, and the earth was covered with blood, screams, ashes, and odors.

Only the monarchs born from the darkness for destruction have thoroughly erased all the light that exists on this earth.

At the forefront was a solvent.

Solan’s gaze, which climbed over the city that became the ashtray, swept around.

‘What happened to him?’

Since then, the Shadow Monarch has not yet appeared.

When he showed his presence in front of himself by using passion, Solace thought it was a propaganda declaration of the Shadow monarch.

So long time.

The heart of the solvent, which had cooled down while wandering through the gap in the dimension, began to run hot again in a very long time.

A few enemies that could threaten their lives exposed their teeth.

A real war is coming.

The war in which the madman of the destiny is mixed with the madman of destiny is like a gift. What can I compare this joy to?

But what I expected did not happen.

The shadow monarch, who lost his trace, did not appear until the time when one of his own countries had completely disappeared.


It would be no more than a suicide if all the forces of the Joseon Dynasty were to combine the combined 10 million troops with just over 100,000 soldiers.

But if he was going to escape in the first place, he would not have threatened to take his own risk.

‘…What is he trying to do?

As time went by, the solvent became nervous.

As long as you do not know when and where the Shadow monarch’s attack will begin, you have no choice but to move your troops more carefully.

It is natural that the march will slow down. This was quite a hassle to the solvent that wants to prepare for the fight with the rulers after removing the eyebrows as soon as possible.


‘After your own people are wiped out, will you make them all shadow soldiers?’

However, he would know that if you make a man who does not know how to deal with mana to be a soldier, it will not help you in front of the corps of destruction.


I heard a voice interfering with the idea of solvent.

“Humans are coming, Master.”

One of the ancient dragons that escorted him informed the attacks of humans.

I thought the humans, Hunters, who could already deal with mana, were all gone in this country.

As the solvent of the expression of wonder lifted his head, there were too many missiles poured out of the sky.

Kugugugugugugu Kuguugu Ward -!

The weaker creatures are so low that they can not see.

Humans did not give up on their own weapons that did not hold mana, knowing that they could not touch the brigade’s bristles.

‘…It’s boring. ‘

The eyebrows of the solvent wriggled.

Nervousness became annoyance, and annoyance became anger.

[You do not go out.]

After the soldiers who had paid attention to the soldiers had descended on the ground, they first revealed their real image.

The pilots who took their lives to earn a little more time from the masters lost their say in the form of an enormous disaster that covered the horizon between the stays.


The pilots were surprised for a while.

Soon, the breath of destruction poured out straight from the mouth of the catastrophe swallowed all the fighters.

Kwaa Aaa – only 1 minute.

The lives of the soldiers faded away without earning a minute.

But at the cost of their sacrifice, the castle, which was not occupied by the castle, threw its head into the sky and cast a terrible roar.

Aah! Aah!

It was a declaration of war to the Shadow Monarch.

* * * Jinwoo also heard the roar.

He gently shook his eyes, closing his thoughts.

‘…It is time. ‘

When I opened my eyes, the inside of the apartment I made for Berge came into view.

There was darkness and quietness in a room that was unnecessarily large.

Is it because it resembles the moments of rest?

Jinwoo did not hate the darkness and stillness in the deserted space.

At that time, when I saw this white adult, I was sorry that I had bothered Berry.

“Thank you, Bern.”

Berga, quietly waiting in the shadow of Jinwoo, pushed his head over the darkness.

“King …”


Jinwu had already cut the words to Berga in advance.

Next to it.

Belion came up screaming.

“Too dangerous, lord.”

Then, as if I waited, I reached out to the grit, kneeling and heading.

“I think the same, ma’am.”

All three of the commanders had to leave Jinwoo’s plan.

Jin looked at them.

Shadow soldiers do not die until the monarch’s life is cut off.

What they worry about is the comfort of the Lieutenant.

But sometimes there are moments when you know the danger but you have to move.

This is the moment for Jinwoo.

“Asubon … The former Shadow monarch said that it was good for me. ”

The point that I have seen once in a while seems to be cold though it seems to be somewhat reckless.

Jinwoo was a horse.

“If he was in the same situation as me, what would he do?”

“…”Belion, who remembered the shadow of the former Shadow monarch, could not answer.

When all the fragments of the brilliance revolted in unison to dismantle the Absolute, it was Asborn, the former shadow lord who had tried to stop them with a single glance.

He will not stop what he has to do under any circumstances.

Let there be ideas.

Vellion lifted his head, which he was gaining.

Jinwoo was smiling.

‘With him … Resembles.’

Jinwoo’s face overlapped with Asubon’s face.


Belion, who bowed his head again, vowed his sincere oath to Jinwoo.

“I will be with you until the end.”

No other troops had the same idea and no more troops.


“I should have done it.”

Jinwoo laughed.

Now that he really felt that he was out of time, he took out his cell phone.

Perhaps the last chance to contact these families now.

‘…’But eventually I could not press the call button.

When I heard the voice of my beloved, I could not go further from here.

I felt that way.


In Jin-woo’s hands, my shattered cellphone dropped.

Listening to their voices is enough to postpone after this fight.

Jin-woo once again settled his mind and opened the two-dimensional warehouse and grabbed the “wrath of the camishees” in his hand.


I ripped the t-shirt I wore and made it like a string and put it in my hand holding the dagger.

Though the hand would not slip and miss the dagger, it was the act of chopping it up in its own way.

The tear strips tied the daggers firmly in both hands.

The muscles of the solid upper body, instead of the lost statue, breathed and moved as if they were alive every time they exited.


The feeling of exuberance before the battle quietly sits on the shoulder.

