Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 125

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 125

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127 Episode Master of the Knights Guild, Park Jong-soo doubted his eyes.

One well-behaved foreign man was walking slowly out of the entrance to the antique gate.

It was impossible.

‘The news that the ants were annihilated is still confidential?’

Now all of the top-of-the-range sprints are on your feet.

In order to prevent those who flocked to Hantang, the association decided to hide the fact that the punishment was completed until the measures were taken.

Therefore, only a small number of people now know that there is no water source on this island.

‘At the very least, the associations and soldiers assigned to us, and …’

Sung Jin-woo Hunter, who is a writer.

However, Park Jong – su is now able to take all the assets that the man standing at the entrance to the antique gate is not Sung Jin – woo.

How can I forget that face?

Now the most talked-about hunter in Korea, and a brilliant figure in the Knights’ list of hits.

So Park asked again.

“What are you doing? Why come out from there? ”

The man did not understand the word, or even if he did not want to answer at all, he was only laughing and smiling.

The Deputy Master of the Knights, Jung Yoon-tae, stood beside Park Jong-soo with his eyes wondering.

“Good morning, is that a person?”

“I also… I do not know.”

I can not feel the magic power of a man, so it’s obviously not Hunter or Masu … It was a man who gave a strange aura about why.

Chung Yoon-tae, who is quicker than a horse, senses an ominous aura and carefully watched his eyes.


Soldiers were not as passionate as the Hunters.

It is.

The soldiers who found the man later heard a gun.

Park Jongsu hurriedly soldiers to see if a dead man would come out.

“Hey, hey! Do not shoot! That’s not a drink! ”

“Are you a person?”

“that’s… Perhaps.”

Park nodded with a miserable look.

‘If it is not Masu, it will be a person.’

Park Jong – soo ‘s short insight was the limit of judgment.

The commander nodded briefly.

“Okay. From now on, we will take care of him. ”

“Yes? Did not you come to pick up the body of Min Bong Hunter? ”

“We were instructed to control the situation of Jeju Island, along with the body of Min Bong Hunter.”

Park Jong – soo stepped back as he had known.

Unless your opponent is a Hunter or a Masuo, there is no reason the Knights should go. If you look back and observe it like this, you will not get caught up in unnecessary work.

The commander shouted to the man.

“You are now in a restricted area. If you do not follow our instructions carefully, we will fire. ”

“…”However, the man was only laughing continuously with a tense, unfamiliar face.

It’s black.

‘Do you really have to shoot?’ Soldiers swallowed their saliva. It was natural reaction because there was never a dragon and I had never pulled a trigger against a person.

The Hunters also became tense faces. I thought that a man was laughing even in this situation, so there was something obvious.

Then the man put both hands in his pants pocket.

‘that… Are you a real person? ”

How can a man afford to have a muzzle in front of him?

Park Jong Soo’s face got stiffened.

Hook up, Hook up!

When the man ‘s hand became invisible, the tension of the soldiers peaked.

“Do not shoot! Do not shoot! yet!”

Bold tendons sprang up in the neck of the commander watching the men.

By the way.

“Commander, please!”

In an urgent voice, the commander turned to the man, and the man slowly opened his mouth.

“…?”It was a language I could not understand at all.

I do not know, but the pronunciation and voices that do not seem to exist in the world at all.


“What is he saying now?”

When the soldiers did not know what to do for the first time in my life, the mouth of Park Jong – su was opened without me.

“Do not you, Mashu?”

The intelters with intelligence that can meet occasionally in higher dungeons.

It sounds like the words they used to sound.

“Well then.”

The man’s hand came out of his pocket before the commander asked.

Taan -!

A rumble of tearing ears was ringing in the area.

The hands of a well-trained Special Forces team triggered the reflexes in response to the man’s suspicious actions.


The commander ‘s surprised eyes turned to the man immediately.

The bullet hit the man’s forehead and fell to the floor.

The smile disappeared from the face of the man.

“Do not do that!”

“It’s not human!”

I shouted for a while.

As the man ‘s eyes turned red, both the Hunters and the soldiers felt pressure to condemn the heart.

“Ah, ah -!”


There was no bird to scream.


With the sound of their fingers, they all fell down like a broken doll.

The man looked back.

A middle-aged man suddenly appeared standing behind him.

“You do not have to make it loud.”

The language used by middle-aged was not human language.


The man seemed sorry but he was convinced.

The middle age asked as he looked inside the ants.

“Have you checked?”

The man nodded.

“I’m sure of his strength.”

“Strange thing.”

The middle – aged gaze turned to the hunters, who are now down.

“I do not know why he is helping humans.”

“Who knows who is inside of him. If you are curious, why do not you go ask yourself? ”

“…Not spec. ”

The middle age opened the mouth shaking the jerky head.

“The hunting starts as scheduled. There is nothing different. ”

“I know.”

The middle age lightly shook his hand, and a black hole, the gate, was opened so that a person could enter into the air.

“Oh yeah.”

