Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 202

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 202

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The officers’ meeting was held to fill the seat of the chairperson.

From the Vice-Chancellor, to the branch manager of each branch, and to the general manager of the headquarters.

More than thirty executives filled the conference room.

However, thanks to the status of the Hunter Association, I was troubled by the faces of the executives who have more power than the national organizations or the big group executives.

In such a heavy atmosphere, a few words come and go.

“Now I have to decide who will succeed the president.”

It is finally coming.

In a word from the chairman of the board of directors, the nerves of the executives all came to their faces.

It’s black.

I heard a sound coming and going around here and there.

It is a place where you can decide the fate of the Hunter Association.

Increasing hunters and frequent gates.

They did not know that the Hunter Association could shake the entire nation if it shook, as the Hunter’s captain.


The facilitator, who led the meeting, covered the report before his story.

Compared to the story to be started from now on, the typeface in the report was nothing but a gesture.

“After a deep conversation, I and the directors decided to recommend Woo Jin-chul as the new president of the association.”

Until then, Woo Jin-cheol, who had never heard anything from the top, was amazed and looked around.

Why me …?

Looking at Woojin Chul, asking in his eyes, the Vice President pulled Mike’s head toward his lips.

“Woo Jin-Chul has been working as a counselor in the nearest place, and has the strength to move the Hunters.”

It is true.

Ko Kun-hee, president of the association, had saved the Woo Jin-cheol who chose the association with the love calls of the large guilds.

A grade Hunter, Woo Jin Chul, the closest S class.

If the horsepower reading level rose a little further, he would have become the second S-Class Hunter of the Association after Goh Kun Hye.

4 years of practical experience and a strong ability to exceed A grade.

There was no doubt that many Hunters belonging to the association were suitable to lead.

When I heard the recommendation of Woo Jin-cheol, the executives who started bothering began to become quiet in the explanations of the president.

However, I had difficulty in convincing myself.

“I do not have much in place to take the place. There are many people who are much higher in rank than I am, are not their age too young? ”

The age of mid-thirties.

I have had an experience that can not be ignored during the four years I spent in the oversight department, but I was too old to be the head of an organization.

At least Woo Jin-chul’s idea was.

“There is also the president of the association, the directors, and the chiefs of the branches that are here.”

Woojin chul toured the faces of the prominent executives and asked the deputy chairman again.

“Why do you want to sit me down as the successor to the president of Kun-hee, because these people are there?”

after. The chairman turned his head to the side and sighed.

It is expected repulsion.

I did not know that it would come out of my mouth.

The Bishop turned off the microphone.

The official position of the board has just been announced.

From now on, it is not official, it is the turn of the truth.

When the microphone turned off, the executives listened more.

Said the chairman.

“I and other associations do not have the power to make the best power in Korea.”

The strongest power belonging to the Hunter Association.

Even if I did not mention the name, I could see a face of each person clearly in my head.

“In Korea, Japan, and the United States, he has proven himself. Even now, but without it, the Hunter Association will not return. ”

A state power-class hunter that individuals can move the country.

One of the state-class hunters knelt down to Sungjin Hunter.

What can the Hunter Society ask for such a thing?

All that the association can do is ask politely and wait for an answer.

Just as the president of the Koguryo association rescued the Jeju Island raid team, which was almost wiped out by the power of Sung Hunter, there was a need for a communication channel to help Sung Hunter.

Currently the closest person to Sungjin Hunter in the association.

That alone was enough.

The Commissioner confided in his opinion to the board of directors, and the board did not deny the conclusion of the meeting.


Now, even the executives in the conference room began to nod their heads.

“Like Sung Jin Hunter, we can not force our decision on Woo Jin-cheol.”

Power is in Hunter.

It was the speaker’s remark that he wanted to make it clear.

“So will not you accept our decision carefully?”

Everyone’s eyes stuck to Woo Jin-cheol.

Just a moment’s static.

Woojinchul, who felt a stareful gaze over the skin, opened his mouth quietly.

“I am…”

* * * “OMG.”

I did not know that the tone that came out of Jin-a’s mouth would come out of his mouth unconsciously.

