Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 166

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 166

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168. The celebrity confessed his situation frankly.

“Actually, I also have the same illness as Hunter’s mother.”

Jin-woo paused momentarily in an unexpected answer.

“Do you know Jinho?”

The famous shook his head.

“Only me, my wife, and three secretaries know about my illness except my doctor.”

“Now you are four.”

“That’s right.”

Jinwoo nodded his head.

Then I could see why President Yoo had secretly visited himself without going through Jinho.

He also wanted to hide his bottle from his family.

‘There are tens of thousands of employees whose destiny lies on his shoulder …’

It is up to the company to climb up and down only once when a coughing person is coughing.

If rumors spread that there is not much time left for Yoo to be able to remain active, it was almost as if the future of Eugene E & C and its affiliates could be seen.

The reason why the family keeps the illness even to the family, and keeps the security like the bullshit.

To accept the reality as it is, there are too many things that President Yu is carrying.


‘He told me that fact.’

That’s because I have to make sure that I can afford that risk.

Famous businessmen.

It is also an unbreakable drama that does not know failure.

Such a person would embrace the danger and bring him to work where there is no benefit.

Jinwoo could hardly guess what President Yoo would say.

just as expected.

Yoo said with a twisted face.

“I was able to find a patient in the world who was free from this disease while I was studying the way to healing the disease.”

I knew it.

As Jinwo predicted, the story went.

“It does not look like a coincidence to me that the only one is the mother of St. Hunter.”

Jin-woo has amazed many people with their magical ability that has never appeared before.

Perhaps he was treating his mother’s illness with such power?

It was a conclusion that I could reach as well as Mr. Yu who had read Jinu through various materials.

‘…’Jin-woo did not answer, but stared at Yu Chairman without answer.

Yoo swallowed the saliva.

‘There should not be a mistake.’

If this was just a preparation exercise so far, here is the game.

It was the most important moment.

The famous who gave a deep breath shortly spoke to me.

“What I want to get to Hunter is the truth.”

Yoo pushed the check a little more with his fingertips.


“And in return, this is part of the sexuality that I can offer to you.”

Not all, but some.

If you want, you can hand over money as well as money.

“If Hunter would help me, I will not forget that grace.”

The business tiger bowed his head and asked for help.

If you know someone who knows Yoo, you have to flatter your flagship.

But surprisingly, Jinwoo, who is a party, calmed down as usual.

I watched Yu Chairman with calm gaze.

‘It does not seem to be a lie.’

His heartbreaking heartbeat, his deep breathing, and his eager expression of disdain, were all telling.

Yoo was sincere.


Just because someone wants to earn something for themselves, not everyone can get it.

After a short distress, Jinwu opened his mouth, which was firmly closed.


The famous pupil shook tremendously.

“Unfortunately, I can not help you.”

“That… if so.”

As expected, Yoo had not been able to step down easily.

“How is St. Hunter’s mother healed?”


Jinwoo’s eyes became serious.

As the surrounding air began to cool down, Yoo realized again what the man he was facing was now.

Said Jinwoo.

“If I knew the reason and wanted to make money with it, why have I kept silent until now?”

A few answers passed through Yoo’s head.

Because I’m afraid of being a target of someone with power?


Yoo shook his head.

He is an active S class Hunter.

It is also exceptionally strong.

Who can target him?

Then you want something other than money?

Once again, Mr. Yoo’s head moved to the left and right without knowing himself.

If it is a sexual hunter now, if it is honor, popularity, and whatever it wants, it was able to get it at will.

But St. Hunter did not.


Yoo noticed his mistake late.

The basis of the deal is to find out what the opponent wants.

Take what the opponent wants and get what they want from the opponent.

That’s the common sense of the deal.

But he did not know anything Jinu wanted.

It was a matter of course that the transaction failed.

‘One of two things.’

Jinu really does not know the reason, or there is nothing he wants.

In any case, it was a desperate situation for myself.


Yoo did not hold onto Jinwoo anymore.


Yoo woke up when Jin-woo stood up and called Yoo Kim’s secretary. The Kim secretary who kept the outside stepped in.


At the first step, he read the rigid airflow between Jinwoo and Yoo.

Because it was the last hope that I had hoped for, the face of Kim’s secretary became dark.

“President, did you call?”

The famous president nodded headless.

“Let’s take you to your house because Hunter’s dead.”

“I am okay.”

Jinwoo declined politely and greeted the famous Kim and his assistant and bowed himself to the elevator alone.

The wing-high-speed elevator headed from the top to the bottom.

I did not know when they were two, but I knew for sure that I was alone.

It was too big and wide elevator to ride alone.

