Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 169

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 169

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171 Episode The giant who fell out came up as if it rolled over the floor.

It was a voluptuous, springy move.

“Pull back.”

The family giant stood in front of a giant who fell down on the floor without revealing his teeth.

It was a new boss-class mage of the family who was incorporated into the Shadow Legion.

Jima stretched his right hand sideways.

Then a black window sprang up from the shadow of the floor.

I did not expect anyone to send a strong grip on the window from now on.

“uh…? uh…?”

The JSDF youth did not know whether the sight in front of them was a dream or a birthday.

The monster is protecting himself from other monsters.

The young man, who thought he was going into the mouth of the giant, stared at the dignified lights of other monsters and felt many emotions coming up.

“This is …”

Can I live?

Could it survive the giant?

I myself, my elder brother, and my patients.

Suddenly, as soon as my thoughts got up, my tears disappeared.

“Here you go.”

Someone showed a colorful handkerchief.

The young man slowly looked around.

A young man, younger than his own, pointed at his handkerchief with a chin and nodded his head.

It was not Japanese but it was not hard to understand what it meant.

“Are you Korean?”

The young man wipes his flowing tears with his handkerchief.


Koreans silently crossed his head and lifted his thumb.




“end… Thank you.”

As the young man greeted him, a man appeared to be a Korean colleague.

He was full of blood, and he felt strongly that he was a strong man, even though he had no idea about Hunter.

“It’s dangerous.”

Jinwoo looked around the hospital and pointed to Yoo Jin-ho.

“I have to move. It’s too close here. ”

Yu Jin-ho, who had already watched the fight with the giants several times, immediately understood what Jin-woo was saying.

“I’ll wait here, brother.”


Jin went past the young man and beat his shoulder lightly.

It was meant to work.

It is not something that ordinary people can imitate to confront a giant with only one gun.

Jin-woo, who went to the dungeon with his E-class body, knew how much courage the young man made.


Looking at the back of Jinwoo passing by himself, the young man spoke low admiration.

The warmth and weight that rubbed your shoulders for a while.

It was the feeling that the fear that had made it to death was washed away.

A strong sense of relief has been pushed from the deepest part of my heart.

That moment.

The story of two Koreans came to mind in the young man’s mind holding giants.

Hunter ‘s name in Korea is that almost all S – class athletes have been shot alone.

‘Sung Jin Hunter …’

It must be.

That’s the guy.

The young man rushed to the young Korean man standing still standing still.

“Is he that person? Korea’s S-class Hunter? ”

Yoo Jin-ho nodded again and replied.


Jinwoo went to the two tangled Masuo.

Jinwoo’s hair was wrinkled.

“Chi Aaaaq -!”

The giant digging into the arms of Jima was biting the shoulders of Jima.

Jima is the master of A class dungeon Masu.

Even though the nerves are dispersed by keeping the humans behind, it is a shadow soldier with a strength comparable to ordinary soldiers.

However, the general boss who is not the same boss class is overwhelming.

It was a situation that I could see well how strong a giant doll was.


Jinwoo was a master who disliked the appearance of his soldiers.

The hard-faced Jin-wook bent his knees. Strong force was placed on thighs and calves.

I started to crack the floor of the asphalt that sustained my legs.


The new model of Jinwoo, who popped up as if he was kicking the ground, was shot in a giant’s face in an instant.

That short moment.

I found a giant who flew away.

Jinwoo’s eyes came up to me.

‘They are not usually the same.’


Jinwoo’s punch hit the giant’s tail.

But the damage did not go as expected. It was because he had pulled his neck back and killed the shock as soon as possible.

A huge and sloppy gesture.

The Hunters, who have to deal with them, have had to endure.

But it is a common Hunter story.

Jinwoo summoned the “Dagger of the Demon King” in the air.


‘The power of the ruler!’

The other hand, with no dagger, extended toward the giant’s face.

The invisible hand pulled the giant’s face with a strong manpower.

The gap between Jinwoo and the giant was quickly narrowed.

“How are you?”