Jinwoo’s hand movements to the contents of the Internet articles on his cell phone accelerated.

[The new owner of the Hunter Association, which follows the president of Koguryo Association, is Woo Jin-cheol President!]

The name of the director of Woo Jinchul was on top of the real-time query word.

It was good news.

Woo Jin-cheol, who has been staying close to his office, has become president.

Jinwoo, who smiled and sent a congratulatory message to his heart, threw his power-off cell phone lightly to the back.

The ant soldiers behind Jinwoo were received in a breathtaking way.

Jin paid attention to the ant soldiers who packed their cell phones into their bags.

“Your predecessor was much better than that. You should be careful. ”

Instead of Yu Jin-ho, who is busy as a vice-president, an ant soldier who was picked up as a porter rubbed the back of his head, crouched on the elongated head.


Jinwoo, who smiled and tugged the shoulders of the ant soldiers, turned around.

I ate lunch, it was time to start hunting again.

By the way.

“Sigh… These are the ones again. ”

Jinwu was scratching his forehead for the dense floods that blurred his vision.

Just a short while ago, it was a forest reminiscent of the Amazon rainforest in the village until it was trampled by the giants.

Do not you think it’s too hard not to judge by horsepower?

However, the animals seemed to be not suspecting that there were traces left behind.

Jinwoo was tongue-tied as he saw the carcasses of the animals that Paris was buzzing with only bones left.

Then he picked up a rock on the floor and threw it in.


It is not an ordinary stone.

What a S-class Hunter, it is a stone that Jin-woo threw as hard as possible.


One of the trees in the stone where the face was stuck, the one with the eyes closed.

Then, a man who frowned at Oman was rushed.

“Excuse me!”

It was human, plant, and it was all the same that it was angry when it was hit.

Jinwoo, who called out the “Dagger of the Demon King,” popped out.

A huge tree swung boldly over the thick branches toward the humans.

‘Slow …’

This guy is slow.

Avoiding the two branches of fist-like paddle, Jinwoo looked at the face of the tree.

The tree was chasing after his movements.

‘Reaction is poor.’

Every time the branch hit the ground, the ground dented, but Jinwoo saw it and dragged his tongue out.

‘There is not enough power compared to the big size.’

The body is so big that it looks strong, but its destructive power was inferior to those of similar size giants.


Can I say that instead?

The dagger of the hardened Jinwoo went in and out of the trunk of the wooden mascot several times.

“Chiekaeeku, Chiekeye!”

The tree screamed but did not fall easily.


Suddenly a pellet like a shotgun pinched into the tree.

Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo!

“Excuse me!”

The tree covered his eyes with a pouring attack and swung his fist. Jin-woo approaching, avoiding his fist, returned the dagger to the warehouse and grabbed his fist.

The muscles of the right arm that gathered the horsepower swelled rapidly.

And one room. simplicity and honesty!

The folded tree fell out in half.

“Excuse me!”

The screaming painful screamer, who was rolling down the floor, soon approached with his hand shattered.

“Huh …”

Amazing durability.

This newly discovered wood-type machinist in Japan boasted a stamina that he could handle.

Jin was able to stop his move after a few more bangs.

“Screw it.”

The dead tree burst into flames with the nasty smell of sap.


Jinwoo blocked his nose.

It was this terrible smell that was more annoying than the tough vitality.

As Yu Jin-ho’s successor, an ant soldier, scrambled through the carcass and grabbed the mysterious stone, Jinwoo stared at the floods where the masters gathered.

‘I have to repeat this as much as I do …’

How long has it been since the dungeon brakes were launched nearby.

Jinwoo frowned at the reports of those who had already achieved forest units.


Humans are animals of wisdom.

Jinwo, who was fighting them and finding out the weakness.

‘I thought it was, and I kept it waiting.’

Jinwoo laughed and called out a couple of shadow soldiers.

“come out.”

As if waiting, three molars and magic bottles came up.

While all the other shadow soldiers were out of the ritual, there was a reward that kept them waiting.


