Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 235

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 235

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237 At this point in the world where the world is coming to an end, what is he looking for?

No, is it because the person in front of him is really Sung Jin Hunter?

The chief director shook his head sharply because he was drunk and wanted to see the vanity.

However, I realized that the person standing in front of me was not a fake person.

His smell went off and his voice rose.

“What are you looking for?”


Jinwoo clearly communicated his intention to the director.

“Please hand me the runstones left by Kamiish.”

“…!”Surprise for a while.

The director almost shook his head in a reflex.

“As Hunter knows, Kamish ‘s Runestone is our Hunter Administration …”

There, the speech was blocked.

This occupational disease.

What is the Hunter Bureau? Hunter Administration Bureau, the United States is cut off, but what happens when you say something like that.

‘I guess I have not gotten much less of a drink yet.’

The director chuckled his cheeks with both hands.

My cheeks got hot and then my head began to turn around.

The focus of the blurry eye is back to its original.

The director came to the conclusion that the reason Jinwoo was trying to have runstones was much more important to the Hunter Administration, or to the United States than to the value of Lunsuke.

After a little trouble.

The director cautioned that Jinwoo would not feel bad.

“I can afford runstones. But why do you need runesh? ”


Jinwoo answered immediately without hesitation.

“I will use it as a tool for counterattack.”

* * * Jin-woo had confirmed the skills engraved on the runestone through the eyes of the system.

Apparently, it contained the power of dragon.

However, the reason why I did not show much interest to Runestone in the meantime was that the disadvantage of the skill was so clear.

It was a power that was not necessary for oneself.

‘But… Now the situation is different. ‘

The director and Jinwoo, who had gone down to the ninth floor of the Hunter Administration Bureau, stood in front of a tempered glass box containing runes stones.

Jinwoo has not read the system but has read his skills in his mind and sense.

It remained as it was.

Skill of terrible power.

But in this situation, that terrible power will offset the shortcomings.

My throat and my chest jumped.

The director, who was looking into Loch Seok, asked.

“Does not Hunter say that the ruler is sending Masashi here?”


“So what are these runstones in the bodies of the masters?”

“It is their gift to make humans be able to hunt out palm trees more efficiently.”

What the rulers want is to have mana rooted in this land with the fierce battle of humans and masters. Human sacrifice is a sort of side effect, not their ultimate purpose.

The stone, Runestone, which was planted so that the master’s ability would automatically be sealed when the master died, was the consideration of the rulers to help human beings hunt.

The power of Camishe so stored. Jinwoo got the power of dragon to be the key to counterattack.

The director, who was staring at Jin-woo with a strained eye, swallowed the dried saliva.

“really… Can you stop them if you do that? ”

“I’ll have to try.”

Even at this moment, the troops led by the solvent are destroying everything in the world, only advancing and advancing.

Thanks to the rulers strengthening the world with mana, the corps’s advancing speed was at this rate, but for a while.

Soon all the earth will be burning. Can not you just watch the world go down like this?

The powers of the Shadow Monarchs they were so afraid of. I want to show them how it can be used in the hands of weaker creatures, whose power they wanted to prevent, even if they were to fall behind.

“I will try to be able to do it.”

Jin-woo’s intentions struck the director’s chest.

In front of Jin-woo, who was trying to escape the fight even though he knew the power of the enemy correctly, he realized just how pathetic he was when he was only thinking about running away.

‘You want to go where your daughter is? This nerd guy … ‘

I was embarrassed forever.

And even if any result came back, I wanted to watch his fight until the very end.

“There is no face … I would appreciate it. Please stop them, those monsters. ”

Tears flowed from the eyes of the director who bowed.


What he really wanted to avoid was probably not the last time he was in the hands of the masters.

As the head of the US Hunter Administration, who must lead the battle against monsters at the forefront, there was no courage to watch their nation’s victims of monsters.

It can be a straw.

It is good to have one.

I hope to catch any kind of hope if there is any hope.

The hot heart was tearing down.

Jinwu put a hand on the shoulder of the director without speaking.

“…”The director felt that one touch was better than a hundred words.

The director wiped the tears late.

“This is a crawl. Sorry, Hunter. ”

Jinwoo waited a moment for him to calm down and opened his mouth.

“And there is one more person I want to find.”

Jinwoo went to the apartment near the headquarters of the Hunter Bureau along with the director.

“Have you been in such a close place?”

“It’s the Hunter Administration’s belief that it’s up to you to keep it within reach.”

The director chose a stairway if the destination was not very high.

When the back began to sweat a little bit, the director who stopped in front of a house door on the fourth floor looked around Jinwoo.

“I think.”

Jinwoo nodded his head.


The commissioner patted the door lightly twice instead of pushing on the buzzer.

After a moment of static. The officer who checked the face of the chief officer opened the door.

“…Chief? ”

The agent, who frowned upon the smell of alcohol piercing his nose, jumped up to see Jinwoo standing next to the director.

“…!”Would not it be good to have not pulled out the gun just like when I first met?

