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Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 182

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184 The United States Hunter Bureau released a list of invited guilds.

[Sicario Guild, Alon Dias (Mexico)] [Azine Guild, Sung Jin Woo (Korea)] [Raet Via Guild, Fabio Garako (Italy)] …

International Guild Conference.

It is a great event to discuss the trends and prospects of the Hunter system by inviting the guilds representing each country.

However, there is a Korean representative ‘Ajin’ guild was selected.

Agin’s participation has created a big topic both at home and abroad.

The best Hunter belonging to Ajin is all one of the guild master Jinwoo.

It was nothing less than the recognition of one Hunter by the US Hunter Bureau that the superhuman hunters were not inferior to the world’s leading guilds.


Naturally, there was no voice of dissatisfaction.

Do I need to discuss qualifications?

Jinwoo already had the power in both Korea and Japan twice to prevent a major crisis that the country was likely to fall into.

That alone.

So there was no one who doubted Jin-woo’s ability to be called the Jin-gu guild, or exactly Jin-gu’s.


Rather, there were many people who could not hide their excitement, saying that the most powerful Hunters scattered around the world gathered in one place and another strong Hunter came.

Some of the world’s most famous media have talked about the Guild of Guinea’s International Guild, which is a must when discussing Japanese dungeon breaks.

Of course, Korea was no exception.

As the interest in the International Guild Conference got hotter, the station asked Hunter’s CEO to interview him.

Jong-in responded to the request, knowing he had called himself instead of Jin-woo.

Interviews were broadcast live across the country at 8 pm, the prime-time broadcast time of the broadcast station.

“Hi. It’s the final man in charge of the Hunters. ”

The clean smile that came to the smart person ‘s face shook her.

On the bulletin board, the female audience was full of the idea that the Hunters Guild should have been invited by the Hunter Bureau.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Choi.”

When I bowed my head, I pulled out the questions the female host prepared.

“Nowadays, the news of the Ajian Guild is getting attention from many people. What do you think of Mr. Choi? ”

The last man said without any worries.

“I think the choice of the US Hunter Bureau is normal.”

“Not understand, of course not?”

“Yes, I think.”

“But the guild is not an exaggeration, is not it?”

“But one of them is Sung Jin Hunter, right?”

The final man answered with a smile and laughed as the host was facing him.

Just before the laugh ceased, the last man was skillfully speaking.

“If you define a guild member who can mobilize in battle as a guild member, there are already hundreds of guild members in Sungjin Hunter.”

“Are you talking about Sungjin Hunter’s pet?”

“That’s right. The guilds of the Azin Guild will not be pushed against the guilds of any country in the world as well as Korea. ”

“Because of Sung Jin Hun Hunter?”

“Yes, because of the one.”

Male breeding.

Though the audience was repulsed by the final man’s decisive attitude, the person who took out the remarks remained calm.

He had been watching directly or indirectly the activity of Jinwoo, and he could be sure.

Even so.

When I recalled the appearance of Jin-woo, who had pierced the road from the ants who surrounded him, the back of his head was struggling and his body became horrified.

‘Who do you think was a class E Hunter?’

The final scene of the interview was heated because I neatly acknowledged the difference in ability with the last guild.

The moderator, who smiled satisfactorily, carefully looked at the mind of the last person.

“But every year, on behalf of the Hunter Guild, representing the Republic of Korea at the guild conference, I think it might not feel so good.”

“I am frustrated with my trip to America. I was waiting for my passport update. ”

When the last man shook his head, a smile came out from the audience.

“But I am proud of the ship being sick.”

The face of Jongin, who kept smiling all the time, got serious.

In the audience, the laughter gradually got smaller, and the eyes of the organizer became more intense.

From now on, this is the main point.

In the expression of the last man, such an atmosphere came out.

Naturally all the audience ‘s eyes turned to his lips.

The finalist, who was quite accustomed to the interviews with frequent TV appearances, picked up everyone ‘s kids for a short while and opened his mouth again.

“Think about it. When I encountered a man who could not cope with my strength, I saw a hunter who could leave without hesitation. ”

There is a weight that can not be expressed in words in the words of sincerity.

When the weight on the horse’s words hurt the set-up, both the host and the audience lost their horses and looked at the final man.

The last man said quietly on the settled table.

“Actually, me and my guilds, and many other guilds, were able to come alive with the help of St. Hunter.”

