Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 180

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 180

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On the 182nd, the Japanese government provided a five-star luxury hotel to Jinwoo to relax before departure.

Jin-woo, who had no intention of waiting for an airplane and was going to return to “Shadow Exchange”, was willing to refuse the Japanese government’s favor.


“Please do not leave a stigma that neglected the favor of the nation. I would appreciate it, Mr. Hunter. ”

I changed my mind to the request of the Japanese government.

The first thing I noticed at the 4 million won per night hotel suite was ‘Can I really use such a spacious and good room alone?’ I was doing.

Jinwoo stared at the window as he looked around the shiny appliances as if he had just taken it yesterday.

Then I looked at the panoramic view of the city at a glance.

The better the view, the higher the price of the house, and it was a wonderful night view, which would not be ashamed of expensive rooms.

‘This city almost burned in the hands of the masters.’

Jin-woo licked his tongue reminiscent of the devastated Tokyo. I thought it was fortunate to have arrived in Japan before it was too late.

‘…Let’s stop. ‘

It was like a honey for the night at the hotel after a long camping.

next day. As the flight time approached, the staff of the Japan Hunter Association came.

“Good morning, Mr. Hunter.”

The staff member who greeted me greeted me in fluent Korean.

“I have a car ready to take you to the airport.”

Even if it was not, it was boring that I was trapped in a hotel room.

Jinwoo came back with a bag of luggage thrown into the corner.

“I’ll start right now.”


The staff was embarrassed when they saw Jinwoo trying to get out of the room.

“Huh, Hunter … Do you have any extra clothes? ”

It was not that I did not understand the reaction of the staff.

Because the traces of intense fighting remained intact, the upper and lower body was stained with blood and sweat.

‘I said I was as careful as I could be …’

It was impossible in the first place to avoid a large amount of blood sprinkled all over the giants.

Other clothes were similar, and Jinwu replied by shrugging his shoulders.

The employee smiled and asked politely.

“Well, if you’re okay with Hunter, can we get you ready for your clothes today?”

It was nice to hear it.

I do not want to wear clothes that have blood on my back, nor do I want to be hiding.

The employee who saw the expression of Jinwoo and understood the answer laughed and said.

“I’ll be ready. Please wait.”

When the staff made a phone call, it took less than 10 minutes to prepare it, and the guys with the hands of the stars came to the rush.


In the eyes of the unexpected, Jinwoo answered the staff with a clear answer.

“I thought I might have something like this.”

Looking at the suits listed by color and size in an instant, Jinwu swallowed the elasticity to burst.

Is not the preparation thoroughly enough to explain by the word ‘I do not know’?

“If you need anything but clothing,” he said.

Jinwoo hands down.

“No, thanks.”

The service so far has been satisfactory enough.

I felt that the Japanese Hunter Association was having a hard time.

Looking around the suits, Jinwoo picked up a suit of the appropriate size and stood in front of the mirror.

It seemed very different to people that the clothes they brought were all in the finest suits.

‘I think this is okay?’

I was automatically smiled.

When I turned around the clothes, I was amazed by the staff who was embarrassed that there was no extra clothes.

“You look good, Hunter.”

“Let’s go now.”

“Okay. Mr. Hunter, our staff will move on. ”

Two robust employees who came into the room as they waited, listened to JinWoo’s burdens.

Jin-woo has received a great deal of enthusiasm for the Japanese Hunter Association’s willingness not to make any one finger move, and Jin-woo has left the door of a five-star hotel.

Soon, a black sedan carrying the Jinwoo headed toward the airport.

* * * When I got into the airport, I felt like I could see why the Japan Hunter Association was so careful about the outfit.

People, people, people who look out of the window.

“…”Speaking in a raging voice to the staff, Jinwu quietly gazed over the window, losing his words.

“Everyone here is a group of people who want to see Hunter once.”

It did not seem to be a number that could be gathered as a force to scrape.

“How many people have you gathered?”

“It is not accurate, but it is expected to be over 100,000 people.”

