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Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 129

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131 Anna Selner.

A 46-year-old black woman, often known as Mrs. Sewn, Mrs Sner, was the only one in the Hunter Administration that had a higher degree of protection than the US President.

In other words, if she and the president are threatened at the same time, the Hunter Bureau thinks she is the president after she first asked for her.

How could this happen?

As the former director left the Hunter Administration and took over the current director, she expressed her.

– No matter who the president is, the US position as the world ‘s strongest hunter station will not shake, but when she disappears, America will have to worry about the gates from the suburbs right now.


Thanks to her gathering of S-class hunters around the world, the American people were able to sleep on their feet without worrying about where the senior gate was, despite the wide land.

Twenty-six of the top-rated hunters who moved their nationality into her hands.

It was more than the S-class number of a few countries called the Hunter Power, and the quality was very good because of the selective contact with the Hunter Administration.

So Mrs. Selner was a guardian deity who protected the United States under water.

Even if the status of S-class hunters was high and hospitality was good, it could not be a priority over Mrs.

Her presence is an absolute secret that the president can not access it.

Of course, S-class hunters who can meet her were also thoroughly censored by the strict standards of the Hunter Administration.

Certain characters that Agent White referred to.

– For certain people, there is a benefit we can gain by simply disclosing information.

How great it is to be in the category of those particular characters, the majority of S-class hunters, including Jinu, did not know at first.


Once the limiter is broken by Mrs. Selner ‘s abilities, then the hunters become aware of it.

To whom is he chosen, and what does it mean?

Some Hunter was touched by the power of her body, and she was kneeling in front of her and tears.

The next day his nationality changed from Congo to the United States.

‘I’ve always been.’

So Michael Connor, deputy director of the Hunter Bureau, did not doubt anything.

Like the other hunters, Sung Jin Hunter will find a god with a surprise full of amazement.

It hangs.

Is there any more appropriate expression for that?

I was so sure of no doubt.


The sound full of amazement came from the mouth of another person.

“Ah, ah!”

Even though Mrs. Snern, who was looking into Jinwoo ‘s eyes, could not see it, she screamed like a man and got out.

Two agents, escorting her, instinctively pulled out the gun that had been hidden in his arms and pointed at him.

“stop! You guys are crazy! ”

The deputy chief, who witnessed the full use of the two agents, cried out screaming.

The deputy chief, who had been in a fallacy, pushed the guns of both agents with both hands and put out a castle of profanity.

“I do not know who is in front of you right now!”

“But your wife.”

“These stupid ones! If you are worried about Mrs. Selner, look after her first!

“Sin, I’m sorry.”

The agents immediately loaded the gun and helped Mrs. Snern, who was shaking and shivering on the floor.

Mrs. Snerner ‘s complexion was so blue that she was uncomfortable.

The deputy chief turned around and bowed to Jinwoo at around 90 degrees.

“I’m sorry, Hunter. Our agents made an excuse. ”

I was surprised to see that the voice of the deputy chief, who was able to spare, was trembling.

‘No matter how much I have trained my wife’s safety to be a top priority, I’m giving a gun to a S-class Hunter.’

If the opponent was a hunter with a fiery temper, it would have been impossible for both of the two agents, as well as his own neck, to be perfect.

I can not put any excuse in the country where the guns were prohibited because I pushed the guns in the presence of the best Hunter.

Once when Mrs. Sner falls in screaming, once when the two young agents take the gun out of their arms. The heart, which had been twisted twice, was still clinging loudly.


The same was true of Jin-woo, who was embarrassed by the situation.

‘What the hell is this?’

Suddenly the wife screamed and fell, and the agents of the Hunter Bureau pulled out the gun, and the deputy chief ran for a long time and apologized and apologized.

At first it was absurd, the next was awesome, and finally.

“…Fine. No one is hurt yet. ”

I did not even feel angry.

The second man of the highest organ of the country came first, acknowledging the mistakes of his men and apologizing to him at once.

“Thank you, Mr. Hunter.”

Not until after Jinou had said it was okay, the deputy chief heard his head.

Looking at Jinwoo’s face, it did not seem to be sarcastic. I was really excited about the idea.

If there was such a thing in front of Ryusukan of one Thomas and Andrea of China … ‘

The heart of the two people who had already taken the gun before the apples could have stopped.

Sung Jin Hun Hunter was a gentleman, so he could only try to talk.

‘Huh -.’

After taking a sigh of relief, the deputy chief swept the sweat off by the hand, which was on the back of the nose.

Once the fire fell on the instep was successful.

Next turn to turn around.

The deputy chief, who bowed his head to Jinwo once more, hurriedly looked at his condition.

