Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 138

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 138

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After the minor incident.

Jinwoo moved to the gate with the Knights Guild.

Just before entering.


Park Jong-soo, president and vice-president Jung Yoon-tae, last checked the team’s equipment and condition.

The loud atmosphere of being in front of the entrance disappeared and the atmosphere was static.

‘…’Jinwoo liked this tension before entering the dungeon someday.

I feel calm in my head.

I was afraid of the crowd of Hunter Association, so I could not imagine when I was away from the phone.

“Actually, no problem.”


Park Jong-soo, who nodded his head, moved to Jinwoo, who had stepped away from the raid.

Jinu’s gaze soon turned to him.

“Sung Jin Hun Hunter.”


Jinwoo unraveled his arms and faced Park Jongsu with his eyes.

Park jongsoo bowed his head.

“Thank you very much.”

It was a short, but many words.

Jinwoo replied with the same words.

“Thank you very much.”

Park Jong-soo and Jung Yoon-tae led the way, and the rest of the Hunters jumped in.

Confirming that the hunters were all inside.

The last remaining Jinwoo slowly walked into the gate.

* * * [I entered the dungeon.]

As always, the system message that others can not see was the first to be welcomed.


Jin woke to his head.

A dungeon with a huge passage leading to the giants.

I have not been able to go into the senior dungeon often, but luckily I have seen it once.

So Jin-woo did not wonder the size of the dungeon.

Feeling in the air of the dungeon.


I was comfortable in the dungeon without knowing why.

It was the first time I had felt the ominousness of being carried in the air.



Unlike the feeling of Jinwoo, the raid encountered a difficulty from the entrance.

“Twin Head Ogre!”

“Everybody be careful!”

Masuo, who appeared as a boss of the upper dungeon, stood in front of the entrance and was staring brightly.

“That’s a lie!”

The twin head ogre’s mass is more than twice the average ogre.

It was hard to even gauge how many times the power of the man would reach.

If a modest raid encountered a Twinhead Ogre in a dungeon, it would have been busy fleeing Mt.


Knight Elite Hunters were different.

Park Jongsu, the tanker who built the shield, jumped in front of the Ogre.

The ogre who found him lifted a huge rod up his head as if he had pulled out a tree.


Shocking enough to hear the cave!

Park Jong-soo, who inflated the muscles of the body with his skill, did not bend over his knees and endured the brutal power of Twinhead Ogre.

“Good morning!”


“Gram me too,” he said.

Jung Yoon-tae, a sub tanker, stood beside Park Jong-su.

Park Jong-soo, who succeeded in fixing Ogre’s gaze to himself, set up his bloodline.


The Knights’ counterattack has begun.

Arrows, magic, swords and spears poured into Twinhead Ogre.

That’s right!

The excited twinhead ogres began to run wild.


Park Jong-soo did not give him a chance to turn his gaze.

Occasionally, the attacks that jumped to the surroundings, Jung Yoon-tae rushed quickly and got them all.


Jung Yoon-tae, who just prevented Ogre’s kicking, was pushed back by two long strings on the floor.

Thanks to the other hunters, the damage was close to nothing.

“That’s a bitch, that’s a bitch!”

Ogre’s body began tearing up little by little in dealers’ attack.

Fantastic breathing!

Jinwoo seemed to be able to understand why the Knight Guild has been keeping Yeongnam’s first position for a long time.

“That’s great!”

Eventually, the ogre went backward with a bubble door in his mouth.


It was the moment when one boss-level captain could not make a wounded person and collapsed.

A neat victory.


Leader Jongsoo Park grasped both fists.

Is there a guest?

Team and so on, and today was more involved than usual.

Sung Jin Hunter How did we see in our eyes?

‘If you are impressed by your teamwork and decide to join the guild, you will not have much to worry about.’


The eyes of Park Jong-soo and Jin-woo, who were squinting, confronted each other.

I was worried about Park Jong – soo, who had been in a hurry as if he had been caught in the inside. Finally he smiled and approached.