“So much …”

The car with Jinwoo moved silently as it slid on the road being controlled.

Let’s make the curve And as many people as we have seen so far, or more, the crowd greeted the vehicle.

“Sir Hunter is the hero who saved Japan.”

“…”In Jinwoo’s position, he did just what he could.

But it was something Jin-woo could not do.

On the air, on the SNS, or with their own eyes, the Japanese who encountered the masters were in despair.

No one was willing to take care of the national catastrophe in Japan.

Everyone gathered their mouths together with a single note that Japan was over.

But then.

In the neighboring country Korea, the President of the Korean Hunter Association, who may be perhaps more famous than the Korean President, came out.

-One. There is a Hunter who wants to get rid of the Japanese giants.

Many Japanese who watched the press conference live on the screen and stopped breathing.

– Who is that Hunter?

After the reporter ‘s question had been asked, Koh Kun – hee chaired the lecture with the maximum lips on the microphone.

– It is Sungjin Hunter.

It is widely known that Jin Hun is the Hunter who treated all the S class ants who were taking Jeju Island alone.

When the three letters of Sung Jin-woo came out from the mouth of the chairman of the Koguryi Association, the whole of Japan shook.

For them, Jinwoo was the only light in one stem.

And a week later. As Jinwoo had announced before he left Korea, he went on his way home to get rid of the giants across Japan.

It was natural to see so many Japanese gathering to see Jinwoo.

It would have been more of a crowd if it had not been confused by the problem of dealing with the disaster area, the staff added.

And then you get it out.

“Actually, the prime minister is eager to see Sung Jin Hun Hunter. Can not you just give me one time? ”

The expression of the employee was more serious than ever.

It was easy to see how much pressure he was receiving from above.

But I hate to hate it. Jinwu gave the same answer as when he received the first proposal.

“I do not want to waste my time on unnecessary things.”

The staff smiled at the attitude of Jinwoo, who broke the crack, and nodded his head with a smile.

“haha… Okay.”

While talking a little bit like this, the car stood in front of the airport entrance.

Jinwoo slowly pulled down from the car as usual.


Hot applause burst out, no matter who first called.

Jin looked around the people.


“Sung Jin Hun Hunter!”

They could not understand what they were saying, but their eyes, voices and hand gestures represented the language.

Deep gratitude and respect have been conveyed through the air.

I have been talking to Berga Jinu, who was watching in the shadow.

‘O king, many people are sending heart to the Lord.’

‘That’s not it.’

‘The King also answered and said to the people …’

‘No, it’s not like that.’

I keep learning where I keep strange things.

Jinu, who was trying to turn around and ignored the words of Vere, hesitated and asked.

‘But do you like other ants then?’

BERR proudly replied, “If you were out there, you would be making an imposing look.

‘Of course, King.’

Do it.

Bertha has a roaring ability to raise ants’ morale once.

Jinwoo nodded his head.

Why do so many people come to see themselves and can not say hello to ants?

Turning towards the people again, Jinwu hesitated and shook the lifted hands from side to side.

Then the applause sounded, and the cheers burst out.


As soon as I saw him, the employee who was in charge of the guide vigorously shook hands with me and blinked.

“Thank you!”

“Thank you, Hunter!”

“Thank you!”

An employee with a nose-blotter steals an eye at the end of the sleeve and said.

“Let’s go, Hunter. I will be flying soon. ”

Jin down his hand.

But applause did not stop. Until Jinwoo’s back view disappeared, it continued until it became invisible.

The plane with Jinwoo flies in the outskirts of a hundred thousand people.

The next day. One prominent columnist in Japan wrote this.

If the nation should be headed by the people, we would have seen the first foreign prime minister that day.

* * * Christopher Reid, one of five state-powered hunters.

I opened my eyes in the night, not him.

The cause is the noise around.

If he was the best Hunter and care about the noise he heard, he would not have a day to sleep for a day.


He was noisy because he was loud.

Rather, the opposite.

‘Why is it so quiet?’

