Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 176

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 176

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178 Episode One village in Ishikawa Prefecture.

The entrance to the mausoleum was crowded with people from the morning.

“What is it? What is it that everyone says? ”

The villagers, who had not heard yet, looked around.

There are so many people out there during the busy times of village restoration work.

It is embarrassing for a busy man to get rid of the ruins of a collapsed building.

“That’s it.”

A friendly old lady opened her mouth to explain to the man, and at the end of the road, she pointed to a car that showed the outline.

“Hooray! There he comes! Come over there! ”

Male breeding.

The locals who found the car started to make a disturbance.

I was looking at the excited eyes, and it was the atmosphere that greeted even a nice relative who lived far away.

‘But many of these people did not have all the same relatives …’

The man wiped his sweat off his neck with a towel around his neck and wondered at the wonder.

“So who is coming?”

The uncle of the uncle of the next place seemed to be frustrated.

“Hunter is coming.”

“Hunter? What’s Hunter? ”

“What would Hunter be?”

As the car got closer, the people greeted their hands with enthusiasm.

The sincere joy and appreciation that appeared in their faces.


So the man could barely realize who had visited this town.

His head went back without knowing.

The ghosts of the village, which was half destroyed by the giants, came in at a glance. Recovery tools and machines stood in place.

If someone had not stopped the giant dolphin, could the shape of the village remain?

The home of many memories was almost disappearing without trace.

The school I attended, the way I went, the work I did.

When I think so, some emotions have risen from deep inside my heart.

The nose of the nose has turned.

‘Is he really coming?’

Poof. His head went back to the road.

It was not up to the people to welcome the hunter, nor was it a pretentious act to show others.

I looked up from my heart and moved.

A heart of gratitude moved people’s legs.

The man swung the towel on his neck and shouted for his car.

“Wow ah -!”

Despite being new, the black high-end van that ran across the bungled roads seemed to have rolled for ten years, covered in dirt and dust.

The Japanese Hunter Association, which was written on the license plate instead of the number, was so hard to read because it was covered in dust.

The stern state of the car seems to be telling about the intense fighting in the meantime, and the hearts of the residents are getting worse.

People with emotions seemed tears.

After a while, the van, moving with a good driving skill, stood in front of them.


“Wow ah -!”


Yoo Jin-ho, wearing sunglasses and enthusiastic hospitality, came down from the driver’s seat.

. Yoo Jin-ho shook hands to the crowded people.



One of the staff members of the Japan Hunter Association who had been waiting for the Jinwoo party barely came between the people.

Panting, breathing, he asked his posture right away.

“Are you Sungjin Hunter?”

The staff wrote Japanese, but fortunately there was a word that could be understood.


Yoo Jinho hoisted his index finger and pointed to the sky.



Kia Aak – Dyrcy Caixel made a pleasant cry.

“Well, what is that?”


Did she grow up surprised and surprised by the chest lid?

The residents, who had been suffering from the fear of a giant masseuse, shook their shoulders as they watched the black creatures flying in the sky.

However, the city just turned its head over.

The residents who realized that there was no hostility to KIAAQA-KAISELL stared at the stomach with a strange eye, while still looking scared.

That moment.

The black ink jumped from above the cell.


The residents winked at the sight of Jinwoo who landed lightly with the power of the ruler.

“…”Especially, the association staff closest to Jinwoo did not say anything because he held the glasses.

Yoo Jin-ho told Jin-woo on behalf of him.

“Brother, this man has found you.”


Jin turned back and stood in front of the staff.

When I saw Jinwo approaching his nose, a late-minded employee quickly shook his head.

It is in front of Mr.

The barely – minded employee smiled solemnly and bowed.

“Nice to meet you, Sung Jin Hunter. Tanaka Hiroshi of Kanazawa Branch of Japan Hunter Association. ”

He lifted his head and explained why he came out to meet him.

“Today I took Hunter’s instructions. Thank you. ”

Of course, everything was Japanese.

Jinwoo looked around Yu Jin-ho. Yoo Jin-ho also looked at Jinwoo.

“…””…”I saw the face of Yoo Jin-ho, who was laughing, and found out that he had no intention to understand the words of the Japanese.

Jin Wu summoned a shadow soldier capable of translating Japanese into the Japanese language.

‘King …’

Berga, who came up from the shadow, graciously bowed to Jinwoo.

After the greeting, Berr turned toward his staff.

‘I will take charge of this.’

‘No, when you say so, I get nervous in a different sense …’

Not to mention that the person who thought so was not Jin Woo, but the residents also saw the verse, and his face hardened hard.


BER reached out to his staff and said with a big breast.

“What do you want to tell the LORD?”

Elasticity has flowed out from the mouths of the people who were watching.

Yoo Jin-ho, who heard the shadow soldiers talking for the first time, was amazed.

“Brother, was he able to speak?”


Jinwoo nodded his head.

Except for the voices that sound like monsters, it was a fluent Japanese who could speak Japanese as a native speaker.

‘Well …’

As soon as I reached the idea that it might be natural for me to know that the Japanese had the greatest number of Japanese people, Jinwoo grabbed his forehead with one hand because his head was stiff for some reason.

Turned to Berga Jinwu who had a few words with his staff.

“Your King. Lee is the guide to the town and will try to serve the Lord with all his heart. ”

“But what did you answer that person’s face so white?”

“When you give a calligraphy, you will eat everything from your toe to one hair, King.”


What is it like.

If only the meaning should be done.

The staff went behind Jinwoo and watched carefully and said.

“Let’s go this way.”

I was saddened by the painful face of the employee, and he nodded.