The giant, who did not think that his opponent in the air would be attacked immediately, was greatly embarrassed, but he was in vain.

Jin-woo flying to the nose of the giant used skill.


Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo!

The giant ‘s face was turned into a beehive.


The giant, who laid on the floor, grabbed his face. The giant, who just lost sight by the attack, struggled with pain.

. ‘finished.’

The gentle landed gently, smiling and approaching, the giant shook his shoulder and ran away without looking back.

‘Can you feel your passion?’

The more I watched, the more weird they were.

As a testimony, would it be like a battle weapon with a huge body?

The giant quickly moved away.

Of course, I do not run away.


Jinwoon’s new model slipped like a lightning bolt.

Even if the giant rushed to his feet with all his might, the streets did not come apart, but they came closer.

The giant felt fear.

I felt cold air from behind.

The giant who realized late that he could not escape after the dragon tried to cover it after it suddenly stopped.

‘…?’The human spirit that had followed so terribly was gone.

The disappearance of the disappeared from behind.

The giant looked reflexively behind his eyes.

Thanks to that, it was easy to cut.

Jinwoo jumped from place to place and drew the ‘Dwarven King’s Dagger’.

The ‘Dagger of the Demon King’, which has plenty of magic from ‘Black Heart’, cleanses the face of the giant neatly and vertically.

“Great …”

The giant, who could not scream, leaned back as if the tree had fallen on the ax.


Three with this.

“Fu -” Jinwu put out a light sigh filled with the triumph of victory.


Yoo Jin-ho, who had been waiting for the fight to end, rushed to the far end and extended the thermos lid with a cool car.

Jinwu embraced it with a smile.

“thank you.”

The car in the lid went down to the neck of Jinwoo with the sound of a popping sound.


Looking back, I lost my face in a one-on-one fight, and I ran up my shoulders.

‘I fought well. Good work.’

Jinwoo encouraged Jima and lifted the summons.

Jima became a shadow and absorbed into the feet of Jin-yu, just like when she came out.

Yu Jin-ho, who was watching the scene, said.


Jinwoo replied with a lid of the thermos.


“Do you have any reason to go out with others while you send out the other pet?”

That was a question.

The giant just caught him all by himself.

Even though I was not alone, I did not have any problem in catching the giant.

By the way, he had to go out before he had to fight.

Yoo Jin-ho was curious about Jin-woo’s intentions.

The reason was simple.

‘I want to get my kids to level up.’

Unlike other Shadow soldiers who have been fighting like Jinwoo and raising their level quickly, the Naga that was recently incorporated was relatively low.

So I had a desire to raise my level through hunting.

But is not it hard to say so?

Jinwu laughed and answered.

“It’s like I did not like the kids yet. Would not you get close if you go along? ”


Yu Jin-ho nodded his head.

It is a good guy to be deceived.

Yu Jin-ho, who was pondering something, said, shining his eyes.

“Looks like you do not neglect any of the pet, you are a brother!”

‘…’And he was also a sorry man.


Jin-woo’s head turned to the side.

The soldier who was bravely confronted the giant was approaching the giant body.

His elderly couple, who guarded the hospital over his shoulder, also showed up.

I have not talked yet, but I could see what I wanted to say by looking at their faces.

That was it.

Now, I have not had time to receive one greeting. At this time, other giants will be racing somewhere.

Jin watched the body of the giant.

The biggest reason for visiting Japan was lying there.

“stop! stop!”

Yoo Jin-ho blocked the Japanese.

I feel it nowadays, but the first time I met Yu Jin – ho was really quick.

This makes it easier to do shadows extraction.

Jin-woo, who looked at Yu-Jin-ho, laughed and laughed and turned his gaze to the body.

Genie quietly chanting his hands out.

“Get up.”

* * * “Viewers … Do you believe the sight I see? ”

Tatata Tatata -!

The reporter on board the helicopter sprang out as if it were unbelievable.

The camera shone down.

Hundreds of ants were heading for somewhere. And there was a winged monster ant on its spear.