Even though I focused a little on my mind, all the noise I had to hear was vanished like a lie.

I pulled out the futon and stood up and opened the door.

I could not feel the presence of the employees located all over the mansion.

As if it were in the lungs, there was a bitter atmosphere.

Chris, who was staring at the empty corridor, stood before the door holding a wine glass on the table.

And I threw the glass of wine into the hallway.

A glass of wine fell from his fingertips, curving and crashed on the floor.


I did not hear anything.

A moment of eerie energy passed over my back.

I realized that something had to happen.

His sharp sense was warning of danger. A kind of danger that has never been experienced before. Instinct forced Chris to do something.

He moved quickly. As he ran to the bedside table, he pulled out the drawer inside the table while lifting his cell phone.

One crumpled note in there.

This is what the front page says.

– If you need help, please contact us here. The President of the Korean Hunter Association will link him.

The Hunter Bureau Deputy Director left a note to the employee before leaving.

Later, Chris tried to fumble the report, but Mrs. Selner ‘s face was strangely strange, so she could not get rid of it.

‘Did she foresee this situation?’

The answer is unknown.

But if you want to hear the answer, you have to survive.

Chris overturned the note.

On the back, it was the phone number of Koganei Association President.

Koh Kun-hee president said that he was fluent in English.

There will be no problem with communication. If you contact him, you can get help from Mr. Castle.

‘…’When he saw him who did not know the subject and went to Japan, Chris thought he could hear obgo in a few days.

But after seeing his pet and his work, his thoughts changed.

Mr. Castle’s talent was real.

Mrs. Selner said.

– Sung Jin Hunter. He might be able to defend you.

If she said so, it might not be wrong.

Chris hurriedly pressed the number.

No, I tried to hit it.

However, his fingers stopped at the impression that he felt behind his back.

“…”It was too late to ask for help or to convey your situation.

Chris, who laid down his cell phone and his notes, calmed down quietly.

Turning slowly, I saw a blonde male smiling and laughing.

One hand in the pocket.

S-class Hunter, it was also difficult to see the attitude of the person who invaded Hunter’s mansion of the world’s best.

Chris asked.

“Who are you?”

One in front of you.

And beyond the back wall. It was all three.

I’m not sure if anyone in front of me is capable of the opponent, but there are two more enemies.

Chris’ forehead had a cold sweat.

When the sweat flowing over the eyebrows passed by the temples and formed under the chin. A voice came out of the man ‘s mouth.

“I will not be able to get rid of anything that is going to fight with the convenience of humans, the fragments of brilliance.”

It was a strange voice that seemed not to be the world.

‘Masu huh?’

Chris shouted, crying.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

In front of the excited Chris, the man raised his index finger and put it on his lips.

“Shh. It’s not what I’m talking about. ”

Chris’ eyes grew bigger in fluent English he spoke.

A person who can freely use human horses and masu. Chris did not exist.

The index finger from the lips of the man pointed to the sky.

“It’s a story about a guy who’s connected to your guy.”

Chris could not understand a man’s words at all.

But one thing was clear.

The man is now looking at himself completely. Chris’ voice began to ring.

“Is it funny, I?”

A red flash flew out of his eyes, and a strong flame rose from within. His body, which turned red, grew bigger and pushed down the nearby furniture.


His whole body is surrounded by fireworks and his figure is really incarnate!

4 meters flashed from the eyes of monstrous monsters.

“At least, one of you dies in my hand!”

Chris’ backward swinging fist clashed with the wall, causing an explosion.


Two men walked away from the bursting wall and came back.

“Stereotypes …?”

“Is man a spiritualization?”

They looked at the interesting aspect of the deformed Chris.

The floor where Chris stood was boiling and melted.

Chris was determined to die for the first time since the “kamishiraid”, the worst disaster of mankind.

I’m sorry!

As the flames surrounding him burst into flames, he began to swallow everything around him.

As the four sides were being swept away by the rough flames, his roar in the middle of the flame storm shook the earth.

“Die, these fucking bastards!”

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