Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 233

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 233

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235 Episode [Korean Hero, Welcome to China!] [150,000 people express their thanks! Thank you, Sung Jin Hunter!] [Korea and China friendship is forever!]

There were big plan cards written in Korean so that they could be read by Jinwoo.

Ryu-kang, who was in the middle of meeting Jin-woo, frowned upon seeing the plan cards that were too hard to find.

Of course, I did not like the content of the plan card.

Sung Jin Hunter’s decision to go to China over other countries where extreme ultra-large gates have been created is a welcome step for China. I was deeply grateful to Sungjin Hunter from myself who had to confront the bosses who would be pouring out at the gate right away.


It was only when I started to help Korea that I was so irritated by the reactions of other Koreans.

The memory of the time was still vivid.

‘Do not you know these people are really shameful?’

Even the Chinese people who had pointed out that they were insulting themselves at that time, have been busy praising Jinwu with one accord.

So the plan cards that cover the whole airport look fine in his eyes.

‘If I did not go to Korea with the Hunters, I would have been in a position to deal with Sungjin Hunter …’

Ryuzukan, who slipped his tongue inside, turned toward a passenger plane that was standing at the airport.

Could know.

There, the Sungjin Hunter rides.

China’s only 7-star Hunter Ryzukan felt a cool sensation from the passenger plane as if the hair of the whole body was struggling.

There is only one person in this world who can give me this kind of pressure. just as expected.

Senior officials who had been informed of the arrival of Jin Woo and executives of the Chinese Hunter Association had already begun to wake up and make a stir.

‘No… This is not courtesy. ‘

The ups and downs with the plan card made them even more uncomfortable to report.

Are not they also people who objected to the sound when they said that they should help Korea?

If you were not a 7 star hunter, you would have blocked the front if you were not doing this.

Do not let these pigs greet the warrior who comes to this land with his life.

Ryuzukan, whose face was stiff, told his messenger.

“Speak to the commentator. I will take away the scheduled welcome event, and I will take care of all the arrangements and guidance of St. Hunter. ”

“Yes? But these people … ”

I was hesitant to look around the officers and officers who were standing behind the attendants, and they who were overhearing the conversation were blinded by their fault.

Figuring out.

Ryuzukan burst into laughter and stood before them.

“I hope you guys get away from me right now. Do you have any reason not to? ”

Senior officials and associate executives who are well aware of Ryzukan’s scandalous nature have escaped from the waiting room as if all of them were scared to death.

Ryuzukan looked back at the empty waiting room and looked at the attendant again.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes… Yes! I will contact you. ”

While the attendant rushed the call, Ryu-kang walked toward the entrance gate where people were pouring.

“There Hunter’s coming!”

“Take it!”

“«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_!

The reporters who were waiting all day to catch a good spot were watching flash, and flashing at once.

Jinwoo looked around with a wonder of the atmosphere of the airport, which was slightly different from what he had heard beforehand.

‘One hundred hundred bureaucrats say they’re coming out …’

A Korean Hunter association employee accompanied also scratched his head.

I do not see the staff of the Chinese Hunter Association who was supposed to give me guidance, so I am very embarrassed for him.

At that moment.

As soon as a face I knew from a distance came, Jinwu gave a nice smile.

“Ryu Hunter.”

“Sung Hunter.”

Two men who shouted a short and thick handshake like the warriors in front of the battle.

The first one to take the question was Jinwoo.

“By the way… What about the others? ”

Ryuzukan laughed after listening to the interpreter ‘s staff.

“Ah, the Chinese people are not very patient. I did not see her, so I decided to take the advice of Sung Hunter. ”


I felt that the process between them was largely skipped, but Jinwu did not ask Ryuzukan because he did not like it.

When Jin-woo did not show any dislike, Ryu-kang headed toward the airport gate.

“This is it.”


I can not go a few steps, Jinwoo stopped.

Ryuzukan also stopped.

Over the glass wall of the transparent airport there was part of the huge gate covering the sky.

“That’s …”

Very large gates that appeared in China.

