Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 159

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 159

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I’m talking about asking the master of guilds representing the Republic of Korea to come to the Grade C gate.

When I first got in touch with Woo Jin-cheol, I was not in a good mood. I was thinking of dropping myself and sending a raid packed with some of the higher Hunters.

But after the explanation, I could not help but move.

‘Do you have a Sung Jin Hunter in the double dungeon?’

The double dungeon is interesting, but Sungjin Hunter is in it.

How many guild masters, no hunters, can be premiered after hearing these words?

At the meeting of Woo Jin-chul, the head of the department, who is in urgent need of a moment, immediately put off the raid that he was preparing and called for elite hunters.

“The association has asked for support. I think we should move. ”

In my experience, hunters knowing that this kind of call is not usually a thing has started to get bogged down.

Do you need more words to move the Hunters with A-level raids in front of you?

The hunters, who had just seen what happened in Japan just before, have become more disturbed.

“What happen?”

As a vice president of the guild, a woman with the following position was asked by the finalist.

The last man said, turning around.

“Looks like a double dungeon has been found at Gate C.”

‘Double Dungeon?’

Cha Hae had a headache.

Of course, double dungeons were not easy to see. The dungeon in the dungeon. This was not uncommon.

But you only have one more dungeon attached to the C-level gate and call the Hunters Guild. Common sense did not make sense.

The final man said he would prepare to move to the car Haen who wonders.

“It looks like Sung Jin Hunter is fighting something alone. If the Woojin Chief is scared and asks you to cooperate first … Tea Hunter, what’s wrong? ”

Suddenly, the last man asked.


“…Yes. I do not have anything to do with St. Hunter, but let’s see. ”

Turn it off.

Car Hae moved his head, and the Hunters who were listening to the conversation of the two quickly packed up.

It was a preparation that I could never neglect, although I had to use a weapon for a raid.

“uh? One person is rain … ”

Someone hit the shoulder of Hunter, who figured out the numbers. I turned around and he pointed to one corner with a bite. There was a man sitting on his stern face.


“Leave it alone.”


Hunter immediately convinced.

Suzuki has been a scout a while ago and has traveled from Japan to Korea. It was natural that I could not take my eyes off the mobile phone where the breaking news was coming out.

“We should do our work. Go.”

“Ah yes.”

The two left Suzuki and boarded a van in the Hunters Guild.

So the hunters who carried all the elite squadrons left the scene and quickly headed for their destination.

* * * “Oh, do not!”

Kim was surprised and dropped a cigarette butt. The bottom was the bottom of the pavement, but there was feelings on the foot that touched the butts.

But that too. Now was not the time to worry about the butts.

Kim ‘s eyes turned to stopping cars again. The figures are all familiar, and are not they the elites of the Hunters Guild?

I did not even know that I had my hands on each of the ace.

‘In the last man, Jung Hae, Yoon Jung-ho, eh? Sohn is also coming?

It was no exaggeration to say that the signboards of the Hunters gathered.

I do not think these big things will appear on the scene when I stepped on the back of Woo Jincheol.

But the gate is C grade.

Kim ignited a spit.

I could not catch what was happening in the alternative.

If you do not mind, you will not be able to appease your heart to a cigarette.

At his feet, there were a number of tobacco cigarettes that had been smoked from before.

Woo Jin-cheol quickly approached the final man, not knowing Kim’s unhappy eyes.

Jong – in did not turn his eyes on the gate as Woo Jin – cheol did.

“Damn it…! damn…! What is that? ”

The gate had been so ominous that it would spill out of his mouth.

Unlike Wujin Chul, which is exceptionally good in battle series hunter, final man is the strongest magic series hunter in Korea.

I feel that Baek Yoon-ho and Myeong-jin, who showed Masu’s eyes to feel and sense magic, were the best except for Sung Jin-woo.

“Are you sure?”

Woojin asked.

The final man did not miss that the question implied that ‘he was impossible.’

He replied with a bitter look.

“Do you know there is a Sung Jin Hunter inside?”

“Yes, I’m sure.”

Nod nod.

Jong – in made up his mind.

Do it.

Who else can fight such a struggle? No, who would be able to stop the opponent from ejecting this magical power?

“Are you going to save the earth alone?”

The words I was about to pop out came out of my mind.

But Woojin Chul nodded with heavy expression instead of asking the final man. It’s a real story.

“Whether it is or not. I have a debt to St. Hunter. ”

If St. Hunter and Hunters can not stop you, you can not stop anyone in Korea.

In other words, there was no next chance if you could not help Saints Hunter and kill the masters.

‘what? St. Hunter? ‘

Kim ‘s eyes, which were ears as far as possible, fell round like rabbits.

‘Is St. Hunter in this gate?’

His gaze turned to the gate and looked around again.

There are only two S-class hunters and two A-class hunters. By the way, is there a Sungjin Hunter in the gate?

‘Number… Handbook, notebook. ‘

When the smell of the scoop stuck his nose, Kim quickly found his notebook.

From now on, one word, one scene should not be missed. While all of them were sold to Japan, there was an opportunity to report solely on the stunning case involving the S-Class Hunter Set and the Hunter Association.

‘So I have to close my mouth.’

Sung Jin Hun Hunter is a person who is subject to information protection and is under special management of the Hunter Association.