Jinwoo and his family headed to the garbage warehouse located inside the village according to the guidance of the staff.

The carcass of the giant doll was lying flat in the warehouse where one wall where the door without the entrance was completely blown away.

“I think.”

The employee pointed to the carcass stood on one side.

Jinwoo approached and looked at the body.

There are innumerable tooth marks on the carcass’s body, which remains intact … It was full of worn out scars.

‘You guys … Did you eat this? ‘

The eyes of Jinu, who turns around to Vera, sharpened.

Before Jinwoo turned around, he fixed the Berga line, which had been bent at right angles to the waist, on the floor.


Yoo Jin-ho looked at the relationship between his brother and the ant and recalled the appearance of a million-year-old director who cries out to the director.

Jin ‘s gaze moved back to the body.

In fact, if only the corpse remains, there was no problem in extracting shadows.

‘Just feel good.’

Jinwoo, who killed all of the giants in Japan, was looking for the soldiers who were dead and unable to extract shadows.

So, when I look at the state of the body, I was able to know immediately which one was fighting.

Most of the people who encountered the ants were not able to do this.

“Huh -” Jin-woo sneaked at him, gazing at him as if he had been dumped by the grapevine.

His fingertips turned to the dead body.

The voices of Jin – woo came out from Jin ‘s mouth.

“Get up.”


The residents who flocked to Jinwoo without any hesitation were able to resurrect at the same time.

Wow – The giant soldier, who appeared perfectly in the shadows with the scream, kneel down on one knee.


Slightly successful.

This is the 27th giant soldier was completed.

‘Are you two left?’

Jinwoo looked at the dignified giant soldier and smiled.

* * * Same time Korea.

In the chairman room of the Hunter Association, Ko Kun-hee was running a channel around the remote control.

But everywhere I look, it was all over the Japanese story of Jinwoo.

It was not only Korea. It was the same no matter which news channel in the world was played.

Sung Hunter has certainly made his name impressive throughout the world.


I do not think the president of Koganei will leave the day with a smile like his own.

If I had dried Sung Jin Hunter to go to Japan that day …

I am sick and tired.

In the last years, I made a mistake in my life.

It is because of this work that the status of the Korean Hunter system has risen so fast that it is grateful that St. Hunter gave it to himself.

Thanks to one person, Korea was mentioned as a New Hunting Power.

So, in the position of the president of the association, Jinwoo’s work should be pleasant and pleasant.

But one thing is worrying.

“President of the association.”

Finally, Woo Jin-cheol went into the chairman’s office after knocking. Following his success, he won the youngest manager title.

Woo Jin Chul, who lightly married, reported the situation.

“He said he turned to China.”


It was an unexpected situation.

One of them jumped into the sea while Jinwoo was killing the giants.

The news that the guy who had gone to the Pacific side suddenly turned in the opposite direction and headed for China was a fresh shock.

Kanghee asked.

“What’s the reaction of China?”

“Ryuzukan is going to go directly.”

Ko Kun-hee leaned back on the sofa.

“Well, no problem.”

One of five hunters in the world. If Ryuzukan goes directly, the giant dolls will be separated before they even step on the Chinese land. Now that St. Hunter is out, he was fortunate that his career was not Korea.

When I saw the face of the president who was relieved, I made a smile that Woojin Railway was putting my heart on.

Suddenly his view came into the TV screen.

The appearance of the destroyed Japan, the screaming Japanese, and the scene of rescue and restoration work began to flow one by one.

“That’s too bad.”

Woojin chilled his tongue.

“I’m sorry … It’s not good. ”

I agree with him.

Korea was also suffering in Jeju Island four years ago. To say that I forgot the pain, the wound was too deep.

The restoration work of Jeju Island is still in progress.

Said Kanghee.

“But the pain of someone is a hope for someone.”


“Do you know how Japan, which has been destroyed after the war, rebuilt as the second largest economy in the world?”

“Is it because of our war?”

“Yes, war special. A similar thing is happening in our crab. ”

The chairman of the Koguryo Association put his hand on the top of the pile of paperwork stacked on the table with a bitter look.

“These are estimates from our companies that all want to jump into Japan’s recovery business.”

Korean companies moved quickly.

Some companies even sent a quotation as soon as St. Hunter flew to Japan.

Other companies were already ready to move.

‘Someone’s pain is a hope for someone …’

No, exactly it is a benefit.

Woo Jin-cheol, who understands exactly what the chairman said, spent the same bitterly glance.

Then I took it as if I forgot.

“Oh, the president of the association.”


“Matsumoto, the head of the Japanese Hunter Association, said he was embroidered.”


And how did the shameless man change his attitude?

Kanghee, who wanted to share a detailed story, reached out by listening to the ringtone.

When I picked up the phone, I heard an urgent voice over the receiver.

– President of the Association.

It was the voice of my doctor.

Now is the time to get busy with the crowded patients.

Kanghee had a headache.

“What are you doing at this time?” – I thought it was important.

“important… Work?”

The voice of Kogehee has also become cautious.

There were a couple of good things going on in his head, but the doctor took a name that he had never expected.

– Did you know the president’s condition?

The famous president is one of the greatest supporters of the Korean Hunter Association.

There was also a personal relationship with the president of the Koguryo Association.

What happened to him?

The doctor’s explanation was followed by the president of the association, who urged the answer.

– The famous president came to our hospital today.

Kun-hee stood up.

“Is not it dangerous, is not it?” -Unfortunately… There was no part where we could use our hands anymore.

Static down.

The voice of the doctor who stopped for a while was quietly followed.

– The famous president went into the state of ‘last sleep.’

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