It was the only General Shadow Soldier, ‘Berth’.

“To the key to the eek -!”

The reporter hurriedly stopped his ear.

In the roar of the bers, the ants stopped at once.

There are three giants in front. The size of the elephant and the mouse was just as different.


Berr, who pulled out his fingernails like a blade, quickly rushed without fear.

“Kie ee eek!”

After that, the swarm of ants covered the ground.

“Oh My God! Oh My God!”

At the end of the fierce battle, the ants who fell down the giants began to graze the body of the giant.

Wood gain!


Of course, I did not forget to leave enough carcasses to make shadow soldiers under Vere’s control. The greedy ants flew to Berl ‘s kicker without fail.

“The giants are being eaten! The giants are being eaten by the worms! ”

The reporter said in a hilarious voice.

The scene in which the giants, who had eaten people, and who were shocked and scared, were eaten by the herd of ants, gave the Japanese an extraordinary sense of pleasure.

So it was the ants who had the most attention in addition to Jinwoo who refused to shoot.

But the problem is.


A reporter and a cameraman who were surprised at the sight of Vera flying to the side of the helicopter suddenly pulled back.

BERR did not hesitate and shattered the camera that was facing him.

Quad gain.

“Shut up!”

The reporter and the cameraman trembled with each other.

“…”Berga, who looked at each other with a good-looking gaze, quietly went down.



The two men took a sigh of relief.

It is because the viewers are enthusiastic to follow the monster ant while breaking the camera that the equipment value is over 10 million won each time.

The cameraman pulled out the spare camera that he had prepared, and the reporter got off to a good finish.

“…It was Kitamura of the news. ”

* * * “Aw!

Did you graduate from elementary school just now?

The young girl was running away screaming with a tearful face.


Then a giant followed with a grim smile.

How far can I go to run with a little bridge?

The distance narrowed quickly.

The giant laughed, revealing it.

And it was 1.5 times longer than other giants.

And before the wretched hand snatches the slender girl ‘s body.

A single flash of glee rubbed across the giant’s wrist.

Almost at the same time a short lightning struck the wound.


“That aaaaak!”

The giant, who stood up, grabbed the cut wrist and screamed.

The grit retreated back with a girl shivering with a pale face.

The giant stared down.

The guy who cut his wrist neatly was running away with his food.

The angry eyes reddened.

A tremendous horsepower raged in the giant. It is a scene where you can take a kick with just watching.

But one knight stood before the monster.

I was an elite knight and the glove was thicker and thicker.

The iron stuck his shield on the floor and spread his chest wide.

Soon, a huge shout popped out of his helmet.


[Iron uses ‘Skill: Shout of provocation’] [The enemy is provoked.]

The giant’s gaze at this grit headed to the iron.

It seems to come and look. An iron that stomped his chest raised a massive shield.

“That’s borrowed!”

The giant ‘s fist pushed the iron without any recognition.


But the iron was not pushed.

The effect of the upgrade raised the iron to a whole new level.

bang! bang! bang!

The iron that held up dozens of blows yelled.


Then the shadow soldiers, who had been in Jinwoo for the longest time on both sides, came in with the Ice Bear legions.

The Tank, which leads the ice-bear corps, roared to the left and right to see if it was exciting for the tidal battle.

“Oh, hello!”

It was a rough roar enough to feel the vibration even in a remote place.

The reporter watching them shouted at the camera.

“Are you watching? The pet is raiding the pet, against the giant! ”

Is this a reality?

The journalist, who did not even believe in Orloff, did not expect much from Seong Jin-woo.

However, not only Sung Jin-woo himself, but the gangs who are scattered to the pokers who have made it so intense,


Something started to emerge from his heart as he thought that maybe he could really save the country alone.

“Hey, there!”

The cameraman hurriedly pointed to the giant.

The journalist who had forgotten his duties briefly turned his gaze to the giant.


The journalist groaned.

Numerous lightning strikes over the giant’s head, where the attitude began to collapse.

It was so spectacular that it made people forget what they were watching.

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