In the man ‘s voice, the middle age looked back for a while.

The man was a horse.

“It looks like one is here.”

“In Korea?”

“Why do not you go out and handle it from the beginning?”

The middle age closed his eyes slightly.

Soon the information the man spoke came into my middle-aged mind. But middle age did not want to be young.

“This neighborhood … I’ll leave it in his hand. ”

“Do not you want to hook up?”

“I think so. Think freely. ”

After the middle age voice disappeared beyond the gate, the gate was closed.


The man confirmed that the gate was completely closed, he muttered.

“The coward …”

There are people hanging in his gaze. I was sleeping for a while and soon I was going to get upset.

huh. The man crouched and reached out to the humans.

‘…’Again quietly reaped.

“Well, you do not need to make it loud.”

The voice of the man who wandered through the air quickly disappeared into another gate.

*** Late night. Jinwoo sitting on the floor was looking at the dagger. Now it was the “Dagger of the Demon King” who played a great role in the fight against the monster ant, which became a Shadow Soldier “BER”.

[Item: Demon King’s Dagger] Difficulty: S Type: Dagger Damage +220 This is a dagger obtained from the Demon King’s Baran. If you use two “Dagger of the Demon King”, the set effect is applied.

Set effect ‘Two-in-one’: Strength Stats are added to each dagger as much damage.

It was really an eye-catching attack power and an additional option.

I may have read this person’s information for the first time and checked it again a few times.

He also had a difficulty in obtaining the difficulty level of ‘Barca’s Dagger’ was only 110 damage.

I wanted to see the shops, but I was not able to find more than 200 offensive power among the S-class swords sold in the shops.

‘And there …’

I also liked the fact that if you take two “Dagger of the Demon King” stats are converted to attack power.

The muscular strength was already approaching 250, exceeding 200.

But the high stats are all used as offensive powers?

By omitting the backslash and simply adding it, there is a terrifying figure that is four times the attack power of “Barca’s Dagger”.

‘Somehow, every time I swipe, it tasted like it was cut.’

It was probably something that other hunters would have ran into bubbles if they could see the item’s stats.

What about long swords?

[Item: Demon King’s Long Sword] Difficulty: S Type: Dagger Damage +350 This is a long sword with the power of Demon King Baran. Each time a sword is wielded, a ‘whitish storm’ effect occurs.

Effect ‘White Flame Storm’: Summons a constantly lightning storm within a given area.

I can only hold one long sword, while the dagger can hold both hands. I think that the long sword has a much higher attack power than the dagger.

But the special effects of the sword were not natural.

‘Just wielding can make a wide-area attack?’

A weapon whose value shines when dealing with many enemies.

In fact, when the magic attack of Baran reminds me of the time when the entire shadow soldiers were embarrassed, the spine still cooled.

Of course, it was not a match for Baran’s magic, but it was still very satisfying.

‘I would consider using dagger skills or a long sword …’

Jinwoo tried to swing in the room without thinking.

‘…’Is there anyone who will not break the lightning in the next room no matter how late?

I could not surprise my mother anymore.

Jinwoo put his sword down.

‘But I’m glad.’

My mother does not object.

On that day, Jin-woo came home and told me all about his situation except for the system.

Suddenly re-awakened to become a S-class Hunter, the story continues to want to continue to hunter.

My mom, who seemed to be worried for a while, finally decided to cheer her up.

– Mom wants to do what Jinwoo wants to do. But do not overdo it. That was the only condition my mother gave me.

‘But if it would be unreasonable for me …’

I thought that some kind of terrible imagination would follow Jinwu shook his head.

Then suddenly my mother’s words came to mind.

– Did he appear to know this is happening?

– That man?

– I can hear my father’s voice when I’m in the hospital.

– What did he say?


He said that no one had heard or dreamed before or even after that.

‘Mom still has not forgotten her father.’

Nevertheless, if you do not let your son to become a hunter, it is proof that you believe in your child.

Jinwoo had no intention of disappointing her mother.


It was always a top priority.

Even in a dangerous situation, I was able to get up to this position because I did not give up my life until the end.


My mother’s worry was gone, and now I have nothing to take into the dungeon.

Create a guild, master the advanced dungeons and raise the level quickly.

Jinwoo ran his heart.

‘There was another reason to raise the level.’


This grit, summoned by Jinwoo, revealed himself.

It was the soldier who had been with him for the longest time.


It was also the only knight-level soldier the system provided.

In other words, this grit could be said to be the closest to the present system among the soldiers of Jinwoo.

“You can have a conversation if the rating goes up?”

There were a lot of things to ask about this grit in particular.

Of course, the answer did not come back.

“…”He responded silently as usual.

If silence is a sound, is this perhaps the loudest soldier in the world?

Jinwoo laughed and smiled at his side head, picking up the devil king weapons.


There was something flashing in the eyes of Jin Woo, who was about to pick up the weapons, and the light reflected.


Jinwoo’s eyes grew bigger.

One item that had been forgotten in the inventory was sparkling.

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