Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 205

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 205

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207 Is there an episode?

President Kim, who confirmed the true heart of Woo Jin Chul, came up with an answer immediately without having to turn his head.

“Well, of course, the Hunters should do their job. My thoughts were short. I made a statement. ”

Woojin chul woke up as he watched the nervous President nod his head again and again.


After Woo Jin-chul left, the president and the high-ranking officials were unable to get out of their positions for a while after they were released from their legs.

“…””…”They realized how terrible the Hunters were.

* * * “Have you ever had a good thing?”

In the departing car, the attendant sat in the driver ‘s seat and asked.

“Do you look like that?”

“Yes, Mr. President.”

Employee monitoring staff.

Woojin chul watched the young surveillance and junior and thought his new era and made a smiling smile.

“For the first time, I wanted to do what I should do as a president.”

Woo Jin-chul spoke on the back seat of the chairman of the association.

And I reminded him that in such an unseen place he had hated many for the hunters.

‘…thank God.’

I was accustomed to hate because of my wild eyes and my big physique.

If it is part of the association’s work, I will accept it.

When I decided to sit here on behalf of the president, I was already determined.

“Where to, sir?”

“…As an association. ”

I feel like a desperate place to go home, but I ran out here to run away.

The work still has to be piled up like a mountain.

“Then I’ll leave.”

As you know Woo Jin-cheol’s heart, the attendant stepped on Excel.

The car that the two of them got out of the Blue House coolly.

How much time has passed.

I looked out of the window, but I winked and woke up.

I saw an endless procession of cars full of roads.

No matter how crowded the streets of Seoul are, are cars blocked up on weekdays?

‘Are gates also created in the middle of the road?’

Woojinchul’s anxious gaze glanced around.

But to think so briefly, the atmosphere of the road was not that bad.

Are not all the drivers stopping and going out onto the highway looking up at the sky?

Not just the driver.

Pedestrians walking in India, people crossing the crosswalk, stopped and looked up at the sky.

Even the attendant in the front seat was pulling his head forward and looking up at the sky.

‘What the hell …’

Nolan Woo Jin-cheol shook his shoulder.

“Hey, what’s going on?”

“Tongue, President of the Association.”

The attendant shook his upper body with a trembling voice and pointed to the top of the windshield.

“Well, there …”

Woo Jin-cheol’s face got stiffened.


No, then there is no reason for everyone to look at the sky with the same expression.

But Woojin Chul, who did not want to believe what he saw, rushed out onto the road as other drivers did.

The eyes did not lie.

The emotions of the astonishment were put on the face of Woojin cheol looking up at the sky.

“how… How does this happen? ”

* * * Test results are satisfactory.

Jinwu’s stepping back was light.

BER became stronger.

Much better than I expected.

Unfortunately, this grit has not been upgraded yet, but the upgrade to Berr was a good enough result.

Probably the hunters of Hunters are not keeping their mouths shut by now in the sight of the dungeon.

Jinwoo laughed and laughed as he imagined the car Haein would open his eyes.

I wanted to talk more because I met in the tide, but unfortunately this is the first guests.

Jinwoo was worried by both Thomas and Lenat, and he contacted Thomas first.

Renat ‘s intentions are enough to guess, because Hunter, the world’ s second – ranked player who came to Korea without contact, had no idea what he was thinking.

The call was immediately connected.

– Mr Castle!

Thomas also poured out a bit of haste this time to see if he could speak to Jinwoo.

– I brought a fantastic present for Mr. Castle.


No, if you have anything like that, I’ll talk to you first.

Jin-woo told me that he was in a half-serious class, so the voice over the receiver was silent for a moment.

After a while. Thomas was speaking in a voice that seemed to be suppressing something.

-…I’m glad that Mr. So where do you see it? I’d like to hand over a gift.

“Wherever you are.” – Mr. Castle, will you come over here? They are dangerous men in many ways to carry around.

Dangerous stuff?

Jin-woo, who was puzzled for a moment, said that he would go there soon, and then he called off.

‘surely… It’s not a bomb, is it? ”

Of course not. If it was a state-class hunter, it would have been much more effective to tackle it than to bomb it.

But he came to Berga to regret that he was going to ask what kind of gift he was.

[King, please.]


[May I fight the foreign man once?]

‘…’Jin-woo, who had been thinking for a while, shook his head as if he was trying to take it off.

What I’m worrying about.

I was wondering where Berga grew up, but I could not put up a fight with Thomas.

I do not want Thomas to be hurt or Berga to be destroyed. When you are confronted by the nature of the two, it does not end up being a little scratched.