Looking at the gate with a hardened face, Ryu-kang stood beside Jin-soo with a solemn expression.

“I can not afford to do that.”

If it is impossible for you, other Chinese hunters do not even have to say. So I do not know how happy I was to hear the news of Jinwoo.

Ryujukang wanted to convey his gratitude to Jinwoo even a little bit. When he was worried about what to say carefully, he said with a sincere voice.

“I do not know China, but Ryuzukan will never forget your help forever.”

* * * As the time for the gate to open began to come, breaking news from all over the world was pouring out.

[Sung Jin Hun Hunter Chooses China!] [Japan and Russia decided to support Sungjin Hunter …] [Airliner carrying Hunter is scheduled to leave this afternoon …] [On the other hand, the white citadel, which was found in the flooded area of Japan, is unrelated to these gates …] [Finally 5 hours to dungeon break. Will Sung Jin Hunter’s warning be true? if not…]

Jay Mills is on the rise.

“Japan, Russia, and Sung Jin-woo are busy spying on you.”

Why are the two countries trying to help China?

It was obvious.

After winning the score for Sung Jin-woo, are not they trying to get help when they are in danger?


China, Japan, Russia, and everyone is weak.

What are the hunters that humans can not keep their own countries in their own hands?

What about us?

Canadian hunters have united themselves to defend their land.

‘We are not shaken.’

The bullshit to get away from the gate could not shake us, the great Canadian hunters.

Jill Mills voluntarily looked at proudly the thousands of hunters gathered for Reid.

Wow ah -!

Their morale seemed to be poking through the sky.

The general citizens were also quite far away from the hunters.

[We do not give up Canada!] [Run away with yours!] [Our hunters will protect our lives and the earth!]

Citizens holding hands in various pickets cheered the Hunters.

Jilles looked up at the giant super gate on his head and was confident of his victory.

‘Any winner out there will win!’

As the uplifted J. Mills turned to the hunters and shook their arms, a raging shout broke out again.


* * * The Chinese side also finished the preparations.

As in Seoul, the multinational Union Raid team rounded the ground under the gate.

Among them, it was also a hundred thousand elite hunters of China.

As the country with the most hunters, the number of senior hunters gathered from all over the country exceeded 100,000.

Jinwoo had warned.

People who are overcome by the power of the humans will come out of the gate a lot.


The hunter’s head count exceeded 100,000, and the idea that it would be worth doing was beginning to budge in them.

Jinwu summoned Shadow soldiers as if they were telling them their calculations were wrong.

‘Come out.’

A shadowy corps of 130,000 filled the back space of Jinwoo which was vacated intentionally in an instant.

Oh-oh-The hunters were not able to breathe even if they could breathe in the dripping air they emit.

The hunter ‘s forehead swelled in cold sweat.

‘Price … The price is different. ‘

‘Those things are pouring out of heaven? here?’


Overwhelming fear.

The highly developed sense, like the higher hunters, warned of the dangers of those who appeared before you.

Even Ryuzukan, who was not surprised at all these days, burst into elasticity.

“These are all … Are you St. Hunter’s servants? ”

Jinwoo nodded his head.

The shadow of the shadow soldiers, sharpened like a sword, felt to the master himself.


Jinwoo looked up at the sky.

Now the gate is not open for a few minutes.

You have to win here to absorb as many mourning forces as possible into shadow soldiers.

That’s the first step in this war.

The lively neighborhood became quiet for a moment with the appearance of the Shadow Legion.

Everyone could have an intuition.

The moment of the fight is already approaching the throat.

A heavy strain hit the hunters’ shoulders.

It’s black.

Jinwu swallowed the dry saliva.

Which of the eight corps will fall from there?



Jinwoo replied to Belion who informed him that it was time.


Ryuzukan winked at his eyes as he saw Jinwu talking naturally with the pet.

“Hunter, I do not even talk to the petty …”

Berga, who decided that Ryuzukan was more than necessary, blocked his way in the twinkling of an eye.


The overwhelming flesh of an ant-shaped soldier.


Ryu Zukang, who was surprised to see it, rushed to the streets.

