Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 234

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 234

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236 episode “Cara, the Canadian side is still …”

When the liaison officer ran out, Jinu pulled out his cell phone.

Who can deliver the fastest and most accurate information at this time.

Jinwoo, who was looking through his contact list, dialed the direct number of a special agent in Asia, Mr. Adam White, of the US Hunter Bureau.

I was worried about what I would do if I could not connect because the time was so long.

– Sung Jin Hun Hunter!

Beyond the receiver, a nervous voice called Jinwoo.

Because there was not enough time to ask for regards, Jinwoo entered the main line immediately after the call was connected.

“Adam. I wonder what happened to the extra-large gates in Canada … ”


From the far side of the receiver, the wow – cheering sounds have been heard.

It was a very small noise that I could hardly hear even with the hearing of the developed Jinwoo.

That was enough.

Jinwu hurried to his stiff voice.

“Where is it, now?” – Supported with other agents. Canadian pole is now the scene of an extra large gate.

“Why are you there!”

In an excited voice of Jin-woo, Adam responded to the suddenness without concealing his embarrassment.

– It’s not a situation where we can watch Canadian gates like everyone else. Not only me, but also many agents are hanging here.

However, the distance from the scene where the Canadian hunters are so far is added that even if anything happens, they can run away immediately.

He heard his explanation and felt a sense of frustration.

‘What I warned …’

They have yet to guess the size of the enemy.


Still, Adam was telling me that his anticipation might be wrong.

Jinwoo calmed down the excitement and asked carefully.

“From the gate … Is there no change? “- Yes, as in other places, the gates are empty. The field is quiet.

thank God.

Jinwoo took a sigh of relief, considering the possibility that his warnings could be diverted from the world.

After – the forecast seemed wrong.

But then.

-uh? Wait.

The voice of Adam, which sounded somewhat tangible, made the back of his voice thrilling.

Why does not the ominous feeling always go away?

Adam quickly explained the situation.

-now! Something is coming down at the gate now. uh? What? Person… One person is coming down!

Jinwoo’s heartbeat, which was seeking stability, was once again accelerated.

‘People… one?’

The back of the head stopped.

Jin-woo’s voice rose.


There is a distance between Adam’s current location and the site.

If so, it’s hard to see even the grim eyes of the man who is not human. “What color is his hair?” – Now, just a second …

After a while I heard a voice that seems to be borrowing special equipment from a nearby agent. – A mixture of black and red … Sword red hair.

Oh My God.

Jinwoo’s eyes grew bigger.

“Adam! Run away! Get on anything and get out of there right now! “- Yes?

Before he even asked what happened to Adam.

Kwagga Kagaga Kagaga Kagawa is a ghost!

I heard a terrible binge that I can see even on the phone.

-Oh my gosh!

Adam’s voice was screaming.


It seemed like Jinwoo had a voice, and Adam made a crying voice.

– The hunters! All the superhuman hunters in the front row quickly turned into charcoal! He, the fire on their bodies is still burning. Oh My God!

“Adam, Adam! It’s okay, I’m running away now. I have to get out of here soon. ”

Jinwoo tried to calm Adam, but he seemed to have already lost his mind halfway.

– Jesus …

Adam explained to Jinwoo everything he saw and heard as though he was giggling, but it was his job to do.

– The dragons in heaven … Dragons and other bandits are coming down endlessly! There are all kinds of athletes mixed together. Alas, how are you …

I felt a sense of emotion in his voice.

Jinwoo, who could not hear anymore, connected his nerves with the shadow soldiers he had put at risk.


Jinwoo was able to engrave the sight of Adam in his eyes.

Like the end of the earth.

From the wide open gate, the lions of destruction were falling down sharply. The sky, and the earth were covered with terrible monsters. The roar of the beasts shook the earth, and the wings of the birds filled the sky.

The hunters gathered to confront them evaporate without fleeing once before, even before they arrive on the ground, with the hand of the destructive monarch descending first.

The remaining people were running away from Mt. Hyebyeongbyeon, but it seemed unlikely that they could survive.


Adam can save one person.

The High Oak Shadow soldier who was being manipulated by Jin-woo caught Adam’s frightened wrist.

“Uh, oh!”

Adam, who screamed and screamed at the High Orc in black armor, soon saw the shadow of a familiar man in the orcs’ eyes.

“Standing, Sungjin Hunter?”

I did not have time to explain to him.

The explanation is enough to move him.

When Jin-woo, who was born in high oak, tried to get Adam into the shadow of his feet. Suddenly someone approaching grabbed the high shoulder.

Poof. Hi-oak looked back and saw a middle-aged man staring at this bizarre reptilian pupil.

[Where are you going to go, shadow?]

The man opened his mouth.

The machining force that is gathered in the mouth. Jin looked at Adam.

At that moment, Adam stared at Jin-woo as if he had intuitioned something, and precisely at Hi-oak where Jin-woo was moving.

“I’m Hunter.”

