Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 168

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 168

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170 “It is Sungjin Hunter.”

The world hunters heard the voices of the president of the Koganei Association.

Someone through breaking news, somebody through contact, somebody through video sharing site.

Their reaction was uniform.

– Japan at this time?

– What do you think?

The Hunters knew.

It is hard to even imagine how much the Japanese government will pay if you make an immediate complaint to Japan.

But no country has refused to throw its superhuman hunters into the mid – oil disaster.

The lesson of the captain “Kamish” at the S-level gate, which reduced the numbers of the world’s finest hunters around, made the Hunter system closed.

So it was a situation that I could not go even if I wanted to go, but who would be able to go even if I go?

“It’s crazy.”

S-class hunters of American nationality, who started gathering in Maryland’s finest hotels, also heard from Korea.

Many of them have been strengthened by the power of ‘Upgrader’ Mrs.

Even the world’s foremost force group did not stand out.

Because of them, I could laugh at the story of a reckless Hunter from a small Asian country.

“The re-awakened young man is intoxicated by his own strength.”

“That guy, are you looking at the insects and giants together?”

“Hunter, who is overconfident in his power, dies for 100 pro. Rather, catching the ants is the result of shortening the name. Irony. ”

They also saw Jinwoo’s brilliant performance on Jeju Island.

The strength of ‘Sung Jin Woo’ was definitely strong.

But the giants are different.

His ability to summon a large number of monsters to a number of ants that have been pushed by numbers has worked well. Even if he is strong, will he be able to cope with the strongest man-made masters who are individual enough to appear as bosses at the top-level A-gate?

And the bizarre movement of the boss-sized giant who grabbed the glass ore rope.

It reminded me of the action of beast.

It is such a speed and agility. How does one hunter catch the monster?

The hunters made a bet as a joke.

“Hang on my yacht at a dying day.”

“I’ll walk my house in two days.”

“Then I …”


“Are you sure?”

Thomas Andre, who was eating quietly in the corner, opened his mouth with the tableware down.

One of the nation’s power-class hunters.

Many strongers have emerged since the ‘kamish’ subjugation, but they have not surpassed the Hunters’ stature, which has survived the most horrible disasters in human history.

When he laughed, everyone stopped chatting.

“I will go to the Eskevin’s building to survive.”

He took a quick look at the Hunters who betted over the sunglasses and left the restaurant as it was.

“…””…”After he left, the uncomfortable stillness fell.

One Hunter frowned and broke his silence.

“That human, the hammer is really a player because I am.”

“That geek is doing this once or twice. I do not mind. ”

“Yes. No matter how hard the Korean Hunter is, it is impossible to stop the S-class giants by themselves. ”

Hunter, who was next to me, was listening.

“He said he was going with one person, not alone?”

Well then.

No matter how crazy, he would not think of going to the hell alone.

The hunters nodded and asked.

“What kind of stupid S-class is going to follow him?”

“It’s not S grade.”

Hunter three looked at each other.

Going to fight with the S-class giants, it’s easy to bring Hunter under S class!

“Do you want to take a class A healer?”

“no. He says he goes with a D-class tanker named Yu Jin-ho. ”

As all three hunters promised, they lied to each other and asked their mouths.

Hunter named Sung Jin-woo, I’m crazy crazy.

Maybe there’s a way to go between crazy people?

The idea that Thomas Andrew was not a coincidence that he was cheering for Seung – woo ran past the three hunters’ minds.

* * * Incheon International Airport.

“Oh, just a second. I will pass! ”

Yoo Jin-ho walked through the crowded crowd.

Big sunglasses to cover your face, two bags of equipment in your hands. The emptiness that emerged from the facial expressions was that of a movie star from the climax.

“I’ll pass by.”

Jinwoo quietly came out on the road made by Yu Jin-ho.

“«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_ -!

The reporters threw a flash of stretch to miss a second of Jinwoo. Unlike Yu Jin-ho, who was excited, Jin-woo was calm all day.

In Japan, after hearing that Jinwoo is coming, he sent a special machine. Of course, all the immigration procedures were omitted neatly.

Just before flying.

Jinwoo found familiar faces that are coming out. Chairman Koo Kun-hee, and Woo Jin-cheol, the director.

The three people who lightly exchanged snowmaking stood close together.

The airport was noisy, but all three of them were superb hunters with developed senses, so there was no need to raise their voices separately.

Kanghee said with a sad face.

“I feel like I want to dry now.”

Jinwoo could be said to be the strongest power of Hunter possessed by Korea.

I did not want to give out such power.

As a matter of fact, do not you know what will happen to Korea while he is gone?

But the meaning of Jinwoo was firm.

“Sorry. I want to go. ”

Kill the giants, raise the level, and increase the number of shadow soldiers.

Because of this, Jinwoo asked Japan to hand over all the rights of Masuo, and with so much demand, Japan welcomed both hands.

Gohan was laughing.

“Is there a handkerchief there?”

Jinwoo also laughed.

“I want to fight with Masu.”

