Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 179

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 179

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181 Is not it different?

All night, the person in charge of examining the condition of the famous person took a sheet of paper with the result and stroked his elongated head.

“No, this is how …”

Reported the facial expression of the charge, the famous asked carefully.

“Is not the result good?”

The officer hurried out of his hand.

“Oh, it is not. Not at all. ”

Then he looked carefully at what he was seeing again.

“President, did you take your high blood pressure medicine before you were tested?”

It was the body that did not die until last night. I opened my eyes, but I could not catch the medicine.

“I did not eat it.”

The famous shook his head.

I answered with the embarrassed face of the head nodded that I knew it.

“But now your blood pressure is quite stable. No, this is healthier than normal. ”

The eyes of the famous president grew.

‘What is this sound?’

I thought I was going to go to the last sleep state and die freely, but when I got up,

The person in charge continued to read the chart.

“In addition, all the functions of the body are going perfectly. If you cover only your age, you can be trusted as a test result of a young man. ”

How could this happen?

As the famous chairman was surprised, he was no more surprised by the charge. I could not believe the report with my own eyes.

Just a few weeks ago. When the famous chairman first fell down and was brought to the hospital, the ink on the resulting paper was not dried out yet.

But how do you explain the results of this new test?

Did it change the constitution for the time being?

It was also the person who died from the incurable disease until the night before.

The person in charge put his mind to heart.

“This is my first time in my 30 years as a doctor. This… I can only explain this as a miracle. ”

The patient who had a waxy wake up from the “last sleep” condition, and was rather healthier than before he fell asleep.

Was not the reason for the word miracle to express this situation?

The nursing staff, who could not hide the surprise, laughed at the elasticity and laughed.

“Congratulations, President Yu. The wax was completely cured. ”

He added that he could jump full marathon right now.


‘…’Before the celebrity was glad, he pondered something and looked up.

“Do you have a surveillance camera near my ward?”

“Yes? Suddenly that’s what … ”

“There is something I want to check. Is there a surveillance camera in the room or entrance? ”

“There is not in the room, but there is one on the entrance side.”

Is it right?

The famous nodded.

‘This is not a coincidence.’

It has already surpassed the level that would have been misplaced by chance.

There must have been somebody ‘s involvement with an ability that could not possibly be guessed.

There was a straw bar about someone.

‘I have so much grace.’

I was famous for not having remembered living in debt. I have no intention of going to debt in the future.

But how can you repay the debt you have been saved for?


I do not want to know the name of the gentleman after I have to pay off the debt and pay off.

The famous wanted to check it out myself.

“Show me the video of the surveillance camera recorded last night.”

Naturally, nothing was stamped on the image.

“It’s all about the door that once went wrong.”

Guard pointed to the screen and explained the situation at that time.

The window was locked in. The entrance is the door to the room.

But guard net which kept guard of door of the room gathered mouth. I did not even have an ant kitten in the room.

As everyone is an expert of the security company, there should have been no mistake. “Hmm …”

I have not been able to imagine that there will be a skill to ‘hide’ Jinwo famous head has become complicated.

Kim secretary urgently came into the video room.

“President, I have come to look.”

“Yeah, what happened?”

“That is…”

Kim secretary, who had looked into the eyes of the surrounding people, handed the famous ear.

“When I contacted the association, it was at that time that Sung Jin Hunter was in Japan. Hunter’s arrival date is probably tomorrow. ”

“…”I thought there was no one who could make this possible, not Sung Jin Hunter.

The famous realizes that his guess is wrong. I knew he was not.

‘But why …’

Is there still a feeling of uncertainty in the corners of the chest after checking the various evidence?

I did not know English.


If the famous chairman resembles Jin-woo, there is one thing that he does not want to solve.

“I know.”

Famous Lee said.

“The doctor said he would not mind if he finished the marathon right now. I will go straight to the office tomorrow and you’ll be ready. ”

If it is the answer, it is the answer.

The Kim secretary swallowed the smile and replied to the famous figure that was different from usual.

“President, do you know what the president calls the president now?”

The man who died until yesterday was all right.

But what is it?

The famous remained unchanged.

“What do you call it?”

“It is immortality, immortality.”


The famous mouthpiece, which does not look good at laughing, moved swiftly.


‘Midas’ s hand,’ the ‘pace face’ of the sound of the useless sound of the media has come up with something good nickname.


He chewed the famous word and smiled pleasantly.

“Immortal, immortal.”

Is not it a nickname that fits in with those who have not suffered any adversity and have survived to die?

The celebrity laughed with a delightful face with gratitude for the second opportunity he had come to see.

“I love it.”

* * * When Korea was flooded with news of the famous president. Returning to Japan, Jinwoo eventually succeeded in collecting all 29 giant shadow soldiers.


Jinwoo, who was impressed, lined up giant soldiers from 1 to 29.

The process of gathering soldiers around the body of the giant reminded me of a certain game, but the reward of the effort was so great that I was sorry to compare it with the game.

Giant Soldier 29th.

I was looking at the twenty-nine dignified giants of the black steam, and it seemed to have gained a lot of armor.

