Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 170

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 170

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172 Naturally it would be natural, but the headquarters of the Japan Hunter Association was located in the heart of Tokyo, the heart of Japan.

that day.

Until the giants poured out at the gate.

When S-class gates in Shinjuku caused a dungeon break, Matsumoto, the successor to the Japanese Hunter Association, moved the headquarters of the Bheryya Hunters Association to Osaka, where he succeeded in his career as a result of the hunters and soldiers sacrificed at the forefront.

One of the reasons we chose Osaka for all other cities in the northwest corner.

It is because Japan thought that there was no hope if Osaka of 26.6 million people could not be protected.

For example, the last line of defense.

It was the last line.

So when news of the collapsing of the masters’ hands over to Nagoya not far from Osaka was heard, the Matsumoto Association President had an experience of darkening his eyes.

It was impossible to beg for help to the international community, although it was in ruins.

No one was willing to help Japan because the discipline of the Japanese Hunter Society was revealed by the Korean Hunter Association President Kogury.

After the press conference of the chairman of KOGASHI.

The Japanese interim government moved to Kyoto urgently called Matsumoto President.

He fell to his knees in front of the officers who were responsible.

“I have all the responsibility of this situation. But someone has to fix the situation. Will not you be able to defer your responsibilities until then? ”

The Prime Minister who was standing behind him answered the end of the worry.

“…Good. ”

It was clear that Matsumoto president himself was in a crisis, but as he said, someone had to do the dungeon brakes.

Punishment is the next order.

It is not too late to remove the fire that has been transferred to the body, not the foot.


Jinwoo arrived in Japan.

Jin-woo was the first president of the Matsumoto Ishido, who was the first to bounce off the bass line.

The fate of Matsumoto’s president was fixed. But it was his idea that his country could not have a future like him.

The first time I saw Jinwoo at the airport, the Matsumoto Association President went crazy.



I was able to see at a glance that I had met a lot of strong people for many years as a president of the association.

I’ve stood in front of many hunters for a while, but I have not had many goosebumps.

No, it was the first time.

If he had had a chance to meet Jinwoo before the raid in Cheju Island, he would have withdrawn the plan to put the Korean hunters in trouble.

Goto, who had seen him at the time, was not wrong either.

Hunter in front of me was such a pressure.

However, the puppets who ran out of small S class gates.

Matsumoto, who judged that it was impossible to deal with all of them alone, no matter how strong the Sungjin Hunter was.

“I would like to ask you to defend Osaka.”

It was the plan of the Japan Hunter Association that Jinwoo would negotiate with the United States or Russia while earning his time by devoting himself to defense.

But their plan was shattered by a word from Jinwoo.

“I do not.”

Jinwu said cut it off.

Of course, the Matsumoto Association President and the Japanese Hunter Association officials are going to jump out.

Did he change his mind to come and kill the masters now?

Matsumoto was worried before.

“That… So what do you think? ”

Jinwoo showed the action instead of the answer.

He divides his pet into three teams, each of them advancing, and he himself started moving separately.

That massive number of petals was also amazing, but Matsumoto swallowed for other reasons.

‘Is he really going to deal with all of the giants alone?’

Do you think all the world’s hunters are trying to do what they say is impossible?

The answer was unknown.

Just waiting for the fate to be left in the sky is the best that you can do. Returning to the Hunter Association building, he focused on identifying the current situation.

Surprisingly the answer came back soon.

“Nagoya City, succeeded to recapture!”


The president of Matsumoto went out of his way.

How long has it been since Sungjin Hunter started to fall down to Nagoya?

Before the Matsumoto Association President was calmed down, contact was poured all over the country.

“Nakasuga City, the body of a giant has been found.”

“Shizuoka City succeeded in recapturing.”

“Takayama, try Nagano …”

Sung Jin Hun Hunter and the servants went to Tokyo by removing the giant dolls scattered throughout Japan.

It was a speed that was not ridiculous.

The president of Matsumoto shuddered as he watched the power of Korea Hunter making impossible.

The trembling heart did not calm down.

And finally.

“Kofu Shi … Sungjin Hunter arrived in Kofu city. ”

When I heard that the giants of Kofu city, which is only 130 kilometers away from Tokyo, were reported to have been slaughtered.

“President of the Association!”

“President Matsumoto!”

My legs did not get any strength.

He was really thinking of solving all the giants.

I suddenly heard this thought.

‘What he does now … Is not that what I wanted to do in Korea? ”

It breaks down the Korean hunter system and uses the hunter power of Japan to knock South Korea freely.

Now the situation is the opposite.

Japan, which collapsed the Hunter system, was waving to a man of genius.

