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Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 201

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203 The street on the street was full of memorial atmosphere.

Someone had to do it, but no one wanted to. The position of the early president of Hunter was such a position.

The President

When he needed a person able to rally the mighty Hunters together, he hesitated to clean up his well-deserved business and arm his arms.

So the Korean Hunter Association has been doing a lot of things under the leadership of Kun – hee president.

While regulating and protecting the hunters, they have been leading the victims ‘compensation to the masters and have helped the hunters’ families to remain silent.

At the memorial ceremony in honor of him, the victims who had been assisted by the president of the Kun-hee association gathered.

Citizens who gathered without a break were saddened by the candlelight not to go out late at night.

Broadcasters also stopped regular broadcasts and produced footage of the deceased’s life record.

At the time of the hearing in the large billboard of the city, the appearance of the president of KOGHEI, who was giving a step to the senator Nam Jun-wook, flowed out.

[Again, please think carefully about who can protect your life when a S-class gate is created on this land. If you pay hundreds or thousands of times the money you paid for the house, you will not be able to buy your life.]

Changing traffic lights.

But the passers-by did not move. Stopped citizens could not keep an eye on the electric signboards or cell phones for a while.

For a long time, interviews of doctors who were in charge of the doctor ‘

[When Sung Jin Hun Hunter was fighting Jeju Island ants, the president of the association spoke to me who was watching the broadcast together. Now that you have a wish for your life, now you have no choice but to close your eyes. But you really should go this way …]

The doctor, who had been blushing before the interview, finally showed tears.

The viewers lost their talks, recalling the appearance of the president of the Kun-hee association, where all of the ant repelling campaigns had failed and the tearful silence of tears in front of the victims’ families.

There were a lot of people who admired him and the number of those who were jealous of him.


Even today, they even remember the president of Kun – hee with the same mind.

Late at night.

Jinwoo stood at the top of a 100-story skyscraper, Daesung Tower.

A strong breeze blowing from a dizzy spot, but there was no shaking in the attitude of Jinwoo.

Jin looked down.

A glimpse of the city of Seoul was filled with memories.

There was still a documentary about the life of the president of the Koguryo Association in the large billboard.

‘…’Jin ‘s sharp gaze swept across the city like a hawk for food.

The shadows that had once fulfilled the same command once went through Seoul city much better than before.

A lot of information came into Jin ‘s mind.

But I did not have the information I wanted.

I could not find any trace of the old spooky guy even if I looked down the city.

‘It is too difficult in this way.’

Jinwoo knew that this method was inefficient for catching a freely passing space through the gate.

So Jin-woo tried to put a shadow soldier on him so that he could chase him just before he got away.

But I failed.

If it exists, it must exist.

He had no shadow.

‘I said it was a spirit body.’

The king of the giants said that both monarchs and rulers could not be shadow soldiers because they consisted in spirit.

In the same vein, if the monarch does not have a shadow, Jinwoo was blocked by one of the best tracking methods.


‘…Does not matter.’

At that time, the king of the giants warned that if Jinwoo’s presence was known to the monarchs, he would not be watching.

The monarchs will search for this place one more time.

This time, not the president of Koganei Association, but himself.

Of course, then …

Jinwoo’s flesh spread out.

After getting back in the dungeons and gaining the ability of the system, Jinu had never missed the enemy.

Only the ‘Ice Elf’ is the only one who flees.

Jin-woo, who had never seen his opponent endure or be a human, had no intention of making him an exception.

By the way.


Wait a minute.

Jinwoo, thinking about the enemies who had fought now, realized something strange.

Come to think of it.

“Did you get a system message when you were fighting Brass or Thomas?”

The system alerts me with a message when there is a flesh around and gives me an emergency quest.

Chung Suk, Kang Tae Sik, and Kim Chul.

There were no exceptions.

Even during the Dalian, there is Koto Ryuji, a warning message popped up just for a moment.

‘But the brass that tried to revenge his brother, and Thomas who put his blame to kill, did not get a message?’

Strange thing. No matter how I thought, I did not feel right.

Jinwoo, who had been thinking for a while, took out his cellphone for confirmation.

Fortunately, there was a contact from his manager.

The time now is 1 am.

Considering the time difference with the eastern United States, it was not an excuse.


As expected, Jinwoo did not ring asleep several times, but his opponent answered the call.

– Mr. Castle, I did not think you would contact me first.

Thomas said in a surprised voice, as if it were surprising.

“I want to ask you something.” – Are you telling me? anything. I answer sincerely within my knowing.

“That day, when we fought …”When you fought?

“Was he really attacking me to kill me?” – I believed that things were organized between us.

To Thomas who does not want to recall the memory of the day, Jinwoo explained that he was simply curious.

What to hide.

Thomas, who had been quick to respond, replied frankly.

– Originally, when you get angry, you have no visible personality … I thought I’d kill you then.

I knew it.

The flesh that Thomas had at that time was not a lie.

Still, the system was silent.


‘Something has changed.’

The assumptions that began with suspicion were increasingly turning to conviction.

– Mr Castle?

Whether or not the stillness that followed his reply was horrible, Thomas tried to turn the topic into a hilarious voice.

– What a fantastic thing I have prepared for you …

Bull. Jinwoo, who was not in a joke with Thomas, dropped the phone at the same time as his brief greeting.