Kuaaaaaaaaaaaaa -!

Breath pouring out of a man’s mouth erased a shadow soldier without a trace.


Jinwoo felt the feeling that his body was burning momentarily, and suffered severe pain.

The high oak and nerves were connected, but he could escape, but Agent Adams who was next to him could not.

His last appearance.

He remembered his pupils burning in the flame, and Jinwu gained steam.


The ground fell down as if the earthquake struck.

‘Damn it…’

I should have expected.

If the battle is long, the stronger the Shadow Legion is, the longer it is.

The enemies should have kept in mind that they could reduce the battlefield as much as possible and bring the troops to a single place.

The monarchs open all eight corridors as if they were to do their own work.

‘I focused all my troops on the gate farthest from me.’

It was a bone painful mistake.

While other areas were being attacked, the plan, which was trying to counterattack by raising the Shadow soldiers at the time, went to a blast.

Ryuzukan, who realized that something unusual happened, came carefully.

“Sungjin Hunter …”


A late contact with a Canadian news clerk came up with a speculated face.

“Hunter, Hunter … Canada is … ”

I could see his background without hearing it.

Let Jinwoo look up.

The gate, which was covering the sky, was gradually blinking as if it had fulfilled its purpose.

A shadow soldier and a man next to him were burned out.

Even the immortal soldiers melt in a single room.

‘…’Solvent turned his back and looked at the finished product, his ashes stacked on his feet, in a satisfactory way.

The soldiers of Hyeonsee, who had never been forced to clench for a long time, were enjoying the feeling of freedom as much as the meat they met with water.

I opened my arms wide open to enjoy the freedom.

Heart sounds of living things.

Their screams.

The pleasant sounds of the creatures being destroyed have been heard as if they are listening to fantastic music.



Ancient dragons land on the ground.

Two monarchs gently descending on the ground.

And many commanders.

All of them kneeled politely to the mighty monarch, Solon, and finished the example.

The solvent smiled.

The thrilling atmospheric mana was held in his hand.

Mana unleashed to strengthen this land strengthened the power of those who could use mana.


The preparations were over.

Kha ha ha ha ha!

To the ground, a strong smile of solvent was shouting at the soldiers still pouring down.

[Crush everything! That would be the only mission given to us!]

Hundreds of dragons, passing quickly over his head, poured out a mighty flame toward the earth and began to burn everything on the ground.


* * * Only Director David Brennan remained alone in the office of the unlicensed Director.

He sneaks after the expensive drinks he had saved for his eldest daughter ‘s wedding, ignoring the constantly coming reports and communications from the top.

In the dark, only the muted TV screen was flashing.

Those who can see for a while on the screen for a while.

He did not know why he was repeating the same video on a broadcasting station.

‘It’s all dead.’

Like the agents of the Hunter Bureau that I sent to support Canada.

No one will survive.

Hunter, the agent, the reporters who shot the video.

Everything is dead.

Still, thanks to the short film that the cameraman took with his life, it was possible to ascertain the approximate size of the enemy.

“It’s over!”

The director yelled like a crazy man.

Sung Jin Hunter did not exaggerate.

Hundreds of dragons.

After that, they were giants, beasts, and worms.

The disasters that humanity can not afford.

Now I can see why Sungjin Hunter repeatedly emphasized the distance from the gate as much as possible.

The world is over.


“Fuck you!”

Did not Sung Jin-woo himself go to China to lead the pet to fight against those things?

How can you think about fighting while knowing the existence of such things?

I wanted to break his head if possible and take out the brain.

‘But before I do, my head will be broken up into dozens of pieces first.’


What was so funny was that the director, who was in the rush of the figment figurine, took a picture from his bell.

It was a picture of the face of a daughter wearing a hooded cap with a look of annoyance.

‘Was this time sixteen?’

If I had known that my daughter would be a scapegoat for the dungeon brakes in the next year, I would take a few more photos, even if I had more time, or even quit my job.

The fact that there were only two photographs from both of them made my father’s heart tickle.


Another glass was empty.

When my daughter entered the grave, I thought I would not have to take this drink. He bitterly bitterly shook his bottle.

Now, half the bottle was empty.

“Yes… It’s over. ”

Canada has already said that half of the country has disappeared.

This is just an estimate. No one really knew how fast they were advancing towards America.

The director untied the tie roughly.

“I will not die in your hands.”

He pledged revenge on the masters and promised to the grave of his daughter that he would never die.

At least, he chooses only when his life is cut off.

With such a determination, he stuck to the window that looked down at the underbelly.

A cool breeze swept past my sweaty forehead.

‘…I wish I had a daughter on my way. ”

When he was tearful, he closed his eyes and tried to fall down.

Someone held his shoulder.


Surprisingly surprised when he turned his eyes around, there was a man with a familiar face.

“Stand up, Sungjin Hunter?”

As the ghosts have seen, Jinwoo said to the director who was pale.

“There is something I want to find.”

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