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Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 190

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192 The end of the lip burst on a blow.

He was shocked, and Thomas was amazed at the intensity of his face.

‘how… How is this power? ”

A heavy room. My head was shaking.

It was not that.

He also has the ability to exert force only by will, but he has been dragged to this side without intentionally resisting the manpower.

Who would have thought?

I do not use the “invisible hand” to resist the manpower, but rather to shoot it in the other direction, and it will fly a real attack that can not be easily avoided.

Acceleration of manpower has become a window that pierces the caster and has returned to greater damage.

It was an amazing battle sense.

‘How many struggles have you been able to cope with?’

Though acknowledging Jinwoo’s strength and at the same time pretending to be a mischief, Thomas changed his mind to the second blow.

Thomas, who was bouncing, landed on the floor.

Quizzic, Quizic!

The cement floor was broken by the friction, and the stone and dust splashed in all directions.

As expected, Jinwoo has flooded without giving a break. A seasoned hunter. It seemed to be aimed before balancing, but this time was earlier this time.

Thomas abandoned arrogance.

I realized that I could fight myself while I was thinking about my surroundings.

The opponent was not much worse than I thought.


Then like a lie.

The robust body of Thomas, armed with armor-like muscles, exploded.

Shak -!

Originally having a height of nearly 2 meters, he turned into a monster that jumped over three meters in the blink of an eye.


Thomas lifted his roar and lifted his thickened hands above his head like a marble pillar.

It was just a sudden thing!

‘…!’Jinwoo, who went into the charge, sensed the danger.


The reason is troubled.

But in the moments of crisis, his instincts never once lied.

Jinwoo jumped back at the same time as stopping suddenly.

As a difference of nihilism.

Thomas’ two huge fists struck down the bottom of the floor.

Quark -!

Everything in the radius was crushed by terrible shock waves.

Skill ‘collapse’.

Jin-woo, who has already escaped to the safe distance with its terrific power, has stepped back a few more steps.

The larynx.

The wreckage that had risen up fell down like a rain.

As a Hunter who treated dragons, their robustness and destructive power were different.

But without being surprised.

A thorn came out of Thomas’ s neck.


The workforce, centered around Thomas, pulled everything in the range with powerful force.

Like a black hole.

Shadow soldiers and hunters blended together and flew to Thomas.

Jinwoo, who was one of the targets of the skill ‘capture’, pushed the manpower by using the power of the ruler.

When Jinwoo escapes from the power of manpower, he jumps back once more. Thomas ‘collapse’ skill was razed.

Quiz -!

Shadow soldiers, as well as the hackers of the Scavenger, were hit by shock waves.


“Uh …”

There were screams everywhere.

The master, who found the situation late, shouted to the audience.

“Get away from the Master!”

As the fast-paced Hunter Sutnut dragged the wounded back, Thomas ran aggressively toward Jin-face with his expressionless face.

The state power class was equivalent to one nation. Therefore, let the one who rebels against the king know what punishment he will receive.

Thomas, who reached the spot where Jinwoo was right away, swung his fist.

Boo – fist broke the air.


The fact that his speed is slowed down by the speed of the flying creature with his bangs.

Especially when it is in a hardened state.

The power and defense increase endlessly, but the speed slows down proportionately.

But Thomas had the skills to cover the shortcomings.

Thomas reached out to the distant sergeant.


Once again, there was a tremendous work force between the two.

I do not miss it anymore.

If the flesh has become more solid with the ‘strengthening’ skill, you will not lose your attention to drawing attention.

As expected, Sung Jin-woo came easily.

Thomas grabbed his right hand, pulled back instead of his outstretched left hand.

In the right hand, the superhero hunter’s body was bursting with enormous horsepower.

Skill ‘bang’.

Thomas’s fist, with mighty power, moved slowly.

By the way, then.

‘…?’Thomas’ s eyes grew bigger.

Jinwoo also swelled the muscles of his right arm instantaneously.

surely… Do you want to do a frontal confrontation with me?

Thomas added manpower to his eyes that he could not believe it.

But Jin-woo did not escape but rather increased the speed of being dragged into the power of the ruler.

Thomas was flirting.


Jin came closer than Thomas’ anticipation and pinched his fists before Thomas.

And at the same time, he bowed his head and avoided Thomas’s fist, flooding from the opposite side.

Toukou -!

Thomas realized how bright the light was in front of him.

‘The first attack …’

This was the one that I had not seen before.


Thomas, who flew like a missile, collapsed the wall of the waste plant and rolled for a few more seconds on the floor. As he passed by, a deep pit broke like a furrow in the field.


I hurried up to the ground and stood up. Thomas swung his fist, screaming.

“Ahh ah!”

Every time the fist passed, the ground ripped and the atmosphere ripped apart. Attacks that can break your body when you touch it.

But he did not reach Jinwoo.

Jinu avoided Thomas’s fist and put his attacks exactly one at a time in Thomas’s quarters.

bang! Thug! bang!

Little by little Thomas’ blood began to bloom.



‘How can a magic series hunter get this power and speed?’

The damage is getting bigger as my head gets confused.

I… I’m going?

There is no way.


It should not be.

Only violence that overwhelms an opponent was the basis of his only existence to prove himself.

Thomas bit the bitter red bitch.

Madness caught in the open eyes.


Jin-woo, who avoided his swinging fist with all his strength, scooped Thomas’s chin.

Fuck it!

Thomas shook his head to shake the head.


Jinwoo, who came up to his suburbs, poured out his sigh.

bang! bang! bang! bang!


Thomas, who was like a bastard, began to shake.

