Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 140

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 140

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The final ban was released.

Finally, the ‘Dungeon Master’ left the Boss room and walked out of the gate.

The Chief Grottar.

All of my body was covered with black tattoo, and it was hard to find the skin that was fine.

Orc tattoo is a symbol of victory.

So far, it has been a testament to how many battles and how many enemies he has cut off.



The orcs waiting for him in front of the gate remembered his name and bowed the whale.


Grootar ‘s head turned to the ceiling.

‘…’The top was noisy.

It has been a while since the mysterious battle led the warriors to take possession of the castle of the people.

But why has not the battle been over yet?

One of the orcs looked sweaty and answered hastily in the eyes of the angry patriarch.

“High orc warriors are helping people.”

“High Orc?”

High orc warriors are strong.

Orc warriors will not be opponents. It was his turn to do.

“What number?”


Even so, dozens of great orc warriors are barely able to get three high oaks.

“Pathetic …”

Grootar’s face was wrinkled.

Surprised by the anger of the patriarch, the orcs shook their bodies.

Soon after, they could not keep up with the speed of Groktar.

The number of game warriors panting their breath is all five.

Grootar confirmed that all of his escorts had escaped the gate, and he battled the Orcs who reported the situation.

“Take the lead.”

The reporter bowed his head and went ahead, followed by the patriarch and his escort.

In the eyes of Grootar, there was a bright light.

‘Cheeky guys …’

It was now time to demand the cost of the High Orcs that hindered the hunting of Orc warriors.

* * * Park Jong-soo, who was left with the ants in the sleepy, was unhappy.

“You …”

“Stay still, think about it.”

Kie eek-kick.


I was looking at over twenty skipjackers, no pets, and I had a hard time thinking about keeping it even now.

Besides that.

He’s bigger than other ants and has wings on his back.

Are not they the monster ants who played with S-class hunters?

The man’s fearsome horsepower was still trembling.

‘If you think that this guy shows us the enemy …’

With the thought that the S class Hunters who opposed monster ants in Jeju Island are great.

‘No, wait a minute …’

Suddenly I was skeptical.

What is the alternative identity of Sungjin Hunter, who is now announcing the monster ant as a pet?

‘It’s Sungjin Hunter who has defeated this guy alone?’

When I thought so, my heart began to accelerate.

‘no. I went too far. ‘

Park Jong – soo shook the head of the jelly bell to give his thought.

What I have to think about now is not whether to continue raiding with those monsters, how strong Sungjin Hunter is, or what his identity is.

‘First… Let’s give up raid. ‘

So what should I explain to the reporters waiting for the results of Reid outside the gate?

Sungjin Hunter suddenly left the raid and could not proceed anymore?

Or, the new friends that Sung Jin Hunter recalled were too scared to give up Reid?

‘What a shame …’

Either way, it is sure to be a fool.

Park Jong – su sucked this.

‘Yes, let’s go.’

If the scouts are scared, there they are. After all, are not they the sons of Sungjin Hunter?

I think that made me feel a little easier.

‘You should get a surname Hunter’ s pets, but what else can you do?

As Park Jong – su turned his self – confident eye, the visionary – minded Berga came.


Park Jong – soo, who just squeezed out his self – confidence, volatized and flew away, and voiced his trembling voice.

“Let’s go.”

Naturally, an honorific word came out.

But when Beren heard the voice of Park Jongsu, he had no response.

I just stand and look. Park Jong – su tried to say his words more politely.

“end… Will you go? ”

But he did not show any signs of moving at all.

When the time of facing the eyes was prolonged, the spirit of Park Jongsu was gradually gained in the gaze which had powerful power.

At that time, Jung Yoon-tae came from behind.

“Sir, will you continue with the raids?”

Park Jong-soo, who was not so sensitive yet, made a vengeance on the vice president who urged him.

“Stay tuned!”

Or maybe you just told the bosses to let them go and stop them! The sound came up to the throat and barely went down.

Park Jong-soo, who was staring at Jeong Yoon-tae, looked at him again.

It’s black.

The dry spit fell over.

Park Jong Soo wanted to get out of this awkwardness soon.

Then suddenly.

‘Is not this guy not moving because he can not understand what I’m saying?’

Park Jong – su, who had been thinking all the time, moved his facial muscles to make a smile.

Then pointed to the inside of the dungeon.

“Front, front.”

That moment.


The sound of a bullet protruding from the muzzle of the silencer was heard, and the monster ant disappeared in an instant.


Where did this go?

Berg came back before Park Jongsu looked around with his bewildered eyes.

fault. Berr put something in his hand in front of Park’s face.

‘What, what?’

I looked closely and it was the head of Masuo.

Death Knight, the top-notch undead mage, was pulled out of his head and shaken from the hands of monster ants.

“Uh, oh!”

Park Jong – su, who was worried, shook his ass.

The attackers were also surprised and gathered by Park Jong-su.

He threw the head of Bergadess Knight, who was looking at the hunters together, and shouted at the ants.

“Kie ee eek!”

Then the ants began to move in unison.

‘…’Looking down at Park Jong – su for a moment, he slowly turned and followed the ants.