Now I understand why Woo Jin-chul could not get out of his mouth at all.

While Woo Jin-cheol and Jong-in had a brief conversation, all of the elite raids were ready. Tankers have armor, dealers have weapons, and healers have equipments.

Preparations were quick, as were the best guilds.

For a while, the last man facing the car Haein nodded his head. The chaos that checked the raid nodded India’s head. The preparations and inspections were all over.

The elite hunters of the surveillance department were already ready long ago.

Woo Jin-chul, who was reported to his staff, turned to a heavy face.

“Let’s go.”

The road was long.

I was going as fast as I could, but I did not run. Even the same high-class hunter did not equal the speed of running.

Among them, Hae-in is especially fast.

When she tried to run away, the last man, who was ahead, held her cuff.

“What are you going to do with Car Hunter alone?”

“…”I know that I want to save Sungjin, who was in a crisis, but everyone could be in danger.

“It’s possible that the pace of the raid may be disturbed if you try to match the speed of the car hunter.”

The car Ha, who was standing with a firm face, went back. Woojin chul, who watched Cha Haein, muttered a little.

“The rumors were true.”


Wu Jinchul was confused with the last person’s question.

“Ah… it’s nothing.”

The gaze of the last man who looked at his head turned forward again. A horrible horsepower was coming out from the deep dungeon of the dungeon.

You have to keep your mind tight.

And the same thing happened to Sung Jin Hunter, who was in it first, the final man thought.

‘Please do not be late …’

Now there was no other way to help him except to pray for Saints to be safe. Moving as fast as possible without slowing down.

But too much tension sometimes makes the body dull. Jong-in added words to Woo Jin-chul to relax.

“How did St. Hunter get in here?”

“I do not know the details. However, according to the opinions of those who reported, Sung Jin-woo Hunter said that he knew that this was a double dungeon before entering. ”


When the face of Jonginin became clear, this time, Woo Jincheol asked backwards.

“Do you even have straw?”

“Not that … It’s just strange. ”


“I had a chance to investigate Sung Hunter.”

The final man is the master of one guild.

It is no wonder that he has a great interest in Jinwoo who has a duty to organize a guild with high-level guild members.

“But once before, this happened once before.”

Woojin railway knew well that it was the person who investigated the case directly.

He noticed what the final man would say.

Sung Jin Hun Hunter had a double dungeon half a year ago.

And now that time has passed, I went back to find the double dungeon again.

For those who know the truth, it was never a coincidence.

The final man pulled out the story as expected by Woo Jin Chul.

“I have a double dungeon twice in my life and one in my own life. Is not it strange? ”

Woojin did not answer.

As the last man said, many things were hidden in the veil. Double dungeons, reincarnations, and unique abilities.

One sure thing, however, was that he needed an association, not the Republic of Korea.

As soon as he discovered the gate that St. Hunter had entered, he asked the Hunters Guild for help before the permission of the upper man fell.

I had to secure the safety of Sungjin Hunter regardless of the number.

The question is not too late.

Woojinchul, who was in a state of contemplation, lifted his head.

‘There …’

The general hunters had to walk for about an hour to get there, and it took less than 10 minutes for the high-speed hunters to get there.

I saw the end of the cave far away.

“It seems to have arrived.”

“I feel it.”

Something terrible.

The face of the final man to answer was stiff like a stone. My face began to get tired.

Fortunately, Sung Jin Hun Hunter’s feelings are still felt.

‘It’s okay if St. Hunter is safe.’

If he has the power and the support of the elite hunters, there will be no crisis no matter what monster is in the dungeon.

The final man shouted with such conviction.

“Hurry up.”

The elite Hunters of the Hunters and Hunters Association jumped into a huge gates.


Waiting for them was a sight I had never seen before in my long Hunter life.

“this… What is this …? ”

“What are you doing here?”

Numerous stone statues on the floor were destroyed. The remnants of the statues were scattered all over the place.

“Well, that’s it!”

One Hunter raised his hand.

At the point where the fingertip pointed, a stupendous size statue stood still as it fell down with two fists. His head, which had half a face, was especially noticeable.

Woojin chul, who had heard the testimony of the survivors of double dungeon before, banged his heart.

There was … The statues and statues were real …!

Survivors certainly did. There were statues of monsters that would melt the C-class Hunter in their eyes, and stone statues that could not move.

Indeed, the traces of fierce battle remained in places as it was said.

‘Am I right, Sung Jin Hunter?’

All the enemies were removed.

The important thing was the state of Sungjin Hunter.

The last person who looked around looking for Jinwoo’s discovery found Jinwoo.

“That way.”

Under his fist, Jinwu lay quietly as if he were asleep.

“Sung Hunter!”

The Hunters tried to run to it, but this time the Car Haein had both arms open to prevent the Hunters from moving. Woojinchul, whose heart grew stronger, looked back at her.

She was soaking wet with her sweaty stools.

“car… Hunter? ”

Cha Haein said, bite his lips.

“there… There’s something there. ”


One of the statues sitting on his knees beside Jinwoo slowly raised his body.

The wings worn and the arm left.

“I do not remember inviting humans.”

The angel, who was completely at work, looked up at the hunters who had come in and raised his mouth.

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