Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 178

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 178

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“Once you go home.”


Yoo Jin-ho left Kim’s office with Kim’s secretary.


Just before the door of the room was closed, no one saw a part of the shadow fall from the foot of Yoo Jin-ho and flowed back into the room.

widely. When the door closed, the fire in the room was automatically turned off.

Time has passed.

When an ambitious vision came to the hospital, a shadow came out from under Yoo’s bed.


An ant soldier came up on the shadow.

I found a chair that looked like he was sleeping.

What is this?

As soon as an ant soldier fixed his gaze to President Kiej – Yu, he was sucked into the shadows, and instead he appeared on the spot.

Skill ‘Shadow Exchange’ effect was.

Jinwoo, who had been hiding himself in the hiding place since before writing the exchange, looked around.

The surroundings were dark without light, but seemed to be as clear as daylight to Jinwoo, whose sensation stats reached its peak.

The pupil of Jinwoo, who is glowing in the dark, finished checking whether there was a surveillance camera.

‘It looks clean.’

The people around are all four guards guarding the room from outside the door.

There was no danger to be caught if the famous president who suddenly opened his eyes could not scream the whale.

Confidently, Jin Jin solved the ‘stalker’.

Suh huh.

The body which was transparent showed outline and gradually came to the original color.

One of the reasons Jinwoo is paying attention to this kind of double ginseng.

It was because I thought that I should not reveal the existence of an item called ‘the life of life’.

Not long ago, President Yu extended a blank check.

He said that whatever he wanted was not enough, he would be within his capacity.

Did he offer a deal because he likes to play?

No, I will not.

He is a man standing at the top of the entrepreneurs who can survive only by judging profit and loss.

A natural born entrepreneur who has inherited his business from a parent to a leading global corporation.

He knew how much it would be worth to ‘heal his illness’.

So I suggested the best I could do.


Not everyone in the world is as gentle as Yu.

Imminence could sometimes be an incentive to call recklessness.

It is a good idea not to make it.

So Jin-woo wanted to hide the existence of the ‘life-saving item’ as much as possible.

Even though he was the father of his brother, he did not seem to be able to take the risks that might arise for Mr. Yu, who did not even know him.

‘If you ask me for something like the life of life, how many innocent people can get rid of …’

I waited as carefully as possible, and timely timing finally came.

It does not mean that you are cured a little late anymore, or that there is no afterlife.

If you find someone to lose, you’ll find out that Yu has collapsed.

‘Is this the sound of a stock or a dora?’

Jinwoo laughed and opened his inventory and pulled out one of five ‘Freshmen of Life’.

After you have used this bottle, all that remains is your bottle. Since I know how I feel about losing my parents with the disease, it was not too much to write this bottle for Jinho.

‘Why is my child crying? I’m hurting people who listen. ‘

Jinwoo built up the famous chairman’s upper body, opened his mouth, and poured ‘the life of life’.

Slowly, slowly.

President Yoo swallowed it as though he knew it was the only lifeline that could save him.


The bottle was empty soon.

Jin put the upper body back on the bed and sent an empty bottle to the warehouse.

Like the memories of my mother’s time, the blood of Yu-chan Yu came back.

The weakened heartbeat gradually began to grow stronger.

Jinwoo nodded his head.


The medicinal effect worked well.

What is left is to leave the trail before the famous president wakes up. Jinwoo hiding himself with a skill ‘stalking’ and stood in front of the door.

Weighing – “Huh?”


The guards were embarrassed as the door opened automatically when the button was pressed inside or outside.


Then, in the sickroom, I saw Yoo President over the glass wall.

It was happening in the wardroom dozens or even hundreds of thousands times more embarrassing than the door opened itself.

The eyes of the guards who found Yoo-suk who caused the body to turn were glaring.

“Oh, huh?”

“Sir, President!”

One guard, who was stiff as he had seen the ghosts, set his throat on his neck.

“doctor! Doctors! ”

Except for one person who went to call a doctor, the rest of the guards flocked into the room.


“Are you okay?”

The famous man looked at the guards with a refreshing face like a man who rested and rested.

“Why are they so disturbed? Who are you again? ”

“We are …”

“No, wait.”

The renowned guards broke off and looked around.

VIP ward for patients with facial asphyxia.

I was able to recognize where this place was at once because I was ready since I realized I was sick.

‘That means …’

I do not know.

“Did you fall back and wake up?”

Upstairs – The head of the famous president went back to where he heard the sound. Beyond the glass wall, the door to the room was slowly closing.

* * * Ting!

The elevator door opened.

Jinwoo, who was watching the doctors coming to the end of the corridor like a cloud, got on the elevator.

So, did you say that Jinho’s birthday is at the end of this month?

‘Happy birthday, though. Jin Ho. ‘

Father’s recovery.