“Mrs. Selner, what’s going on?”

“Do not, Michael …”

“wife…? Why is sweat like this? ”

The deputy director had just swept away a lot of cold sweating in the last minute, but she was soaked with sweat all over her body.

‘What’s going on?’

She was worried about her condition, and as soon as she got up, she could not straighten her eyes.

The deputy manager banged his lower lip.

‘In this state, I can not …’

It was difficult to place Sung Jin Hun Hunter at the table, but important cards that could continue the negotiations disappeared.

She was not in a position to use skills.

The deputy chief turned around and said to Jinwoo in a sad expression.

“It seems that Mrs. Sner ‘s condition is not good today. May I contact you again later? ”

*** Meanwhile.

Important guest visited the room of Korean Hunter Association President.

It was Shigeo Matsumoto, president of Japan Hunter Association.

Two members of the association sat in front of each other with their interpreters standing alone in a room without an attendant.

Kanghee first lipped his lips.

“I heard Mr. Goto.”

“It’s a shame.”

The complexion of Matsumoto, whose bitter facial expression came to pass, changed little bit.

“But I’m here to discuss things, not past things.”

Kogane also nodded his head.

Between the two, there were some problems that had to be dealt with between Korea and Japan.

First of all, distribution of marine rocks.

Originally, a year later, the ants were going to start distributing after they died.

But now Jinwoo has dried the seeds of the ants.

Japan was not aware of the fact that the satellite surveillance camera found Jinwu’s horrific behavior.

– Hey, what the hell are you doing?

– The ants … The ants near Sungjin-gu disappear.

– The pets he has begun to hunt!

– The pet is spread throughout the island.

– What, that human being? surely…?

I could not catch people.

In the meantime, all the magical traces of Jeju Island have disappeared.

Only one.

Except for the massive magical mass that is expected of the Sungjin Hunter.

‘power. Unpredictable behavior. Until the cruelty of deliberately killing the masters who do not kill them, even if they do not kill them. ”

Where is Hunter, who is so well suited to our country, in this world?

Matsumoto laughed as he recalled the atmosphere at the time.

And I gave some of the documents I had brought to him.

“What is this?”

Kanghee accepted the document and asked.

“It is a memorandum that Japan will give up its ownership of Jeju Island.”

“…?”He was dubiously scrolling down the document and his eyes grew bigger. Matsumoto’s words were true.


Why would the Japanese Hunter Association, who would have been hit hard enough, would easily give up big profits?

The answer came soon.

“I’ll hand you Mr. Sung Jin-woo instead.”


Goh Kun-hee laughed and leaned back on the couch’s back.

“Unfortunately, he is not a member of the Hunter Association.”

Even if I belong to the Hunter ‘s Association, I do not think I have enough to give Hunter to another country.

“I know.”

Matsumoto seemed to have waited.

“But he has a very close connection with the Hunter Society, and now we can not even contact him unless we go through the association.”

Unfortunately, the Japanese Hunter Association did not have as much information as the US Hunter Administration.

That means Matsumoto can only contact Jinwoo to convince the Hunter Association. “It’s not the way to do him. I want an opportunity to negotiate with him. ”

“Are you going to give up this astronomical amount because of that opportunity?”

Turn it off.

Matsumoto nodded.

Japan lost 10 top-ranked hunters this time.

The money that should have returned to them remains in the water.

The money was abundantly rotting.

If you were to get a hunter like Sung Jin-woo, it was not too much of a problem for me.


“I will refuse.”

The answer was different from Matsumoto’s expectation.

“Will you refuse?”

Matsumoto was surprised.

Of course, I had the confidence to bring Sung Jin Hun Hunter to Japan, but he was only asking Goh Kee Hee for an opportunity to negotiate.

But that’s the first thing that’s going to happen.

“Are you going to take this opportunity to get Japan to take away Sungjin Hunter?”

Kanghee shook his head.

“You’re saying you do not deserve to have just one rune stone from scratch.”

The interpreter looked into the meaningful remark of Kogury̫.

“Could I really say it, sir?”

“Of course. Do not miss out on one letter. ”

The face of Matsumoto who was listening to the interpreter was red.

“President Kunihe! What a shame! ”

The natural response also increased.


Japanese slowly flowed out of the mouth of Kokihei.

“I would like to talk only with the two of us without the interpreters.”

Matsumoto was surprised.

“you… Could you speak Japanese? ”

“When I was young, my father did a little business in Japan. It’s a long time ago, but fluent conversation is difficult. ”

Turn it off.

With the consent of Matsumoto, two interpreters left the association’s office.

The beginning was Matsumoto.

“We sacrificed ten S-class hunters for you.”

