Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 212

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 212

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As soon as I got into the call, my cell phone rang.

‘Hunter Association?’

Jinwoo’s face confirmed the recipient.

What if something did not work for a while?

Jinwoo quickly picked up the phone.

– Huh, hunter?

“Yes, it is Sung Jin Woo.”

Jin-woo, who read an unusual atmosphere in the urgent voice of the association staff, wondered.

“What happened?” – I mean, no, the president of the association will tell you. I will connect you directly to the association president.

What the president should do.

When Jinwoo found out that it was not a normal thing, she waited silently for the response of the president, and the urgent voice of Woo Jin-chul came out as if the connection waited for it.

– Sung Hunter! Why did not you call me?

“I was out of the money until just before.”

Frequent dungeon brakes polluted the sea (seaweed) was not able to communicate with the outside.

However, I thought that it was not a big problem because I had one shadow soldier attached to those who want to keep it.

‘Did you open the very big gates of heaven during the flood?’

It would have been more than two days.

Just before Jin Woo prompted Woo Jinchul to answer all kinds of speculation in his head, Woo Jin-cheol explained the current emergency in a clear and concise way.

– A monster appears in the middle of Seoul city and it is raging!


Jinwoo, who was excited about resting in the tide, felt a moment of chest down.

“How big are the masters?” – There is no scale. Only one.


Now all the hunters are gathered in Seoul.

It is clear that it is the person who is gathered to defend the dungeon braking which will rise in the extreme super gate, Even the association supported weapons for hunters with limited equipment.

‘But then suddenly, you are being rattled by one of the suddenly appearing?’

Woo Jin-chul’s explanation quickly came to Jinwoo, a wonder-eyed person.

– One of the guilds facing him was instantly destroyed. Probably not a regular guy.

“Where’s the guy?” – It is now recognized as near the Grand Hotel in Seoul.

Is it just a coincidence?

As the name of a luxury hotel in which Thomas Andre stayed at the mouth of the Woo Jin-cheol Association President came out, Jin-woo felt like something was caught in his neck.

just as expected.

There was anxiety in the voice of the president of Wu Jin-chul, referring to him.

– Now Thomas Andrew Hunter is coming in contact with the monster.

No way.

Thomas had a shadow soldier attached in case.

The command to the soldier is ‘If you feel a little strange in your surroundings, I will send you a signal immediately.’

But I was struggling with the monster that was protecting the guild alone, but there is no signal?


Then Jinwu discovered something strange.

The shadow soldiers’ signal in Seoul was very weak.

Just like something is interfering with the signal.

‘What happened?’

An enemy with a mighty power, a state-powered hunter encountered with the enemy, and a signal to be interrupted.


In Jinwoo ‘s mind, one possibility emerged.

I asked Jinwoo very much.

“President, does the monster have a shadow?” -Yes?

“We need to see if the monster has a shadow.”

The voice of Woo Jin-cheol, who had been cut off for a while, rushed again.

-Unbelievable… Sung Hunter was right. As a result of checking with photograph, monster did not have shadow.

Oh My God.

Jin, who recalled that there was no shadow for the Ice Elves who attacked Koguryo President, shouted.

“Never let Thomas fight the monster!”

Maybe the monster is approaching Thomas.

-Yes? But already …

The situation is urgent.

The moment when Jinwoo felt that he did not need to explain any more, he attempted ‘Shadow Exchange’ with the shadow he had attached to Thomas.


A clear hologram message emerged at the same time as a bad alarm.

[Specified Shadow Soldier not found.]

No matter how many times you tried.

Banding, stringing.

[Specified Shadow Soldier not found.] [Specified Shadow Soldier not found.]

How does this happen!

The astonishing face of Jinwu hardened like a stone.

‘Soldier … Disappeared? ‘

The Shadow Soldier, which should be used as the location coordinates of the ‘Shadow Exchange’ skill, has disappeared.

No trace of shadow soldiers could be detected anywhere.

I could clearly see that the line connecting Thomas with the Shadow Soldier that he had attached to him was broken, just like when he returned the Shadow Soldiers to nothing.

The disappearance of a shadow soldier, not selfishness.

A confused voice came out of Jinu’s mouth.

“What’s going on?”

* * * Renat heard a heavy voice from behind his back.


I had already experienced it once, but the feeling Renat felt was the exact opposite.

“Thomas Andre!”

A man who is big enough to cover the sun.

Renat looked at the man behind his back and his face turned bright.

Thomas walked slowly past Renat.

Even those who were screaming and screaming from the monster stopped at one and two steps to recognize the power-class Hunter of the mighty bones.

“That American Hunter …”

“Sat, Thomas?”

“Goliath! It’s Goliath! ”

Even Renat, a first-rate hunter, saw the back of Thomas as he walked toward the monster, and the heart ran hot, and the general public was running away from the evil spirits of the monster.


“Thank you, God!”

There were even some of the best Hunters who had come to rescue themselves and who had been given the strength to relax.

Thomas nervously shouted at the hunters who had been unable to do anything because they were overwhelmed by the intimidating “it” that they could not identify.

