Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 147

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 147

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149 ‘Huh …!’

Do you have the skill level of the job-specific skills that have not even been in the middle of writing up the skill at the same time?


Jinwoo has a heart for a long time.

Currently, there are only two people in the boss room with Yu Jin-ho and Woo Jin-cheol. Both of them did not notice anything, so they called out the status window without notice.

‘Status window.’


Along with the sound of the machine, all the information from the level to the items to be worn came to light.

The place where the gaze of Jinwoo stopped is the “occupation-specific skill” list.

[Skill only for job] Active skill: Shadow extraction Lv.2, Save Shadow Lv.2, Area of the Lordship Lv.2, Shadow Exchange Lv.2 ‘Really.’

Knowing the facts and seeing the facts is another thing. Jinwoo confirmed that the level of ‘Shadow Exchange’ was higher than the others and grasped his fists.


Skill, Shadow exchange, which was stifling due to the long standby time compared to unlimited skill utilization.

‘Wait time depends on the skill level.’

This has reduced the frustration.

It was the biggest income of the day.

I was more pleased that the shadow exchange skill improved than the level that stagnated for a while.

‘Let’s see how it changed.’

Jinwoo opened the information of the shadow exchange skill with the mind opening the gift box.


[Skill: Shadow Exchange Lv.2] Job only … …After casting, you have 2 hours of waiting time before you can use it again.

Waiting time depends on skill level.

‘…!’What an hour!

Just one level up, even one third of the waiting time has disappeared.

Jinwoo could not hide his excitement.

‘1 hour down on level 1’.

Simply calculated, the latency at the next level is likely to change to one hour.

And if you raise another level there?

‘No matter where I am, my mother or Jin-a will be in trouble …’

When I thought so, I was thrilled.

It was more important than anything to Jinwoo.

Yoo Jin-ho smiled and asked if the above-mentioned face was touched.

“Brother, do you have any good work?”


Jinwoo knew that Yujin was approaching.

‘If you were focused on the status window …’

I was able to see the appearance of Woo Jin-cheol, who is walking backward here.

Jinwoo laughed and closed the status window.

No matter how two people do not catch a book, there is no reason to look like a crazy person.

“There’s something like that.”

“Yes, brother.”

Yoo Jin-ho, who was getting more and more aware as he began to walk with Jin-woo, did not ask me any more.

Instead, Yu Jin-ho’s interest moved to the side.

“And -” Yoo Jin-ho was born and saw the real thing of the A class dungeon boss for the first time.

The upper body is a human figure, and the lower body is a sea snake.

It was bigger and farther, but it was a bigger and wretched guy.

It was no wonder that you could not keep your mouth shut.

‘I know you’ve been to the Advanced Dungeon many times before …’

Did you hit them like that every time?

It’s black.

Yujin swallowed dry spit.

My brother seemed to be better than usual today.

And I was proud of the fact that I stand next to my brother, not others.



“I respect you.”



The blind guy.

When Jin-woo stared, Yoo Jin-ho turned his head to see if he thought he was embarrassed.

Next to the woojin railroad, it was surprising.

‘Sung Jin Hun Hunter’s skill I already knew …’

Still, I can not afford to be able to do this easily.

The tankers, dealers, and healers had to run all the way, and the other raids that they could barely deal with were the ones who grabbed their heads with disgust.

‘…’Woo Jin-cheol, who came close to the body of boss-size Naga, beat his scales.

I felt a hardness like steel at my fingertips.

Naga’s scales are sturdy enough to be used in various armor such as armor and shields.

‘Such a vinyl …’

Some of the scales of the lower body were crumpled and torn like paper.

Jinwoo was a trail of skill ‘Nando’.

‘At best, using two daggers, it’s such a destructive power.’

Woojin’s forehead, which looked at the body, was sweaty.

I did not know how glad he was to be a friend.


I heard the voice of Jinu from behind.

“…Can you step back? ”

Woo Jin-cheol, who had not been able to listen properly, was embarrassed and looked back.


“I want to make a pet, but I’m too close to you.”


Yoo Jin-ho, who had been back far away, sent a hand gesture toward Woojin Chul.

“Sin, I’m sorry.”

Apologize, Woo Jin-chul quickly fell backward.

Then I watched with expectant eyes.

I have seen the process of making pets all the way through, but the boss was the first.

‘Do not you think it will be a big pet just like that?’

Yoo Jin-ho also shone his eyes and waited for results.

In the hot interest of the two people, Jinwoo slowly tried the shadow extraction skill.

‘Wake up.’

The shadows of the boss-class mage responded to the master’s call.

Kiyaah – the hand rising from the shadow struck the ground and lifted up over the shadow.

By the way.

The pet was smaller than I thought.

It was the same level as the pet that was made in ordinary Nagai, or a little bigger.


Woo Jin-chul, who was so nervous about sweating on his palm, laughed.

It was a natural result.

How can a pet made with the power of a dead marathon be similar to a body?

The strength, the size, and the degree are just right.

Woojinchul mini size of the pet to see the mysterious mind was set.

‘Maybe the ability of Sung Jin Hun Hunter is clear?

Even so, it is not easy to see because the attack power of the person of St. Hunter transcends the imagination.