Soon the Hunters looked at the condition of Park Jong Soo.

“Good morning!”

“Boss, are you okay?”

“Are you okay?”

Park answered with a frosty face.

“Oh, uh, I’m fine.”

My body was fine.

But my heart hurts because I do not know why. It was like I was harassed by the pet.

‘I do not think it really is …’

The pet can not have that much intelligence.

Anyway, come here, you can not give up the raid to such humiliation. Park jumped out of his ass and stood up.

“Let’s go.”

The hunters’ faces got stiffened.


“Let’s go after them?”

“How do you raid like monsters? I can not. ”

“Me too.”

Park Jong-soo sighed as if it was annoying.

Do I have to say a lot?

He picked up Death Knight ‘s head, which the monster ant threw at random.


“Is that Death Knight head?”

“Death Knight?”

Experienced veteran hunters recognize Death Knight’s pitches and shed flags.

Park Jong-soo explained it coldly.

“Everyone knows what the value of the stones comes from the top-ranked marsh?”


The Hunters swallowed their mouths.

“We just have to pick them up along with them.”

Then the face of the hunter, who was full of complaints just before, began to spread out little by little.

The expected reaction.

Park concluded with a question.

“Do you want to miss?”

The hunters moved more and more from the ants.

The hunters who were already ahead of me were shouting at Park Jong-su.

“What’s the boss, standing behind you?”

“Come on quickly. Lag behind. ”

“How long are you going to stay?”

Park Jong-soo’s appetite.

“Hmm … people.”

The Templar Reid, which had been paused for a moment, resumed.

* * * Jin-woo’s eyes turned downward.

People, road, car, buildings, river, trees, mountains, mountains, mountains, mountains. The background was constantly changing in a flash.


The speed of the unchecked Cycels was terrific.

If you were not a top-class hunter but a general person, you could not bear it.



Jin woke up.

The soldiers’ signals continued, but they were getting weaker.


‘Status window.’

[MP: 8,619 / 8,770] Mana has begun to decrease from before.

This is not common.

It meant that high ork shadow soldiers were repeatedly destroyed and regenerated.

‘An enemy of a level capable of destroying Shadow soldiers is aiming for Jin-a.’


Jinwoo’s face got hardened.

Even if my brother is not hurt, I will never let him live.

I was young enough to live in the snow.


Kia ah!

In the order of Jinwoo, Caesells roared and speeded up.

* * * High orc warriors were strong.

However, it was not the opponent of Orc Chief Groktar.

Groktar, who left the escorts aside and went forward alone.

The guy, who had been avoiding the attack of the high orcs, took out the curb that was in the back of his back.

“This is about it!”

Inside the classroom was the body of orcs.

Even if counted 50.

The 50 or so men were hit by the high orcs.

“Please make me more entertained, high orc warriors!”

The anger of the chieftain led to the mercy-free sword.

Grootar began to slice the high orcs in his armor as the curves of the gigantic move.



The screams came out of the mouths of human beings in the back, not in the high orcs.

The grout tar was wrinkled.

‘Noisy stuff.’

The following are the high orcs.

High-oak, one of his arms was carved into the sculpture of Grootar turned round and round, his neck was hit.


Then the orcs ran out of the classroom pushed by the high orcs and gave out cheers.




Grootar’s eyes were shiny.

Is the high oak that has fallen to the neck turn into black smoke and return to its original shape again?

“Is it magic …?”

It was the same as a few times.


An angry Grootar shouted.

The high oaks were cut and killed a lot, but they returned without hesitation.

‘It is not hard to kill a hundred times and a thousand times.’

But that did not end.

Even at this moment, the voice in my head kept repeating the command to kill the humans.

I’m tired.

The voice rang and my head hurts.

But it can not ignore high orcs and kill humans. ‘…I have to finish it. ‘

Grootar rolled his head.

If they were soldiers made of witchcraft, there must be somebody who controls them somewhere.

Grootar, who has had experience with many magic tricks in many past battles, also knew how to end this dirty spell.

‘That woman!’

A human woman who is breathing away behind high oaks!

She is weakly connected to these high orcs.

Grootar’s eyes shone.

‘Are you?’

The living changed his target.

In the moment Grove Tar and his eyes met, and Mankind shook his body and shivered.

Obviously a woman knows something.

Grootar, so intuited, looked back and pointed to Jin.

“Kill that woman!”

Even before the talk is over.

As Grootar ordered, the escorts, who were watching the battle behind them, ran out.

The high orcs then ignored Groktal, who was in front of him, desperately trying to stop the escorts.


The guess was right.

Grootar stood in front of Tae Jin-a through the gap of the high-orcs’ eyes.

“It was you.”

Grootar grabbed Jinnah ‘s neck and lifted it with a hand that did not grasp the curves.


The woman whose neck was crushed could not even scream.

Grootar had a headache.

A thin neck like a fingertip that just pretends to give a little strength. Did these humans really complete the high technique of making the warrior immortal?

One way to check.

‘You’ll know when you kill.’

The moment Grootar tries to force her hand to break her neck.

The key ah!

I heard a drowning sound from a distance.

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