“If Hunter’s will is so, I can not help it.”

Kun-hee reached out his hand, and Jin-woo also took his hand.

Koh Kee Hee delivered a sincere greeting while both hands were moving up and down.

“Please come home safely.”

“«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_ -!

The two people sharing the handshake were covered in hundreds of camera lenses.

* * * The news that Jinwoo was coming was a stoplight to the survivors of Japan who were in despair.

A few remaining stations broadcast video data related to Jinwoo.

People did not put a string of hope in watching Jinwoo’s work.

When S ants were washed away, they felt thrilled. When the Korea-Japan cooperative operation was in operation, people who were not interested in it started to rerun.

The more the gentlemen were informed that the southern part of the giants was accelerating, the greater their desire.

“Sung Jin Hun Hunter arrived in Japan!”

When the boy who was listening to the radio shouted, the face of the people became bright.


Not everyone found hope.

I did not know the appearance of the helper in the place where electricity and gas were broken by the attack of the giant.

Their only hope was for the rescue team to arrive.

“We are from the SDF!”

Two of the Self-Defense Forces troops entered the small nursing hospital operated by the old couple.

The elderly doctor who was waiting for the rescue with a feeling of praying to heaven sighs relieved at the soldiers.

But the situation was worse than I thought.

The soldiers shook their heads.

“There is no place to take all of your patients. At most I can burn three or four more. ”

Said the old lady.

“No way … There are more than 10 patients who are uncomfortable. ”

The attorney also nodded.

However, the SDF youth rolled their feet.

“This is not the time to worry about those who do not know when to die! The giants are coming here! ”

The self-defense youth who was swamped by the sweat wrote evil.

The residents of this neighborhood have already completed the evacuation. This is the only place where people smell.

I looked up at the floor and looked up.

“I can not leave my patients. My wife and I have promised to protect the end of our patients. ”

The voice of the assistant doctor was firm.

The two young men opened their eyes and listened to the veterinarian.

“…Civilians refuse to evacuate. We will withdraw. ”

The two soldiers hurried out and ran out to hear it.

Soon I heard the sound of the car starting. The elderly couple were overwhelmed with each other and sigh deeply.

At that time, one soldier ran out, who thought he had gone.

There was a rifle loaded with a bullet in his hand.

“What, what is it!”

The surprised old couple caught each other’s hands.

The soldier set a band on his neck.

“If you stay here, you will be torn by giants! It is better to die in my hand than to die so horribly! ”

The muzzle moved once to the old doctor and once to the old lady.

Every now and then, the elderly couple shook their shoulders.

“The last warning. Would you like to go with us? Or will you die in my gun? ”

The young man stared at the gun silently.

The elderly couple had no words.

Why do not they know? This is the young man’s heart that wants to bring himself.

But I could not answer easily. It was an act of reverting to one’s own beliefs that had served the entire life.

“…””…”The moment of eternity has passed.

One of the thick sweat fell down from the forehead of the young man who had been swallowed by the sweat. The sweat on the eyebrows drove one vision.

The young man frowned.


Coryuk – A young man ‘s boat announced hunger. However, the young man did not care about living, and so on.

By the way.

“There’s a bachelor.”

The young man, surprised by the voice he heard from the side, rushed his muzzle toward the bedside.

“What is it?”

A grandmother sat on the bedside of a darkened sick room, holding a tray. On top of this was rice balls.

Grandmother laughed and suggested.

“If you’re hungry, eat it. I do not have a taste for spirit. ”

“…”Then the Self Defense Forces youth dropped the muzzle down.

“Come on.”

The hand of the young man who was handed riceball shook. Suddenly, I wondered why he was wearing uniforms.

It was not for the purpose of protecting and protecting these good citizens.

However, knowing that monsters are coming, they pretended not to know these people and tried to run away.

I was ashamed of my powerlessness.

Tears flowed in my eyes.

He quietly took the radio and sent his colleagues first. A nervous attorney caught his shoulder.

“What are you going to do?”

“I will stay.”

The SDF soldier shot the gun across his shoulder.

“I am a soldier. You can not escape knowing the citizens are left. ”

A young man who swallowed a rice ball forcibly over his throat swallowed his grandmother.

“I’ve had enough. The rice balls were really delicious. ”


Boom, Boom, Boom. The ground began to ring.

The young man jumped out of the hospital with his treacherous face. One giant was approaching at a scary pace. It was a giant who crawled on the floor like a beast.

‘That …?’

Something came into the eyes of the young man pointing at the muzzle.

The giant was holding his colleague in the mouth. The youth ‘s eyes turned red.

“Ahh ah ah!”

The young man shot a rifle at the giant.

Two doo doo doo -!

However, modern civilization was not able to harm them. A giant who was not touched by the bullet hit the young man’s nose.

Click, click.

The rifle, which had fallen from the bullet, was merely breathing out. There was tears in the young man’s eyes.

‘Oh God…’

The giant who swallowed his head and swallowed the gentle man, jumped up and hit the young man.

Right then.

An enormous family of giants hit the giant puppet.

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