Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 211

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 211

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The next day. On the front page of the sports newspaper, which has long been filled with stories of hunters instead of athletes and popular celebrities, there was an exciting title article.

[Seong Jin-woo and Cha Seong-in who found amusement park, the birth of the best couple ever?]

In the article, there were photos of the cell phone that showed the two people who had visited the amusement park, and the last picture to go somewhere along the river.

The privacy of the two Hunters who were originally protected by information is not available.

The newspaper company, which had a huge amount of scandal, was ready for some sanctions.

Reverberation was enormous.

The scandals of the two S-class Hunters who do not know anyone by name gave a new boost to those who were tired of the super-sized gates that were pouring out every day.

The best male hunter in the world and the best female hunter in Korea.

People showed explosive interest.

In particular, the news of the two people spread more wildly on the Internet.

– If this marriage and marriage of Sung Jin-woo car Hae-in child, Sung Jin-woo II beat everybody, is not it?

‰ÓÓ Sung Jin-woo 2 ‹ÉÜ ‹ÉÜ ‹ÉÜ ‹ÉÜ ‹ÉÜ I have not announced that I have yet to formally make a fuss, but I think it’s fussy, “ø¤“ø¤ ‰ÓÓ If so, Sung Jin-woo’s mom is a super-class hunter. Hunter seems to be an abundance of food that does not know how to awaken power. ‰ÓÓ But is it true that if two real people come together?

I wish it was real. – I live in a suburban area of Seoul. I passed by near Gangnam and saw the gate in the sky. I knew that the world was going to perish. But when the Hunters are playing with their friends, they feel relieved. I would like to send out the special featured programs on this occasion.

‰ÓÓ Sungjin Hunter Hunter’s Hunter Hunter’s super-sized giant and super-huge gates Please stop!


Byeongho guild president, Baek Yoon-ho covered the newspaper with the tip of his tongue.

Somehow, Hunter, who was watching the Sungjin Hunter from before, had no reason to think that his eyes were so sad.

But his tongue was not due to the fact of the two people ‘s fellowship.

“The title of this article is completely absurd. What is the best couple ever, couple. ”

Ahn Sang-min, the head of the neighborhood, asked the president of the disgruntled expression.

“Why are you doing this? As far as I can see, Sung Jin-woo Hunter and Cha-hoon Hunter couple can be called the strongest couple. ”

“Even if you put a girl next to Sung Jin Hunter, it is the same as the birth of the strongest couple.


I hear it.

Ahn Sang-min, who tried to replace one of the female hunters by Jin-u, nodded at Baek Yoon-ho’s explanation.

Even if the sex singer Hunter was a girl, Hunter, there was not a man or woman who could possibly win.

School girl hunter, yes, but the other side is buying too.

“Really, boss.”

“It is.”

Ahn sangmin, who nodded again and sipped the coffee that had just been pulled out of the vending machine, turned his gaze to the window.

“But the fine dust is really bad these days. Fortress is afraid to open the window. ”

Ahn Sang-min, who tried to close the half-open window that frowned.

But Baek Yoon-ho stopped his hand.



When approaching Ahn Sang-min, Baek Yoon-ho opened the window he was about to close and stretched out his hand.

“this… It’s not fine dust. ”

The cold texture touches your fingertips.

It was foggy.

It is a fog that contains a gigantic chill to the bone.


It is winter fog that covers the entire city of Seoul at this time, just beyond the middle of autumn.

A moment of sparkling energy passed through his neck.

Baek Yoon – ho, staring at the beast ‘s eyes, looked at the window and muttered with a firm expression.

“Something… I do not feel good about something. ”

* * * Jinwoo first woke up.

Haine was tired a lot yesterday was still awake from the nausea.

like this.

How long has it been morning to meet someone?

Jinwoo carefully stepped out of the way to the uninhibited and moved to the forest.

‘It was obviously near …’

On the way back to the place where Haine is asleep again.