“Do not be stupid there, move the citizens, you morons!”

The power of the state power class hunter.

It was enough to blow away the pressure of ‘it’ which made the movement dull.

The hunters who got to know EGAL quickly moved away from Thomas with their backward citizens.

Renat soon cooperated with the Korean hunters to evacuate the citizens.

It ‘s slowly coming to Thomas, who stood in the middle of the road as if to keep them.

Thomas’ s eyebrows tapered off his sunglasses.

“…”A beast that blooms all over the body.

Even though it is human, it is not human.

Behind the beast, a tendon rises in the face of Thomas, looking at the sculptures of the victims who are spread out in a mess.

“An animal that does not know the subject ran wildly.”

The beast exposed his fingers and his red teeth as if he were laughing at Thomas’ anger.

It is the truth of the east and west that crazy beasts must beat.

Thomas’ s eyes glowed without a doubt.


Thomas’ s muscles changed like armor, and his body, which was originally magnificent, changed even more enormously.

My physique is Thomas. How much of the gap in power would be, Thomas was assaulted toward the beast.


Every time a massive step was taken, people looked at the swinging earth and saw the tram.

The beast who moved his appetite for a new game also moved.

Suddenly, two narrow streets facing each other stood face to face. The gaze that crosses each other is crossed, and muscles with a lot of magic power squeeze out and scream.

The fists of two monsters, which could crumble the concrete like a tofu, started to fire at each other.

Stomping Stomping Stomping Stomping Stomping Stomping Stomping!

Hunters felt the wonder of the confrontation of pure power and power unfolded without any skill.

Even if only one of the fists is scratched, they are dead.

They were attacked by such strikes and they were exchanged without hesitation and without any defense.


Thomas was convinced.


The head of the beast went back to his side in his fist. A heavy feeling of hitting came to my left hand with excitement.

It was eaten.

Goliath, who was a little shrugged by his defeat with Jin Woo, was gradually recovering his confidence through the battle.

Stomping Stomping Stomping Stomping Stomping Stomping Stomping!

When the beast was pushed backward in the ensuing battle, Thomas’ full swing burst out and he threw it on the floor.


Quadriga Supporting Paper Supports!

The beast, which was endlessly pushed aside by the asphalt on both sides, stopped moving only after breaking down the entire surface of the building.

The Hunters, who watched the fighting, were pleased to grasp the fist, but Thomas himself was not pleased.

‘no. Than to think … It was not deep. ‘

Filled with dust.

In the wreckage of the collapsed building, I felt the presence of the animal that is still living strong lives.


“ä_ -!

Heavy chunks shot like a missile on the other side of the dirt.

Thomas pulled away the cars that were flying at him, and dragged the beasts that were hiding beyond sight by skill ‘manpower’.


When the resisting beast was dragged to his nose, Thomas used his most powerful skill.


Thomas, both of his arms swollen, struck the ground firmly.


A terrible shock wave from the ground struck the beast.


The screaming beast rose up at once and was thrown down on the floor.

Thomas did not lose sight of the gap and quickly put him in.

Skill ‘bang’!

Stomping Stomping Stomping Stomping Stomping Stomping Stomping!

Wow – The people who watched the fight between Goliath and the beast with a careful mood in the far-off were acclaimed.

There was a smile on the faces of the hunters as well.

No one seemed to have a variable in this fight.

An overwhelming victory.

It was the appearance of a nation-class power hunter called the world’s best.


Thomas’s forehead, which is pushing the beast without a hitch, has become more and more thick and sweaty.


The closer I get to victory, the more I feel anxious about turning my neck a bit more.

The attack was carried out properly one by one, and the underlying animal did not even have any resistance.

By the way.

But why am I so disturbed by the overwhelming superiority?


Thomas was able to find the cause of the anxiety.

Eye. It is an eye.

Without regard to the indiscriminate attack, the beast stared at the same eye from beginning to end.

Just as you can try it once you can.


The angry Goliath lifted both of his pinched hands up.

A thick tendon sprang up from the muscles of both shoulders that swelled instantly.

The enormous horsepower was thrown into the shoulders, arms, wrists.

That’s it.

Shockwave at the start of the skill ‘collapse’ in front of the face can wake up?

Have a hard time.

Thomas lowered his arms down.



Thomas saw.

The moment when the eyes of the beast that has been closed for a moment turn from the human eye to the perfect beasts’ eyes.

TUB. Thomas’ two fists swarming with all his strength were blocked in one hand of the lightly lifted beast.

“……?”Thomas looked down at his hand, unable to move freely, and his spine became cooler.

[It draws this much power on the puppet theme of debris.]

The sound of Thomas seems to have been wrecked by the beast.


That moment.

The hair of the blackened beast turned white and began to lengthen.

The fingernails were long, the teeth were sharp, and the white hairs covered the whole body.


However, there has never been a werewolf with white hair in the raid history of more than 10 years.

“you… What is your identity? ”

Thomas, who felt astounded at the brutal power of the beast’s eyes, asked.


The beast, without any answer, broke Thomas’ s handbone with his own grip.


“Ahh ah ah!”

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