‘I’m a little sad about missing one, but …’

The number of masters who protruded from the gate, except for the one that guarded the gate, is thirty.

One of them could not escape into the sea and extract shadows.

Still, the rest of the twenty-nine were so full of hearty praise.

Twenty-nine giant soldiers were gathered at one place, so it felt like a city full of ruins.

Of course, Jinwoo recalls giant soldiers, not to decorate an empty city, nor to appreciate the giant soldiers’ collection.

Jin looked around the giants and asked.

“Who among you is the strongest?”

Giant soldiers, like the biceps of the Ant Corps, the Grit of the Elite Corps, and the molars of the High Orc Corps, needed one to command them.

When the giant soldiers looked at each other and did not want to step out, the unbearable Berga came forward and gave strength to his voice.

On the keys to the ex – on!

The giants shook their shoulders in a mighty roar that seemed to tear the atmosphere.

Do it.

Among the giant soldiers there will be a guy in Verson, even if it is not so, it ‘s a power car.


Veteran ‘s gruesome curse was shot after a giant soldier raised his hand.

Berga turned back and bowed his head, and Jinwu gave him a thumb.

“Well done.”

But then.

Even Jinwo Dover did something unexpected.

Another giant soldier raised his hand over his head, looking at his colleague with his hand.

But with the eyes that say I am better than him.


It was not that I had not noticed that I had not noticed, but I did not know who was strongest.

In an unexpected situation, Jin-woo laughed and laughed.

“No. 22, No. 6 forward.”

The number 6, which is exceptionally large, and the total number 22.

Jin-woo’s eyes narrowed.

‘Hmm …’

As the two soldiers claimed, the magic power of the two was similar, and it was difficult to tell the difference with the excellent feeling of Jin-woo.

If things got this way, there is only one way.

Jinwoo laughed.

“Are you ready?”

6 and 22 stood facing each other.

From the eyes of both of them, the will of not giving up even one point came out strongly.


With the signal of Jinwoo, the two giant soldiers tangled.

thud! KUMEN! thud!

At the end of the game, the number 6 of the big fist was knocked down by one sheet.

“Good. From now on, number six is the captain of the giant corps. ”

Many of the shadow soldiers, who watched the game with a big fist hitting the big two fists, cheers.

‘Now the captain of the giants has been appointed.’

This is all done in real Japan.

Jinwoo has brought up a status window.

‘Status window.’

The combination of letters and numbers came to mind in front of me, along with the familiar mechanical sound of stringing.

[HP: 65,230] [MP: 115,160] [Fatigue: 0] [Stats] Strength: 292 [Name: Sungjin] [Level: 122] [Occupation: Shadow Monarch] Physical skill: 281 Dexterity: 305 Intelligence: 310 Sensation: 277 (Ability to distribute points: 0) Physical damage reduction: 65% [Skill] Passive skill: (Unknown) Lv.MAX, Lv.1, Cost of Dagger Lv.max Active skill: Quick Lv.max, Living Lv.2, Hiding Lv.2, Nando Lv.max, Stalemate Rush Lv.max, Master’s Hand Lv.max [Skill only for job] Active skill: Shadow extraction Lv.2, Save Shadow Lv.2, Area of the Lordship Lv.2, Shadow Exchange Lv.2 [Worn Items] Red Knight’s Helm (S), Devil Lord’s Earring (S), Demon Lord’s Necklace (S), Demon Lord’s Ring (S), Searcher’s Top (A), Searcher’s Gloves ), Investigator ‘s shoes (A) It came to a glance with the performance of the expedition in Japan. The monster-like stats were noticeable.

All the stat numbers were close to three hundred, and the most invested intelligence was over three hundred.

It was thanks to the Daily Quest rewards that were not struck one day, the levels that were hunted and hunted by the giants, and the set of storefront armor that I purchased with gold.

‘An investigator’s armor set.’

In the meantime, did not stick to the item.

But I could not see how strong the powers of the monarchs and rulers mentioned by the kings of the Angels and the giants.

When I encountered them I needed a tool to protect myself.

“If the power is sealed and the monarch of the giants is just as bad as the corpse, the other guys may have really monstrous powers.”

Jinwu remembers the angels of the six wings he met in the memory of the Shadow Monarch.

To be able to fight them, they had to be much stronger than now.

Jinwoo’s gaze went up to the level in the item list.

[Level: 122] I grabbed a single monarch and the level went up eight stairs.

I did not even imagine how much more I could go up in fighting them.


My heart ran.


And I felt the joy behind my fear.

‘I grow up.’

The power of growth will be a cornerstone to keep all I want to keep.

The heart ran again.

Throbbing, throbbing, throbbing.

The sound of two heartbeats jumping was deafening to the deaf.

But I was in a bad mood.


Detecting someone’s approach, Jin-woo saved all Shadow Soldiers in his shadow.

Tatta Tata -!

A little farther away, the helicopter of the Japan Hunter Association, who came to pick me up, was sinking down to the ground.

Once home.

Jinwoo gladly embraced the helicopter.

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