The heart was beating lightly.

Just before entering the dungeon, Jinwoo always liked this uplifting feeling that spread throughout the body.

Both the body and the mind were ready.

Afterward – in the eyes of Jinwoo who breathed briefly, the eerie Ananggwang glowed.

The operation that I simulated several times in my head again passed through the mind of Jinwoo.

There should be no mistakes.

When the weight of the preparation appeared on the hardened face, the captains who read his quiver also nodded.

Jinwoo said with force.


* * * Korean Hunter Association President’s Office.

Woojin chul reminded me of what my grandfather once said.

If you want to know the severity of the incident, keep an eye on the news facilitator’s expression.

My grandfather, who had suffered from the tragedies and disasters that struck Korea in the past, sat down on his knee with a young woojincheol.

– It is nothing if the host’s face is bright. If the face of the host is dark, you should be careful. But the moment you really have to be afraid is …

Woojin chul, who looked at the female anchor’s face, muttered without knowing herself.

“It’s time for the host to keep his cool face.”

When something really dangerous happens, the news organizers try to keep their composure to the maximum to prevent the audience’s agitation.

My grandfather always told me that I should never miss the moment when I was ready for that.

The anchor in the TV was telling what is happening in the United States now with a pretty face and voice like the words of my grandfather.

[…When the contact with the Hunters, who were on their way to prevent it, was cut off, the US government was urgently urging the military to take time to evacuate the citizens … [

Woojin chul closed his eyes.

I was not sure I could keep watching the tragedy happening on the other side of the globe.

He saw exactly the size of the enemy through his memory.

I bet it was an unendurable disaster.

The United States, which had the strongest combat power, was falling into the hands of the monsters.

What humanity can do now is just to pray that miracles will happen.


What miracles can prevent them from happening?

Woo Jin-cheol shook his head as if he was trying to shake his head.

It is a miracle.

‘Come to think of it…’

Three days have already passed since I lost contact with Sungjin Hunter.

Woo Jin-chul saw Jinwoo’s ability to create dozens of gates from the gathering of representatives from around the world.

Sung Jin Hun Hunter was able to escape to any other level if he could feel his heart.

Maybe they have already evacuated to a safe place.

Who could blame that choice even if it was true?

Have you confronted the thousands of soldiers who were born for destruction alone, or you have escaped to their untouched places.

Woojin chul could not make a promise to choose the former even if his hand was given a choice.


Now we really have to pray.

“Please come to us …”

Woojincheol said, looking up at the ceiling of the president ‘s office, where the answer is not coming back.

“…Do not forsake us. ”

But right then.

“…?”Woo-Jin Chul’s surprised eyes were fixed on TV.

An earthquake was happening in his pupil.

* * * “Ah Ah!”

The strongest US Air Force that boasted undefeated was no different from the Canadian army in the power of the corps.


The pilot of the fighter who had the engine damaged suddenly attempted an emergency escape.

As he fell down, he witnessed his colleagues who were wiped out in a flash, and he screamed.


Fung, Fung, Fung!

Blow and flashes that burst out here and there.

Even in a confusing situation where he was confused, he called out the names of his dying colleagues.

The ground approaching rapidly.

Fortunately, the parachute stretched before falling to the floor.

He rolled the ground a few rounds and lifted up everything he had in extreme dizziness.

Wick-wack – Is it because of pain, or is it a resentment of helplessness that could not do anything?

But the time given was short.

As the smell of gunpowder and the smell of blood smell sweeping all over the place from all directions, the mothers who felt the breath of life from far away were flocking to the darkness.

A pilot pulled a parachute from the rush, and pulled out the gun that was on his back.

“die! Die, you son of a bitch! ”

bang! bang! bang! bang!

Several shots rang the deaf, but it was not enough to hold the ankles of the monsters.

Click, click, click.

As soon as the bullet fell, the pilot regretted.

The last one should have been left for the last time.

The pilot ‘s hand slid down without force.

The fastest monster in front of him who stood in a devastated room was a resident of Hyeonsei who looked like a cockroach.


The pilot, untamed by the legs, watched the giant worm-like athletes covering the field of vision and sat down on the spot.

A despairing groan came out of his mouth.

“Damn it…”

That moment.

Kwagagaga is available!

The worms were torn apart as if they were being cut into the nails of a giant beast that could not be seen.


The crying eyes looked for a miracle cause.

He soon found himself in front of his eyes and found an Asian man.

Although it was only the rear view.

It was not hard to expect the man’s name when he saw two distinctive daggers carrying a man.

“Sung Jin Woo … Sung Jin Hunter? ”

Jin looked around the pilot.

The expression of a strong enough to know whether the enemy is enemy or enemy.

In his eyes, he said, ‘Run away’.

just as expected.

There were more enemies in the front than the dead losers.

The pilot ‘s voice increased.

“No matter what, Sung Jin Hun Hunter, you alone …”

But his words did not last.

Kwagga is available!

When Jinwoo waved the “anger of the camish” again, the masks were torn like a paper doll.

Jin-woo turned around the pilot a few times.


“Yes Yes!”

Then the successful pilot ran up to his feet with all his might.

Jinwoo’s gaze of his backward appearance for a moment moved forward again.

I’ve just cut dozens of enemies with two blows, but it’s just a very small piece of a giant iceberg. The enemies that seemed to be hundreds of times smelled of the fighting.

This is the first step in the war.

One begins with these worms.

Afterwards – Jin-woo, who breathed briefly, spit out a word that would be the turning point of this war for the soldiers of the modern age who are flocking to themselves.

“Get up.”

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