The list of victims included the Hunter Goto Ryuji, the first in Japan.

“If you do not accept my proposal, I can not help it. I will charge the Korean government with all the compensation for damages to the half of the marble. ”

However, Ko Kun-hee screamed.

“Matsumoto … Yet you are mistakenly thinking that you stand on the edge. ”

“The president of Kun-hee!”

Matsumoto stood up from his seat as his eyes opened.

“Is that what you’re doing to us who fought for you?”

Unlike Matsumoto who was excited, Ko Kun-hee calmed down to the end.

“I kept wondering.”

Matsumoto sat down again slowly, whether it was calmed down by the calmness of Kokihei.

Waiting for Matsumoto to fully sit down, Kunihi said.

“Why do you like to tell the world to the international community that you have given us the queen hunt, which is considered to be the most important process of raid.”

“That’s because Korea does not have the capacity to make time for ants.”

“If you think so, you’d better put the Korean team into one group, like the Japanese team divided into four teams, and the Japanese top team would go into the antics and hunt the queen.”


Matsumoto’s eyes changed.

“…So what do you want to talk about right now? ”

Why did he explicitly mention the name Kokai.

“Timing you pulled out … Not because of monster ants, but from the beginning, was not it? ”

“You, you’re crazy.”

“You are crazy. What were you going to do with putting our Hunters to death? ”

The eyes of Kun-hee are tapered.

Then Matsumoto laughed greatly.

“Ha ha ha ha ha.”

Soon, a tape recorder came out of his pocket. He was speaking with his head bent over.

“Just what you said. I have everything here. I insulted the Japanese hunters without any evidence, and put off the apportionment that I promised them. ”

There was a serpentine smile at Matsumoto’s mouth.

“Let me be judged by the international community.”

This voice file containing Koki’s remarks covers the fact that the Japanese hunters retreated during the operation.

Public opinion will change.

It was the obvious mistake of Kun-hee who believed in his heart and soul.

What if he eyes upside down and gives himself a hand?

Evidence that can not be missed even more.

The voice file had already been transferred to the computer in the home country of the country.


“evidence? Of course it is. ”

Kogane also came up with a small black rectangular object in his arms.

“…?””Sung Jin Hun Hunter found in the field and brought it.”

Matsumoto’s attitude was a little relaxed in an unexpected atmosphere.

“What is … this?”

Ko Kun-hee laughed at the wonder of Matsumoto.

“The black box on the transceiver. It was said that the Goto team was using it. ”

At the moment Matsumoto’s face turned to earth.

Goh Kun-hee pulled out the genitals without missing an opportunity and played voice files extracted from memory.

– How long have you been in Korea?

-for a bit. Less than 10 minutes.

-10 minutes.

– I have to be ready to fall.

The voice of one of the most famous Japanese in the world, Koto Ryuji, was clearly heard.

Ko Kun-hee turned off the player and said.

“Do you know why I did not disclose this file, Shigeo Matsumoto, president of the Japan Hunter Association?”

Matsumoto slowly shook his head.

His face, which had become the earthy light, was getting white now.

“It was because I did not want to put the poisonous thing into the people who enjoyed the victory. It was not for you, but for us. ”

In the hands of Matsumoto, the tape recorder fell off.

Said Kanghee.

“Now I know what I’m going to say. Matsumoto President. ”

The player in the hands of Ko Kun-hee was shattered by the grip of S-class Hunter.

“Get out of this room now.”

*** After Jinwoo went back, Deputy Director Sir and Mrs.

“Madam, what happened to you?”

I have seen many hunters so far, and I have not worked with Mrs. Sewell once or twice, but this was my first time in my life.

She barely suppressed her trembling heart and squeezed her voice.

“He is a king. It is also a very powerful king. ”

The deputy director ‘s eyes grew bigger.

Those who know the principle of the ability of the wife are the director and the deputy director, and Mrs.

Only three people.

Such a woman was confirming that Sung Jin Hunter was a ‘king’.

Pounding, pounding.

The deputy chief felt a heart attack again.

“then… Are you saying that he is the equivalent of state-class hunters? ”


She shook her head.

“No, I do not know that. This is my first experience. He is a king, but he is different from ordinary kings. ”

“Yes? A little easier to understand the explanation … ”

“While I was looking into him, he was looking at me.”

“It’s always another Hunter.”

“no! I saw the endless darkness inside him, not the Sungjin Hunter! ”

Mrs. Selner shook her body and shivered.

It was the primordial fear of all life, the fear of death.

But that was not the point.

A really important statement, she was able to barely remember her trembling with fear.

“And he.”

The deputy director again listened to her words.

Wife licked her lips hard.

“I do not have a limiter.”

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