“I’m going to do a little rest here.”

“Oh, yes.”

Jinwoo nodded his head.

Unlike herself, who has to fill mana or physical strength with potions, hunters have limited power and stamina.

It is necessary to rest for a while after fighting a strong battle.

Park Jong-su, who came to the side of Jinwoo for a long time, looked at the carcass of Ogre and opened his mouth with a face that it was difficult to see.

“It’s a big deal.”

“…?”Jinwoo’s eyes turned to Park Jong-su.

Park Jong Soo said.

“Nevertheless, this raid is not easy. From the beginning of the entrance to the Twinhead Ogre. ”

He grinned as he turned around Jin-woo, touching his chin.

“Do you know the nickname of Twinhead Ogre?”

When Jinwu saw his head, he replied as if he had waited.


Is it a nickname attached to the fact that there are so many victims who are so powerful?

However, Park Jong – soo ‘s explanation was different from Jinwoo’ s prediction.


He looked inside the cave.

His eyes seemed to be draining smoothly from the other side of the darkened cave.

“I do not meet with the boss, but if you meet this guy at the entrance, it is in the dungeon.”

Park Jong – soo speaks with an anxious voice.

“They come out of the undead.”

* * * A hurry call to the Hunter Association reporting center has been hung up.

The voice of a girl who is still young.

– Hey, it’s an association!

As soon as I connected the phone, the staff sensed that there was nothing wrong with the crying sound over the receiver.

“Yes, that’s right. “- Right here, Black, it’s our school. There are freaks out there, monsters.

“Out? Where are you calling now? “- I’m hiding. I was with a friend, but my friend, Ku, I was in the bathroom.

It was hard to talk to a voice that was dripping with a creep.

However, a seasoned employee could connect the words so that he could quickly guess what the girl wanted to say.

Immediately the message was raised at the association headquarters.

[Appearance of a soldier at school, confirmation of one victim, refugee is in the process of evacuation.]

I wonder if the dungeon breaks in the school?

The staff struggled with terrible imagination and took care to bring back the female students who reported.

“How many monsters are there? Are they around? “- I do not know. Alas, screaming, black, I hear too much. I’m black, are you dying?

“Calm down and listen to me.”

Employees have been well aware of how vulnerable humans can be at a dangerous moment.

The more the parties were called, the more they had to settle down.

Calm the notifier and suggest the best solution for the situation.

Because it is their role.

“Now the Association Hunters are running to it. Hunters never give up their students. So you have to act calmly to the end. Do you know? “- Really? So, black, can I live?

The voice beyond the handset began to escape from the panic little by little.

It was a good sign.

The fact that she succeeded in calming her girlfriend, asked her the most important question to survive.

“Maybe those monsters … Do you know what kind of luck it is? “- Yes, yes, I know. I know. saw. On the TV.

“What kind of drink?”

Hiding in the bathroom is a good solution if you are a mars who is dull in senses and chasing humans only with your eyes.

The staff prayed for the kind of masquerade that appeared at the school.

-That… The body is a human being, wearing a black, ugly face. Oh, and the skin is green.


The eyes of the staff grew.

“Oak… Orc? “- Yes. That was the name. Oak.


The employee jumped up without knowing himself.

“Get out of there! right now! Orc – “Then.

Despite the desperate breeze of the staff, the sound of the toilet door crashing and the screaming screams came.

– Ooh ah ah ah!

* * * The raid of the Order was smooth.

I was so cruising that I thought it was strange because it was so smooth.

Another one.


Only a house full of rotten beasts escapes from the raid.

When the same thing was repeated, the Hunters began to wonder.


“These guys, why do you keep seeing us and run away?”

“Do not you think I’m being chased by something?”

In this dungeon, powerful undead athletes such as vampires, rich, dread worms, and red ghouls came out successively.

Undead was not an easy opponent.

It is hard to kill, but you should not be careless to kill it. When I recovered or revived I could not attack again.


They did not use their strength and gave their lives to the raid as a helpless man.