When he saw strangers and instinctively touched his back, the agent looked embarrassed at the time.

“Sung Jin Hun Hunter …?”

I wondered why the world’s greatest hunter visited here, and the director took the visitor into the house.

Another agent who was waiting inside met the director.

“What about your wife?”

“He is in. Ugh!”

Like the agent who opened the door, he was amazed to see Jinwoo.

“Is this the director …?”

“Hunter wants to meet your wife. You are here. Would you tell your wife that Sung Jin Hunter came? ”



“I did not know there would be someone who came to me at this time.”

The visit was held as if waiting, and the wife walked out.

Mrs. Norma Selner.

Now, the Hunters have been working as ‘Upgraders’ to bring their strengths beyond their limits, but women who were former spiritualists.

A step forward, Jinwoo carefully bowed to the old lady.

“Come in.”

She guided Jinwoo inside.

The director who was standing in the back tried to go along with Jinwoo, but his wife restrained him lightly.

“St. Hunter probably wants to talk quietly. right?”

When her wife turned and asked, she nodded.

It was literally.

The visit was closed while the director was scratching his clothes with a bruise sound.

The lady who closed the door slowly turned slowly toward one of the waiting corners of the room.

But the moment Jinwoo came into her sight.

She could not stop the admiration from bursting out of her mouth.

“Oh My God!”

It looks totally different from the last time I saw it.

“You… You are not the one I knew. ”

His eyes shook.

Previously, if darkness was in the depths of his inside, now he has become completely darkness itself.

Her eyes clearly showed the power of death surrounding Jinwoo.

However, Jinwoo had his head crossed to the left and right and denied it.

“I am the same man you knew. But the darkness that your wife saw at that time became one with me. ”


What word of the world can express this wonderful sight?

It is the power of God that is inhabited by man.

Gazing at the end of the machining power that flows from Jinwoo, she was merely admirable.

She could not close her mouth for a long time.

“To me … There is no power to help Hunter. ”


What ability in the world can help this man?

He is already a human being.

But Jin-woo’s idea was different.

Jinwoo lurks to her frightened wife and asks.

“You said you could see the future?”

“To what extent …”

“Then would you like to see my future?”

Prior to entering the full-fledged fight, Jinwoo wanted to see the end of this fight through her eyes.

Even if an answer came out, it seemed that I could ease my mind.

Mrs. Stern, who hesitated, nodded slowly.

She held out her hands and closed her eyes.

Looking into the darkness requires a great deal of courage.

But more than that.

No, she could not refuse the warrior’s request to confront the enemy, who needed enormous courage to compare with him.

Time flies like a moment.

When Mrs. Selner opened her eyes, tears that could not be controlled from her eyes flowed down the ball.

“you… Are you really going to take it all by yourself? ”

“…”Jinwoo did not answer.

“Unbelievable… How could one have such a heavy burden … Are you willing to sacrifice everything to protect everything? ”

Jinwoo’s face has turned bright.

“Fortunately, you can go there.”

“Good luck! Nobody will remember it. It will be a lonely fight! ”

Jinwoo put her hand in his grasp. When I decided to fight, I was ready for that.

Jinwoo stepped back from his wife and greeted her again politely.

“I suddenly stumble and apologize for asking too much.”

“Sung Jin Hun Hunter!”

Even before the voice of her lamenting voice ended, Jinwoo disappeared into the shadows of her feet.

Surprised by the voice of his wife, the agents rushed in, but Jinwoo had already left behind.

* * *’…’Jinwoo climbed to the tallest building in the city as one day to find Yu Jin-ho and extended his passion as much as possible.

Far far away, from the end of the north land.

It was felt that there were so many numbers of troops that could not count.

Already on top of that I felt little of the energy of other creatures.

All of them were eaten by the people of Hyeonsei.

Bong Bong Min, Ko Kun Hee, Adam White, and Father.

The faces of many of those who had been sacrificed by the fighting with them passed through the mind of Jinwoo.


The anger coming up from the bottom of the breast to the cumulous gear begins to paint the black heart.

Jinwoo closed his eyes and looked for the energy of the solvent in that huge corps.

It was not so difficult to find its center in a mass of power swirling like a typhoon and swallowing everything around it.


Jin saw the solvent.

That moment.

The solvent also saw Jinwoo.

Sharp gladness that I have been looking at myself.

This sensation will only be the guy. He stopped at the top and looked at the direction that the solvent was.

The eyes of the wicked snake have not turned their eyes on the dark for a long time.

Because I knew there was a real enemy that threatened me.

‘…”…’Shadow monarchs and monsters of ruin faced each other’s gaze across the space.

The Lord of Destruction first revealed his teeth.

[I am here!]

The terrible tumult that hundreds and thousands of thunderstorms were driving at the same time rang the whole earth sky.

Thousands of lives have already passed away. How long are you hiding so?]

Jinwoo ‘s eyes were filled with eerie Anwang.

‘I’ll be there soon.’

And then.

Jin-woo, who swallowed the words he wanted to say, disappeared into a stream of shadows.

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