Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 167

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 167

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A press conference at the US Department of Education.

The United States opened its mouth for the first time.

“We are collecting the hunters in one place.”

Is the United States finally using hands to rescue Japan?

The reporters who flocked to hear the announcement of their position at the Hunter Bureau, cheered as they did their work.

No one ever wanted tens of millions of people to die in screams.

The journalists are enthusiastic because of this.

At that time, the spokesman quietly shook his head.

“But it is not for Japan.”


The reporters looked at each other boldly.

Everyone was noticing whether anyone had any information in advance.

The spokesperson pointed to the back screen.



Reporters hung up on the image on the screen.

The turmoil subsided at the time, and the place was replaced by static. In the heavy silence, a pervasive moaning sounded.

The prepared image was so shocking.

“This is the gate we found today in eastern Maryland.”

The size of the gate was not normal.

Although it is smaller than that of Japan, it is rare.

The size of the gate is not directly related to the grade.


There was also no case where huge gates were connected to lower dungeons.

The spokesman was an explanation.

“Our team has found that this gate is also of the same grade as Japan, and the best hunters in our country will do their best to handle it.”

The reporters expressed their desperation by embracing their faces, stirring their heads, and expressing deep sighs.

At the same time, S-class gates are created at the same time, which is unprecedented.

Of course, America was not worried.

Until now, dozens of S-class hunters from around the world have been able to handle gates without difficulty.

The problem was Japan.

“The United States has no way of helping Japan.”

As this horrible news became known to Japan, the screams of Japanese people who were only eagerly waiting for US support continued.

Japan is over.

The giant soldiers were destroying everything in front of them, and the people who were driven out to the north were getting more and more deadly.

In this situation, Korea, which had kept silent, also expressed its position.

In front of the reporters, Kanghee said.

“We will not be involved in Japanese affairs at all.”

* * * The day before. As usual, there were only Jinwoo and Yu Jin-ho and only two people in the wide offices of the guild.

Yoo Jin-ho gleamed his eyes.

“brother. I have one B-class gate, do you want to make a reservation? ”

“Hunters Guild area?”

“Yeah? Oh, yes. brother.”

“Then it is.”

“Ah… Yes, brother. ”

The Hunters, who sacrificed a large number of elite hunters, would be busy spending their time now.

It took many gaps to take their gates and it did not look good in many ways.

Yu Jin-ho, who was scratching his side head, turned his head to Jin-woo.

“brother. What are you looking so hard from before? ”

Jinwoo pulled his eyes off the monitor and leaned over to his chair back.

“Jin ho.”

“Yes, brother.”

“Will I come to Japan?”


Yu Jin-ho’s face got hardened.

I did not know who was speaking. I have watched your brother’s activity closer than anyone else.


The S-class gate was a place where common sense did not work.

Not measurable.

Is not it a norm other than the standard already?

No one knows how dangerous it is to get out of the gates that can not be measured, as there is a gap that can not be overcome even by the same class.

So Yu Jin-ho could not laugh at Jin-woo saying that he was going to Japan.

Suddenly Yu Jin-ho’s head went back to the monitor.


The screen was full of breaking news about Japan.

You care.

Unlike himself, he had great strength. Therefore, it is necessary to accompany the agony.

“Brother, wait.”


I was throwing lightly, but Yu Jin-ho’s reaction was serious.

Yoo Jin-ho, who had just left his place for a while, came up with something like an album from the cabinet.

When I opened my thick book, a lot of newspaper articles were scrapped.


It was all an article that Jinwoo came out.

From the Red Gate accident that Jinwoo’s intervention was unknown to the media, to the raid of Jeju Island, to solving the road congestion, and recently to fight with unidentified statues with Hunters.

Jinwu asked with a flair.

“Have you been collecting these things?”

“Yes, brother.”

Yu Jin-ho’s face was a little red.

“But suddenly why?”

“Do you know what these articles have in common, bro?”


It does not mean I’m involved.

After a while, Yu Jin-ho said with a mosquito-like voice.

“I have no where. brother.”

A voice that is almost missed if it was not hearing enhanced by a high sense stat.


Jin-woo looked back and looked at Jin-woo with his head that Yu-Jin had bowed to.

