Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 172

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 172

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174 Episode 1 Aga only.

Jinwoo rushed the message window.

I was glad to hear four duplicate level-up reminders, eyes fixed on the first message.

Oh My God.

Jinwoo’s eyes grew bigger.

[We have killed the enemy.]

‘Is not this a boss?’

The gaze of the surprised Jinu moved to the giant who lost the focus of his eyes with his limbs rolling.

The overwhelming force that amazed even the strong and the dazzling power of the other giants.

The boss is not the only one who can be seen as a boss-level boss. The system message was telling him he could not do anything.


“Brother Neiim -!”

I heard the voice of Yu Jin-ho filled with excitement from afar.

Jinwoo shook his hand at Yu Jin-ho, shining his eyes, and signaled to stop there.


Whether you listen to the words well or are frightened, Yujin froze on the spot.

Jinwoo’s eyes gained weight.

I did not get the message [I have killed the master of the dungeon] yet.

That meant that the raid was not over.

Moreover, it was not only the strange thing.

This gigantic master was also unable to extract shadows. There was no black smoke indicating that it was the extraction target.

just as expected.

I was staring at the giant, and the machine sounded.


[Shadow extraction is impossible.]


When Jinwoo was frowned upon in a situation where I had to cross my expectations in many ways, I heard a banging noise somewhere.

The giant’s chin was moving.

At the mouth of the giant that had begun to witness, there was something of a human form at first glance.

‘…!’Jinwu was reflexively ready for battle. The dagger summoned in both hands flashed a sharp sword.

But the voices heard in the giant’s mouth were familiar.

“King … I am. ”

I showed an example to Berga Jinu who walked out.

“…Was it you? ”

Jinwoo solved the boundary.

It was not possible to distinguish Pia for a short time because Vere inside the giant was covered by a giant’s magical power.

Verwo confirmed that he sent the dagger back to the warehouse.

Berg, who was walking on the trudge, was using the flesh and blood of the giant on his body. I was able to guess roughly how much he spent inside.

Jinwoo, who was trying to gratify Berr, was struggling for a moment.

‘What smells …’

The smell grew worse as Berger approached.

Vernon was also wrinkled, his face smelling his smell.

I reached my nose and bowed my head graciously.


Jinwoo tried to tug the shoulders of Berh in the sense that it was laboring, and found an unidentifiable yellow liquid buried there and said with a sad hand.

“Thanks, Berr.”

“…Thank you, King. ”

It sounds like a little blunt voice.

Anyway, now I have to concentrate on what is the identity of the liquid on the shoulder of Vern.

If this super giant doll is not the master of the dungeon, where is the real master of the dungeon?

It was when such a question crossed the head of Jinwoo.

Ooh – Ooh – Ooh, the air was shaking.

‘…!’Jinwoo noticed this suddenly and raised the guard.

Berga, who sensed the threat a little later than Jinwoo due to the difference of nagging, instantly inflated his body and stood in front of him.

“Kie ee eek!”

It was shortly after the gust storms hit them.


Jinwoo’s hair was wrinkled.

I wonder if the intense gust that would be extracted from the roots of the trees would sweep the surrounding area, and it suddenly escaped somewhere.

The turmoil quickly subsided.

Berga decided to stay calm in front of the situation was calm.

Looking around, Jinwoo spewed the flagship.


It was not the wind that just covered.

What was mistaken for the wind was the terrible, fierce and enormous horsepower that the giant had.

A large amount of magic moved all at once, and all around.


Jinwoo hurriedly looked around where Yujin was.

Fortunately, thanks to this grit wrapped around, Yujin could also be safe.

Jin took a sigh of relief.


Jinwoo had a chance to look around again, but his horsepower disappeared and he turned his head in the direction.

‘…’It was on the gate side.

None of the magic that the giant possessed was sucked into the gate.

As if the gate swallowed magic.

The black curtain that was blocking the gate was long broken in the dungeon break. The inside of the gate, the dungeon, was clearly visible.

Oh oh – the air cried low.

I was confident that I had suffered all of my life, but I have never seen such a horrible phenomenon before.

‘There is something in me.’

Sensation stats were saying that.

The eyes of Jun-min looking into the dungeon were tapered.

Whatever was in it, the moment I realized it, I was struggling. The chills came and the horrors of the whole body grew.

Throbbing, throbbing, throbbing.

As the heart is crying and resonating, my heart beats faster.


Yoo Jin-ho, who was approaching carefully one step at a time, stood by Jin-woo and looked at the gate.

It may be dangerous.

Jinwoo turned to Yu Jin-ho and said in a heavy voice.

“You are waiting here.”

“Yes, brother.”

Yoo Jin-ho nodded his head. I wanted to follow it, but it seemed like a chimney.

Jin-woo, who was waiting for Yu Jin-ho outside, led the shadow soldiers across the gate and into the dungeon.


I thought I had become accustomed to the word “big” as I crossed the top dungeon several times.