Jinwoo, who found something, stopped on the spot.


A small tree with buds.

It was a young plant that could be counted anywhere, but the color of the leaves was shining in silver.

It was a tree that has not yet been found on the earth.

just as expected.

In the wood, it was hard to detect if it was not Jinwoo, but very little magical power came out.

‘This is not the world.’

I do not think it’s a loser because I can see the difference between the horsepower and horsepower.

As Jin-woo, who was looking into the tree, suddenly looked up and saw silver leaves blooming everywhere.

It was in contrast to the surrounding trees slowly drying out.

‘The ground … It is changing. ‘

Is this also the plan of the rulers?

Or is it the aftereffect by the masters?

Jin-woo, who smells of the soil dug by hand, rubbed the soil with his fingers and dropped a little on the floor.

There was also a slight smell of magic in the soil.

Maybe it’s just that humans are not aware of it, and the world might already be mixed with magic.

Then far away.

I felt the popularity of Hain who woke up from sleep.

He shook his hand and raised his body.

It is important to worry about the changing world, but now there is something far more important than that.

It gives relief to the paupers who know that they are gone. After revealing his deliberate intention, Hain, who discovered the approaching Jinwu, sighed a little relievedly.

Jinwoo greeted with a smile.

“Did you sleep well?”

Hain, who has a red face for some reason, replied, avoiding gaze.


When Jin woke up his wondering eyes, Hain lifted his head when he slipped.

“Where have you been?”

Carefully, Haine asked Jin – woo, wiping his hair with a towel around his neck.

“I came to wash.”

Come to think of it.

I would like to wash her as well.

Especially the sea breeze is just a little bit, and I also have the salt.

‘But I can not let a lady wash it like this …’

When I was thinking about how to do it, Jinwoo made a smile on his face.

There, bath and meals are solved at once.

“I know one of the hotels in the area that has a great breakfast nearby, do you want to go there for lunch?”

I did not say it, but I was hungry even if it was not so.

Jinwoo reached her hand and raised her up.

Kiah Aaak -!

Haine looked at his head when he saw his wings spread.

“Did not you say this neighborhood?”

“If I run by power, it will take about 5 minutes … So why do not you join us? ”

5 minutes at the speed of Jinwoo.

Hye, who was trying to figure out how far it was, got on top of Kaiser without a word.

‘It’s good that the story is fast.’

Jin-woo, who laughed and laughed, took the lead and Caesell fluttered.

In Korea, the appearance of Kaiser is often out on the air, but what about the reaction of Japanese hotel workers who will see Kaiser in person.

Especially the chef wished to avoid being surprised, and Caeser slowly turned the rider towards the hotel.

‘It’ suddenly appeared.

The first person to discover ‘it’ was a middle-aged man who had just received a measurement from the Hunter Society that he was a Class B awakeninger.

Took. I hit the shoulder with ‘It’ that appeared before myself, and the man stopped at that place.


The man lifted his head along the shadows.

There was a man standing in front of me, which seemed to be 2 meters far beyond.

It is a wild feeling that is felt by a man wearing clothes made of beast’s leather.

No, it was wildness itself rather than beauty.

As the size of the inside of the company catches so much attention, the attention of the middle-aged man and the man who stopped at once was concentrated.

“What, are you fighting over there?”

“Wow! That man is not a joke. Myeong-wook should also fold one. ”

“But is he crazy? I’m going to be taken to an ambulance. ”

Sudden heavy down on the road bustling with people.

That was the way a middle – aged man felt his gaze.

I would have apologized and withdrew immediately if I was the usual person, but I am completely different from myself at that time.

There is no longer a past that is bent over to the boss and ignored by his subordinates.

‘I am a B-class awakening.’

If it is B grade, it is higher among Hunters.

There was no need to bow his head to such a ‘public figure’.

The middle – aged man put his briefcase down and gave strength to his neck.

