Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 158

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 158

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I’m excited.

The heart ran.

Get up.

The gigantic ripples that started from that word spread at an alarming rate and caused shadows.

There was a black wave in the battlefield that turned red with the blood of the masters.

Oh ah ah -!

Shadow soldiers protruding from the floor turned their blackened eyes to the enemy, raising a foolish or uncertain scare.

In their eyes, no more fear of the enemy could be found.

As a soldier in the sky who has to deal with these people, it is a sight to cool off.

But the monarch’s power did not stop there.

[Wearyear -!]

The monarch poured a heavy roar towards the sky. The roar shook the heart, not the eardrum.

The heart, legs, and earth were shaking.

The ground was crying.

It did not take long to find out what the shout was for.

It is because the shadow soldiers who heard the shout attacked and resonated with the weapon.

Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh,

At one time the roar, the shadow soldiers turned into a completely different existence.

From here to the ends of the earth.

Masashi were newly rearranged into shadow soldiers.

Jinwoo, who watched the process from the beginning, felt a thrill in the roar of the shadow soldiers.


My heart ran again.

If this is showing the peak of the Shadow monarchy, I could realize how far I had to go.


The soldiers in the sky, who had been pausing for a moment, began to move again.

The silver soldiers who came up to heaven gathered together and rushed to the black soldiers like the swarm of bees.

However, new soldiers who were born as Shadow soldiers did not get as close as before.

Weapons and weapons.

Soldiers and soldiers.

The silver army and the black army tangled on the ground.

The roar went off and the earthquake sounded.

Obviously, the battle that should have ended with a massacre was a road war.

The appearance of only one has changed everything.

It was scary power.

I could not figure out why this scene was shown, but Jin-woo could not take his eyes off for a moment.


There was a fierce battle that was not comparable to the first battle.

When their lives were attached, the masques, who had not been able to cope with one of the soldiers of the heavens, showed a moment of unprecedented shadows.


The real dread of shadow soldiers is not their momentum or their combat power.

The soldiers in heaven drove the Shadow soldiers with powerful force and excellent solidity. The courage of the shadowy soldiers, who died, did not exceed the power gap.

The dominance of the battle seemed to be taken by the heavenly soldiers.

However, Shadow soldiers regained their original shape immediately after being destroyed.


A shadow soldier pierced through a window held by a soldier in the sky twists his limbs and screams.

The soldier in the sky who foretold the victory pulled the sword at the waist with the window, and blew out the shadow soldier’s head.


But right after the head flies.

‘…!’The shadows that had fallen to the floor, the head and neck of the soldier all turned into smoke, and then they were combined again from the back of the two steps.

While the heavenly soldiers were flinching, the shadow soldier stabbed the enemy’s chest with the sword he had grasped.


A sword that broke into his armor and went inside came out through his back.

A soldier in the sky who fell down without strength.


I heard a majestic voice of someone in his ear losing focus on the eyes.

– Get up.

At one moment.

The soldier in the sky finds a black window in his hand.

What came to him is not death, but a new beginning.

The black eyes turned to the soldiers of the sky who had just been friends before.

I’m sorry.

I see my colleagues shaking their shoulders when they meet their eyes. But he knew what he had to do.

“Whoa, whoa!”

He gladly accepted his new destiny.

Jin looked at the soldiers and looked at the whole situation of the battlefield.

The fighting of the soldiers in the sky pouring through the gate at the gate and the shadow soldiers born under the command of the monarchy was a treasure.

It was poured from the gate as many as the dead number, and rose from the shadow as many as the number killed.

Would not it be like this if a war would happen in hell?

A terrible battle that can not be overlooked by humans’ predictions took place without breathing in the wide plains.

However, the balance of the two forms that seemed to be equalized collapsed in a moment.

As soon as the monarch, who had stepped away and commanded the corps, stepped directly into the battlefield, the air flow changed drastically.

A black horse carrying a monarch started running the battlefield.

As he swung his sword, thousands of enemies collapsed and a road arose, and the dead enemy became a shadow soldier without fail.

The enemy, who flew to the sky and ran away, waved his hand at once, and plummeted to the floor.

‘The power of ruler …’

The seat of the monarch was swept away like a storm.

For the first time.

The first soldiers of the sky had been pushed out of the sky since the two formations began to strike each other against the sword.

There were dozens, or millions, of soldiers filled with the heavens and the earth, but they could not bear the enemy.

In a sight that was just wonderful, Jinwu has developed elasticity.

I wanted the war to end this way.

By the way.

When the Shadow soldiers began to push the heavenly corps, there was a breeze blowing in the back.

The energy that creeps the spine is crowded.

In front of the enemies, the monarch looked back.

There were two huge gates on the back of the back. The size was comparable to those floating in the sky.

Two of the gangs poured out at the two gates.