At the same time Jinwoo’s command was dropped, the giant molars poured out a pillar of fire and magic bottles began to burn.


pop! Fun Bun! I’m sorry!

As the fire broke, the trees twisted and screamed.

“Excuse me!”

“Excuse me!”

“Chi Aaaaaak!”

It burned well even though it was not a dry tree because of the flame of magic.

The nasty sap was also evaporated immediately after the heat, so that it was able to watch comfortably at a moderately distant place.

Even as Jinwoo fell in love with the operation, the system messages were piled up.

[We have killed the enemy.] [The enemy …] [The enemy …]

A myriad of messages.

Rapid propagation of mascarpone was both bad news and good news. That’s just as much experience.

just as expected?

Tingling, a much louder machine sound than usual.

[Level up!]


Jinwoo grabbed his fist.

In order to check the stats, Jinwoo immediately brought up the status window.

‘Status Window’.


[HP: 78,230] [MP: 136,160] [Fatigue: 3] [Stats] Strength: 308 [The Name of the Shadow Monarch] Stamina: 307 Dexterity: 316 Intelligence: 321 Sensation: 298 (Distributable Ability Points: 0) Level up to 133 levels.

Thanks to the soldiers scattered throughout Japan, the level-up was fast.

Numerous athletes pouring from the gate were good to Jinwoo.

Already, almost all the stats exceeded 300, the only sensation was up to 300 by 2 points.

‘Tomorrow is the end of the day, the feeling is stupid to stats.’

Jinwoo laughed and closed the status window.

The war the king of the giants said.

Their plan was spoken by the president of Koguryo Association.

I did not know exactly what they were.

But what does it matter?

It is enough to thoroughly prepare to prepare for anything.

Now is the time to level up. By the way.

The ants came to contact Berg, who was leading the army and killing the masters from Jinwoo and the farthest point.

[King … There is a word to ask.


What’s going on, Berga?

Jin Woo, who was puzzled, sent a signal to Ber.

‘What’s up?’

* * *[…If you do not have one, please contact me through Korea Hunter Association.]

After Jinwoo’s interview spread, the Hunter Society had a lot of inquiries.

Most were Hunters phone calls from around the world.

Among them, there was also a hunter who came to Korea in secret to get counseling.

One of them was the most powerful Hunter and Renatneirman in Germany.

‘The state power and the Great Hunter also suffered. What am I safe for? ”

He was a man of great senses and humility.

Let’s trust the words of Sung-jun Hunter that there is more preparedness than anxiety.

So he chose to go to Korea.

When he arrived at Incheon International Airport, he drank another air of Korea that was different from Germany or the United States.

‘This is the smell of Korea …’

He was excited by the atmosphere of the first Asian visit and asked the immigration officer in the voice mentioned above.

“Is this the country of Sung Jin Hunter?”

“Yes? Oh, yes … ”

As his staff panicked and nodded, Renat smiled a gratifying smile.

Soon we can talk to the world’s greatest hunter.

At the International Guild Conference, Jinwoo was the one who ignored himself in the car.

However, it was a chance to shake my heart if I thought of meeting like this.

While he takes a deep breath to catch all his heart.

A man with a big tongue sticking out behind him said a word.

“If you’re going to stay, go away.”

A momentary tendon emerged on Renat’s face, which was calm.


This rude attitude to yourself, one of the best hunters in the world!

I will fix the habit firmly.

Renat turned around and took off his sunglasses as he was careful.

“Hey! Can you just say that and see my face and say the same thing? ”

In front of Renat, who frowned, he said, one more head than Renat took off his sunglasses equally.

“Non key.”

Renat’s face, which recognized his face, stuck like a stone.

His hesitant lips opened.

“Please write first.”

Thomas pushed Renat through his wide shoulder and stood at the immigration checkpoint.

Of course, the apples were behind Laura.

State power class hunter.

The airport staff, who saw the realities of Thomas, one of the best hunters in the world, felt a sense of breathlessness.


He was not nicknamed Goliath.

Thomas, who found the face of the employee disappearing, laughed again wearing sunglasses.

“Is this the country of Mr Castle?”

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