He alone, succeeded, and succeeded in a failed plan to cooperate with himself, with the Hunter Association, top-level hunters, and the Japanese government.

“…”Sitting in a stupid chair, he directed associates to worry about him.

“Can anyone get out of here? I want to be alone for a while. ”

In an empty room, he shook his head.

An intense defeat that has never been experienced in life has been pushed aside.


It was completely lost.


The feelings that fill the mind next to the defeat were short self-reflection and gratitude that the end was unknown.

He shed tears without sound.

And that day.

Jinwoo and the pets who got all the giants who had moved from Osaka to the east and encountered finally arrived in Tokyo.

* * * Boom!

Two of them were down.

[Level up!]

I really do not know how much I have raised the level without the circle.

Jinwu grasped his fist.

Moving almost straight through to Tokyo, where the dungeon brakes were open, he took only 13 kendo figures alone.

There are six levels in the meantime. Each giant doll is a boss-class object, and a huge amount of experience has come into play.

Of course, the influence of the experience coming from the shadow soldiers holding the giants in the other direction was also great.

During the move [Level up!]When the message came out, the fist came into force.

That’s it.

[Level up!]


Jinwoo grabbed two fists again in the level-up reminders that sounded timely.

I heard a familiar voice in my head.

‘King, please. I have killed another enemy. ‘

The one who just sent experience was the ant corps of Vern, the fastest march.

Verdana is the strongest shadow soldier, and there are many ants.

BERR has reported to JinWoo every time he catches the masters.

Jinwoo encouraged the performance of ants.

‘Good. Good work.’

‘Thank you, King.’

Jin, who had contacted Verr, checked the status of each corps through ‘sharing sense’.

Although not as much as the ants led by Berga, neither the High Orc Legion of Molina nor the Eliot’s elite army of corpses were able to survive.

The level of the soldiers who grew up grew cheerful.

“Brother, will I stay here today?”

Jinwoo woke up.

Yoo Jin-ho pulled out of the trunk and took out the tent.

I looked up and saw the dusk falling down.

The fatigue was not high due to the effects of restorers and level-ups in the store, but mental fatigue continues to accumulate.

‘I should rest a little.’

Jinwoo nodded his head.

Today’s camp was decided. The two immediately set up the tent and finished the meal.

I was going to go to the heat and the night breeze became cold.

It is autumn.

Jinwoo thought that the food provided by the Japan Association was in the campfire and that it was not winter yet.


If we share the rise and fall of civilization, the outskirts of Tokyo, which is now seen from a distance, was in a clear winter atmosphere.

However, the landscape of Tokyo where the shape of the city collapsed was somewhat familiar.

‘Where did you see him?’

Jinwoo, who stared at the memory for a while, soon found the answer.


At that time, this was the appearance of the desolate cities that I saw in the demonic world.

It is different from the fact that it is not burning.

As the thought drove up to it, the shadow of Jinwoo was shrouded in his face.


From the first floor to the top of the demonic.

All the cities were broken.

If that’s the implication of the system, what would the manager want to say?

Jinwoo laughed with a smile.

‘What about you?’

The manager is already dead and disappeared into the dungeon.

Since there has been no contact since then, it was unlikely that he was alive.

‘Even if it suggests things to happen later …’

I want to stop.

It is the power we have in order to do so.

I do not want to be overwhelmed by the power I can not deal with.

Raise the level, get the skill, raise the level again …

Eventually came here.


I played once as big as the ‘black heart’ responded.

Jinwoo laughed lightly when he put his hand and felt the vibration. The hospital said it was normal.

– No abnormality was found. Hunter is perfectly healthy.

The day before leaving Korea, Jinwoo went to the hospital and received a detailed examination.

The doctor scanned the body of Jin-woo and found no such thing as a second heart.

The ‘black heart’ was not a physical change.

It certainly exists, it may feel its beating, but it does not exist.

‘What are you talking about?’

Jinu laughed.

I was relieved that I did not have a different body structure with others, but where does the vibration of this chest come from?


There was a slight breeze blowing from the city side of Tokyo.

The depth of the wind was too hard to guess, so the horsepower was tacky sticky.


Yoo Jin-ho made an uneasy look.

It was a mighty force that even Yoo Jin-ho, whose feelings of depression fell, could feel.

Jinwoo nodded silently.

I did not have to doubt where it came from.

A giant who is guarding the gate in Shinjuku.

It was an aura of a different form from the giants that I have ever met. Suddenly, even though it was off like this, the chicken was raised on the forearm.


Jinwoo laughed.

As if to respond to strong magic, the ‘black heart’ thundered and ran wildly.

How many levels will go up if you take him, or what kind of soldier will be his shadow.

I have already begun to anticipate.

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