On one side is a beast-shaped bandage led by a large wolf that seems to have moved a mountain.

And the other side was the knights and soldiers who came up with the banners of innumerable families.

Jinwoo’s eyes grew bigger.


The flags were all familiar.

Ricardo, Phytos, Locan, Ingresas, and Ladis.

‘…Ethil. ‘

It was a sentence of demonic noble families who could all meet up to the top of the demon.

I wonder why the demons appeared here for a while.

Beasts and demons have been attacking Shadow soldiers as they had promised in advance.

Shadow soldiers began shredding from the rear with the pincers of the two army corps.

That is not the end.

The soldiers of heaven, which had not fallen yet, were alive.

The heavenly soldiers turned back to the offensive.

The soldiers of the sky in front and the two army corps of the rear have rushed around the shadow soldiers.

The premises were changed once again.


Jinwoo grabbed his chest.

This time my heart hurt.

Jin-woo’s gaze slowly moved to the monarch next to him.


I could feel his feelings.

As if reading the hearts of the shadow soldiers, vivid emotions were conveyed. The intense emotions boiling from deep inside were anger.

No, it was a rage beyond the anger.

Shadow soldiers surrounded by their enemies repeatedly destroyed and regenerated endlessly.

At first glance, it seemed like an infinite resilience, but Jinwu, who could use the same ability, knew the weakness of the power.

‘Only to the extent that horsepower allows …’

Soldiers do not regenerate when magic is complete.

I can not use soldiers anymore.

It was felt that the magic power of the monarch, which was so vast as to know the depth, was slowly showing its bottom.

The monarch, who was heading to the corps of heaven, turned his tail backward.

His horse ran out of the ground.

The battle was fierce.

The body made mountains, and blood formed the sea.

The fire of ‘war’ created by so many soldiers that it is hard to count all the counts has swallowed up all the life that was standing on the ground.


The terrible fighting was slowly going towards the end.

Now there is not much left standing on the battlefield.

During the battle, the monarch, who lost his horse, stumbled over the two knights that stood before him, leaning against a long rock, standing before the devil panting.

His face was covered with a helmet, but the monarch looked down on him as if he knew his identity.

[Today was the end of the fight with them.]

“…”[Why did you betray me?]

The devil, who was dropping his head without force, listened slowly. His body was already seriously wounded and seemed impossible to recover anymore.

The sound of the voices in the helmets was cut short.

“Indeed… Sorry. I was able to finish you today. ”

The sovereign revived with a cold voice.

[Asked why.]


The guy, shaking his shoulders and laughing, lifted his head again.

And I replied.

“# $% # ^ #% # %@ $.”

What happened was not heard properly.

Did he accidentally miss it?


“@ $ ^ $ ##.”

He could not understand anything even though he was saying something again.

But as soon as he heard his answer, as if it had sounded differently in the monarch’s ears, he reached out his hand and pulled him. The demon caught in the throat gave a painful groan.



The armor that wrapped his neck was frowned.

But the devil continued to say what he wanted to do to the end.

“…% ^ & # $ @% ^ &. ”

Hook. The monarch’s thumb pierced the devil’s throat.

Get up.

The devil blew out the blood.

It was then that I encountered the gaze with the devil looking over here in the helmet.


Jinwoo was angry and released the devil’s neck.


The demon, who had already lost his life, rolled his limbs on the floor.


Just that look.

Obviously I had seen it once before.

But it was never possible.


The heart ran wildly.

Jinwoo stood across the head and approached the devil and carefully peeled his helmet. He had the same eyes as before he died.

How can I forget these eyes?

The pitcher fell from the hand of Jinwoo.

Took. There was a strong hateful light in both eyes. It was the very eye that I had seen from the top of the devil.

‘The Devil King … What?

When I realized that, Jinwoo realized one more point that was unusual.

A hand surrounded by black armor. Toe, legs, chest.

It was from that moment that he was moving the body of the Shadow Monarch.

Throbbing, throbbing, throbbing.

The heartbeat of the heart that started to get stronger became bigger and hit the eardrum.

Jin raised his hand toward his heart.

Throbbing, throbbing, throbbing.

Jinwoo’s eyes grew bigger.

‘why… Why did not I know it? ”

I have been conscious of the sound of the heart all the way since I came out of the temple.

But I did not notice at all.

Jin moved his trembling hands to his right chest.

I felt a vibration.

One on the left.

And one on the right.


Two hearts were making the same sound.

When the surprised eyes are facing down. I found four shadows that grew slowly. It was approach from the top.

The head that was looking down was hurrying up.

On the head.

Four angels with six wings were standing slowly.

The memory was there.


The darkness came with the sound of the machine.

In the distant consciousness, a soft voice of the system was heard.

[Imported data has been terminated.]

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