Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 171

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 171

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173 The Eli Gates’ elite troops arrived in Tokyo first.

Next was the High Orc Legion of molars.

This grit, who discovered the upcoming High Oak Legion, greeted her with a bow.

In the robe, one of the molars that raised the mouth of the mouth also bowed his head.

The Ice Bear unit, which moved with the Elite Bottle Corps, and the High Orc Legion gathered together.

And after a while. Chuck, Chuck, Chuck. A singing footstep.

Over the fog, large shadow soldiers have approached.

As the soldiers who hunted the most giants, even though they came back the longest way, it was the ant corps of Vern that finally arrived in Tokyo.

Bergha showed his way through the fog from the lead.

This time Grit also greeted him first.

“…”But, without any response, he passed through the grit and went to the back of Jinwoo, kneeling down politely on one knee.

“Oh, you’re here.”

Then he pulled his eyes away from the giant who looked far away and looked back.

“Everyone worked hard.”

All the shadow soldiers kneeled as if they were Bergha.

Icebirds, unable to bend their knees in body structure, dropped their noses on the ground.

Elite bottles, bears, ants, high orcs, and other shadowy soldiers who gathered out of time.

Only a few thousand shadows were gathered in one place.

“Everybody get up.”

When Jin took the gesture of standing up by hand, all the soldiers stood up.

chuck. It was really spectacular.

Yoo Jin-ho was overwhelmed by the atmosphere and looked around the shadow soldiers.

‘This is your brother’s skill, but if you were the real dealers …’

I knew that this number of, and this level of, masters were moving all at once, so I knew I could not have done that, but I got sick.

Good luck.

Is there anyone else who likes this word like your brother?


Behind this was a more spectacular sight.

It’s black.

Yoo Jin-ho swallowed the dry spit and carefully looked back.

There was a giant there.

It was a giant dolphin with a different size than the giants we have seen so far.

If you are looking at the head of a giant located at the highest height, it would not be a matter of whether it was a marsh or a high-rise building.

“Wow -” Elasticity coming out.

There was a big difference between seeing and seeing images.

Jin-woo laughed his hand on Yu Jin-ho’s head, unable to keep his mouth shut.

“Then I will fall down.”

“Tongue, brother.”

Yu Jin-ho, who was in the spirit, scratched the back of his head.

Jin-woo, who left his head at the head of Yoo Jin-ho, stared silently at Masuo, a boss-level giant.

‘How can such a thing exist?’

Too huge a creature.

I also thought that I wanted to get away from this place quickly because of the evil magic that flows from him.

I was offended.

There are two ways to eliminate unpleasantness.

I run away from the cause of unpleasantness and forget to live, or the root cause is extracted at all.

Which method to choose is from when I left Korea, to when Jinwu awoke.

Pounding, pounding.

Closing his eyes, Jinwoo, who was enjoying the heartbeat of his heart, opened his eyes.

“I’m back.”

“Yes, brother.”

Yoo Jin-ho, who nodded his head with his spirited face, quickly got out of his way across the soldiers.


Jin-ho, who waited long enough for Yoo Jin-ho to get farther, called out new family members.

“Come out.”

Shadow soldiers with huge bodies came up to the ground, though not as much as the boss-sized giants.

1 to 13.

Jinwoo decided to name the giant shadow soldiers from No. 1 to No. 13 according to the extraction order.

I set the big guys on the front row, so I thought the shadow corps had become even stronger.

‘That’s it.’

Jinu, who thought the preparations were over, raised his hand.

Jinu’s hand was raised to the sky, and all the Shadow soldiers were ready to attack.


“All Army.”

Soldiers surrounded by black armor and steam.

Looking at the shadow soldiers one by one, Jinwoo turned to the giant again.

The giant was looking down at Jinwu as if he were not interested in objects that did not enter his street.

‘I do not like it.’

Jin-woo did not respond to the fact that Masuo looked down at him from above.

Jin-woo’s face had a fierce smile.


The hand toward the sky went down to the giant.


Berga clutched his head and roared.

“On the key to the on to the ex!”

The ants, the bears, the giants, or all the shadow soldiers there, assaulted the giant soldier at once.

Kugugugugu Palace -!

The earth ran over the fierce rush of Shadow Legion.

The earth was shaken and the dust drenched.

Finally, Jinwoo’s soldiers entered the realm of the giant.

That moment.

The surrounding air has changed.


A screaming shout burst out of Jinu’s mouth.

When the giant, which had disappeared in an instant, stopped, half of the shadow soldiers had already been destroyed.


The position of the giant who changed the shadow soldiers as they slipped with their straight legs could not be expressed in words other than the word sliding.

Awesome destructive power.

At one point the attack was divided into two groups of shadows that were massive masses.

However, the soldiers were not being overwhelmed.

Before the dust from the toe of the giant could sink, the giant molars stood in front of him.

Hoo-eup -!

Breasts drank deeply and the breasts expanded greatly. There was a pillar of fire in the mouth of molar teeth.


Even those who resist resistance to the attack of a frog attack the molar that can melt with one breath. But the artwork was blocked in the palm of the giant.

It was also felt by Jinu that his molars were in astonishment.

The giant still grabbed the giant soldier ‘s ankle, which was in the reach of his lowered position.

A giant soldier of the size of a building was caught in the hands of a boss-level giant, and looked like a child.

The giant threw a giant soldier to his molars.

Breathing again, the molars that had been preparing for the next attack collided with a giant soldier who flew and collapsed.

‘…’The eyes of Jin-woo, who saw the molars that turned into black smoke, became sharp.

Since then.

One to one. A full-fledged fight with the giants and shadow soldiers began.

No, it was too unilateral violence to be a fight.