Jong-in looked around the audience. I did not intentionally induce it, but it became somewhat solemn atmosphere.

In order to alleviate the atmosphere a little, the final man smiled and concluded his speech.

“I am truly proud of the fact that Sung Hunter was chosen as Korea’s representative Hunter.”

Then, the applause of the audience like a thunderous pouring sound.

* * * After a successful shooting, a phone call came to the finalist who left the station.

Burr – Burr – ‘Well?’

I lifted the swinging cell phone and there was a number of the lighting director in charge of the role of his staff in the guild.

“Yes, I am the last man.” -Boss. Suseo-dong gate created this morning, we got a reservation. It is a Class A gate, but the measured value is not very high.

“Good for you.”

The last man, who was about to smile at the good news, looked up at his head.

“But, again this time, did not apply to reserve the guild?” -Yeah. It is too quiet nowadays.

It has been four days since Sung Jin Hun Hunter returned from Japan.

There are only four advanced gates in the metropolitan area. One per day.

Although the number of high-end gates is steeply increasing, the movement of the Jinjin Guild, which is exactly what the Jinjin Guild is all about, has not been captured.

Of course, thanks to it, other large guilds in the metropolitan area had a festive atmosphere every day.

The ghost of the dungeon destruction, Masquerade’s ghost, who ran like a gang and picked the roots of the masques, was silent without showing up for days.


The strange gap that there is no Sungjin in the gate makes the final man uneasy.

‘I do not know if Baek Yoon-ho of the White House or Im Tae-gyu of the Deity, I am different.’

What would be different from a monkey if you were just glad to see an apple that fell from the tree?

Someone sneaks up on free apples, and somebody else thinks of gravitation.

The last person thinks that his level does not fall enough to be happy with sudden luck.

The director of the light fixer heard a clear smile.

– However, because there was no competition with the Azin Guild, the guild sales increased by as much as 40 percent. Boss!

“Here’s a monkey …” – Yes?


The final man, who had quickly spat out his words, was speaking.

“Do you know anything from the association?” – I knew I was just resting at home. Nowadays, it is not working well in the guild office.

“Hmm …” – What can you possibly complicate, sir? I’m just resting in preparation for the International Guild Conference?

The last man shook his head.

“I will not.”

What is Sungjin Hunter?

The final man said.

“Before reviewing the grade, I had to clear the lower gates by three or four each day, go to the S class and go to the gate of the other guild area, and a few days ago I went back to Japan solving the S grade dungeon break.

I hear it.

I was wondering why the guilds that were packed up to the fixtures were quiet.

Is there always a sexual hunter in the place where Masu is?

I would not be tired of giant raid.

I thought it was not strange to wonder about the guild’s actions.

– Really.

“Yes, I saw that today was not the day of the interview? But did not you go to work today? “- Yes. Yoo Jin-ho, vice president was doing all alone? ”

“…”A momentary static.

The last man who was silent was calmly saying.

“How does Joe know that?”

* * * – I’m going to die, Brother.

As soon as I received the phone, Yujin made a sound.

Jinwoo laughed.

It would be hard to see the applicants all day.

Even though it was cold and cold, there were hundreds of people?

Despite his young age, Yoo Jin-ho was playing the role of vice president instead of Jin-woo.

‘Is this why you can not bloody blood?’

My brother looks a bit creepy, but Yoo Jin-ho has the blood of the famous president, an innate entrepreneur.

Thanks to that, Jinwoo could leave the guild work to Yoo Jin-ho and move freely.

“Good work.” – No, brother. But how are you feeling?


I looked back at Jinwoo.

The waiting soldiers signaled that they were ready.

There was a smile on his mouth.

“Same thing, it’s late today. – Yes, sir.

After the gracious greetings of Yu Jin-ho, the two men’s conversations were cut off.

An employee of the Japan Hunter Association ran and accepted the burden of Jinwu including the cell phone.

After leaving the load, Jinwoo slowly loosened his neck and shoulders.

This elevation.

The moment of unfolding before starting a raid always makes you feel comfortable.

The staff asked if Jinwoo wanted to paddle while he was unwilling, or was really curious.

“If you let Hunter know that you are dealing with the senior gates created in the affected area, your reputation will get higher, why are you keeping it secret?”

Jinwoo’s answer was simple.

Jin made a smile as he finished his neck.

“I like quiet.”

Humility is one of the best virtues in Japan.