Jeong watched and threw the excited bender back of his head.

“You’re a friend, man.”

As soon as Bergha, who had bowed his head to Jinwoo, retreated, Jinwu apologized instead.

“I am a little nervous ahead of the fight.”

“rule… Fine.”

Ryuzukan just gave up thinking about Jinwoo.

It was because he had a strong feeling that he could not understand this man by his common sense.

That moment.

“Wow, it opens!”

Someone’s cry.

Everyone’s head turned to the sky.

Jinwoo’s eyes changed. Like someone said, the gate was slowly opening up a huge gag.

Breathing tension has tightened everyone’s beneath the gate.


When the gate opened, nothing happened.

The most surprised person is Jinwoo.

I tried to concentrate my senses, but there was no sign beyond the gate.

The gate was empty.


Behind Jinwoo ‘s throat came a creepy feeling.


What he was missing. One possibility that I could not think of came up in my mind suddenly.

The ominence became more and more certain as time went by.


The hunters also began to realize that something was wrong.

Ryuzukan asked Hunter, who was in charge of the side contact, urgently.

“Where else?”

“The same goes for other places. Nothing happened. ”

“So the gate is all empty?”

“That… That’s me too … ”

Ryuzukan’s head swiftly turned.

His gaze stopped at Jinwoo.

But Jin-woo’s expression was so terribly hard that it was hard to put a horse on.

That expression is wrong?


It was not such a level of emotion.

Even the ones in the world can not get close to Jinwoo.

The shaking of emotion felt by Jinwu was shaking himself.

‘I… I made a mistake.’

She realized her misjudgement and she banged her lower lip.


Why did the monarchs think so simply?

They would have known that I was going to use the strengths of the Shadow Legion.

If his prediction is correct.

Jin-woo, who looked up, crossed Ryuzukan and urgently asked the liaison.



The voice of Jin – woo, who could not stand the excitement, grew.

“What happened to Canada!”

* * * At the same time, the entrance to the gate was opened in Canada.

But like any other place, nothing has changed.

The Hunters, who raised the scam for Reid, looked at each other’s eyes and glared at him.


“There’s a pouring rain down there?”

“Does Sung Jin-woo blush?”


Jay Mills, who discovered something, shouted to the Hunters.


Like the strongest hunter of all, the warning with powerful horsepower has shut all Hunters’ mouths.

As the surroundings calmed down, Jay looked back at the gate.

I knew it.

I did not see it well.

Something that looked like a person was coming down slowly.

The one that came out of the gate was all that.

‘No, it’s not a person’s appearance. It’s just a person. ‘

Jay, who confirmed the “it” that landed on the ground lightly, walked over to the hunters, stopping the Hunters trying to get ahead of him.

It’s black.

Without knowing the tension, the saliva passed over the esophagus. The closer the distance was, the closer I could see my opponent.

A middle-aged man with dark red hair and beard.

The body was beautifully wrapped in beautiful armor, from silver to red, from neck to toe.

When Jay approached, the man looked at him.

[Are you the king here?]

Even though the man did not open his mouth, his voice rang in his head. Of course, I was able to accept it naturally like the original words.

Jay’s heart began to thump.

“right! Yes! I knew it! ”

The reason why Sung Jin-woo was able to make soldiers who came out of the first gate.

This is how I communicated.

“I thought you were the crook! I knew it! ”

Thanks to his anticipation, his head was boiling.

When he could not lift his excitement, he shook his hand at the hunters and the hunters cheered as hard as they could face him.

Wow ah -!

Jay turned to the man again.

The man was waiting quietly.

‘Is it a structure that submits to the first person who asks if he is a king, and if so, submits?’

Jill Mills, who was observing a man who did not know whether he was a man or a martyr with an interesting eye, raised his mouth.

“If I am a king?”

He who represents the hunters gathered here is himself, and even if it is a king, there will be no difficulty.

His voice contained strong confidence.


[Looks like he does not have one.]

When the man opened his eyes again, the blood of the reptilian eyes wriggled in his eyes.

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