“Kie eek!”

“That’s a bitch!”

Shadow soldiers were constantly crushed by the giant’s attacks.

Every time a giant moves once in a fist, palm, elbow, knee, instep, soles, the soldiers have been washed away by dozens.




The brilliant movement of the giant was more than the speed of the superb battle series Hunter.


When he saw that the ants were being trampled, he pressed his arms around him to try to run.


Berga stepped back.

Jinwoo showed a desire to fight both Ver and Lee Grit, waiting for directions from both sides.

‘But not yet.’

Jin-woo asked his mouth with his mouth.

The soldiers repeatedly destroyed and regenerated and consumed mana rapidly.

Extreme consumption that can not withstand a massive mana made of ‘Black Heart’.

But Jinwoo did not move to the end.

I watched the giant calmly.

Throw the immortal army into the bait and look for the weakness of the man.

It was the operation of the raid this time.


The one who knocked one knee and killed the shadow soldiers, hit the ground with his fist this time.


As the earthquake struck, the earthquake shook and dozens of soldiers were scattered in smoke.

It was a nightmare battle with perfect defense and terrible attacks.

But income was.

At the center of Tokyo, which had turned into a desolate plains, Jinwoo’s Aunggwang was bundled with a terrifying concentration.

‘I knew it…’

As expected, the hard skin of the giant, who wielded his armor like iron gloves, was not damaged by any attack.

He does not care what defense he knows about his defense, but he attacks only attacks.

But only once. There was a moment when the giant chose to defend instead of attacking.

When the molars were poured out on the face of the ‘Dragon’ s Breath ‘. Then he stretched out his palms to protect his face.

If it’s not a coincidence …


Jinwoo called out the dylan.

Blazing in the shadows, Dyrry Caesells spread his wings wide on both sides.

Haha -!


Jinwoo got on Caesell’s back.

“Bert, this grit!”

In the call of Jinwu, he built a werewolf. This grit stood behind Jinwoo.

Soon, Jean and Cicell, who carried this grit, flap their wings.


The ground quickly moved away.


The high-flying four floated straight in the head of the boss-level giant.



The eyes of the giant moved sideways.

In the midst of fighting with a thousand shadow soldiers, he found Caesells and Beres approaching at super speed.

Jinwoo nodded his head.

This is certain.

It was clear that he could split the time of battle like himself using the duelist stats. Thanks to it, it showed a much better speed than other giants.

The giant turned.

Jin ‘s gigantic shoulders moved into the sight of Jinwoo.


Jinwoo and Lee Grit put on the back of Caesell.

The giant ‘s fist climbed over to.


Jinwoo’s eyebrows wriggled as he watched Kaisell bursting as it was. It was also unpleasant to watch soldiers destroyed.

One thing that is fortunate is that multiple objects are right in front of you. It was this grit.

Lee Grit, who jumped up high, drew down the ‘Long sword of the devil king’.


The blue lightning from the tip of the sword was shot toward the giant’s tail.

The giant knocked his neck back and sent lightning.

‘In addition!’

This time, too, he avoided attacks that were also directed toward his face.

Confident of his weakness, Jinwoo approached the face of the giant using the power of the ruler.

Berga followed him.

‘The Dagger’s Dagger.’

Jinwoo grabbed two daggers in his hand. Verdo quickly pulled out a long nail.

The pincers of Jinwo and Bere were unfolded in the sky which was high in the sky.

Below, the shadow soldiers who succeeded in regenerating completely ran for the ankle of the giant.

Fuck it!


A spark coming off the fingertips of the magic bottle hit the giant’s body and exploded.

Lightning pounded, pillar of fire poured out, giants bitten.

Yoo Jin-ho watched this lie-like fight without missing a moment from the beginning to the end.

“…”The speech is blocked.

It was already a fight of Hunter vs. Masuo, not a monster vs. a monster fight.

A high-rise building is a brother who moves a monster of a size and a pet of a minute.

It did not seem to be easy to answer if someone asked if it was more a monster.


It was too bad to see this fight alone.

Yoo Jin-ho tried to calm the beating heart, and did not turn his eyes on Jin-woo.

It was then.

Jinwoo’s dagger was embedded in the giant’s eyes.


The giant struggled desperately to shake his head firmly on both sides.

But Jin-woo did not fall.

‘It works.’

Jinwoo, holding his dagger’s hand gripping his eyes, cast his skill with his other hand.


Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo!

The eyes of the giant were torn apart.

The giant twisted his upper body, but Jinwu did not fall easily.

Jinu looked back, hanging on to the giant’s eyes.


‘I will do it!’

Understanding the monarch’s name, Bertha flew at a tremendous speed into the hole in the eyes of the giant.

Jinwoo outside, Berga inside.

The two began to tear the giant’s huge face in and out.

The giant opened his mouth wide and screamed silently.

The giant’s feet stopped, and the ants who attacked the ankle were concentrated.

Took. A broken giant of one ankle kneels without strength.


The land that did not survive the tremendous weight shook greatly.

In the meantime, the pincers of Jinwo and Bere were continuing.


Two doo doo doo doo doo!


Two doo doo doo doo doo!


Two doo doo doo doo doo!

Although the giant struggled with enthusiasm, the attack of Jinwoo on the giant’s face persisted.

At one point the giant stopped the resistance.

The giant’s body slowly began to slant sideways.

And finally – Kuu Woong!

The giant body of the giant collided with the ground.

At that moment, the familiar machine sounded.


[We have killed the enemy!] [Level up!] [Level up!] [Level up!] [Level up!]

Jin Woo grabbed his fists and grabbed power.


When Jin-woo landed on the ground lightly and tried to sigh a relief.

When he found something strange, he stopped moving.


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