“Hey! If a person is hit, should we apologize? ”


As the excited heart began to run wild, I felt my own magical power moving wild in every corner of my body.

The cells of the body are talking.

You are alive.

You are now ready to start a new life as a hunter.

The beastly man stood still, unable to say anything.

The middle – aged man who saw the reactions of the company put on a little more shoes.

“Is it all right if you just stand there and look at it? If a person made a mistake, acknowledge it, and forgive someone who committed the wrong … Ahhh!”

As the man grabbed the middle-aged man’s head with his wicked hands, the scream of those who were watching burst out.

“Ah! Ahhh!”

The coarse blood vessels jumped out of the face of a middle – aged man in his grip.

bear. No, the pan. Lions, sharks, crocodiles, serpents, and any predator that exists in the world can give such overwhelming pressure to humans?

Fear of wild beings engraved in human DNA has dampened the pants of a middle-aged man in yellow.

“Ah… Ah…”



With the sound of something crumbling, blood and brain water splashed all over the place.


The man did not stop there, but began to devour the body of the middle-aged man who was hanging on the floor.

“I’m eating!”

“Uh, oh!”

“What, what is that? What ?! ”

The loud meal was finished in an instant, and the man swept his flesh with the flesh of the flesh, and raised his body.


The eyes of the man who can not find the opposite reason were definitely of the beast.

While many people screamed and ran away, there were many people who were not able to grasp the situation and watched the traveling of the company.

The beast cried to them.

[Listen, you humble humans! From now on I will hunt you!

People who were paralyzed by a thunderous crying shed tears.

The sharp – edged fangs that had sprouted quickly showed the majesty among the crying mouths of the company.

[My teeth and nails will tear all the skin and flesh of your weak families!]

The king of beasts. The roar of the canine monarch who showed his teeth shook the entire road.

[Stop me once!]

* * * Wu Jin-chul, the president of the association, heard about “horrible things” in the middle of the city without any signs.

“What about the victim?”

“At present, it is impossible to determine the number of victims.”

The first movement in Myeongdong was captured, and it was moving in a straight line, grabbing and killing all the humans coming into view.

“Where you are expected to arrive at the destination when you have calculated the route …”

“The Hunter Association.”

Woo Jin-cheol, holding his lower lip, grabbed his fist.

“Even though I care about the gate, my head is sick, but where does the monster …”


There is no room for such anger.

I had to figure out a way to stop him anyway.

“Sung Jin Hun Hunter?”

“I can not reach you.”


A swearing that came out unintentionally.

I heard that one of the guilds who had just stepped out to prevent the monster was wiped out without using the hand.

It was only comforting that the speed of “it” was not so fast as if it were waiting for something, but if it did not stop, it would almost seem that the number of the huge victims would increase astronomically.

In such a situation.

The report that the country’s greatest power was out of reach pointed to the worst.

‘If you do not have a country …’

When Woo Jin – cheol set his mind and fixed it firmly in his mouth. One good news came in.

“President of the Association!”

Woo Jin-chul rose from the office when he saw the employee who ran into the president’s office without any permission.

“Is Sung Jin Hunter’s contact?”

“It is not. But at the end of the day, one of the world’s hunters, Mr. Hunter, is trying to stop him! ”

“What? who?”


* * * The first person in the German Hunter system.

Lenathnierman felt the aura of the monster approaching this way as he flooded the streets.

‘I… Can you do it? ”

But as a hunter, you can not ignore the screams of innocent civilians. Renat felt a great sense of responsibility when he looked at the faces of the people who had become aware of himself as the twelfth rank of the Hunter Point Ranking of the Hunter Administration.


I have to do it, not if I can.

That’s the sense of mission as a hunter.


Staying in Seoul may be a fateful trick to stop my monster with my hand.

A moment when Renat, with a shabby face, unpacks a few buttons on his chest and tries to take a step toward the monster that has begun to look out there far away.

A heavy voice came from behind.

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