His answer became clear.

Now, the system does not respond to fleshly enemies.

It was a big change when we considered the early systems that made us defend ourselves.

‘It’s not a problem to think lightly.’


Looking at the intimidating quest to stop the heart from killing the enemy, Jinwoo vaguely guessed the purpose of the system.

– Maybe the system is making me move in the way I want.

I guess so.

However, the fact that an emergency quest does not come up now can be said to have changed its purpose.

Thanks to this, I was able to increase my choice and save Thomas who showed me this.

‘If there was an emergency quest, it could not be done.’

It was obviously pleasant news that the choice was widened, but I wondered why.

Is this also related to the original master of power betraying the monarchs?

Or is it something that they were planning to twist their roots in killing designers?

Jinwoo shook his head in speculation and assumptions that caught the tail on his tail.

‘Empty your head.’

Now I had to make sure I had a clear goal.

Killing an old sparrow. And getting information about monarchs from him. He had to come first, and even if he was aiming for another Hunter, he was going to increase the trap.

If you get caught.

I was able to solve both goals in one room.

The problem is time.

Until then the monarchs did not know when to appear and had to prepare for a fight against powerful enemies.

Fortunately, I have created a place where I can steadily gain experience.

Just Japan.

Japan, which still has not recovered the damage it had suffered from the giants, had many abandoned land.

While Jinwoo is in the US, many gates have caused dungeon brakes, and athletes are taking their places in the area and increasing their area.

For the Japanese, they were fearful, but they were just nutritious food for Jinwoo.

One by one.

I started pushing the bounty hunters who had landed, and I was already running my heart because I was going to raise my level.

At that time, the cell phone shook briefly to let it know that the message had come.

I checked it and it came from Thomas.

_ Mr. Castle, can I give you a phone call again? I still want to talk about …

After the rain, he said that the land was hardening. Thomas wanted to continue his friendship with what he had fought.

It was of course welcomed.

It was not sociable enough for the opponent to spread his hand first without reason.

But can you talk at any time?

Though he liked Thomas, he was late for chatting.

Jinwoo replied quickly.

_okay. But later. I was suddenly busy.

Beep. A smile came up in the face of Jinwoo, who replied.

‘Nothing is changing.’

I will raise the level steadily for the coming future.

It was the beginning and the present.


Jinwoo’s footsteps going down Daesung Tower in a mood better than when he ascended were lighter than ever.

* * * But.

Jinwoo was not the only one preparing for the fight.

The monarch of the cold, who fled to the hiding place, invited all the monarchs descended.

Three men and a woman appeared in the frozen cave.

In front of the four kings, the cold monarch lips his lips.

[Shadow monarch is here.]

The cold monarch explained to them what he saw and heard.

[…][…]The atmosphere of the monarchs that did not tolerate the coldness of the ice cave, which seemed to freeze blood and flesh, cooled down coldly.

[Did not he say that there is no bowl to hold his strength?

For the same reason, is not the solvent not staying on the ground?

But the monarch of the cold was shaking his head.

[I saw it with my own eyes. He was real.]

The two monarchs who already felt the power of Shadow monarchs in Jeju Island also agreed with the words of the cold monarch.

In a cold atmosphere, the monarch of the cold said.

[He is a far greater threat than fragments of brilliance. I will not remove him. Can you help me?]

However, other monarchs’ responses to the voice calling for help were cold.

He would.

The opponent is one of the nine kings who dominate the race, and is the most powerful king.

The battle with him is to bring death. So I had to be careful.

The monarch said one.

[What about waiting for solvent?]

Lord of Destruction.

If he can, he will be able to punish the traitor.

However, the monarch of the cold was exposed.

[Although we are now fugitives, we are all kings of the army. By the way, how long will you be looking for only solvent?

A dagger stuck in the shoulder.

It was not just an ordinary injury, but a scar of pride.

The cold monarch had to pay the Shadow Monarch.

[It is now a chance that he is still human to get rid of him. Help me. I am responsible and will send him back to nothing. ”

Despite his firm will, however, a monarch stepped back.

[I will fall out.]

And another monarch disappeared referring to the precedent of Baran, the king of the demons who fought the Shadow Monarchs.

[I do not want to be like a monarch of white flame.] […Cowards.]

The monarch of the cold ended his tongue with the disappeared two.

The remnant of the five kings is three. The muscular dweller asked the monarch of the cold.

[What evidence is he still human?]

The cold monarch showed a dagger on his shoulder as if he had waited.

The blade of the dagger was shining green.

[Poisoned the dagger.]

Mandy Core’s poison. It is useless to the monarchs, but it is a deadly poison that the wounds decay only if the residents of the general hometown can reach it. Jinwo poisoned his dagger for a moment to be used someday.

Though it was dense and gullible, it was not the style of the Shadow Monarchy. It was a definite proof that moving him now is a human being.

The cold monarch asked the remaining two monarchs politely.

[Are you going to be with me?]

The shadow monarch, who is still a human, and his power were whistles.

So he was confident that if two monarchs added to him, he could overpower the Shadow Monarch.

Two monarchs, who had been in trouble for a while exchanging their eyes, nodded before long.

[I will help you.] [Kill the shadow monarch.]

I will awaken the real fear to the fucking human who put a dagger on his shoulder.

The monarch of the cold was so determined and raised his mouth.

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