Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 177

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 177

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The Japanese Hunter Association was getting paralyzed by the telephone congestion of broadcasting stations and newspapers who wanted to interview Sung Jin Hun Hunter.

– “Yes, the Japanese Hunter Association …” – I just called you. How do you get a few brief answers instead of an interview?

“That’s an interview, chief?” -no no. Well, Hunter’s face does not go out and only goes to the subtitles.

“Hunter said he would refuse to shoot or interview. I’m sorry. ”


TOUR-TOURR – “Yes, Japan Hunter Association.” -XX PD is the news general PD. It is not different …

“It’s not possible.”


This type of phone is poured over hundreds of dollars a day, and normal business becomes impossible.

The head of the department now had a headache when I heard a telephone call.


‘I think that the attention of public opinion is concentrated on Sung Jin Hun Hunter.’

They did not understand their concern.

The crisis that Japan’s country has lost nearly four times has been resolved in the hands of one person, but who can not show interest?

I wondered what kind of person is Sung Jin Hun Hunter from himself and what kind of words would come out of his mouth.

But that’s it and this is it.

He had a position as an employee of the Japan Hunter Association.

Respecting the intention of Sung Jin Hunter, who said he would not interview, it was his job to block the requests of the mass media from the Hunter Association.

‘You should not be offended by the people who saved your country.’

One new employee hesitated to head to the nodding head with his spirited face.

“Stir … Chief. ”

The officer hit a player before he could say anything.

“Do not say that.”

You do not hear me, either. I would have come here to receive confirmation from myself that I could not get over the high stations of the station or the newspaper.

But this time it was different.

“No, it seems I have been contacted in Korea.”

“In Korea?”

“Yes, the Korean Hunter Association’s Koge Hee asked me to change the person in charge.”

I was embarrassed by the face of the person in charge of hearing the story of the newcomer.

“Is that right?”


There is no one in the Korean Hunter Association who has the name Koganei.

The partnership between Sungjin Hunter and Korea Hunter Association is already well known. Is not he the one who announced the expedition of Sungjin Hunter this time?

The person in charge of the eyes ran to his place and raised a thick vein in his neck.

“Call me! hurry!”

“Ah yes.”

“I changed the phone. President Koguryo Association. I am the person in charge. ”

The face of the responsible person who was dubious and listened to the receiver was getting harder and harder in Japanese.

“Yes, yes, sir. Yes, I will contact you right away. ”

* * * I do not get tired of watching a few times.

“I …”

Yoo Jin-ho has once again impressed me.

The scene in which a giant black monster from the corpse of a giant knelt down on his knees and pledged his allegiance, deeply moved, like a scene in a movie.

‘It’s really cool, bro!’

Yoo Jin-ho’s ear, which glared at his respectable gaze, heard the raucous voices in the back.

“Wow -!”

“No, how is that …?”

“What, what is that?”

Male breeding.

How many times have you not seen yourself yet, but what about the feelings of the villagers who first saw your ability?

Even if I did not understand the words, I was able to predict what kind of conversation was going on.

Yoo Jin-ho shrugged his shoulders like his own work.


The staff of the Japan Hunter Association, who came to Yu Jin-ho for some reason, spoke to them.

“Are you Hunter?”

“Oh, if you are …”

Yoo Jin-ho pointed to Jin-woo in the word ‘Hunter’, but the employee quickly pointed and pointed to Jin-ho.

“Nono, u.”

Yoo Jin-ho stared off his eyes.



Yoo Jin-ho, who had confirmed himself in short English, took over the cell phone that the employee came up with.

The face of Yoo Jin-ho, who is in a hurry, got harder and harder.

Until the phone was disconnected, Yoo Jin-ho just repeats four, four.

Jin-woo, who saved the giant soldier in the shadow, exited the waste warehouse.

Yu Jin-ho, who approached Jin-wook as if he had waited, bowed his head.

“I’m sorry, brother. I think I should go to Korea. ”

Jin asked the serious expression of Yu Jin-ho.

“What’s going on?”

“I do not know. I have a problem with my house, so I go home. ”

“…”Jinwu asked his mouth.

There was one thing to guess.

‘Yoo President’s bottle …’

If that ‘s the case, I understand that the person who called could not tell Jinho in detail.

How can you tell a son in another country that his father is in housekeeping?

Jin did not ask anymore.

“Yes. I’ve worked so hard. ”

“No, my brother. I’m sorry I could not finish it together until the end. ”

Once again, Yoo Jin-ho, who apologized politely, got on the car prepared by the Japan Association. The driver turned the car upside down and headed straight for the airport.

