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Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 204

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206 Jeonwoo left and the Hunters’ best-of-breed hunters jumped into the dungeon without any priorities.

“Hey, do not push!”

“Dungeon is not running anywhere, so you do not have to play!”

What would you do if you did not know what to do with the game?

The curious eyes of the Hunters who set foot in the dungeon swept the inside.

But soon their eyes turned to astonishment.

Blood way!

The bodies of the smashed soldiers were forming the way of blood.

The road continued endlessly beyond the darkness of the cave.

The Hunters could not get any more into it, and everyone lost their voice.

“that… Look at that. ”

A hunter stabbed a neighbor with his elbow.

Turning his head unintentionally along the direction he pointed, Hunter opened his mouth to a vision beyond imagination.

What if there is a grotesque form in the dungeon ceiling?

It was a really amazing scene considering that the composition of the dungeon is so hard that it can not be compared with ordinary caves.

“I ate it all this evening …”

The relatively hungry hunters were white at the scene of the massacre.

What is more surprising is that the top-level A-class dungeons are made into this shape in less than 10 minutes.

She said to herself with the impression that she was shocked.

“Sungjin Hunter … It does not look like that at all … ”

Evidence of overwhelming violence revealing more and more as you go deeper.

It was the first time in five years that Hunter’s career saw the walls of the dungeon collapse so badly.

A man Hunter, who was looking around, looked at her.

“What is this? Inner Beast? What is it? ”

But Cha Hae – in shook his head.

This is not what St. Hunter did.

She was convinced that Jinwoo had watched the fighting scene several times in close proximity.

She knows Hunter, who knows how to handle enemies neatly than anyone else.


When he first witnessed his battle, he was baffled by the beauty of the smooth technical connections.

if so.

‘The only thing I can do in St. Hunter’s pets is …’


The car Haein, who came up with a monster ant that roared and roar with aggressiveness.

That monster is the pinnacle of brutality!

Jinwoo said.

What happened to his pet?

What has changed in the monster ant?

Leaving colleagues surprised by the traces of Vere remaining in the dungeons, Cha Hae-jun ran out to solve the question.


Jinwoo, who left the gate at once, was not seen anywhere.

“What’s so fast …”

Cha Hae – in looked around and made a bolt sound.

I have a lot of questions to ask.

There will be another chance. ‘

She sighs so quietly that she can not chase the butterfly sitting in front of her. She turns slowly with a smile.

* * * Jina approached her mother who was killing the footsteps and sneaking up like a cat.

Duck, duck.

She did not care about her daughter, who did not hear the footsteps, or narrowed the distance from behind, pretending to listen or not.

Then eventually.

Jina, who was approaching enough to hear the breath, hugged her mother.


But she did not look surprised and gave a sweet voice.

“Is my daughter bored?”

“Yes – bored. My brother will not come in, and I will not play with her. ”

When Mom was asleep in the hospital, Jinwoo was on her mother’s behalf.

In order to concentrate on studying, Jin-a did all she could to earn money and to do housework.

Jin-woo was Jin-a’s brother, parent, and friend.

so that.

My brother has been busy so many times that I can not see face these days, I often miss my brother suddenly.

Now there are no people who do not know your brother’s face and name, but what is the use if you can not see your brother’s face?

Jina tried to comfort her mother in the absence of Jinwoo.

“It’s good to have a mom.”

She buried her face on her back and smiled happily.

She did not even look back, but she also wiped the dishes with the same look as Jin-a.

Jina, who was attached to her mother’s back like a cicada, said for a long time.

“Mom, let’s go with us.”


My mom stopped her hand for a while and smiled as she washed the dishes again.

“My daughter, want to move?”


“What should I do? My mother still likes this house. ”

“What do you like about this old apartment?”

Even Jin-ah’s pin-cup was only smiling and diligently moving her hand.

Actually, I knew Jin-a.

Why do not you leave your old apartment.

Why do you want to stay here while your brother is already paying the rent, even though the ordinary people have earned money that they would never have touched for a lifetime.

My mom is still waiting for my father who is missing.

I wonder if dad will come here.

Now it seems to me that it is useless for Jin – a, who has almost no memory of him, but he did not tell him to move his house again after he heard about it.

“But Mom likes this house.”

This time, too, my mother quietly tilted, the swelling of the ball was blown Jinhua turned back.

“The toothbrush.”

“Do not do it too … Ah!”

My mom looked at Jin-a with her face that she had forgotten. Then I said that it might be raining tonight.

“Our pretty daughter, would you please kick the laundry out?”

“Mommy is only pretty when it comes to this.”

Still, I do not really like the sound of being pretty, but she came out as a veranda with a hum of washing and hanging.

I was pretty familiar with the time I used to be in my mom’s time.

By the way.

Suddenly the hand that was washing the laundry suddenly stopped. The sky was already dark.


Did the clouds get crowded?

Jina, who lifted her head to the sky unintentionally, fluttered her eyes.

In the hands of Jin-a, the basket containing the laundry fell off.

“Oh, Mom!”

* * * I get sweat on my hands.

Wu Jin-chul, the president of the association who was looking down at his wet palm, rubbed his hands on the innocent suit pants.

How long have you been so nervous?

It was more comfortable to go into the gate just before the dungeon break.

“Do not be too nervous, Mr. Wu Jin-cheol President.”

The government official, who called Woojin Chul into Cheong Wa Dae, laughed smiles.

So the person who should meet with the country is nervous, so where can we have a proper conversation?

I understand that it is a burdensome mind to rise to a high position at a young age, but it was the mind of the dignitary who invited him to wish that there was no mistake.