But after I entered this dungeon, I changed my mind.

‘…Great. ‘

The word ‘big’ moved to a high and wide passageway so that it seemed to exist to describe such a place, and Jinwu swallowed admiration.

I do not make any sound in the dungeon.

The habits of the lower Hunter days, when there were few means of defending herself from Masu, have remained steadily above the level of ordinary S class.

Being careful was never a bad thing.

In the darkness, Jinwoo’s bright light shone.

Jinwoo went to the end of the dungeon without any hesitation.

After Jinwoo, the soldiers recovered to perfection even after the violent battle.

How long did he walk?

Jinwoo’s pace stopped.

Bergson, who was moving behind Jinwoo, stopped the entire army.

Grimberg, who came from an ant optimized for group life, was good at dealing with large-scale corps.

chuck. The entire Shadow Legion has stopped.

Behind the soldiers, Bergha Jinu stood closely behind.

“King …”


Jinwoo lifted his index finger.

And it was a horse.


I nodded at the Berga head, which focused on the sound for a while.

“…I can hear you. ”

I was also listening to Berre’s ear.

The end of the dungeon beyond. There was a sound of laughter that could be distinguished from the place where the boss should be when it was Jinwoo or the bell class.

The sound of a lovely man’s laughter really came to me as if it were a delight.

Jinwoo had no choice but to wonder.

They did not see each other in the darkness of the dungeon, but if they were this distance, their opponent would have grasped their approach.

The number of shadow corps lined up behind this.

‘But laughter is coming out?’

Of course Jinwoo also knew his opponent.

There was a mighty horsepower above the darkness that would block the breath. The envy of the enemy that felt the ominence was more than the power of the giant.

However, he is not an easy opponent.

Jinwoo liberated all magical power.

Woong – wave spread around Jinwoo.

If the enemy was mixed, there was a huge wave of magic that would have collapsed from nearby shadow soldiers.


Hahaha – The opponent still did not stop laughing.

Jinwoo’s mouth tongue also went up.

‘Funny guy.’

Jinwoo laughed and stepped into the boss room. There was a wide cavity that had a gigantic giant doll.

Jinwoo walked along the direction of the voice without hesitation.

Shadow soldiers also marched along Jinwoo.

Chuck, chuck, chuck, chuck. The appearance of many athletes moving around in a black steam trap was enough to frighten the enemy.


“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

This is not true for a man whose body except for his face is bound in chains.

Are you tied up?


It is not simply bound.

The black chain connected to the wall of the dungeon was too short to pass through the body, or the end was completely falling down the rope.

If that was a punishment, it would be awful to think how big a crime it would take to get there.

Jin frowned.

On the other hand, the man smiled brightly while looking at Jinwoo as if he were a friendly friend.

“It’s funny, it’s funny! Awful rulers, see who came first to me! ”

Jin-woo stopped at a suitable place not far from or near.

The man was talking.

“Chain … Untie the chain. I know the plans of the rulers. Let the other monarchs know the truth … ”

The horse in the company was broken.

The man ‘s eyes, which had been joyful just before, calmed down like lies.

“…”The man looked at Jinwoo ‘s eyes quietly.

While Jinwoo was looking at Jinwoo, Jinwoo contemplated the man.

That moment.

Jinwoo realized that his face was the same as the face of the giant giant Masuo who stood outside the gate.

‘Human beings … No. ‘

The horsepower wavelength is different from that of humans.

It was not a human being just to speak out fluently.

But why is it that Masu is trapped in the dungeon?

There have been a lot of different types of athletes appearing for the last 10 years, but I have never heard that a limb has been tied up to make it impossible to move.

If there is one hint, however, the word “rulers” was used by the man.

“…””…”Some static.

A little time later, the lips of the man fell off.

“you are… I do not know him. ”

I do not know who I was mistaken, but I did not want to deny Jinwoo. Except for the giant outside, it was the first time I saw the face.

Jin asked.

“Those rulers or do they make you like this?”

“I’m going to write. As a stepping stone to the foundation of a real war. ”

It was the first time.

I have always tried to communicate with the intelligent tapeworms, but I did not have a chance to explain my source.

By the way, Masuo in front of me said the reason for his existence for the first time.

To lay the foundation of a real war.

I had the impression that it could be a clue whether it was true or false.

“What are the rulers?”

“The old enemies of the monarchs.”

‘Monarchs …’

The angel prize, which had been driven into the corner. Do you think other monarchs will see it?

Second, even if the monarch is what it is, it seemed to know where one of the monarchs was.

“Well, the thing is, they put you like this …”


The man answered with sad eyes.

“I am also a sovereign.”

And he continued his explanations with his eager voice.

“Perhaps the monarchs and rulers are all looking for you. But now you have no power to deal with them all. You will need the power to confront them. ”

Jinwoo picked out the most wanted words from among many words that were difficult to understand.


The man nodded.

“Release my seal. I will help you. “

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