Thinking that maybe Jinho would be the best birthday present, Jinwoo pressed the elevator button on the elevator.

Hooked. The man who came in late and tried to press the button on the first floor stopped at the fire that turned on itself.

“what… awfully.”

He looked around at the inside of the house without anyone but the guardian Jin-woo. He left his mouth with a word.

‘Sorry. Mister.’

Jinu, who conveyed the meaning of deep apple into his mind, pressed the close button.


In the elevator that started moving, Jinwoo confirmed the skill.

‘Skill information.’

[Skills: Shadow exchange LV.2] Job-specific skills.

No mana required.

You can reverse the position of the Shadow soldier and caster you specify.

After casting, you can wait 2 hours before you can use it again.

Waiting time depends on skill level.

You can use the skill after 1 hour 54 minutes and 11 seconds.

‘1 hour 54 minutes …’

Even if I ignored 11 seconds behind, I had about 2 hours left.

The shadow extraction process has not yet been completed.

In other words, if you want to find the remaining carcass and make it a shadow soldier, you have to go once more to Japan.

I left the shadows, so it would be solved when the cooldown of “Shadow Exchange” is over, but the problem was how and where to spend the remaining 2 hours.

‘The house is … No. ‘

If a son who came back home in a week had not arrived in a few hours and had to leave again, what would his mother look like?

I did not need to look at it.


The door of the elevator that stopped at the first floor was opened.

Seoul Ilshin Hospital.

I had a good idea suddenly to Jinwo who had been troubled with distress until the moment of leaving the hospital door.

‘Let’s find out if there is a dungeon without a master.’

Jin-woo, who disarmed the secret, expanded his passion.

I felt about four or five gates in the neighborhood. When I took out the Hunter phone, Jinwoo went into the association application and checked the gate information.


The smile was on the face of Jin-woo, confirming that the two gates were not reported.

* “* Miss, we have arrived.”

“Thank you, Knight.”

The daughter of the famous president, Yu Jin Hee, who came back to the hospital, took her mother home to the house just before the end of the feast.

When I realized that my father was dying of sickness, the sky seemed to collapse.

Still, Yu Jin-hee believed her father’s words.

– I am trying to find out how to treat it. Do not worry about it.

He would never have believed if someone else had promised to treat his incurable disease.

But who is her father?

Is not the giant, the famous president, who influences the business of the Republic of Korea?

So I was hoping for something, but eventually this happened.

If I knew this, I would have to spend a little more time with my dad to take away such things as studying abroad.

When she said she was going to study abroad, she stared tears, recalling the eyes of her father, who kept hating her disgust.

By the way.

There was a familiar face in front of her head lifting her head.

“Oh, this person?”

The face I saw many times.

While I was thinking where I saw him, the man was very conscious of his gaze.

Looking at the back of the man, she paused for a moment and urged her to walk.

Whoever that man was now was not important.

Yoo Jin-hee’s phone, which waited patiently for the door of the elevator to open, suddenly burst into bell.

Follow along.

As time went by, I was in a hospital empty and I heard the ringing sound louder than usual.

Unknown number.

The number I do not know at first is not well received.

‘Who is it…?’

I felt like I had to get a phone call because I was going through so many things today.

She pressed the call button and took her phone to her ear.

“Hello.” -Yeah. Here is Seoul Ilshin Hospital. My mother did not answer the phone and contacted me.

You’ve just been sleeping with a stabilizer, so you can not get a phone call.

But what is it?

Yoo Jin-hee was afraid to get in touch with her manager.

So I asked carefully.

“What are you doing?” – Actually, the famous president …

Her eyes grew like a rabbit when she heard the explanation.


Do you believe me and believe this now?

As the snow was wet, she asked.

“that… Is that true? “- We would not have believed it if we did not see it with our own eyes now. I wonder if the patient wakes up in the “last sleep” condition is unpredictable. Anyway, you have to come soon. I do not know when the President will fall asleep.

“Now, wait! It’s right down here. ”


Just as Yu Jin-hee threw herself into the open elevator.

Oh my gosh.

‘Really… really?’

The few minutes the elevator went up, it felt like the longest time in life for Yoo Jin – hee.

Ting. As soon as the door opened, Yoo Jin-hee came into the room and was able to face the face of her father.

From the head to the toe, there was no doubt about it.


I looked around her famous daughter who was surrounded by doctors.

“Jin-hee …?”


I was struck by the back of my daughter, and the famous once again realized that he had come back from the dead.

‘I am alive.’

But can this be a coincidence?

In response to the miraculous charge of the miraculous, and in the sobbing of her daughter in search of her father, the famous listener listened to the sound of his heart beating.

‘this… Unbelievable?’

Throbbing, throbbing, throbbing!

Despite being already well over 50 years old, the heart was beating like a twenties.

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