Woo Jin-chul nodded with a little hard smile.

The dignitary beat the back of his hand twice.

Then the door of the private room was opened and the man the two awaited was inside with the attendants.



Woo Jin-chul and his dignitaries rose at the same time.

“Alas, please sit down comfortably. I’m fine. What a great person came. ”

President Kim Myoung – cheol sat down in a relaxed atmosphere with light jokes.

As soon as he sat down, he sat down in front of the crowd and Woojin Railway.

The president ‘s gaze turned to.

“Are you busy with the association work now, Mr. President?”

“Ah… no.”

It is said that it is not by mouth, but the dark circles under the eyes of the Woo Jin-cheol association president were spreading power day by day.

How did the former president of KKRC come to the rescue?

He has been a member of the Wu Jin-chul Presidents’ Association since his death.

So should we say?

Woojin chul was hoping that this uncomfortable seat would be over soon.

“there… What did the President call me? ”

“Enough, this man!”

The prime minister noticed Woo Jin-chul, who was about to enter the main business, but the president dried him up.

“I’m not in the middle of this busy time to hold the president for such a long time.”

The story is fast.

The point is simply.

President Kim Myung-chul did not hate the rapid progress.

“Let ‘s go right to the point. It is no different why I called the president of the association here … ”

Very short time.

Woo Jin-cheol realized that the president had seen his own senses in the sense of a top-grade hunter.

And I heard a hunch.

Now that your opponent is preparing a very difficult request.

just as expected.

President Kim smiled and laughed about himself.

“I heard that Woo Jin-cheol’s president and Sungjin Hunter are very particular.”

Woo Jin Chul corrected the wrong rumor right away.

“I do not know much about St. Hunter, but it is not so deep.”

“haha. Is that so.”

“Yes, the president of Goh Kun-hee has distinguished himself with Sungjin Hunter.”

Woo Jin-chul nodded alone, recalling the president of Kun-hee, saying he would like to have a drink with St. Hunter.

Kim thought about something for a while.

“Still, can you get in touch with St. Hunter?”

“Ah… Yes.”

“Then let me ask you to join us.”

I knew it.

Woojin chul, who thinks there is something to come, asked with a frustrated voice.

“What are you asking?”

“Sung Hunter is so high that I can not use it as a public relations ambassador. ‘Sung Jin Hun Hunter’s safe South Korea’ something like this slogan. ”

The president laughed, saying so.

Korea’s Hunter, who hits the country’s power-class hunter and moves the US Hunter Bureau.

The political world could not help but watch his progress.

Kim Myeong-cheol used his position as a president to bring Jin-soon to his side.

We start from the ambassador.

I am acquainted with him.

As the reputation of the best Hunter increases, his friendship with him will become a more powerful card than anything else. Woo Jin-chul, president of the association, played a role as a bridgehead for it.


I did not know enough about Kim Jong –

‘I just bothered to tell you this story.’

The Mac was untied.


I wondered why I should get caught up in this noise as soon as I came to the association.

‘…You’re looking at it. ”

I am not the president of the association.

The president of the association, who had been playing the breakwater of the association for the time being, lost his place, and the government immediately pointed to himself.

Work for us.


Woojinchul was able to find himself being angry and at the same time being minded.

The president of KKRC had been telling me.

The Hunter Association needs to create an environment where Hunter can devote himself to Hunter’s work.

And it’s not just for the hunters, it’s a must for those who are not hunters.

When I thought so, my mind relaxed and a smile came naturally.

Kim, who misunderstood the expression of Woo Jin – cheol, laughed.

“Huh, our president, Woo Jin-chul, who speaks a little different than anyone. Yes. I want you to do a bit of hard work. Is that what you want me to do? ”

Unlike anyone else.

It was not a difficult problem to tell who it was.

Woo Jin-chul said without a voice.

“It was a gentleman who was the president of the association.”

“Yes. He was so knowledgeable that he was a gentleman. ”

“I am a lot different from the president of Koganei Association.”

“Huh. right. The Hunter Association should change that too. How long must I be tied up before? ”

Woojinchul laughed and gave power to the eyes of President Kim.

“How long will it take me to kill everyone in this building, including the bodyguards?”

“No, this man!”

The dignitary stood up, but immediately froze in the life of Woojin Chul.

For the non-lower Hunter, the A-class Hunter was a more powerful threat than any beast.

How can a human being, a helpless man, face a tiger or a bear and can afford a class A hunter?

“how many hours? No, it will not take a few minutes. ”

Woojin-chul was calmly speaking while watching the people who were getting tired of their lives.

“So how many people do you think you need to stop me from raging? I do not know. Maybe you can stop it if you keep all the police and soldiers in Seoul until your magic power drops. ”

The expression of Woo Jin-cheol, who speaks horribly and quietly, has further stimulated the President’s fear.

“character… You, why are you … ”

I want to say something, but I could not move one lips properly to lie to live.

“But what if you’re a sex hunter? How many people should be mobilized to stop Sungjin Hunter? ”

Is it because Woo Jin Chul is rooted?

I imagined that Sungjin Hunter, who was killing the giants, started hunting people instead of Masu.

Woojin chul had lived as if he thought he was scared as much as necessary.

“It does not happen because all Hunters are dedicated to what Hunter needs to do.”

Hunters in the Hunters’ area.

Politicians are in their own sphere.

It is the belief of the Hunter Association, not the President of the Association, to make the world go right.

Looking into the eyes of the frightened President Kim, Woo Jincheol said firmly.

“I do not intend to spoil the spirit of the Hunter Association, which was set up by the president of the Kokai Association. Of course, I believe the President will also cooperate. “

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