“Brother, if you are going to Japan, please take me.”

“…?”Jinwoo was puzzled.

I thought that if I went to Japan, I would be curtailed or cheered, and I never dreamed that I would be asked to take it.

But Yoo Jin-ho was sincere.

“I am ashamed to say in my mouth, but you are my boast. That’s the only thing that I can do in front of others. ”


Jinwu asked his mouth.

Yoo Jin-ho seems to have more than anyone else.

But in the meantime, according to Jinho, they have been the shackles that have plagued him. It was not boastful.

However, it was Yu Jin – ho ‘s choice to meet with him and to grow Azin guild.

I could understand the feeling of Jinho who said that he was the only pride.

“So I want to be where you are. Please take him, brother. ”

“I remember where I was going, remember?”

No matter how tough it is, Jinho would have heard about Japan.

It was now a hell of a worldly descent.

Hell that the demons called “giants” are judging human beings gruesome.

However, Yujin nodded with a resolute face.

“If your brother is safe, I will be safe. If you get hurt … Oh, I hate to think about it. ”

Yoo Jin-ho has sent a strong sense of confidence.

Having strong trust in someone was a bad feeling, even in bad words.

In the strange mood of her heart tickling, Jinwoo ran over Yoo Jin-ho’s head.

Yujin was embarrassed but did not take his head off.

“Tongue, brother?”

“Of course it is a joke. Why would you go to Japan at this time? ”

Jinwoo got up from his seat.

“Let ‘s leave today. Good work.”

“uh? Are you already going, brother? ”

Jin-woo leaned back on the back of Jinwoo, waving his hand and leaving the office door.

“See you tomorrow, brother!”

* * * Bumpy.

Jinwoo entered the house.

The smell of a fragrant stew that drooled through the nose. I stopped for a while and smelled the evening smell.


One of the best things that I have done since my mother was discharged was that there were people to welcome me back home.

There were no dark and quiet houses like before.

“Did you come to the boy?”

My mother ‘s voice came from the kitchen side.


I took my shoes off and walked to the kitchen. She smiled at her mother looking back.

“I’m home.”

“Will you have dinner?”

“Yes, Jinah?”

“No appetite.”


Jin-woo’s hand, which was trying to get the chair out, stopped.


“I did not sleep until last night, but now I fell asleep.”

“…”Jinwoo kills it and carefully opened the door of her brother’s room.

“Well… Well…”

Jin-a constantly turned around and could not sleep easily.

I usually keep a bright figure, but still suffered from a mental pain.

‘Well … There was such a thing. ‘

Whenever I watched my sister struggle, the enemy of Masuyo boiled up.

Why do they constantly torment humans like this?


In the head of JinWoo, the silver soldiers came out of the gate, pouring out from the gate and sweeping the masters.

An army of incalculable size that burned enemies with each other.

If they are real.

‘Are they our friends?’

There is a saying that enemy enemy is ally.

Jinwoo, who was quietly looking at his sleeping brother, closed the visit.

“I’ve had enough.”

After dinner, Jinwoo moved to the association’s gym for exercise.

There was a shadow soldier planted in the gym.

It was best to sweat when I was thinking. I have been wanting to soak my sweat a long time.

Jin called him out.

The former ant king bowed his head graciously on his knees in front of Jinwoo who was loosening his body lightly.

“King …”

Berr was the only soldier in the Shadow Legion who was able to sustain Jinwoo’s attack a little.

However, he did not even notice the change of Changwoo, he trembled.

“We will save, King. I feel stronger and stronger. ”

I felt the thrill of bowing to the machining power of the ‘black heart’.

The guy ‘s head turned down and shook.

But he did not call Berr to boast of growth.

Jinu beckoned him to wake up.

“…?”I belonged to the Shadow Legion, and I had no idea that I had ever encountered Berga’s head in the careless eyes of Jin-woo.

Jin Woo said.

“Please do your best from now on.”

“Your King. How am I … ”

“OK. I want to shed some sweat. You know you are the only one. ”

“feeling… I’m excited … ”

Jeon sent a keen eye to Berr, who was thrilled to be kneeling.

“How are you getting more and more vocabulary? I did not eat anywhere else, did I? ”

Berguga shook his shoulder, but he did not pursue it anymore.