It is the evidence that tells the growth of Berr itself.

In the verse of Berr, I felt a strong desire to test myself.


[Speak to me. King.

‘The time will come when you can test your strength. Do not be too hasty.’

[I will keep in mind.]

‘And you can save TV dramas. Do you feel more and more as the day goes on? ”

[I will follow the name of the Lord]

‘Just say yes, yes. Yes. Yes sir.’



I would have told him what I wanted to do, and Jinwoo joyfully turned to the promised place with Thomas.

* * * “Oh, Mr. Castle! I do not know how long I’ve waited for this moment. ”

Thomas greeted Jinwu who visited his room.

The original gift is joy, but joy is equal to it. From when I heard that Jinwoo needed a dagger.

Thomas has been waiting for the best weapon in the guild’s warehouse to be delivered to Jinu’s hand.

It is not that I did not run to the distant foreign land.

How would the best Hunter in the world that he admits to see the two guys?

With great expectations.

Perfect. When Thomas’ fingers hit him, the bodyguards came out with a box covered in cloth.

Jin-woo, who did not need anything even as a gift, gazed at the box in an inconceivable way, and his eyes gradually changed sharply as the streets became closer to the guards.


Woo Woong, Woo Woong.

Something in the box was resonating with his horsepower.

Thomas, who caught the change of expression of Jinwoo, grasped his fist inside.


Sung Jin Hunter is a weapon, weapon is his master.

It was moments when Thomas felt that each other would recognize each other.

Maybe these guys were breathing right now only in the darkened warehouse of Skebinders who do not enter the light stem.

widely. The box was placed on a table between Thomas and Jinu.

“This is the reward for the grace that Mr. Castle has given me and our guilds.”

Thomas grabbed the edge of the cloth covering the box and carefully peeled it off.


The cloth slipped and the inside contents were revealed.

Transparent case with an open interior.

Inside, there were two daggers embedded in huge scales.

No, can I call it a dagger?

Jinwoo was suspicious.

The two daggers were shorter than the long swords and longer than the normal daggers.

But it was not the length of the dagger that caught the eye.

A snow-white blade like snow.

A dagger made of a non-metal material was not familiar to Jinwoo.

“Kazaka’s dirty”, which he acquired for the first time in his life.

Jinwoo remembered that the daggers in front of him were now made of any kind of teeth.

And there is only one thing that can emit this kind of energy as part of the body.

“Kamishi …”

In the name of Masu who unconsciously flowed, Thomas applauded his head with a frieze.

“Just look at these guys to guess the ingredients.”

Jinwoo’s guess was right.

But there was a question that came up because the guess was right.

“Camish’s body will be kept in the Hunter Bureau …?”

“According to the will of the United States government who wanted to transfer the body, we decided to give up the body neatly. I was able to get more than money. ”

Thomas laughed at the thought of the raid.

“But one of Kamish’s greatest and sharpest teeth, a canine that had been pulled out as hard as he had asked me was given to me as a souvenir.”

The problem, however, is that there is no awakening to make weapons by-products from the dragon’s dead body. Only one. Even the master craftsmen who created these two masterpieces died in the Old Testament and will no longer be able to produce weapons as a by-product of the dragon, Thomas added.

“At that time, the length of the canine was a bit short to make a long sword, so it would be helpful to have made a dagger.”

Thomas’ face was clear, revealing the situation at the time.

Slowly removing the case, Thomas pushed the dragon ‘s scales, which were held upside down, to the side of the river.

“It will be you now.”

The best weapon was to meet the best owner.

Calming his trembling heart, Thomas looked at Jinwoo ‘s reaction.

Jin pulled a dagger.


The dagger was pulled lightly as if it were a lie.


As soon as the dagger was picked up, Jinwu swallowed a spit in the sound of the machine.

Soon the detailed stats of the dagger came to my eyes.


Jinwoo suspected his eyes.

What can not be done. Jin-woo, surprised by his absurd stats, has called the “Dagger of the Demon King”, which he has been using as a main weapon for comparison.

[Item: Demon King’s Dagger] Difficulty: S Type: Dagger Damage +220 This is a dagger obtained from the Demon King’s Baran. If you use two “Dagger of the Demon King”, the set effect is applied.

Set effect ‘Two-in-one’: Strength Stats are added to each dagger as much damage.

If you add more than 300 muscle strength, your attack power will be well over 500.

I had thought that this set effect alone was enough to use as a dagger.

But now the dagger’s stats are in your hand.

Jin-woo, who was comparing the stats of the two daggers, provoked a mild malaise inside.

‘…Does this make sense? “

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