‘Just as you are afraid of something and can not resist it …’

It was Park Jong-soo’s evaluation of the masters.

I had not even thought about bringing Sungjin Hunter out of this.

‘I do not know anyone in the dungeon, too.’

Did anyone know that it would be easier to get the top-level A-Dungeon in this easy way?

‘But what …’

It was not a bad thing to be able to finish the raid neatly without the injured person.

Even though unnecessary damage occurred, it was a good result.

Jinwoo, on the other hand, was disappointed.

‘I was expecting it to be the top-level A dungeon …’

Although there was a ghastly magical power coming out from the inside yet, if it continues this shape, it can get experience or can get it properly.

I did not even have a chance to go because of the struggle of the Knights Guild, which has a lot of fancy.

‘…’Jinwu sighs inwardly.

Then it is tall.

Jinwoo’s footsteps stopped.


After stopping, Jin-woo looked back and stopped at the healer Jeong Je-lim.

“Why, St. Hunter? What’s in the back? ”

Jinwoo did not answer.

My heart started beating my heart so crazy that I could not answer every single question.


Jinwoo’s eyes, which are facing the outside of the gate, shook sharply.

Soon Hye-rim also noticed something strange.

“St. Hunter?”

That moment.

Jin-woo’s face stuck like a stone.

* * * “Ah Ah!”


A screeching scream broke out throughout the school.

Only half of the students who left school were alive.

The other half had already become a cold body, or run through the school to avoid orcs.

But the insignificant resistance is only a moment.

The hunting of the Orcs, starting from the lower floors, climbed upstairs and drove all of them to death thoroughly.

“Ah, ah!”

Students who could not escape and remained in the classroom blocked their ear by screaming downstairs.

The third grade classroom is the top floor of the school.

Jin-a was also among the third-grade students who could not escape.

Only the poorly guarded classroom doors were the only way to defend themselves from orcs.


“Damn it.”

The boys held a chair in the hands of the bull, a machete, and something to be a weapon.

But I could not do anything to make it any better.

I just want the hunters to arrive before the Orcs step into the classroom. bang-!

The crushed door fell out.

“Ahh ah ah!”


In the screams of the students, two orcs, who bloomed with blood on their faces, how many people they killed, came into the classroom.

“Uh, oh!”

The boys who stood near the door and threw out the mop, ran and opened the back door.


The orc, waiting at the back door, put the ax in the forehead of the boy in front.


The boy whose pupils were untied collapsed without strength.



Front and back of the classroom. All outlets were blocked by Orcs.

The rest of the students caught the scream and stuck to the window, but they all knew that the results of jumping off the sixth floor and getting caught by the Orcs were not much different.

‘brother! brother!’

In the basket of students trying to run away from the orcs even a little bit, Jina closed his eyes and looked for Jinwoo.

S-class Hunter brother.

It seemed to run from somewhere if it called.

That was the only hope.

“Let’s go.”


The orcs, who drove around the corner as if to surround the students, paused.

The orcs talked in their own words.

“Captain, there is a person who can feel magic here.”

“Kill first.”

Unlike ordinary humans, humans who deal with magic are a threat.

It was necessary to process it first.

Orc, who received the command of the chief, looked up at the students and found Jinna.


Orc grabbed Jinna’s wrist and pulled it into the room.

“Is this woman?”

“Yes, Captain.”

He was right.

It was feeble but I was feeling magical somewhere in the woman.

Whether it was a woman’s ability or a weapon, the fact that she was the first human to be removed was unchanged.

The chief picked up the ax.

“Oh, ah …!”

Jin-a did not look at the ax that climbed over his head and closed his eyes.


The captain, who was nostalgic, took off his ax with his face.

Shh profit -!


But then.

The black smoke that bursts from the shadow of the poetry – Jina has a perfect form in an instant.


Scout Orc Captain Orc opened his eyes.

Is not his wrist held in the hands of high oak in black armor?

“How are you?”

Before Orcs could say anything.

High-oak punched his fist and broke his head like a watermelon.


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