Jin took a sigh of relief.


It is not easy to refuse to ask. But he is the father of his brother.

He could reach out his hand, which he could not accept.


‘I do not know him.’

What is the famous chairman?

Whether he is really sick or if he has other interests.

The ‘life of death’ item used to treat the mother was limited in number but excellent in performance.

So I have to be more cautious about using it.

The conditions proposed by President Yoo were unconventional, but failed to move his mind.

That was the conclusion.

Ting. The elevator arrived on the first floor and opened the door.

Jin wore down the hood. Unlike Yoo, there was no one to see.

The eyes that look around for a moment are also saying, ‘Who gets off the elevator for the executive?’ I was in the eye.

Jinwoo walked to the entrance without any particular care.

The guiding agent who was standing by found Jinwoo and opened the way.

Jin-woo, who struck the lobby, stopped at a pace in his voice somewhere.

[This is news just from Japan.]

Jinwoo’s head went back.

When we climbed, the large TV in the lobby that was off was sending local news in real time.

It was a breaking news about the dungeon brakes, the blighted disaster.

Jinwoo walked to the TV.

The city shot above the helicopter was horrible.

The giants were destroying the building.

The citizens who could not evacuate have entered the mouths of the elderly giants. The remaining army had fired the fire but it was useless.

It ‘s impossible to catch the winners without the power of the Hunters.

Accurate aggregation is impossible, but estimates suggest that the death toll has already exceeded one million units.

It was really a catastrophe.

“…”Jinwoo’s face hardened. It was the first time I witnessed the reality.

I have to.

It was yesterday that I left the dungeon and left Woo Jin-cheol to leave the house and go to sleep and fall asleep.

I expected, but the situation in Japan was worse than expected.

It reminded me of a nightmare that happened in Jeju Island four years ago.

It is fortunate to be unhappy.

Dungeon brakes at that time were able to avoid the problem becoming bigger due to the speciality of island area.


Japan is different.

It ‘s too big to just turn it into an island. The country itself was a crisis that could be erased.

Throbbing, throbbing, throbbing.

The heart of Jinwoo, watching the giants, ran.

It was unpleasant.

When I thought that these guys were trampling on people, the strong disgust came from deep places.

By the way.


Jinwoo escaped from the thought.

Are those guys just like that?

Masuo, a giant doll, has never played a match. Of course, you can not detect horsepower on a TV.

But why did you think of the word ‘barely’ when you saw the giant unconsciously?

Is it confident?

Jinwoo, who stood up to his head, soon shook his head.

‘I have a complicated head, so I have a great idea.’

Jinwoo turned around.

Jinwoo gathered in front of the TV and broke through the gap between people looking at the news with an anxious face, and quietly walked out of the building.

* * * Dungeon Brake the second day.

Immediately the eyes of the world were concentrated on Japan.

What are the measures against dungeon brakes?

Is there a way to Japan?

If not, will the US come?


Is it possible that giants who destroyed Japan will cross the sea and damage other countries?

Concerns and anxieties were poured into Japan that collapsed.

Of course, some nations that have been in hostile relations with Japan have had other thoughts, but at least they have expressed their regrets on the outside.

But what Japan needed was not just comfort.

Practical help.

We needed a concrete force to save Japan from the masters, “relief.”

The announcement of the US position was delayed and news that 1/10 of Japan’s territory had already been destroyed.

A procession of Japanese refugees filled the highway took the premiere.

They abandoned the ground to survive and moved eastward and westward.

But like all countries, the land of Japan is not infinite. In the end, it ends up in a dead end.

The anticipated end was approaching.

The world began to ask about their sad appearance.

– What does Korea do?

– Why does not Korea help Japan?

– Do they not know their grace?

The world saw Jeju Island Reid just a few weeks ago.

Japan lost half of its S-class hunters for Korea, so why was it that Korea was still watching the Japanese crisis?

Japan’s damage scale and the number of deaths have been updated every hour.

People were resentful and lamented.

As sympathy for Japan became larger, criticism of Korea became more and more prevalent.

– Move, Korea!

– Is not there a righteousness for them?

– Korea forgot Jeju Island!

The public opinion of the world got hot.

And I wonder why Japan does not ask for the suppression of masashi only in toxic Korea.

So the third day. The president of Kun-hee, who thought it was time, finally stood in front of reporters.

Male breeding.

When I was looking around the camera and the reporters who gathered without a break, the president of Kun-hee quietly opened his mouth.

“I regret the disasters that have happened in Japan, and I will reveal the position of our Hunter Association.”


A little earlier, the statement of the US Hunter Bureau was published.

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