However, unlike Woo Jin – chul ‘s idea, Jinwoo was delighted in the unexpected windfall.

[The voice of the monarch leads to the death of the dead.] [Shadow enhancement succeeded!] [Shadow level starts at 13.]


Is it because of the level of shadow extraction?

After this grit, the message of strengthening success emerged in the shadow extraction process for a long time.

Jinwoo hastily checked the soldiers’ information.

[?? Lv.13] Elite Knight Class A As a dancer’s boss, it was not surprising that the ‘Elite Knight’ rating was raised like a molar.

But 13 levels!

Jinwoo could not stand laughing at the level.

‘Is it because of the high level? It seems to have similar strength to the body. ‘

Unlike the previous soldiers, this guy had little difference in ability with the body.

A strong horsepower hidden inside the body was detected.

I was just wondering about the size and the size of my life, but there was one guess.

‘This is not the original look?’

Do it.

Could it be so different from the same size all the same.

However, it was enough to say that he was inflating his big body through magic like a molar.

Like molars, it controls his own magical power, and he has a strong horsepower, but not his molar teeth.


[Please specify the soldier’s name.]

As usual, there was a message that the soldier should be named.

Jinwoo named ‘Jima’ without thinking.

[Do you want to ‘do’?]


This adds a strong wizard to the Shadow Legion and his outgoing army.

After the extraction process, Jinwoo absorbed Jima into his shadow.

At the end, the owner’s dungeon began to send warnings.

Doddd – A slight vibration from the floor. It was a signal that the gate was closed within one hour.

Yoo Jin-ho, who was away, came for a while.

“You must leave now, brother.”


Finally, Yoo Jin-ho, who looked around, smiled and regretted his appetite.

“But it’s a bit of a shame, brother.”

Yoo Jin-ho’s gaze was fixed to the body of the boss.

“It would be big money if you take it out.”

As soon as the boss of the dungeon is removed, the gate closes.

In other words, taking the boss’ s body outside the dungeon meant taking a considerable risk.

I am mistaken for being trapped in the wrong way.

So, the body of the boss’ s master was rarely seen. It was generally because of its large size and difficult to transport.

Of course, the price was very rare.

But Jin-woo said to Yu Jin-ho, who regrets, not to worry.

“If you take it, what’s the problem?”


Yoo Jin-ho opened his eyes and asked.

“Is not that too big for you, brother?”

Then Jin-woo laughed.


I do not know how much power you can count, but once you get bigger, there’s one bigger guy than that.

‘come out.’

When Jin-woo’s order was gone, one of the soldiers from the Haiku Taisha Shrine, who wrote the black robe over, appeared silent.

Sureuk – Jinwo pointed to the carcass with his cheeks.


In a moment, his molar, which giganticized his body, dragged the boss – sized Naga, who was only half of his size, and left the boss room.


There was a strong earthquake in the pupil of Woojin Chol in the shocking scene.

‘Was it just …?’

Obviously, he was a high orc shaman who had just witnessed the fall of Genev in the Hunters’ Reid.

But it looked twice as big as then.

It’s not just bigger.

The enchantment that had grown as it grew larger was far more frightening than it was before.

Woojin was surprised.

‘what? When Masu was made into a pet, was not it weak? ”

So how can you just explain the High Oak Shaman pet?

You can make bosses of class A dungeons as pet owners, and you can strengthen them there?

‘This is the alternative …’

Jin-woo asked Woojin-chul, who could not keep his mouth shut.

“Will not you come with me?”


If I was just surprised to lose my life, half of my life seemed to be blown away today.

The words I wanted to ask were mountainous.

But I did not want to ask because I was afraid of an answer that would come true.

Woojin chul, who hesitated, replied with tiredness.

“…I have to go. ”

* * * When Jinwoo came out of the gate, the reporter’s eyes wandering about to go to lunch.

“What, are you done already?”


You cleared a class A dungeon less than three hours ago?

The reporters came into the head with a fire.

‘It’s a big hit!’

The reporters holding the camera wanted to miss Jinu and I rushed to the gate without you.

But the surveillance and hunters who were on standby quickly stopped them.

“Ah look out for me! Do not you interview? ”

“Let’s take a picture! No, I do not get a picture, so if you get cut off, will you be responsible? ”

“Why do you do it when you take a picture?”

When the struggle between reporters and surveillance was fierce.

thud. Something heavy, the sound of the floor sounded.


The camera fell from one of the reporters’ hands.


He also pointed to the gate, forgetting that the camera had been stepped on by other reporters’ feet.

“Well, there …”

Exactly the huge size monster that popped out of the gate.

“Also, run away! No, take it! hurry!”

“Are you taking it?”

“Yes, yes!”

The reporters who kept the fighting and lifted the camera hurriedly started to press the shutter.

I was afraid that the monster would attack, but reporters moved like crazy in something.

“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_!

Hardly at the gate, the boss was pulling the body out of the molar teeth from the back, felt the gaze slowly turned.

‘…?’As well as reporters, police, association staff, and even passersby, they stopped at their feet and looked at themselves.

Somehow, the embarrassed molar teeth were scratching his back.

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