‘…’Jinwoo quietly watched the back of the car moving away without saying anything.

I was trying to be casual in front of my brother, but Yujin could not hide his anxiety.

Mother ‘s voice.

It was the first time that the voices that were always sweet and warm were so shaken.

‘What is it?’

My heart beat.

Do you think your father is very angry because he stepped on Japanese soil along with his brother without permission?

I will not have a parent to meet a child who is looking for a limb on my feet.

Yoo Jin-ho, who was staring out of the window in a running car, shook his head as if to shake something.

‘No, just do not think about it.’

I do not know what ‘s going on.

Surprisingly, it may be nothing.

Until I arrived at Incheon airport, there was a little bit of expectation.


“Yoo Jin-ho.”

As soon as I discovered the two eyes of Mr. Kim, who was coming to meet me, I realized that something unusual happened.


“I put the car on standby. Let’s go with me once. “- What happened?

The mind to ask was like a chimney.

But I was afraid of an answer, so I could not put those seven in my mouth.


Kim secretary pointed to the outside of the airport.


However, the steps did not fall.

Kim secretary, who knew his mind, raised his hand on Yu Jin-ho’s shoulder with his confused face.

“Jinho-kun … The more I like this, the more I have to eat my heart. I’ll explain everything to you. ”

It was Yu Jin – ho that tears began to ping the word.

During the ride, Kim secretly explained to Yu Jin – ho the current status of the president.

There is no way.

Yoo Jin – ho denied Kim ‘s explanation.

No, I did not want to believe it.

But when I arrived at the hospital and saw my father sleeping over a glass wall, I could not help believing.

At the same time, I felt something in my heart collapsing.

When I saw my father, who seemed so strong, lying down on his sickbed and lying down in a shabby position, something came up inside me.


Doctors immediately blocked Yoo Jin-ho, who was about to jump into the room.

Hunter ‘s approach, which can not control magic, only deepens the illness.

In the doctor ‘s explanation, Yu Jin – ho turned into a face with soul.

“is that so…”

It was the son who always disappointed his father.

But you can not hold your father ‘s hand until the last minute.

I did not even get tears in my ending.

“I’m a useless son until the end.”

Turning down in dismay, Kim secretary handed a file in a black leather case.

“this… What is it? ”

Yujin received the file and listened.

Kim secretary said quietly.

“It was the thing that you were working on right before the chairman collapsed. I had it when I opened my eyes, but now I think I need more for Jinho. ”

“To me?”

Yoo Jin-ho, who alternated between Kim secretary and the file, slowly spread the file.

There was a scrap of newspapers inside.

I did not miss a newspaper containing articles of my brother Eugene and my sister Yu Jin-hee.


When I saw a favorite article, I found out where the habit of scrapping came from, and it was inherited from my father.

‘You have such a hobby.’

In the midst of sadness, when I saw my brother and my sister ‘s childhood, a smile of figurine emerged.

My brother and sister were the pride of my father.

Various contests, contests, and competitions.

The geniuses who have made their names nationwide in their respective fields.

It was natural that the two men were full of articles.

Every time I turned the page, Yoo Jin-ho became ashamed of himself that he could not put a picture of himself here.

Then the last page of Yoo Jin-ho’s hand stopped.

[Who is Yoo Jin-ho?

[Two hunters who went to Japan.] [Selection of Class D Hunter. Is it courageous or full?]

Articles containing your name.

There was no gossip-level knight, and it was carefully cut off without falling.


Yu Jin-ho did not say anything.


Only one newspaper fell on the floor.

I touched the eyes of Yu Jin-ho, picking up the article in a hurry.

The reporter who ran after hitting the boss-level giant was an article that took a picture of himself, smiling and taking a picture instead of his brother who refused to shoot.

The date of the article was today.

Kim secretary raised his hand on his shoulder and said.

“Yoo did not love Jinho. I had a great expectation for Jinho as much as I loved him. ”

Yoo Jin-ho, who had been silent for a while, barely made up his mind.

“My father… Is there a way to wake my father? ”

Kim secretary shook his head with a dark face.

Patients who entered the “last sleep” state did not open their eyes.

Except for one exception.

Suddenly there was a crazy Kim secretary who opened her mouth so hard.

“Maybe Yu Jin-ho.”


“…no. nothing.”

But Kim secretary did not get the horse out.

Sometimes it is even more difficult to give a bad expectation.

That’s the case right now.

Yoo Jin-ho, who shed tears while gazing at his father over the glass, and Kim secretary who swallowed the words he wanted to.

The shadow of Yu Jin-ho was quietly listening to the conversation of the two people.

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