Thomas stumbled back, barely balancing and writing evil.

“I am Thomas Andre! I think I’m going to fall to that extent! ”

“So I told you.”


Jinu who raised Thomas’ s chin was a horse.

“I do not care about anyone.”

Thomas’ s head toward the sky stopped there.

The angry Goliath took both of his clasped hands.



An earthquake struck in the land where he had fallen by force.

But Jinwoo was not.

“Is he …?”

Thomas’ s gaze disappeared.


Thomas later realized that strong horsepower was falling from the top.

His head turned upward.

Jinwoo rushed to Thomas before the collapse broke out.

Jin ‘s elbow shot Thomas’ face down.

Toukou -!

Thousands of cars stopped at a distance from the pulmonary factory.

This approach was judged to be dangerous.

These are the elite hunters of the Hunter Administration.

All of them were prominent.

But even with such a hunter, Adam could not let go.

Is not it comparable now to Sungjin Hunter, Thomas Andre, and the Scavenger Guild?

Brent, a S-class commander of the hunters’ hunters, shook his head with a firm face.

“Five… Oh My God.”

What other monsters are fighting with this magical power?

The steps were not falling, but Adam was staring at him in the back.

Brent said with a lot of resignation.

“That’s it. But it’s really dangerous, so you better keep your mind ready. ”

Adam nodded his head.


Then something with the roar skyrocketed and fell to the sky.

“…?”Adam looked at Brent as he looked in the direction of the sound. Brent was unable to close his mouth.

Adam hurriedly asked.

“Bar, what is it?”

“If I’m not mistaken …”

Is it possible that S-class Hunter Brent was wrong?

Nevertheless, Brent hesitated.

“It was Mr. Thomas Andre who just fell.”


“I’m sure …”

Adam made a sudden voices when his eyes were lit up with a lamp.

“hurry! Let’s go! ”

When Adam saw him running, Brent gestured to the Hunters to follow him.

Adam and his band arrived at a place where massive magical power collided.

And they saw.


A scene in which Thomas of the Underworld is bursting with the Asian Hunter.

Puck, Puck, Puck!

Brent was surprised and pointed to you.

“Thomas… Thomas is beaten by Sung Jin Hunter! ”

“I see that much!”

Adam rolled his foot.

The state of Thomas, confronted by Jinwoo, did not look so good from a distance.

Brent hurried to the face of embarrassment.

“What do we do now?”

“Let’s dry! Would not you just see the national power-hunter die right? ”

“Drying? That person? ”

Brent barely looked at the Oriental Hunter, who is pumping a powerful horsepower so he does not want to get close.

But as soon as he was dry, Adam popped out.

Adam is an ordinary person.

I was able to lose my life just by rubbing the magical power of the best Hunter.

Brent, who was worried about his face, eventually made a sound of sickness, followed by Adam and rushed to Jinwoo.

“Mr. White!”

* * * Thomas, with his head on his elbow, fell on the ground.

Both hands went into a hollow.

“Uh … Oh ah! ”

Tomas attacked the upper body. However, his fists, which had already lost a lot of stamina, did not have the same destructive power as before.

Jin saw a much slower punch and reaffirmed his victory over him.

It was only Thomas’s senseless anger that went so far as to kill himself, which was contained in the untidy loss of power.

Jinwoo’s counterattack, which smoothly avoided the attack, began.

bang! Thug!

Unlike Thomas’s attack, Thomas was not in the mood for a lethal battle of one room.


Whenever Thomas’ head turned to this side, his blood was splashed.

Jin woke up to Thomas, who lost his balance.


“Shut up!”

Thomas’ s body sprang up, with the force of the banging that caused the explosion.

‘The power of ruler.’

As he pulled Thomas up again, Tomas helplessly plummeted to the floor.

Kuwoong -!


Get up.

Thomas, stretched out for a while, spewed blood through his mouth.

Jinwoo got on it.

And in the old days, as in the case of the demon king Baran, he clasped his throat and hit his fist.

Puck, Puck, Puck!

I felt that the power of resisting Thomas was getting weaker and weaker.

puck! Fuck! puck!

When Jinwoo finally punches for the final blow. Someone shouted in an angry voice.

“Sung Jin Hun Hunter! stop! Please stop! ”

Jin looked at Adam as he ran and watched him, and then he pushed his fist again. There was a terrible magical horsepower in my shoulder muscles and fist that swelled a lot.

“Oh, no!”

Just before the fist fell down.

The moment Adam rolled his hand out and screamed.

Thomas’s mouth opened.


“ä_ -!

Jinwoo’s fist stopped at Thomas’s nose.

Thomas soon lost consciousness when he was declared to surrender.

Then, Jinwoo grabbed his fist and stood up quietly.

The hunters of Hunter Bureau around Jinwoo and Thomas were gathering slowly.

* * * “this… What is this? Is this real? Really?”

The reporter pushed the shutter shut and spoke to himself.

He was just trying to take some pictures of the Scavenger Hunters who were preparing the raid.

By the way.

I suddenly canceled the raid, and I started to move somewhere busy with the Hunters came to follow me, what is this?

At first, I was just going to have a dungeon break.

But the sight that appeared before his eyes was more than imagined.

The reporter once again confirmed the person who was stretched out by using the camera’s zoom-in function.

A familiar face.

It was definitely Thomas, a state-class hunter.

‘Oh my gosh… What kind of man did Thomas do that? ‘

The reporter groaned as he looked back at the pictures he took.

And at the same time.

I was thrilled that the photos in this camera would give me a lot of money.

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