The employee who accepted it as saying that he wanted to behave modestly in response to the quietness of Jinwoo was tearful.

“If you need anything, please do! I will help you with all your heart and soul! “…Something seems to be a bit misunderstood but if the result is okay.

Jinwoo, who was laughing awkward, knocked on the staff’s shoulder and approached the gate.

Japanese soldiers made way and saluted Jinwoo.

This gate is A grade.

Jinwoo had been hogging the gates that were not able to be solved by himself every day between Korea and Japan.

It was thanks to Japan’s satellite, satellite skill, and shadow exchange that can detect magic.

Jinwoo stood in front of the gate and looked up at the stomach.


It was a big gate so that A grade was not colorless.

I did not have to spend a lot of money to reserve the gate here, and the Japanese government promised a full tax exemption.


It was a much bigger advantage to be able to occupy all of the gates made in the large land of Japan, where the functions of the guilds were lost rather than the monetary gain.

‘The Dagger’s Dagger.’



A young soldier unknowingly resurrected his fingers when he saw the daggers at his fingertips.

Then he confessed to Ji Jin-woo, who was also embarrassed.

Jin-woo, who laughed and smiled, moved his steps toward the gate.

‘Three days ahead of the guild conference.’

Jin, who vowed not to waste a day, threw himself into the gate.

Then I heard a familiar voice with the sound of the machine.


[I entered the dungeon.]

* * * “Is this all right?”

Woo Jincheol carefully asked.

The president of the Koguryo Association, who received the report, did not have any agitation.

“What do you mean?”

“Sung Jin Hun Hunter … He’s been in Japan recently. ”

The Hunter Association uses the tracking function on the Hunter Phone to locate the hunters.

I am passing false information to those who ask for the whereabouts of Sungjin Hunter in accordance with the direction of Koganeh President.

“If you decide to stay on the Japanese side …”

South Korea opens its eyes and loses the best Hunter.

That was the worry of Woo Jin-cheol.

However, the president of the Kun-hee Association, who appreciates the value of Jin-woo more than any other, did not show much interest in this matter.

That made ujinchul ‘s breasts more frustrating.

Wu Jin-cheol’s face was irritated, and he opened his mouth with a smile.

“Do not worry.”

“Do you even know something?”

“Before I went to Japan to catch the giant dolls, he came to me.”

It is a matter of course.

The first person to tell the story of Sung Jin Hun Hunter trying to catch the giants is the president of Koganei Association.

Kanghee traced the memory.

“I dried him up. It ‘s too little to get a sexual hunter out of the risk. It’s not like Hunter in the glass that promised big money. ”

Woojin had nodded his head.

Jinwoo has only demanded the right to the dead bodies of his victims.

It was too little to save a country.

‘But it would not have been time to negotiate with a country where a few cities were collapsing in a day …’

I guess I can not help it.

It was strange that the president of the association, which had to protect the hunters of their own countries.

“But he said.”

Gonhee laughed as he recalled the time.

Woojincheol who did not win curiosity asked first.

“what… Did you say that? ”

Kanghee replied.

“I want to put Japan in the territory of the guild guilty.”


Woojinchul ‘s mouth came out of the groan.

The first time I heard that from Jinwoo, the response was not much different from him.

“The damage in Jeju Island and the attacks of the giants have largely lost their power in the Japanese large guilds. He said that he was going to take the vacant position.

“Huh …”

Woojin chul could not keep his mouth shut.

Are you already confident before you kill the giants, is it confident, or is it an excellent calculation?

Anyway, Jin-woo was the purpose.

On the Japanese side, it was a welcoming story with both hands glaring.

“So I could not let him go?”

In the relatively narrow Seoul, large guilds make Japan their own area while fighting for a seat.

One of the qualities of a hunter is the ability to choose a hunting ground.

Including his ability to deal with any prey, Sung-Jin was indeed a born hunter.

Kanghee has once again admired the words out of her mouth.

“He’s such a great friend.”

“…I agree.”

Woojin Railway was the same.

Even though the ability to fly Korea and Japan instantly without airplane ride is second to none, I was impressed with the ability to make unreasonable goals real.

Finally, the last interview of the last person on TV came out.

[I am sincerely proud of the fact that I have been chosen as a Hunter representing South Korea.]

I leaned on the sofa and the president of Kun – hee laughed and told the final man on the screen.

“I think so too.”

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