Jin took his fist and gave instructions again.

“Do your best.”

“If the will of the Lord is so …”

He lifted his head and set up a long nail Berga.

“To the key to the eek -!”

It was not burdensome to know that he did not reach the king even when he wrote his fingernails.

Jin-woo also nodded at his smile.

It was a bar.


With a strong roar that shook the inside of the gym, he came up with Berga.


It stretched to the floor of the Berga dai.

“Screw …”

127 total 127 losses.

I was not able to touch the bristles even with the power attack.

During a few days, the king became stronger.

Today, the respect for power and the loyalty toward the king have deepened.

Jinwu sat down beside Beru, who was unable to stand up easily.

A few swollen drops on the forehead.

That was the best.

If you move too hard, the gym will be shattered.

Jinwoo sat down and gazed forward.

Berga kneels down on his knees and bites up.

“King … Do you have any worries? ”


“The Lord and our spirit are connected in part. The agony of the king is passed on to us in pain. ”

“…”Shadow soldiers are comforted.

To the guy who was originally an insect.

Jinwoo has a smile on his face.

I would have just laughed so much as usual, but this time was a bit different.

‘I have something I want to do, but I do not know what to do.’

What happened in Japan was strictly a matter of the others.

It does not know what danger it is there, nor does it handle all the world’s accidents by itself.

In addition, there was still an unresolved emotion between the Korean Hunter Association and the Japanese Hunter Association.

Various thoughts complicate my head.


I heard Berga’s head.


Jinu looked at Berr with surprised eyes.

It was the first time that he had so strongly expressed his will since he became a shadow soldier.

“Nothing in the king should be a stumbling block.”

The voice of that belief was not a shadow soldier from Berg, but made him feel like a loyal patron.

“Whoever does what he wants to do, it is the king.”

“So I am not a king.”

It is the shadow lord that is accidentally set by the system.

But Berr strongly denied Jinu’s words.

“It’s not like that. The king has the power to do what he wants. ”

Jinwoo’s eyes shook.


Why was my heart swinging heavily.

“You are the king of the world.”

The King of the King.


But why did not the chest that started running calm down easily.

‘What I would like to do…’

The gaze of Jin-woo staring at him again began to glow.

* * * next day. The United States issued a statement, and the president of the Koganeh association also hinted at the Hunter Association.

“We will not be involved in Japanese affairs at all.”

“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ – The flash bursts without rest.

The president of the Koguryo Association told the reporters that the Japanese hunters were trying to do everything they could.

He supported the facts that his evidence could not move.

CCTV footage of Matsumoto Japan Hunter’s President, who had a terrible disdain and lashing out loud, gave a huge shock to reporters.

Japanese reporters who hoped for aid from Korea could not help but look at the video of the devastation.

All of a sudden, their hands with the camera were going down to the floor.

I just said that the United States can not help Japan.

In this situation, the exposition of the Korean Hunter Association was a death sentence in Japan. Hot tears flowed from the eyes of Japanese reporters.

“…That is all.”

The president of Koguryo Association has done everything to say.

At the time when the question had to be flooded, everyone could not open their mouths with shock and shock.

The atmosphere of the press conference was broadcast live across the country through the broadcasting station camera.

People could see the truth then why Korea was silent in Japan’s crisis.

By the way.


After the press conference, Kanghee, who seemed to turn back, opened his mouth again.

“This is the decision of our Hunter Association, and I do not think it will hinder the will of the individual.”

What is this sound?


The reporters who were freezing in shock began to gaze slowly, like the animals slowly awakening from the hibernation.

“One. There is a Hunter who wants to kill Japanese giants. ”


Who is alone in Japan at this time?

The atmosphere of the press conference which had been sinking began to boil up.

The Japanese journalist tearfully held the camera with his trembling hands.

‘please… please…’

The only hope was that the two bats were busting.

A reporter from Korea heard his hand high.

The president of the association pointed to him.

I asked him quickly as he was afraid to lose his order.

“Who is that Hunter?”

All the inner gaze went to the mouth of Kun-hee.

Kwang – hee, who had been a quick luncheon, said to the microphone as much as possible.

“Sung Jin Hun Hunter.”

Hundreds of cameras shone at the same time.

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